7 Best PDF Viewer App for Android: View Important Books & Docs

PDF viewer app is useful for students and for people who are into business. People who are into business can fill out their PDF files, annotate or sign. Moreover, students can use this app to read their books. They can convert their ebooks into a PDF format.

It is undeniably useful for those who fill out forms, send it through emails. Moreover, these PDF viewer apps support features that makes you feel you are reading a physical book.

There are also other features that add to the usability and functionality of the PDF viewer app. Discover more about the PDF viewer apps below. Download an app that provides more function!

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PDF Viewer Apps

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Most people use Adobe Acrobat Reader as their default PDF viewer app. It is not only limited to viewing PDFs, but it also has other important features that can help you a lot. It allows you to annotate, put notes, fill out, and store it in cloud storage.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Viewer App is obviously great for business purposes. However, it is not also bad to use it for recreational stuff.

Features of Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  • Quickly view and open PDF files. You can scroll through pages continuously or through single pages.
  • Annotate PDFs with sticky notes, highlights, or draw tools.
  • Share PDFs easily with your friends and colleagues.
  • Scanned documents can be filled out, reviewed, shared, and signed.
  • Fill and sign forms
  • Save, share, and print files

There are in-app purchases available for Adobe Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe PDF Pack.

2. Foxit MobilePDF

The Foxit MobilePDF has similar features like the ezPDF viewer app. It has organized features to keep everything in line. You have the leverage to fill out, sign, and supports PDFs with Mircosoft RMS, passwords, and certificates.

Foxit MobilePDF - PDF Viewer App

Features of Foxit MobilePDF:

  • Manage, annotate, and view PDF files
  • Share and connect with ConnectedPDF
  • Fill, submit, share PDFs
  • Insert signatures and images in PDFs

Foxit MobilePDF is available for FREE. However, you can enjoy additional features of the app specifically for business purposes. The premium features would cost $15.99/

3. EBookDroid

This is one of the oldest FREE PDF viewer app available in the Play Store. However, we only recommend this app for recreational use. It does not have much of the productivity tools for business purposes.

However, it supports the usual features that most people are looking for: annotations, text selections, and highlights.

eBookDroid - PDF Viewer Apps

Features of EBookDroid:

  • Supports the following formats: PDF, XPS (OpenXPS), Comic Book formats (.cbr, .cbz) FictionBook (fb2 and fb2.zip), RTF, MOBI, AWZ3, and ePUB.
  • Flexible font maps for PDF documents
  • Customize document layout
  • Supported by the OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) protocol
  • Highlights text, annotates and supports external dictionary

EBookDroid is FREE for you to use. Download the app at Google Play Store.

4. Moon+ Reader

It has been told that Moon+ Reader is the most popular eBook reader available in the market. You will not regret getting this PDF viewer app because of its outstanding features. It can even support several file formats like EPUB3, EPUB, and PDF.

Moon+Reader - PDF Viewer App

Features of Moon+ Reader:

  • Full visual options
  • Support format files: PDF, MOBI, EPUB, CBZ, CBR, FB2, UMD, HTML, TXT
  • Auto-scroll modes
  • Paging types
  • Dual page mode for landscape option
  • Backup option through a cloud storage

You can have this PDF viewer app for FREE or enjoy its premium features for $4.99 with in-app purchases.

5. Google Play Books

Are you fond of reading books with your phone? Google Play Books is the solution for Kindle. You can purchase books from the Google Play Store and read them anytime, anywhere.

If you have copies of your favorite books in PDF and EPUB format, no worries! You can access them with Google Play Books.

Google Play Books - PDF Viewer App

You can even enjoy Audiobooks, comics, and textbooks with Google Play Books. There is no subscription required to enjoy these books.

6. WPS Office

This PDF viewer app is previously known as Kingsoft Office, the app can provide an all-in-one solution for business purposes. It can even support documents and spreadsheets other than PDF formats.

Moreover, it can help you convert other documents to PDF files. If you need a PDF viewer app and an office app, WPS Office is best for you.

WPS Office - PDF Viewer App

Features of WPS Office:

  • Office Suite App
  • PDF Viewer, PDF Editor, and Converter
  • Create Presentations
  • Cloud Drive
  • Share and Transfer Documents

You can enjoy WPS Office viewer app for FREE, or have the subscription to use additional useful features without any disturbing adds.

7. PDF Viewer Pro

This PDF viewer app has simple and basic features that you can utilize for personal and business use. You can use it on your own or with a team. It allows you to maximize productivity through viewing, searching and annotating PDF documents with your phone, Chromebook, or tablet.

PDF Viewer Pro - PDF Viewer App

Features of PDF Viewer Pro:

  • View Documents
  • Annotate Documents
  • Create and Edit PDFs
  • Share, store, organize your files

The basic features of PDF Viewer Pro are for FREE. However, if you want to enjoy its full feature, you can purchase the app for a three-month or yearly subscription.


Is there a PDF viewer app that can read PDF files out loud?

Yes, there is a couple of PDF viewer app for Android that can read the text in your documents out loud. These apps are helpful when you have a lot of books, documents, and articles to go through. Moreover, there are instances when you want to multi-task. This PDF viewer app is called PDF-to-Speech Android converter app.

How do I open PDF files on my Android?

There are Android devices that do not need a PDF viewer app to open files. If your Android device requires you to install a third-party app to open PDF files, JoyofAndroid recommends the PDF viewer app listed above. If you are having a hard time opening PDF files on your Android phone, here are ways on how to open PDF files in under 60 seconds.

How do I sign a PDF document?

Sometimes, there is a PDF viewer app that does not allow you to fill and sign. It would be a hassle to look for a computer to edit a PDF when you need it pronto. JoyofAndroid recommends these PDF editor apps that allows you to fill, edit, and annotate.


Did we miss something? If we’re unable to mention a great PDF viewer app for Android, give us a heads up in the comments section. Is the article helpful? Share it to your friends, family, and colleagues they might be looking for a PDF viewer for their important documents.

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