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Pedometer App for Android – A Dead Simple Way to Count Your Steps

There are all kinds of apps on the Google Play Store; some are lavishly elaborate while some are stylishly simplistic. This pedometer app for Android is on the simple side of the spectrum. This app is perhaps the most minimalistic app in the best pedometer apps for Android list.

This review is going to be a short affair because there isn’t much to the app apart from calculating your steps. Sure there are some little adjustments you can change to make it more personalized, but apart from that, the app is kept extremely simple. If you are looking for an app that provides more details and information, this is not the one for you.

The Good

The main interface is kept very simple and easy to understand. The app has all the information you would need on the main screen. As a matter of fact, there is no other screen than the main screen.

The app developer sure knows how to cut the design overhead and make the app easy to understand. There are several settings you can change to adjust the sensitivity of the app and make it more accurate.

The Bad

There isn’t much to the app apart from the features directly displayed on the main screen. Some people prefer to have detailed graphs and charts on their pedometer apps for Android. For them, Pedometer will be inadequate.

You will need to adjust the sensitivity settings on the app. This is a must because Pedometer is highly inaccurate when used in the stock form. It will also help if you measure the length of your footstep and enter it in the app.

The Bottom Line

Pedometer App is a great app for those who just want to run or walk. One of the best features of the app is the voice message. This allows you to essentially turn off the screen and keep your smartphone in the pocket while running.

If you are in the market for a simple pedometer app for Android, Pedometer will do a remarkable job. Some basic features are available on the app, and they work extremely well.

Installation and Boot

Not surprisingly, the app APK file is really small. I clicked on the install button and it was already installing on my smartphone. I reckon it won’t hurt your data cap that much if you download it on mobile data either. Getting the app is same as every app. Go to the Google Play Store page and get it.

The app will be also installed in an instant depending on your smartphone. Once it is installed, you can launch the app from the notification tray or the app drawer.

The app starts in a jiffy as well which is great. There are however no welcome screens or any sort of tutorials. An app this simple doesn’t need any elaborate tutorial though so I would let this slide.

Pedometer App Review Android - 002


Everything you need from the app is viewed on one screen. It’s not like the main screen is a jumbled mess either. The main screen has ample space available for expansion, but I don’t think those are planned.

Pedometer App Review Android - 003

As you can see from the screenshot above, the buttons and indicators are well arranged. On the top of the visible interface, we can check the number of steps we have taken. Right beside it are the miles you have traveled.

The app also measures steps per minute and speed. This way of measuring allows you to ramp up your running game for improvements.

The app also tells you about the number of calories you have burned running. This feature is not as elaborate as the best calorie counter apps for Android, but it does the job.

Pedometer App Review Android - 004

Near the bottom of the screen is a row of buttons. The left most is the quit button which, when pressed, will directly take you back to the home screen. There is a reset button that will bring all the counters back to zero.

You can also stop the pedometer from counting, I think the stop button should be renamed as the pause button because it only pauses the action. You can resume the counting with the resume button.

Pedometer App Review Android - 005


Apart from the additional calorie counter, there is nothing extra about this pedometer app for Android. The app would really benefit from some history charting or exercise diary. The developers can gain inspiration from the best workout apps as well as diet apps for Android.

The features that are present on the app work great, though. So I’m only complaining about the lack of features, and the rating reflects that alone not the quality of the features.


Pedometer App provides one key feature that redeems its lack of features. The app gives audio notifications that are loud and crisp.

I like to listen to some light music while running on the track (not on the road). So it’s important that I keep the smartphone firmly in my pocket. The app knows that well and gives audio feedback directly in my ears.

Pedometer App Review Android - 012

This feedback allows me to run the desired distance and not check the smartphone to see my progress.

Pedometer App Review Android - 007

The app was very inaccurate when I first used it. But, after entering in my step length and also adjusting the sensitivity, it got better.

Pedometer App Review Android - 010

The app is still not as accurate as some of the other pedometer apps I’ve tested, but the results are not that far off after adjustment.


The app doesn’t require any sort of login from you, so your email addresses and social media accounts are safe with it. The app also doesn’t need to know your location. In short, Pedometer app is a simple app that doesn’t even want to access any feature from your device.


Pedometer App could use a name change as well as a feature buff to make it one of the best apps around. But if you are seeking a non-intrusive and simple walking companion, this app will serve you quite well.

What do you want from a pedometer app on Android? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I’m glad I found your website! I’ve been looking for a simple walking app that will track my steps and mileage….and I think this is the one! After I lost my iphone I decided to go with an Android phone and so far it’s been great.

    Thanks for having a fun website with easy to understand info for newbie Android users.

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