Zoom is lifting the 40-minute limit in time for Thanksgiving

Zoom is lifting the 40-minute limit this upcoming Thanksgiving

Families who are far away from each other rely on video conferencing apps to stay connected with their friends and loved ones. And with the coronavirus pandemic a continuing danger to us, it has become even harder to be with friends and family.

And now that the holidays are coming soon, this is where video conferencing apps come into the picture. But one popular video conferencing software is making virtual reunions even sweeter.

Zoom has announced that it is removing its major restriction for this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday –– the 40-minute limit. The company aims to help families and friends connect with each other virtually.

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Zoom calls have no limit this Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving is one of the most iconic holidays in American culture and is fast approaching. With only days to go before November 26th, Zoom users are in for a special treat.

The company is lifting the 40-minute limit so friends and families can reconnect remotely without having to think of a time limit on their calls. You can expect to see this change starting at midnight on Thanksgiving, November 26, and it will last until the early morning hours on Friday, November 27.

Zoom calls have no limit this Thanksgiving holiday
Zoom calls have no limit this Thanksgiving holiday

If you like, the call can last the whole day. Zoom is making it easy for people who are apart for this holiday; easing the isolation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. And a good thing is, Zoom is making this happen while everyone can stay safe.

Health officials have constantly warned and reminded people to stay at home this holiday season to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and prevent its rising incidence.

The 40-minute time restriction is only for free accounts on Zoom, similar to the restrictions other competitors have put in place. After the forty minutes is up, users can call back their friends and loved ones, but that would be such a hassle this Thanksgiving holiday, right?

Imagine catching up with family and having to stop mid-story and dial again. Staying connected to your heart’s content is such a nice way to celebrate this special holiday, isn’t? That’s why the removal of such a restriction is very much appreciated, especially since free accounts are mainly comprised of domestic and private environments.

Plus, this move helps restore some good faith in Zoom after the software famously encountered a couple of security flaws that were greatly criticized at the start of the pandemic.

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Can we expect the “no time limit” this Christmas season too?

The removal of the time restriction will surely excite families who can virtually reconnect with their loved ones and friends without having to worry about the time limit. Unfortunately, the offer will start on Thanksgiving and will end the day after.

So, you can expect that after Thanksgiving, the limit will be put back in place on free accounts. However, if Zoom has a bit of common sense, we will most likely expect a similar action this coming Christmas holiday too –– especially on December 24th, 25th, 31st, and January 1st, 2021.

A little doubt looms though, knowing the massive volume of traffic at that time, on whether the software can accommodate and adapt. Perhaps, Zoom can test their systems and do the numbers this upcoming Thanksgiving.

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