Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing Phone (1): Fancy Lights and First Look

Nothing, the consumer technology startup founded by Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, has given us a glimpse of the company’s debut smartphone, the phone (1)’s, rear panel design.

“Leaks are harder to contain nowadays and many of you have been waiting for a long time. So here it is. This is phone (1) design.”  

Carl Pei / Twitter

Also mentioned in the tweet was that a proper announcement of the phone will be given on the 12th of July, 2022 via an event called, ‘Return to Instinct.’

First glimpse of the phone (1) © Nothing / Instagram

Nothing Phone (1)’s Design:

Like the internet speculated, the phone (1) does in a way, go with Nothing’s axiom. Nothing has time and again mentioned how they believe in Windows and not Walls. 

An example is the design of their wireless headphone, the ear (1).

Nothing’s ear (1)

The ear (1) is designed in a way that highlights and celebrates the craftsmanship underneath and reveals the raw beauty of our technology. The yet-to-be-launched phone (1) also seems to follow the same belief with its transparent back and surfacing curved connections.

Inspired by New York’s subway map of Vignelli

Nothing had previously said that the layout of the phone (1)’s design was inspired by the New York Subway map of Vignelli. The company had said that because they wanted to rethink industry norms and celebrate all the components that make a phone, they designed it this particular way. The Wallpaper called this a ‘radical representation of the modern phone.’ 

Side View of Nothing Phone (1)’s back © Nothing / Instagram

The rear of the phone does very much follow foot with earlier teasers that Nothing provided, along with the leaks from reliable sources. It can also be noticed that the exact lines and shapes, Nothing teased in March, when it announced that phone (1) will be debuting in the summer, are present. The phone also has illuminating light strips on its back, which seem to be made from a transparent material. 

The arrangement of these illuminating light strips was teased by Nothing at an earlier event. What’s interesting is the logo in the middle which in a way looks like a silhouette of a cartoon bomb. 

The materials are apparently made with 100% recycled aluminum. Nothing also boasts that the company makes its products, including the phone (1) and the ear (1) using 50% bio-plastic and recycled sources in plastic components.

Nothing Phone (1)’s Specs:

© Website / Nothing

We know that the Nothing Phone (1) will be featuring a Qualcomm-created chipset. But because Qualcomm makes plenty of mobile processors, it could be any one of them. It might be the powerful new Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 or something weaker like the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 or the Snapdragon 778G.

It has also been noted that the phone (1) will run on an Android skin known as Nothing OS. If you would like to see how the skin would look, you can download its beta launcher app, the Nothing Launcher (Beta). The launcher is very raw at present. It only has its novel features like its ability to resize the icons and folders, along with bespoke Weather and Clock widgets.

© Website / Nothing

Along with the skin, the phone (1)’s Nothing OS is also said to get three Android upgrades. Nothing has also confirmed that the Phone (1) will have four years of security patches. This is almost the same as Google’s pledge to Pixel and Samsung’s pledge to its devices. Google commits 3 upgrades and provides five years of security patches, while Samsung commits 4 upgrades and five years of security patches. The company has also said that the phone (1) will be bloat-free.

Nothing, like Apple, also seeks to form an ecosystem wherein all their devices can seamlessly work together when connected with each other. But unlike Apple whose devices only work when connected with other Apple devices, Nothing aims to produce devices that work just as well when connected with other Android devices.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about Nothing’s phone (1) so far. We’ll need to wait for more leaks and official disclosures to hear the amount of RAM, internal storage options, and other details the phone (1) features.

Nothing Phone (1) – Everyone’s Expectations:

“Consumer tech, how did we let it get so boring? We are going to change this!”

Team Nothing / YouTube

Time and again Carl Pei, and his company alike have called the current consumer technology boring and dead, and that Nothing’s whole agenda is to bring it back to life. On the 1st of April, as an April Fool’s joke, the company had tweeted a tweet that read, “Say hello to Just Another (1). You’ve seen a phone just like this before. Experience edge-to-edge monotony. It’s inspiringly uninspired. Utterly unoriginal. And exactly the same as everything else. Coming to bore you soon.”

Nothing’s April Fools joke

Apart from this, in a video from Nothing’s Official YouTube Channel, Carl Pei says that ”we just want to make people feel something you know. It’s been super boring. Hopefully, we create a product that really sparks some change in the industry.” 

© Nothing / YouTube

Pretty bold, right? Thus, the expectations are super high. And, ever since Carl Pei left OnePlus, the company hasn’t been doing so well. Therefore, a lot of OnePlus fans have high expectations for Nothing and its first smartphone, the phone (1) as they are hoping Pei brings back the original spirit of OnePlus in his phone.

© Ben Geskin / Twitter

But some people are skeptical about the phone’s design and its features. This is partially because Nothing’s wireless earphones did not meet the standards the company had originally hyped it up to be. Also, some people make jokes about it from time to time.

© Marques Brownlee / Twitter

Is It All Or Nothing?  

With its unique branding methods and huge hype, Nothing’s phone (1) is for sure going to make a lasting impression when it gets launched. Smartphone investors are betting $200 million on the making of something out of Nothing. But will these expectations and hype stay or will it fizzle out? We will find out soon enough. 

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