Phone Credit Card Holders

10 Best Phone Credit Card Holders You Must Have

Where do you usually keep your cards? In your wallet or a separate card holder? There’s actually a more modern way to keep them: your smartphone. Phone credit card holders make carrying cards a lot easier.

These card holders are handy. You’ll save space, especially if you’re not fond of having bulging wallets in your pocket. Imagine this: everything you need in the palm of your hands. Keep your credit cards, business cards, IDs and even extra cash together with your phone. No need to put them in your wallet or your pocket. They’re there, safely attached to your phone.

It’s important to keep your important stuff nearby, somewhere easily accessible. And what is more accessible than your phone? The one thing that you carry with you wherever you go. Speaking of accessibility, carrying mobile credit card readers with you may also come handy.

Think of this, you will no longer have to go over the stuff in your bag or look through your purse or pocket if you’re inside the store. You can just pull some cash or get your card right out of these phone credit card holders and get through the line as quickly as you can. Save space and time.

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The Best Credit Card Holders for Phone

Best OverallGecko Adhesive Phone Wallet
CheapestCellessentials Back Phone Card Holder
 AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet
 SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder
Best Value Zero Grid Cell Phone Credit Card Holder w/RFID Blocking
Highly RecommendedCardNinja Credit Card Wallet
Runner UpSinjimoru Credit Card Holder
 Hoblaze Stretchy Lycra Phone Card Holder
 Case Art Plus Credit Card Secure Holder
 Ringke Flip Card Holder

10 Phone Credit Card Holders

When carrying small amounts of cash and credit cards, it’s easier if you just leave your wallet at home. Instead, use these credit card holders designed for your phone.

We have made a list of some of the best phone credit card holders based on various factors, such as the price, adhesive capacity, size and special features. So without further ado, here they are:

1.Zero Grid Cell Phone Credit Card Holder w/RFID Blocking

2.CardNinja Credit Card Wallet

3.Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet

4.Cellessentials Back Phone Card Holder

5.Sinjimoru Credit Card Holder

6.AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet

7.Hoblaze Stretchy Lycra Phone Card Holder

8.Case Art Plus Credit Card Secure Holder

9.SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder

10.Ringke Flip Card Holder

1. Zero Grid Cell Phone Credit Card Holder w/RFID Blocking

This Zero Grid Phone Credit Card Holder has everything you need: great design, universality, durability, and most importantly, security.

Zero Grid Phone Credit Card Holder-Best Phone Credit Card Holders

If you’re fond of slim and ultra lightweight materials, this card holder is exactly what you need. Measuring 2.55 mm, it can hold multiple items without the bulge. It sports a slender and neat profile that matches perfectly to your smartphone. Its elastic material can expand to accommodate up to 8 credit cards. It’s durable too, so you won’t have to worry about it becoming easily worn and torn.

The good thing about this product is that it matches nearly all smartphones with a flat surface. It’s easy to install too!

More importantly, this product features an RFID Blocking material, which ensures that your credit card is secured against identity theft. It safeguards the chips in your cards and keeps your information secure and confidential.

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2. CardNinja Credit Card Wallet

There’s one thing that CardNinja is mighty proud of: it is the world’s first patented adhesive wallet for phones. It is designed to strongly stick to the back of your phone. No need to worry about it accidentally falling or peeling off. Because it won’t.

CardNinja Credit Card Wallet-Best Phone Credit Card Holders

Like the Zero Grid Holder, this one can store up to 8 credit cards, along with a small amount of cash. It’s also pretty slim and ultra-lightweight. The reason why this comes second only is that its design is not as sleek and elegant-looking as the first. Nevertheless, it’s highly recommended by many users and reviewers, including us at JOA.

It may not support all smartphones, but it is compatible with many phones, such as the following: Samsung Galaxy S4, S4, S5 and S6, Galaxy Note 1 to 5, LG G2 and G3, the Optimus series, HTC M8, Nexus 4 to 6, Sony Xperia, and some more.

To top it off, it features a concealed RFID blocking to protect you from credit card skimming and identity theft.

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3. Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet

True to its name, the Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet sticks to your phone like a gecko. It is most known for its stretchy material and adhesiveness. Once it sticks, it won’t fall off. Thus, keeping your cards and cash safely attached to your phone.

Gecko Phone Wallet-Best Phone Credit Card Holders

Security-wise, this phone wallet is top-notch. It features a built-in safety strap and RFID blocking system. So you won’t have to worry about losing your valuable cards and other small items.

Another great thing about the Gecko is that it is universal; meaning, it can fit to almost any case or phone. However, because of its minimalist design, it can only hold up to 3 cards and some cash.

But there’s a catch! This item also comes with a microfiber screen cleaner, earphone untangler, and phone stand holder.

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4. Cellessentials Back Phone Card Holder

Carry less and stick with quality with the Cellessentials Card Holder for the back of your phone. Available in three colors, this credit card holder is compatible with most Android smartphones, making it a safe choice for most.

Cellessentials -Best Phone Credit Card Holders

This product is popular for its strong adhesive material. Using a new CellTek Bond adhesive, this will stick better than most 3M versions available on the market. It attaches to most cases and phones without leaving any residue.

Because of its silicone material, it can securely hold your cards. You will have peace of mind knowing that your valuable cards will not fall out. It’s that reliable.

It also has great carrying capacity without being too bulky. You can keep various debit and credit cards, IDs, business cards, and other small stuff in there. However, you can only keep up to 3 cards. So this might not be for you if you’re the kind who loves always bringing with them all their important cards.

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5. Sinjimoru Credit Card Holder

What makes the Sinjimoru Credit Card Holder different from the previous products mentioned? It protects you not with an RFID blocking, but with a flap. With its flap cover, your credit cards, IDs, and cash are protected and secured against direct exposure. They are kept private and confidential, as they should be.

Sinjimoru -Best Phone Credit Card Holders

This item is a great substitute for purse, money clip or wallet. It has enough room to store cards, IDs, money and even small stuff like keys. Not only is it spacious, but it is also universal, as it is compatible with most smartphones with a flat surface.

However, there’s one problem: it does not stick well to phones with a glass back such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Its adhesive strength is not as great as that of Cellessentials or Gecko. Nevertheless, this problem can be remedied by using an appropriate phone case.

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6. AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet

Affordable and functional are just two things one can expect from AgentWhiteUSA Phone Wallet. It is spacious enough to fit up to 5 cards like credit cards, business cards, IDs and others. It’s definitely a solution to a bulky wallet.

AgentWhiteUSA-Best Phone Credit Card Holders

The phone wallet is made of durable and anti-slip material.  So even when you keep your phone in your pocket, you will be confident that your cards will not get damaged or fall out.

You can use this to any smartphone or tablet, as long as your phone has a flat back and has at least 4-inch LCD. It sports a clean, elegant look too and is available in 3 colors.

However, it does not have an RFID blocking system.

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7. Hoblaze Stretchy Lycra Phone Card Holder

This Phone Card Holder from Hoblaze is ultra thin and stretchy. Because of its highly elastic lycra material, it can firmly and safely hold all the items that you fit in it. Even when your phone is upside down, it will hold the content from falling off.

Hoblaze Stretchy Lycra-Best Phone Credit Card Holders

Despite its ultra-thin design, this phone card holder can store up to 5 cards, including some cash. Thanks to its stretchy lycra spandex fabric. It also uses a 3M adhesive tape backing for a long-lasting hold. It won’t also leave any residue in the event that you choose to remove it.

As to its compatibility, this item works well with most smartphones with at least 4-inch LCD. However, it doesn’t have RFID blocking or any security feature that other items on the top offer.

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8. Case Art Plus Credit Card Secure Holder

Looking for something quick and easy? Try Case Art Plus Credit Card Holder. It’s pretty basic, but not necessarily mediocre. It can carry business cards, driver license, earphones, keys and small items like a flash drive.

Case Art Plus-Best Phone Credit Card Holders

This card holder features a durable stitch work. This ensures that it will stay open or not lose its elasticity when it is not used. Like most phone credit card holders, this product uses a 3M adhesive tape backing for a firm and strong hold. It will not lose strength despite of light moisture, sweat or heat.

Here’s a bonus: you can use this for something else if you’re tired of using it as a credit card holder. Because of its versatile design, it can be used as a hidden compartment or a secret pocket for your gym bag, locker or wherever you want to hide it.

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9. SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder

Another must-try card holder for phones is the SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder. It’s a great replacement for the traditional wallet. With its spacious design, it can easily hold various credit cards, IDs, pouch cards and others.

SHANSHUI -Best Phone Credit Card Holders

It uses a high-quality 3M adhesive backing, which leaves no sticky residue if removed. This also means that you can use it not only for the back of your phone, but also on other surfaces as well such as computer back, refrigerator door, car dash, and car window.

There are also lots of available colors to choose from to mix and match with the color of your phone or case. However, if your device has an anti-fingerprint coating on its back, the 3M adhesive won’t stick that well. So we recommend that you use an appropriate phone casing. Or if you’re not fond of casing, then we suggest you try any other card holders on the list.

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10. Ringke Flip Card Holder

The list of credit card holders for phones would not be complete without including the Ringke Flip. This card holder can store up to 5 cards, as well as a small amount of cash.

Ringke Flip Card HolderWith its dual-sided slot storage, you can distribute your cards evenly according to size. This feature also allows you to locate any card you need easily and quickly. It’s long-lasting and durable too! Thanks to its quality fabric cover.

In terms of security, it comes with a magnetic front closure which allows keeps your valuables safe inside. Hence, the moniker the “Flip.” Just flip it to open and close it.

While it is compatible with many smartphones, it is not advisable for devices with glass backs. Another reason why, despite its nice features, it’s the last item on the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Phone Credit Card Holders

Can one make DIY credit card holder for phone?

Yes, you can make your own credit card holder using duct tapes and other sorts of things. There are tutorials you can check out on the web. However, they won’t have the special and safety features that are being offered by the products included here.

Are there credit card holders with lock?

Yes, you can find credit card holders for phones with lock. In fact, a locking system is what makes these phone card holders special and way better than DIY holders.

Do phones ruin credit cards?

Definitely not. If it does, then why bother making card holders for phones at all? A common misconception is that phones corrupt the magnetic strips found in credit cards. It is highly unlikely that a phone can demagnetize and damage a credit card.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Phone Credit Card Holders

Let’s face it. No matter how elegant and leathery they are, traditional Phone card holders take too much space in your pocket.

Keep your credit cards, along with your other cards and even IDs, with your smartphone. Carry them around easily and hassle-free, wherever you are, wherever you go. Just keep in mind to check out the phone credit card holders we’ve featured here. They’re designed with these things in mind: accessibility, convenience and security.

What do you think of these phone credit card holders? If you’ve tried using them, feel free to share your thoughts with us. Please write your comments and suggestions below.

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