Best Phone Speed Booster for Android

10 Best Phone Speed Booster for Android (Free Downloads)

At what point do you give up on your phone? slow Android phone? Low Performance?

That’s the question we are suddenly being confronted with when it comes to my husband’s phone. The screen’s messed up; performance is bad–he’s ready to throw in the towel and get a new one. I see his point about the display. But when it comes to performance, I believe there is no shame in seeking the help of a phone speed booster for android.

What do you have to lose–beside the several hundred dollars you would be throwing at a new phone, or precious hours of your time trying to enhance performance manually? And there certainly is no shortage of some phone speed booster apps in Android that purport to make your phone like new. We are going to explore which ones actually do.


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Must Try best phone speed booster for Android

These are our top picks for the best phone speed booster for android. Do check them out.

  1. Clean Master
  2. All-in-one tool box
  3. SD Maid
  4. Greenify
  5. Simple System Monitor
  6. Systweak Android Cleaner
  7. Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster
  8. CCleaner
  9. Nova Launcher
  10. RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free

1. Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

best phone speed booster for android clean master
Clean master – Phone Speed Booster for Android

Clean Master can help you get rid of junk and viruses, boosting your battery life and performance. This also includes the cleaning of your system and app cache. The Phone Boost tool within the app itself functions like a task killer, and is intended to preserve your phone’s memory. The app has been installed over 500 million times, and has a rating of 4.7 stars with over 41 million votes. It is one of the best phone speed booster for android.

Download: Clean Master

2. All-in-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

All-in-One Toolbox
All-in-One Toolbox Phone Speed Booster for Android

This app is likely to be your one-stop solution; and by one-stop, we mean not only can this single app meet your needs, but also possibly one button. The One-Tap Boosting option helps you clear background apps, cache, and memory. Additional features include CPU cooling, cleaning junk, batch app installation/uninstallation, increased boot speed, backup assistance, an option to lock your apps for greater privacy, detecting apps with too many ads, boosting game performance, and a notification manager.

All this for free, plus a file manager, a user-friendly Easy Swipe menu, volume settings, a code scanner, and photo compressor to reduce picture size and save you space. No root is necessary for any of these functions. The only drawback—perhaps–is the layout, which seems a touch unorganized. However, with so many features, it’s hard to fit them all into the layout.

Download: All-in-One Toolbox

3. SD Maid

SD Maid
SD Maid – Phone Speed Booster for Android

SD Maid specializes in app and file management, and helping you clear space. It shreds junk files and cleans up old and unnecessary cache, reports, logs, and other files. SD Maid features an automated task manager to schedule your cleanings so you don’t even have to think about it. It has earned its place as one of the best phone booster apps for Android.

There are two versions: the free app will suffice for simple system maintenance, but the paid version does add advanced features. SD Maid is also capable of optimizing your apps’ databases (at least, to an extent). The app has evolved over the years, going from offering its services mostly to rooted users to adding more non-rooted functionality. However, many of the advanced features contained in the Pro version are for advanced users.

Download: SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

4. Greenify

4. Greenify
Greenify – Phone Speed Booster for Android

Greenify saves your battery life by identifying apps with the most power and memory consumption, and with your permission, lulling these perpetrators into a more inactive state called hibernation mode. The app itself isn’t hypocritical—its lightweight design sets a good example for the others by using very little battery and memory. You will need a rooted device for some features. After you’ve rooted you can relax though, because Greenify will take care of things.

Download: Greenify

5. Simple System Monitor

Simple System Monitor
Simple System Monitor – Phone Speed Booster for Android

Simple System Monitor is—as the name portrays—simple. It’s perfect for someone who is visual; featuring graphs of CPU usage, RAM, hard drive activity. Simple System Monitor includes tools such as a cache cleaner and file manager. An unfortunate development for Android devices with the Oreo OS is restricted access to CPU stats, so keep this in mind if you are running 8.0 or greater.

Download: Simple System Monitor

6. Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner – Phone Speed Booster for Android

Systweak scans your Android for duplicate files, then allows you to delete them with one click. And if your favourite game is always crashing or freezing, try the Game Booster option. Systweak is a great solution overall if your phone is suffering from slow performance or lag in general. Other tools include a Battery Saver, Junk File Cleaner, File Explorer, and an App Manager that tells you which apps are hogging space and identifies those that you use infrequently.

Download: Systweak

7. Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster

Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster
Cache Cleaner – Phone Speed Booster for Android

DU is a popular app and called the best phone speed booster for Android for a reason. It detects apps running in the background and kills them to free up RAM, cleans your cache and junk files, and keeps your device safe from viruses. With 230 million users and a 4.5 star rating, DU can also secure your data with its App Lock function. It’s easy to use—just a single tap of a button located right on your home screen.

Download: DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)

8. CCleaner

CCleaner – Phone Speed Booster for Android

CCleaner is a very thorough cleaning tool; one that cleans your download folders, application cache, browser history, clipboard, and more. It gives you options when it comes to deleting SMS messages and call logs; such as deleting in bulk or individually, by contact, or by age. CCleaner makes it easy to uninstall apps. Overall, it’s an easy experience.

CCleaner started out as a cleaner for desktops. It may not have quite as many features as some of the other apps listed, but it is a fast and simple way to free up space. CCleaner also offers a System Info page that gives you a quick overview of the RAM and CPU resource information. CCleaner app is small in size and uses your Android’s resources wisely.

Download: CCleaner

9. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher – Phone Speed Booster for Android

You might be wondering what a launcher is doing on this list, but Nova has earned its place here by being performance driven. The fact that it’s also highly customizable is a bonus. It’s also extremely easy to use. Nova Launcher is optimized for speed, and it keeps animations smooth.

In case you aren’t familiar with launchers, we should give you a heads up that they change the appearance and interface of your Android significantly. But the nice thing about it is you get to choose. Open the Settings menu to select font color, app margin and size, icons, customize the app drawer, scrollbar, etc. Nova Launcher is well-written and well-designed to be lightweight and not use too much battery.

Download: Nova Launcher

10. RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free

RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free
RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free – Phone Speed Booster for Android

RAM Booster gets straight to the point. It helps free up your RAM by eliminating any processes hindering performance in the background and zapping your battery dry. RAM Booster keeps it nice and simple, and it’s free. It’s a 1-button process, and it’s fast. It is a simple and elegant phone speed booster for android.

Download: RAM Booster

People who are here to know the best phone speed booster for android with free downloads also read,

Are speed boosters for Android effective?

Since they frequently rely on closing open programs, the majority of power savers or “speed boosters” available won’t accomplish much. Because of the way Android functions, killing an app frequently results in it opening immediately once again. This can really be counterproductive.

Are cell phone boosters actually effective?

Yes, indeed. However, cellular 4G, LTE, and 3G signal boosters can only BOOST a poor signal. They cannot increase WiFi signal on landlines or create cellular signal.

How can I increase the RAM of my phone?

Step 1: Verify that swapping is supported on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Micro SD card Partition in two steps.

Step 3: Connect your micro SD card to your Android device in the third step.

Step 4: Fourth Step: Boost Android phone RAM.

Are cell phone boosters safe?

 Contrary to popular belief, cell boosters do not release as much radiation as conventional mobile phones, contrary to popular belief. Cell signal boosters keep dangerous radiation away from the user and release much less radiation than a cell phone.

Is signal booster illegal?

When repeaters are brought into the nation without a visa and are not authorized for use by the NTC, they are seen as being unlawful. The sale, purchase, importation, ownership, or use of portable cell sites and mobile repeaters is prohibited under NTC Memorandum Order No. 01-02-2013.

What makes phone slow?

Your iPhone or Android device may be slow for a number of simple causes, such as: You should purge your random-access memory (RAM) a poor battery performance. a lack of storage.

Final Thoughts-Phone Speed Booster for Android

Are phone speed booster for android apps even necessary? Some argue no, and that’s true if you are willing to do all of these functions manually. It also largely depends on how you use your phone. But these apps represent a convenient and automated way to preserve battery, enhance performance, and many include various other functionalities.

What is your favourite phone speed booster for Android phones? Have we missed any of the best? Share with us in the comments.

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