Top 6 Best NFC Payment Apps for Android Phones

Online payment is always easy and reliable for smartphone users but how about contactless payment? Today’s technology is getting more modern to provide secure and easy methods for customers who want to avail online or physical products or services. The most recent contactless payment method introduced to smartphone users is the NFC payment app or Near Field Communication.

NFC payment app
NFC payment app

NFC works like a credit card where you can use your smartphone when paying at physical stores. NFC’s edge among other payment methods is that you don’t have to pass a card or confirm your PIN on external devices. You just have to bring your smartphone near the terminal and you can process everything on your smartphone.

A smartphone needs an application to be able to use NFC for contactless payment. Here are the best NFC payment apps for Android phones:

1. Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile payment app for Android phones that allows users to add almost any credit cards. It also lets users add royalty cards so that they earn points for every transaction made.

Its user interface is easy to understand and offers more functions than other mobile payment apps like peer-to-peer transactions and splitting bill payments with friends.

At the Home page of this app, you’ll find information like a summary of your transactions and lists of stores that accepts Google Pay. This app runs on android 5.0 and up.

Google Pay is the standard NFC payment app for Android


  • Mastercard Paypass
  • Virtual card
  • Gift card and loyalty card management
  • Online payment capability
  • In-app payment capability
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Bill splitting


  • Separate apps for other functions
  • Limited partners
  • Doesn’t support earlier Android versions

2. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay works similarly to the previous app but this one works on high-end Samsung Galaxy devices only. It can store up to 8 debit or credit cards with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express and gift cards.

It also supports Samsung smartwatches, therefore, it’s the best option for those who own Samsung products. Samsung Pay also supports a larger number of banks compared to Android.

The best thing about this app is not only that it has NFC technology but also has MST and can be used for payment through old magnetic card readers. Therefore, you can use it like a swipe card anywhere that accepts cards for payment.

Samsung Pay is accepted by “millions of places” which makes it a good NFC payment app.


  • NFC + MST technology
  • Samsung Rewards account
  • Iris scanner for some devices
  • Supports Samsung wearable devices


  • Rewards are based per transaction, not the amount
  • No list of suggested stores
  • Doesn’t support fund transfers to other accounts or remittance
  • Works with Samsung Galaxy devices only

3. Paypal

The most popular online wallet, Paypal, can now be used to buy goods from physical stores with NFC payment. Paypal is widely used worldwide as a mobile wallet for online purchases and transactions. It can accommodate funds in different currencies and connect with banks from different countries.

Most of those who spend money online usually have a Paypal account, therefore, this mobile wallet is a good option for NFC payment to many. Paypal is also now owned by eBay. So, for eBay sellers and loyal customers, you can now easily link your Paypal and eBay accounts.

You can link your eBay account with PayPal


  • Free fund transfer (non-business transactions)
  • Discounts and rebates
  • Good customer service
  • Chargeback function


  • Charges the receiver (business transactions)
  • Paypal suspends accounts without warning
  • Additional fees from banks
  • Can’t transfer funds to other online payment systems

4. Venmo

This app works like a combination of Paypal and Google Pay but with fun. You can shop at online stores, send funds to family or friends, and share or split payments.

What’s unique about this app is that it also works like a social media app where you can connect and share stories with your friends. You can also add notes to your payments and transactions using emojis or simple texts.

Venmo has pretty good reviews on Google Play and is actually acquired by Paypal in 2014. It recently added NFC

Venmo is great for making NFC payments on Android


  • Split payments
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Quick transfers to banks


  • Additional fees for credit card transactions
  • Social feature can’t be turned off

5. Visa payWave

Visa payWave is a secure and widely used contactless payment application. It uses an embedded computer chip to send payment details to a secure point of sale reader. Visa contactless transactions are as secure as magnetic stripe transactions and are processed by a trusted payment network. Since it controls the device, it reduces all possible fraud risks.


  • The application is great for PayWave testing.
  • Best free Tap2Pay testing tool 
  • Download and use to test your acceptance device for Visa contactless cards and mobile wallets. 


  • Unable to save the log file.

6. Razorpay


  • Join the cashless economy movement
  • Join the 50,00,000+ businesses using Razorpay
  • Accept Payments Regardless of Your Business Registration
  • Get Paid Instantly with Payment Links
  • Businesses can track sales and digital payments easily
  • Accept Payments via Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, UPI Wallets & more.


  •  No push notifications for new payments
  • Often payments are made but the order is stuck in pending payment. One has to manually change the status of an order.


How does NFC work?

NFC uses radio waves to detect nearby devices and exchange encrypted data and information.

How will I know if a store accepts NFC mobile payments?

NFC-enabled terminals usually have a WIFI-like logo or ads of NFC payment apps like ‘Samsung Pay accepted here‘. If none, it is best to ask the store staffs directly if they accept NFC mobile payments.

How do I check if a smartphone is NFC-enabled?

Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>More. If you see an option for NFC, then it is NFC-enabled. Here’s a list of smartphones that have NFC.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you would need NFC on your phone. A busy person would always love the idea of having everything in a single device. If you can pay for your online and physical purchases through your smartphone, then why not try contactless payment?

NFC is a safe payment method as it requires multiple authentications to save your information and for you to be able to make a transaction. Therefore, you won’t worry too much in case you would lose your phone.

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