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Android Apps Worth Buying

The amount of free apps in the Google play store is staggering but, some apps deserve to be bought. This is a list of some really amazing Android apps worth buying, and I have personally purchased them all. A lot of people get confused when they first get a Google play gift card from someone because they don’t know what to buy.

The very same thing happened to me when my friend gifted me a card, and I decided to purchase some really amazing apps. To be honest, I didn’t plan on even entering my credit card information on the play store because there are some incredible free apps available there.

Thankfully, I was already one year into my Android journey, and I knew exactly where to look. I’m one of those people who do not purchase anything without doing extensive research. I recently bought a gaming mouse after 15 days of reading and watching reviews. The same amount of research went into how I could spend that $15 on the apps that truly deserved to be purchased.

I was already using free versions of astoundingly useful apps, but the process of purchasing the paid version raised several questions in my mind. Mostly I was worried that my gift money would be spent on an app that offered very little functionality in the paid version. However, after doing ample research, I came to the conclusion that these Android apps are worth buying. So without further ado, let’s start with the app which every Android user should have on their smartphone or tablet.

Note: The 5 Android apps worth buying were tested on several devices including Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G4, Asus MemoPad with an HD and Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone. The apps run spectacularly well on any device I tried them on, and no problems arose during the testing. All of these apps are in constant usage, and I have never faced any problem, and I’m hopeful that they will perform exceptionally well for you too.

1. Poweramp

If you are in any way interested in listening to music on your Android smartphone, then you must have heard about this little app called Poweramp. I’ve used multiple music apps for Android, but I always come back to Poweramp. One great thing about this app is that it gives you a fair trial period of 15 days so that you can gauge the app inside and out. Another good thing about the paid version is that it’s very inexpensive.

From the interface to the playback, this app has published everything. There are intricate controls for those who desire them and are surprisingly accessible right from the main menu. The app is also very accommodating of various formats so you won’t be left hanging when you need a device to play some obscure tracks. I also really like the automatic album download feature of the app, I know other apps do this as well, but I just love seeing different album covers.

Paid Version

2. MX Player

MX Player App Icon

MX player is one of those apps that work just as well in the free version as well as they do in the paid one. However, if you despise ads then paying a small fee wouldn’t be much of a problem for you. I really hate when I pause a movie, and there is an omnipresent ad banner peeping on top of my screen.

Sure, during playback you won’t see any ads which is great, but as soon as you stop playing, there will be ads. I’m a person who likes to watch movies and TV shows on his tablet a lot, so naturally I wanted a player that would provide simple controls as well as a good watching experience.

I tried many different players, and a lot of them had good things to offer but MX Player won my heart with its simplistic interface and high customizability. The app also provides hardware acceleration which can help smooth out movies for you. The app is also one of the few players that use multicore decoding. I also really love the subtitle gestures because I watch a lot of French movies and anime. It is certainly one of the best video players for Android.

Paid Version

3. Nova Launcher Prime

If you love customizing your Android home screen and interface, then surely you will also enjoy using a custom launcher. Nova Launcher Prime is an extremely versatile and innovative custom launcher for Android and has won a lot of fans over the years. I’ve been using this launcher on almost any device I have ever owned, and I have loved how the developers evolved it into what it is today. I don’t like what some manufacturers put on their smartphones, and Nova Launcher has helped me make my Android feel my own.

This app was featured on our best launchers for Android list purely because it allows us to do almost anything we want. Want a custom icon pack installed? You can do that easily because virtually every icon pack comes with Nova Launcher support. Want to use gestures for navigating through the home screen? Yep, you can do that as well. I especially loved using the swipe up gesture to call the app drawer and delete the actual app drawer button from the home screen.

Paid Version


This concludes the best Android apps worth buying list. These are some of the most sought after and praised paid Android apps and there are great reasons behind their success. However, they are on the list because they give the best bang for your buck and do exactly what the description says. I had zero problems using these wonderful apps and I hope you will have a smooth experience as well.

If you have any questions about these apps, feel free to comment below, I’m fairly certain that I will know the answer.

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