How to Open Garage Door with Android Phone

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to open the garage door with Android? If this is your long-time fantasy, then you’re in luck as you can now easily control your garage door with your Android smartphone. You might remember being really excited when those TV controlling apps came on smartphones. This, however, is another new level for Android as you can now easily open garage door with Android.

Carrying around keys or another device for opening garage doors can be quite frustrating. While most of us carry our phones almost all the time, we can easily forget our keys or garage door controllers at home. In this guide, we’ll show you how to open your garage door with Android easily. This will make your life a lot easier.

How to Open Your Garage door with GoGogate2

You’ll have to purchase a third-party device and install it with your garage door controller. Note that we haven’t personally tested this device, but it is popular and has received many positive reviews.

GoGogate2 is one of the most popular devices that lets you open the garage door with Android. You’ll need to purchase the GoGogate device and install it with your garage door opener.

gogogate 2
Gogogate 2 device

Installing the device is not that difficult and it will take just a couple of minutes. Don’t worry, we’ll add a link to GoGogate’s official installation video.

The way this works is that the GoGogate2 Android garage door opener app connects with the installed GoGogate device in your house and you can then control your garage door with your Android smartphone through the app. Follow the steps below in order to successfully install and use the garage opening system.

1. Install the app

App Logo

Install the GoGogate app on your Android smartphone to make sure that it is working with your phone. You can download the app through the Google Play Store button below. Once installed, open the app just to check if there are any errors or if the app force closes.

Google Play

2. Install the Device

You need to install the device now. It’s a bit difficult to write instructions on how to install the device, which is why you can watch GoGogate’s official video on installing the device. Once the device and optional sensor are installed, proceed to the next step in order to configure the GoGogate Android app.

3. Begin Installation

Open the GoGogate app on your Android device and press the Settings button in the bottom right corner. Tap on Begin your installation.

gogogate android installation
Begin Installation

4. Configure App

You’ll now need to fill in some information. You can set up your device’s name and password. You’ll also need to enter your WiFi network’s name and password.

gogogate android details
Configure App

5. Configure Sensors

If you’re using a sensor, you’ll need to enter the sensor ID as well. You can find this ID on the sticker on your sensor. You can also enter a name for your garage door. Once you have filled in all the information, go near the GoGogate device that you installed and tap on the Start button in the app. You’ll see a warning that the phone will display flashing lights. Tap on Continue. Make sure that you’re careful if you are photosensitive.

gogogate android start
Configure Sensors

6. Sync with the Device

Tap on the Start button and immediately press your phone against the GoGogate device with the screen facing the GoGogate device. You’ll need to hold your Android phone against the GoGogate device for about 2 minutes. Make sure that your phone is steady. The app will say programming constantly during the programming process. Once the process is complete, your phone will beep three times and it will say done.

gogogate android programming
Sync with the Device

7. Finalize the Process

If you heard three beeps, tap on YES. If you didn’t hear three beeps, tap on NO. If your phone didn’t beep three times, it means there was an error and you’ll need to do the process again. The GoGogate app is now ready. Tap on the OK button.

gogogate android beep
Finalize Process

In order to open your garage door, press the button with the name of the door that you want to open. For example, if you set your door’s name to D1, press the button that says D1. That’s it! Your garage door should now open. In order to close the garage door, press the same button again.

Unlock Your Garage Door with Android – Make Life Easier

Android smartphones have made lives easier for many users and you can use your smartphone or tablet for various different things from controlling your TV to editing your office documents. If you want to open the garage door with Android, then you can use the steps mentioned above to install the GoGogate device in your house and configure the GoGogate app on your Android phone. Follow all the instructions carefully and feel free to shoot any questions in the comments area below.

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  3. This is actually a pretty neat idea! I seem to be forgetting my garage door opener pretty regularly. It’d be fantastic to be able to open and close my garage door just by using my phone! Though, I’m not too technologically adept, so I may have to get someone to install the extra hardware for me.

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