OnePlus X Problems and Troubleshooting

8 OnePlus X Problems and Troubleshooting

The OnePlus X is an amazing mid-range smartphone that not only brings top-notch specs but also an affordable price tag. Just like with any of the smartphones, this one also has its fair share of problems. This article is about the most common OnePlus X problems and its troubleshooting. While I know that there is no way that we can list all the problems you may face with the OnePlus X, at least these are the ones that are happening with a lot of people and we have a solution handy.

This OnePlus X problems and troubleshooting article will be dealing with mostly software-based problems or the problems that you can resolve on your own easily. This article will not go deeper into the hardware problems as it is not possible to do repairs yourself. If you’re having extreme hardware issues, I highly recommend that you take the smartphone to a certified technician and resolve the issue. So now without further ado let’s start with the OnePlus X problems and troubleshooting.

Problem 1 – Menu is Not Showing

Some users are reporting that after you press the menu button on the home screen, the icon for the app list doesn’t even show up. Some users have said that the bug automatically directs them to the home screen even if the menu opens.

app drawer - oneplus x
  1. One of the basic solutions is to simply reboot the smartphone. You can do that but pressing the power button and selecting the reboot option from there.
  2. Another user has stated that enabling the Google search bar on the home screen has solved their issue. While it seems like a long shot but desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. Even if that doesn’t solve the problem you can go into the Settings > Apps > Launcher > Wipe Cache. This might solve the problem.

Problem 2 – The Camera Focus Issues

This is one of the major problems for OnePlus X and has been reported widely by users. A lot of people have reported that they were unable to focus on any object using the camera.

focus - oneplus x
  1. OnePlus is aware of the issue and has already rolled out and updated to their custom Android skin called Oxygen. You should update your smartphone to the latest version, but the Oxygen 2.2.0 is the one that takes cares of the focusing issues.
  2. If the issues persist, I highly recommend using a third-party camera app to better focus on objects. A lot of people have reported that the stock camera app that comes with the smartphone is the culprit here.

Problem 3 – Camera Flash Issues

Some people have reported that they cannot use the flash and in the stock camera app of OnePlus X.

Flash - oneplus x
  1. The flash option is not available in the HDR mode, so you’ll have to simply turn that off to regain the flexibility.
  2. Some other features like Clear Image and Beauty Option disable the flash. Simply turn them off to use the flash again.
  3. If you’re still having trouble with the flash firing up on the stock app, I highly recommend that you select one of the best camera apps for Android and see if the problem persists. There is a high chance that flash will start working fine with a third-party app.

Problem 4 – Battery Drainage

The OnePlus X users have reported extraordinary battery consumption after each update was released for the smartphone. One particular update named 2.1.2 really took the battery life to the butcher and reduced it considerably.

  1. First of all update to the latest version the OnePlus has released. They have improved a lot since the 2.1.2 update and a lot of issues have been resolved regarding the battery.
  2. Extraordinary battery drainage can be attributed to a single rogue app running in the background. Check which app is doing the damage and disable it or bury it by simply uninstalling it.
  3. The Facebook app is known to really stress the system. I recommend you use the web-based version for a little while and see if there is a difference.
  4. Use one of the best battery saving apps for Android to see if it helps you.

Problem 5 – Vibrations During Calls

You’re having a pleasant call and suddenly smartphone starts to vibrate. The vibrations don’t last long and it seems that you have received the message or a social media notification but that is not the case. A lot of people have reported this bizarre behavior and it occurs with alarming frequency.

Double tap to wake - oneplus x
  1. We traced this issue back to the double tap to wake feature found on the OnePlus X. You can disable it to stop the mysterious, and frankly irritating, vibrations during calls. This happens because the smartphone screen phones off and the feature kicks in. And when you shift the smartphone in your hands the phone thinks that you’re double tapping.

Problem 6 – App Permission Issues

A lot of users have reported that the app permissions for different apps are not permanent. These issues are not that big and are more of an annoyance than a problem. However, the solution to them is quite simple.

app permissions - oneplus x
  1. Go to the Settings > App Manager. From there select the app that is bothering you with app permissions and tap on it. The new menu will appear with different options available and some details. You’ll see a big button that says Clear Cache. Tap on that and it will resolve the issues.
  2. After that all you need to do is simply restart your smart phone and you’re good to go.

Problem 7 – The micro-SD card Woes

We have seen on multiple reports that the micro-SD card in the OnePlus X is not properly working. The smartphone is refusing to detect the card at all. Thankfully you can solve this problem by taking a few steps.

micro SD - Oneplus x
  1. First of all, make sure that your micro-SD card  is in working order. You can do that by inserting it and another phone and seeing if it shows up. Alternatively, you can check the card with a standard card reader as well.
  2. If the card is okay and it is still not showing up on your smartphone. You need to manually reformat it to NTFS format. You can do that easily as well.
  3. Insert the micro-SD card slot into a card reader. Plug in the reader into a Windows PC. Right-click on the micro-SD card when it shows up in your library.
  4. Select the Format option and when a new menu pops up simply select the file system and set it to NTFS. Click the start button to start the process. If the card has successfully been formatted, pop it inside the OnePlus X and it should work fine again.

Problem 8 – The LTE Connectivity is Awful

LTE and Wifi - oneplus x

This is the only problem that cannot be solved. If you have a OnePlus X in the US, chances are you’ll be using LTE connectivity in rural as well as urban areas. Unfortunately, the smartphone doesn’t support the band 12 and 17.

These are the bands that happen to be the best ones in delivering excellent LTE connectivity. Unfortunately, you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi connections rather than the 4G LTE ones if the smartphone is not giving good performance.


These were a few of the major OnePlus X problems and its troubleshooting. I hope that this article will help you in solving any of the problems you might be facing with the smartphone. The mid-range smartphone is an incredible one especially at the retail price it is going these days.

If you have any more questions about the solutions or the problems, feel free to talk to us in the comments below, I’m sure we’ll cook up a solution for your predicament.

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  1. I am having problems with my OnePlus x handset..when someone calls me up, the call doesn’t get through..there is a total blank..I have to switch off n then switch on my phone ..then only the calls get through..please help..

        1. I would try to clear the cache for the phone app. If you are using a different service (Skype, Hangouts, etc.) try deleting the data and signing back in. Something with the app or the phone memory is making it take too long to recognize what it needs to do.

          Do you have any issues with outgoing calls?

          1. At times, I do have a problem with the outgoing calls too..I can”t just get the connection..

          2. At times I have a problem with the outgoing calls too..on dialling there is a total blank..

          3. That sounds like an app issue. See if you can download a different phone app to see if the problem persists. If you have already tried to clear the system cache, the next step, if the problem persists, would be to master reset the phone.

  2. Hi to everyone. Can someone help me on situation which I got with my smart phone One Plus X yesterday. It happens in time I was at phone call and I got warning about 3% remaining battery. Before I connect it to charger it turned off and now I can’t turn it on again. I had left it on charging for all night.
    It showing red LED indicator at all times. I had try combinations: power bottom +volume down but no good result after it. It toggles between screens: – 0%charging status process / OS start screen / warning-too low battery leave on charge for a while before power on.
    If someone can help me on that problem I will very thank full.

    1. did you try the standard troubleshooting steps:

      • Try a different outlet
      • Try a different charging base
      • Try a different charging cable

      If these options do not work, you may be best to contact their tech support. They will walk you through troubleshooting and could warranty it if it’s only a few days old.

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