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Noom Walk Pedometer – Best App for Counting Steps in 2022

I have been walking a lot in the past few weeks, mostly thanks to the numerous reviews I have completed. Noom Walk Pedometer is another app that lifted me from my bed and made me walk around.

I saw some neighbors who never knew someone lived in my house. I never thought to use an Android pedometer app would have such consequences.

Noom Walk Pedometer was featured on the best pedometer apps for Android list and for good reason. The app has a clean interface and provides easy access to the features you will need most. You may have figured out that I’m not too keen on running around. I simply installed this app and ran around the house doing different chores. The app did a great job of tracking my walks over the course of a week (I forgot to turn the app off).

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The Good

Noom Walk Pedometer is a simple-to-use walking app. There are no advanced features bundled in the app. Turn it on and it will automatically start calculating your movements. The app is extremely easy to use and provides a quality experience.

The step counting is highly accurate, but it is somewhat jerky. The app uses very little resources; it only took 2% of the battery when left on for 3 days. The app also quietly works in the background, and you won’t even notice it running unless actively searching.

The Bad

There are no additional features in the app. The app will count your steps for sure, but if you want something more, this is not the app for you. The app also sometimes miscounts steps and then reverts them back.

This can only be noticed when you are looking at the app while it is running, which is not recommended. The jarring calculations may seem odd, but the end results are surprisingly accurate.

The Bottom Line

If you need a clean and easy-to-use running app for Android, Noom Walk Pedometer will do a great job. However, if you are in the market for something more advanced, you will be better off looking elsewhere.

I feel that the developers spliced one app into two and made Noom Walk Pedometer and Noom Coach. Thankfully both the apps are compatible with each other and work well alongside. If you really love Noom Walk, you should augment its usefulness with Noom Coach as well.


The pedometer app for Android is of extremely small size. You can install it even on mobile data, and it will only take a few seconds to install. After the app is installed, you can launch it easily from the notification bar.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 1
Noomwalk pedometer installed

There are no welcome tutorials for you to see when you first start the app up. And thankfully, the developers have left out obligatory sign-ups for this app.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 2
Noomwalk pedometer interface

I hate having to log in without reason, and this app allows me full functionality without signing in. Even the start screen of the app advertises its simplicity of the app.


The app comes with a very straight forward looking interface. Right on the top are two tabs, one is all about you while the other one shows your friends and family.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 3
Noom Walk pedometer app interface

There is a big picture of you that automatically populates when you make an account or use a social media login. Right below it, you will see how many steps you have taken.

You can also add a little note about that day. This allows you to remember something funny or exciting that happened during the particular run.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 4
Noom walk pedometer steps counter

At the bottom of the screen, there is an ad about the other app from the developers. Usually, I’m against big ads but this one is quite relevant.


While you can theoretically install another app that will enhance the feature list of this one, that’s not how we rate apps. As a standalone app, Noom Walk Pedometer is very barebones. You will only get the option of tracking your steps, and that’s all there is to the app.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 5
Noom walk pedometer features

You can also check your history that is a given in this type of app. You can add in little notes for each day that is one of the unique things about this app.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 7
Noom walk pedometer History

Sadly, there isn’t even a calorie counter bundled with the app that is a shame really. I like to see how many calories I have burnt while climbing to the first floor of my house. This makes me feel better about eating a tray full of pasta.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 8
Noom walks pedometer app features


Using Noom Walk is a walk in the park. Puns aside, the app works exactly as intended and performs well. I counted steps while running from my home to a nearby shop and the app was only off 2 steps. This level of accuracy makes using this pedometer app for Android highly reliable.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 9

If you think that the app is wrong in its calculations, you can also manually add in the steps. This is a great way to make yourself feel better without actually running (not recommended though).

Noom Walk Pedometer - 11

You can also add your friends in the app and compete with them daily. Depending on the company you keep it might be a little hard to persuade people to run with you.

Noom Walk Pedometer - 11


The app can access your email address; this is because of the optional login. It will also be able to access your contacts. Again this is a valid permission as it will need to see your contacts to add them to your friends list on the app. All in all, there isn’t anything worrisome about the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Noom have a step counter?

New York City-based Noom launched a new Android app, a pedometer that tracks steps throughout the day while running in the background and only occupying about 3 percent of the phone’s battery life. Noom Walk counts steps throughout the day. Because it does not leverage GPS, the app uses less battery life.

How accurate is Noom pedometer?

The step counting is highly accurate, but it is somewhat jerky. The app uses very little resources; it only took 2% of the battery when left on for 3 days. The app also quietly works in the background, and you won’t even notice it running unless actively searching.

Can I manually enter my steps into Noom?

You can’t manually add steps in Noom if you’re using the Noom Pedometer to keep track of your movement, but you can if you’re using Apple Health or Google Fit, or another service that integrates with Noom and lets you manually edit step data.


Noom Walk Pedometer is very straightforward and simple walking app for Android. It counts the steps accurately and does the job well. However, there is nothing remarkable about the app that makes me recommend it over another pedometer app. If you are currently using another pedometer app, there is no reason to switch to this one. But if you need a clean and easy to use app for walking, Noom Walk would provide a great experience.

Compared to your current running or pedometer application, where does Noom Walk fall on a 1-10 scale?

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  1. Great product, i own a Noom walk pedometer and enjoying its facilities, Noom Walk is more than a pedometer, you’ll also be able to connect with friends to get that extra support to guide you through your health and fitness journey.

  2. I have had noom walk for about 2years. I can not make it work every day. It works for a couple months, rhen will not for 2or 3 months. How can I turn it back on when it goes off?

    1. Hi Bill,
      Does the app update from time to time? If you have the automatic update feature turned off on your phone, the app will not be getting updates it needs to fix bugs. You could also try clearing the apps and phones cache to see if that helps. Hope everything goes back to normal and stays that way. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  3. One day I found the place to get your history but since then I have been trying to find it again and I cann’t find it!?

    Where can I find the history of steps I’ve walked that week?

    1. Hi Robina,
      In the features part of the article, it tells you that you can see your data in the history part of the app. Hope you can find what you are looking for. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  4. After I used Noom walk for 3 years on a Samsung I changed to a Huawei Honer 5x. It seems Noom walk is counting, but as soon as you stop walking it returns to 0!
    I cannot find the problemen.

    1. did you accept the permissions to access the different parts it needs to count the steps? Or is it a glitch with the version OS you are running? You can try to clear the app cache and data and phone cache to see if that helps.

  5. Hi,

    my father just installed Noom walk but he skipped the step of setting the pace of his steps. How could he fix that?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Sometimes there is an options in the settings for the app to calibrate it again. If not, you can go into the settings of the phone, apps or app manager, then look for the app. click on it and clear the data. this will erase everything and put it back to zero, just like when it was downloaded for the first time. run through the setup again.

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