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9 Best Nexus 7 Accessories to Become an Explorer

My girlfriend loves her Nexus 7, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get her a gift or two to make that device even more awesome. Unfortunately when I look at accessory lists online they usually just regurgitate the same information I see on dozens of other websites. I want something that will blow my mind. I need Nexus 7 accessories that perform multiple functions or protect my case so well that I can’t even break it by chucking it at the ground.

So I started my search, and what do you know. There are plenty of unique Nexus 7 accessories just waiting to be played with. Forget about the boring screen protectors and car chargers. This list is for those people looking for Nexus 7 accessories that make heads turn. Let’s take a look at what’s out there.

1. Supernight Bluetooth Keyboard and Case Stand: $19.49

wireless keyboard and case for nexus 7

Don’t just consume, create

The Supernight Bluetooth case and keyboard is my solution to the main reason I don’t like tablets. They are more for consumption and it’s hard to create things like documents. With this accessory you can use a keyboard and create anything you want. It also doubles as a case.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The case is specifically designed for the Nexus 7
  2. It includes a durable keyboard for you to create documents and other items
  3. It’s a wireless Bluetooth keyboard
  4. It comes with a stand for watching movies and typing
  5. The cover snaps and secures itself on the Nexus 7


2. Vintage Retro Book Case: $17.99

vintage retro book case for nexus 7

Head back to the old days

My journal looks like it’s from the 1700s, and I like it that way. For some reason most tablet cases are designed to look like something from the future. This is great for a modern look, but what if I want something more rustic? This vintage case is just the solution I need. I can slide it in with all of my books and it blends right in.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Makes your Nexus 7 blend in like an old book
  2. It includes a kickstand for watching movies and viewing other media
  3. The case is designed specifically for the Nexus 7
  4. All ports and buttons are accessible
  5. The leather is durable and quite sleek


3. Music Microphone and Tablet Mount: $29.95

microphone and nexus 7 music mount

Digital notes

Back when I played the drums I hated the idea of reading music. Maybe this microphone stand and tablet mount would have changed my mind. This is one of the most unusual Nexus 7 accessories, since you have a chance to digitize your music playing experience.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Read music directly from your mic stand
  2. It has a twist to lock clamping design so that your Nexus 7 doesn’t fall off
  3. It fits other tablets in case other people want to use it
  4. ChargerCity provides a nice warranty with the mount


4. Hands Free Car Mount: $19.99

car mount for the nexus 7

Swivel and go wherever you want

I’ve used a few car mounts that latch to the windshield, but this one is different. It has a moveable arm that goes at the feet of the passenger seat. This keeps it out of your view and you can pretty much move it wherever you want.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The mount grips to your tablet tightly so it doesn’t fall
  2. The quick release button allows you to grab and go
  3. Keeps your eyes on the road
  4. Works with cases and skins
  5. It includes a swivel to turn 360 degrees around


5. Anker Foldable Solar Power: $39.99

foldable solar panel for nexus 7

Power all day and night

I’ve never bought into the whole solar power thing, because from my experience the chargers don’t work all that well. The Anker foldable solar panel is a huge exception. If you have the extra cash then try out this solar panel, because it’s portable and sends plenty of power to your Nexus 7.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Includes a single USB charging port
  2. It comes with plastic solar panels and polyester materials so it holds up to weather changes
  3. It has eyes holes for latching onto a backpack
  4. Stands up for direct sunlight
  5. purchase includes a nice warranty


6. Water Resistant Sleeve Case: $12.95

water resistant sleeve case for nexus 7

Keep those circuits dry and safe

I ride my bike quite a bit, and in Chicago it tends to rain a lot. I have a water resistant backpack, but that’s not always enough to keep my electronics dry. This water-resistant sleeve case works wonders when you are not sure about the weather. You also don’t have to worry about dropping your Nexus 7 because the foam interior is thick as heck.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The case includes a bubble cushion inside to protect your tablet
  2. It fits other brands of 7 inch tablets in case you want to share
  3. It has a large pocket in the front to carry accessories, wires and phones
  4. The styling is sleek, and it looks professional


7. Incipio Stylus: $14.99

incipio stylus for nexus 7

Forget the fingerprints

For whatever reason all of my devices end up way too greasy by the end of the day. I touch my phone and tablet with greasy fingers after eating, and I don’t do them any favors after going for a workout. All Nexus 7 accessories provide quality uses, but this one is a must for everyone, since I know I’m not the only one with a smudged screen.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Reduces smudges and fingerprints on your Nexus 7
  2. It has a clip that latches to straps and bags
  3. Looks professional and stylish
  4. The tip is omnidirectional so it’s great for writing and drawing


8. Nyko Playpad: $17.99

nyko playpad for nexus 7

Gaming in the 21st century

Sometimes I want to play my old Gameboy games on a Nexus 7, but they are tough to control. Sometimes I just get frustrated with the stupid virtual joy sticks they give you in most Android games. These joy sticks are hard to control and they don’t always work well. That’s why I like the Nyko Playpad for gaming wherever you go.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It comes with the free Nyko app so you can modify the controller layout and check out older games
  2. Works with tons of games
  3. Comes with a durable stand to place your Nexus 7
  4. You also get a nice case for the controller


9. Blackberry Mini Stereo Speaker: $34.99

mini stereo speaker for nexus 7

Music on the go

I see many people still carrying around boom boxes when I go to the Lake Michigan beach. Maybe, it’s a retro thing, or maybe they just don’t know about the Blackberry mini stereo speaker. This nifty device links up to your Nexus 7 without any wires and it has a cool design so that you can hook the speaker to a strap on your backpack or purse. Walk around with music whenever you want.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It clips on backpack straps so you can walk around and listen
  2. Runs on Bluetooth technology so that you can connect your nexus 7 easily and also at a distance of 10 feet.
  3. You can listen to music or take calls on the device



You’ve seen my opinions, and it’s obvious that I enjoy Nexus 7 accessories that push the boundaries a little bit. The last time I searched for Nexus 7 accessories I really wanted to locate something that carried change in the Nexus 7 case without looking too bulky. I never really found anything, but I’m still on the hunt.

It’s Nexus 7 accessories like these that make it worthwhile to have a great tablet device. You have a chance to push the limits and play around with your Nexus 7 like a kid. I personally love the idea of the messenger bag that converts into the car movie player. I ride my bike all over the place, so the messenger bag makes sense, and just the idea of watching movies in the backseat is enough to make me want to revisit my childhood.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions about these Nexus 7 accessories. Tell me what your favorite Nexus 7 accessories are, and if we missed any awesome ones for this list. You also might be interested in installing Android L on Nexus 7 since it just came out.

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