7 Correct Methods to Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge Properly

Let’s be real.

Nothing is more troubling than an Android phone that won’t charge.

And honestly, you wouldn’t bother to look online for a troubleshooting guide if the solution was obvious, would you?

But, what’s the problem here?

Most guides you find over the internet is that they are a bit haphazard in giving you solutions for your smartphone charging problems.

What’s worse is that…

With the huge number of phone models nowadays, a solution that works for one phone might not do the trick for another.

Therefore, we’re giving you a systematic approach to resolving a situation where your phone is not charging, and it’s not necessarily the battery that’s the culprit.


If you want to know more about the latest tips, tricks, and hacks for Android phones, check out our dedicated section for Android Tricks.

Let’s dig into it now!

The System: Start Outside Your Phone and Work Your Way In

When your phone isn’t charging, there are a number of possible causes for this to happen. What we need is a systematic way of checking all the variables so that we can eliminate probable causes of the issue.

Start from the element furthest away, then work your way in

There are a number of elements in the process of charging your phone. Starting from the furthest away from your smartphone, they are listed here:

  1. The power source – where your device is getting the electricity to charge the battery
  2. The charger head unit – the part of your charger that plugs into the wall socket
  3. The charging cable – the USB cable you use for charging your phone
  4. Smartphone charging port – the port on our phone where you connect the charging cable
  5. The smartphone’s software – apps and updates that may affect the charging process of your phone
  6. The smartphone’s battery – the battery which holds an electrical charge to power your phone

This system is the best way to make sure that you will not miss an element in your troubleshooting when your phone is not charging. The trick is to check these elements one by one, starting from the furthest away from your smartphone.

So let’s get at it. These steps should be quick enough so that you’ll get to the cause of why your Android device is not charging properly in no time at all.

Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

Method 1: Check Your Power Outlet

1. USB Charging Hub

usb charging hub
A USB multiple port charging hub may be convenient, but it might not always charge well

These are those charging hubs with multiple USB ports that you can plug your devices into, and you usually use these so that you can charge your devices all in one place.

The problem with these how these hubs are built is that most of the time, the more devices you plug in, the less power they can provide per device. If your phone is not charging via your hub, you can check by plugging your phone’s official charger into a wall socket.

2. Charging via Laptop or Desktop

laptop usb port
A laptop USB port will charge your phone slower than plugging into a wall outlet-Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

We’re sure most people already know that a laptop or desktop’s USB port will not provide as much power to your smartphone for charging as a charger plugged to a regular socket would.

However, some of you might not know that, so we’re mentioning it just the same. You might need to charge as much as two or three times as long if you’re using your laptop or desktop to charge your smartphone.

Method 2: Check Your Charger Head Unit

A black mobile phone battery charger with black usb cable
A lot of phone charging issues are results of a bad charger head unit

Unknown to most users is the fact that these charger heads go through a lot of stress – they are dropped, kicked while plugged in, pulled and pushed in different directions. These can cause the charger’s plug blades to get bent and they don’t have good contact with the wall socket.

charger blades bent
Bent charger blades

If your charger’s plug blades are bent, you can gently coax them into the right shape using some pliers. Use a light touch when working on this, as you may break the charger altogether.

1. Check the port where the charging cable connects to the charger head

Check if your charger head’s USB connection port might be damaged in some way

As you may have noticed, it is the parts that connect that usually cause problems in electrical connections. Your charging cable connects to the charger head in what usually in a USB-type connection.

Make sure that this connection is snug, and that the charging cable has good contact with the charger head. You can even clean out this port with a brush or a canister of compressed air if you notice some gunk inside the port.

You can try to swap charger heads to confirm that they’re working. If these processes still don’t fix the issue, swap your charger head with another that you know to be working. If your phone starts charging on a new charger head, then you know what’s wrong.

Method 3: Check Your Charging Cable

charging cable
A frayed charging cable usually means it’s time for a replacement

The charging cable is usually the part of the charging process that is made with the cheapest materials, in comparison to everything else your phone came with out of the box.

As you use it more and more, the cable gets bent, rolled, twisted and deformed in many ways. If your phone manufacturer gave you cheap cables – and some unfortunately do – this can mean that your cable might be broken, which is why your phone isn’t charging.

Check your cable for frayed or exposed innards, good signs that you might need a replacement. To check, use another cable that you know to be working – a spare cable if you have one, or a friend’s cable – to check if this is indeed the problem.

If your phone starts charging on a different cable, then you know the cause of your Android phone not charging properly.

Method 4: Check Your Smartphone’s Charging Port

charging port
Regularly clean out your charging port-Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

You might not be aware of this, but the charging port of your smartphone is a magnet for all the gunk you have inside your pockets or bags. When this port is usually exposed to dust – it is bound to collect inside of it over time.

Take time to regularly check or clean this port. You can blow into the charging port to clear the area of a little dirt and pocket lint that might have collected there. For charging ports that require a bit more effort in cleaning, you can use a dry toothbrush to clean out the port. Or you can use the edge of a paper clip, but make sure your phone is turned off when you do this. If the situation is bad, you can even use a compressed air can to get the port dry and clean.

Method 5: Check Your Phone’s Software for Issues

If you’ve gotten this far and still haven’t solved your phone’s charging issue, then things will start to get a little bit more technical and a bit more difficult. But this guide will walk you through this challenging part as well.

There are some apps and software issues on your phone that might prevent it from charging correctly. Run through this mini-list and see if there are fixes for you.

1. Fully Drained Battery

It takes a while for the phone to show it’s charging-Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

If your Android smartphone was fully drained of battery power down to zero, the operating system won’t show the charging symbol until it has enough power to do so. That might take a few minutes of being plugged in, so sit tight and wait a while.

2. Gaming while charging

Gaming while charging is generally not recommended-Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

If you’re playing a high-resource, high-graphics app or game while charging, there might be a slim chance that your Android won’t charge.

This is because you might be using more power from the battery then what’s being given by the charger. Close the app and check if you’re able to charge when the app is not running.

3. Clearing the Smartphone’s Cache

clear cache gif
Clearing the cache of your Android device might solve software issues

Sometimes, a misbehaving app could be the source of your charging issue. It would not be immediately clear why or how the app is causing this trouble, but here’s a handy fix – clear your device’s storage cache.

Clearing your phone’s cache might be a Hail Mary shot at this point, but if you’re thinking that an app could be causing this, clearing the cache might also delete the glitch, along with all the unwanted and unneeded files in the cache.

To do this, go to your Android phone’s settings, then tap on storage. Locate the indication for Cached Data, and tap it to clear the cache.

4. Operating System Stuck

Holding down the power button to restart your might get it unstuck

In some cases, the operating system of your Android phone might somehow be suck – for instance, too many apps open, or not enough memory to continue running – and it will not be able to show you a charging symbol.

Often, the best way to resolve this is to turn your smartphone off. If the operating system is stuck, the only way to do this on a modern phone is to hold down the power button for a long time until the phone shuts down. On older phones, you can remove the battery and put it back again.

5. System Updates

In some cases, a system update might cause issues on your phone

There have been a few cases when after installing a system update, an Android smartphone would do all sorts of funky stuff – including not charging.

You may need to uninstall the said update – that is, roll back the software on your phone to the version before the update. A little bit of research on the internet and in forums will help in how you will be able to do this, but it should correct the issue.

6. Do a Factory Reset

Make sure you do a backup of your data before doing a factory reset of your phone

This should be the last and final software fix that you should try, and even then, do it with a measure of care. If all other fixes before this have been done and you have reasonably inferred that nothing in the fixes listed above will, then you can try doing a factory reset.

A factory reset might just fix any other hidden software issue that is preventing your phone from charging. But it also will delete all data from your phone – contacts, messages, pictures, and all other user data – so make sure you do a backup of all your files before doing this.

Method 6: Check for a Hardware Issue

At this point, there might be a real hardware issue

We’ve gotten to this point, and we’ve checked every other element of your smartphone’s charging process. If your phone is still not charging after all the troubleshooting steps above, then now is the time that we can start thinking if something is wrong with your phone’s hardware.

You should now consider bringing your smartphone to an official service center for certified technicians to take a look at your phone. They will probably give you good recommendations on what to do from there, but here’s what it could be.

But first things first, there are some smartphone models that would not let you easily check the hardware. If this is the case for you, then you have 2 choices, either do it yourself or go to a service center if you’re not confident enough. Especially that this method could potentially add more issues to your phone.

For those that want to do this themselves, we recommend having ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set.

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

ORIA Screwdriver Bits, 76-in-1 with 56 Precision Bits, Repair Tool Kit, Precision Screwdriver Bits with Portable Bag, Flexible Shaft
ORIA 76-in-1 Repair Tool Kit with 56 Precision Bits

This ORIA tool set has all the tools you will need to pry open your device to check its hardware components. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing, otherwise, we do not recommend doing this on your own if you have no experience or knowledge.


Now that’s set aside, let’s jump right into it:

1. The Phone’s Battery

This is what a bloated battery looks like

This is the usual culprit. A smartphone’s battery does have a lifespan, a set number of charges and discharges. Normally, this would be long after you’ve probably replaced your phone with a new one.

If the technicians at the service center find out that it is the battery at fault – and you’re still within warranty – they should replace the battery for free, at the very least. At best, they give you a replacement phone.

A cause for the bloating of a battery could be the immersion of a non-waterproof phone in water could also damage the phone’s battery. This usually is not covered under the warranty and would require you to pay for the battery replacement.

2. The Phone’s Motherboard

You won’t want it to be a motherboard replacement, but these things do happen

The motherboard is the circuit board where all of your smartphone’s crucial internals are found – including the processor, the memory and storage, and the graphics chip. This is the “brain” of your smartphone.

If by some weird voltage surge, you dropping your phone or by getting it wet, the motherboard somehow got damaged, it will need replacement. Depending on your smartphone brand or warranty, this could mean a replacement repair and your phone being out of action for a few weeks.

What other people ask

Why is my phone not charging when its plugged in?

There might be many reasons why your phone is not charging properly. If you check our guide, you’ll see that it could be anything from a faulty power outlet to a broken motherboard.

Why does my phone take so long to charge?

As we’ve mentioned above, if you’re using a USB port on your laptop to charge your phone, or if you’re using your phone while it is charging, it might take longer for your Android phone to charge.

Why is my battery percentage going down while charging?

This might be because you’re using your phone while charging or if your charger is faulty. Check our guide to see how you can solve these problems!

Is Your Phone Finally Charging?

If this troubleshooting guide did its job well, you will probably know what is causing your phone’s charging issue at this point in time. At best, you might need to replace your charging cable with a new one. Doing a factory reset on your phone is challenging and a bit of a hassle, but you will need to do it if it is what needed to be done.

For a phone that is relatively new, this troubleshooting guide is all you will need to help you if your Android phone is not charging.

So which method solved our problem? If your phone charging properly now? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. Thank you for these awesome trick. One of my phone wasn’t getting charged but after reading you post I Soft Reset it and it started working.

    1. Hi Shafi,
      I am glad to hear that our tips and tricks helped you out and that everything is working great now. Looks like you didn´t finish your sentence there. What needs fast charging?

    2. Oh my goodness, I could not believe how well this information worked. I was ready to go right out to purchase a new battery. I shutdown my phone and within 15-20 minutes, it went to 97% charged. Thanks a bunch!

        1. I have an issue. I have tried everything you can possibly imagine. All the way to change for a new battery and the same symptoms seems to be there. I can charge all the way to 100% and then when it reaches ~35% starts to drop really really fast. Like these last 35% will end in less than 10 minutes with huge drops.

          I have tried twice to empty the battery, charge with no success. Battery Calibration. New battery. All without success.

          I was using Cyanogenmod CM13 when this started. So I gave up and head back to stock Samsung ROM. Same result. What else can it be?

          1. It’s just the charging port. Clean it gently with a needle or pointed blade but keeping in mind not to bend the chip inside. The dirt doesn’t let it charge beyond a specific %

    3. With me, my phone will not charge while I am using it on charge. When I leave it alone, then it will charge, but painfully slower than usual. I’ve tried turning it off and on again, resetting, deleting recently downloaded apps, removing and putting the battery back in, and switching the charge cables. Nothing works. Someone help! 

      BTW My phone is a Samsung 5.

      1. Hi There,
        Have you tried booting your phone in safe mode and see if this problem continues? Sometimes third party apps can give us real headaches. =-)

  2. My phone has gotten the power share pop but I reseted it and started charging again then I took it off for a while to play a game, tried to put it back on and it wouldn’t charge,but every time I turn my phone off and put the charger in it shows the lightning bolt and says its charging but when I turn it back on to charge it doesn’t work.(Samsung galaxy s5 is the phone I used when this happened)

  3. thanq so much sir..i really got warred about my phone when it wasnt charging cz i was using a third party cable.but when i plugged my original cable with charger its began to charging..thnx again sir

    1. Hi There,
      It´s always a good idea to always use the cable your device came from since third party cables won´t always work properly, like it happened in your case. But, I´m glad that all is well now. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  4. I was getting ready for bed and i left my phone in bed with me on the charger and in the morning my phone was in the floor and the charger was bent while it was still in the Phone. Now when i go to charge it, it will only charge for a few seconds and then it will stop. My phone is now at 5 percent please help.

    1. Hi KayAnn,
      I recommend trying another charger to see if it will charge properly. Sounds like the charger gave out. Please let me know what happens. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  5. I have a droid turbo my problem is charging. It won’t fully charge, and it discharges quickly. What should I do?

    1. Hi Bradley,
      I had that same problem once. I took out the battery nd saw that it was bloated, almost ready to explode. Batteries should be thin and not bloated or be leaking any liquid. See that your phone´s battery is thin. If the battery is more than 2 years old, I would replace it with a new one.

      Alos, make sure to remove any link or dust that may be in the port that could be preventing a good charge. Have ou also tried using a different cable? Please try these tips and let me know what happens. =-)

      1. what do you mean that the battery is bloated? and you did said that you change your battery is the battery is more than 2 years old, how do you make sure that the battery you buy is the original one? thanks alot..

  6. hi,

    i have a samsung tablet and whenever i charge it, it always goes to 100% quickly. once i have restarted my tablet while charging and my battery icon has a red “x” mark over it, which means it’s not charging (although this is different from the “not charging” thing when my phone isnt connected to the charger). it also drains very quickly, and sometimes shows the wrong battery percentage. please help ?

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Have you tried using a different charger or wall socket? If you are using the charger that came with the tablet it’s possible that you received a 5.0v charger with your tablet. Samsung shipped the wrong chargers for a short period. The charger needs to supply 5.3v before the tablet will charge normally. I would recommend a 5.3v 2amp charger or you can call Samsung to get the correct one. Hope this helps. =-)

  7. I used diffrent chargers and it wont charge but unless i move the
    Charger a certain way like bend it or twist it or something and couple days later i try to charge it and it stop working all together so I bought a new charger seeing if I bend it again or something and didnt work so help me

  8. I just bought a new battery for my Samsung galaxy s3 neo as it wasn’t charging with the original battery. Till last Tuesday it was perfectly fine but I used it till 0% and now it doesn’t want to charge. I tried charging with 4 different chargers and with my laptop.. but nothing! What should I do? Buy another new battery or a new charger? Please help!!

  9. When i plugin the charger, the phone is dead btw, and the battery with the lightning bolt flashes on and off. Help?

    1. That could be that the battery is severely drained. Let it charge for 30-60 minutes and see if that changes. The other option is to change the battery (if possible).

      I have an old Samsung Tablet that does that. I let it charge overnight and it’s fine. The battery needs to be changed and it takes a long time to take the charge, but otherwise works fine.

  10. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is having battery issues. First it stopped charging and I would get the yellow exclamation point. Now it is charging and holding a charge but never shows that it is charging. The battery also says 85% and it never changes. It doesn’t go up or down and has said that for 2 days. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Heather,
      Have you recently gone through an update? If so, you can try using black wallpaper, that usually helps. You can also try booting your phone in safe mode to see if the problems are still there. If you notice that it´s gone, then there is a good chance that a third-party app is causing your problems. You can also try replacing your battery, especially if you notice that it´s blotted. Hope this helps. =-)

  11. Had a completely dead phone which would not charge. I took out the battery, plugged in the charger then held down start- and volume keys 10 sc. Then put battery back in while hooked up to charger.
    Started phone!

  12. My phone never shows that it is charging Samsung S5, however when I plug it in it will hold it where it is and sometimes increase the charge. I’ve tried multiple chargers. Any ideas on why this may be?

    1. Hi Heather,
      Have you tried a soft reset? Don´t worry, this won´t delete any of your information. While the phone is on, open the back cover and pull the battery out. Without its battery, press and hold the Power key for a minute. Now place the battery back in and the back cover. Try to charge the phone. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. I have done that. my phone was at 1 percent when I did it. When turning it on and charging,it suddenly increase to 34. the phone charges for a sec then stops. what is this problem?

          1. Hi Jason,
            Have you tried using your phone in safe mode to see if a third-party app might be responsible? It’s always a good idea to eliminate the basics and then move on to other things. You could also try a factory reset, something that solved some issues I was having with my tablet. If you do go for a reset, remember to backup your data so you don’t lose any important information.Hope this helps. =-)

          2. My husband’s phone will not charge at all plugged it in overnight and it still won’t get past 1% he has a Android we don’t know what to do

          3. Which phone is it? Can you remove the battery to see if it’s bloated?

            Try a different charger and charging cable combination and different power outlet to see if that helps.

            Is the phone getting hot?

            How low was the battery when you plugged it to let it charge over night?

            Was there an update or was it dropped recently?

    1. Hi Lave,
      Maybe the charging port on your phone is faulty. Have you taken it is for service? Have you tried the simple stuff such as turning your phone off and on? Try charging your phone in safe mode to see if it´s not a third party app that is causing this problem. Let me know how it works out for you. Hope this helps.=-)

  13. I have a ZTE Lever lte and it was working perfectly til this week. It randomly stopped charging so i bought another charger. That helped for one night but then it wouldnt charge unless i put the charger in and pushed it toward the side a little bit and put an object against it to hold it in place. That worked for a couple of days but now it just wont charge at all.
    I cant replace the battery because it has no back and i really dont want to factory reset it.

  14. My phone went dead and when I went to charge it, it charged extremely slow. It took 2 days to charge completely with very little use. I have ampere app, and it shows it charging at a rate of 70 mA, on a turbo charger which should be over 2000 mA. Tried soft and hard reset, 3 different chargers, cleaned the port. Clear the system cache. You name it, I’ve tried it. Any ideas??

    1. Hi Justin,
      Have you checked to see if the battery is bloated? Try taking it out and placing it on a flat surface and if you see the slightest spacing between the battery and the flat surface, then it´s time to replace the battery. If the battery is not bloated but is over year old, replacing it anyways could fix your issues. Doesn´t hurt to have a spare anyways. Hope this helps. =-)

  15. Hi,
    My Samsung S5 won’t charge unless I turn it off. Again it charges very slowly, and I can’t see % of charges and it keeps vibrating/beeping. My question is why it won’t charge when on and why it does when off. What could be the defect? Please help it is a brand new phone.

  16. Phone won’t charge at all. I plug in my charger, and it shows when it is plugged in, but it doesn’t not charge at all. Also. I tried turning it off and charging it, but the little battery logo comes on for about a sec then dissapears. Please help.

    1. Hi Erik,
      Have you tried checking your device´s battery? Take it out and put it on a flat surface, if you see that it´s not completely flat and there is even the slightest space between the two, then it´s time for a new battery. I hope the solution is as easy as that. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  17. Hey, when I plug my charger in, it is very stiff and hard to get in, and it also isn’t charging. This is stressing me out, please help me.

  18. hi..if your phone is charging but not increasing battery % if your phone is battery removeble take out the battery and kept it for few minuts and install the battery agine … mybe this sould work

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Have you checked what condition your battery is in? Try taking it out and see if it’ s bloated, if it is then it’ s time for a new battery. Please let me know what happens. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  19. I have a lenovo s720. It shows the charging symbol but it never charges. I changed the battery and the battery gets charged only thorough a desktop charger.

  20. hello my sony xperia c2 is not charging when its on please help me its not even showing the baterry logo in the screen only the red lights at the bottom letting me knows that its charging please help me before when my phone is off the logo is showing but when i turn it on its not charging anymore i try rebooting soft reset and baterry calibrate before but it did not fix my problem and now my phone is not fully charging and it charge very slow please help me

  21. I would love an assistance here. I have tried all possible methods to calibrate battery. My problem is that the phone will charge normally to 100% and then discharge normally all the way up to ~35%. After that, battery starts to drop really fast and in about 10 minutes or less those 35% ends and phone shutdown.

    After phone is dead from those drops if I access the recovery mode I usually still have around 30 to 35% battery left. But if I start Android it will shutdown saying I have 0%.

    I can’t seem to be able to fix this. Can you help? Any ideas? Never experienced anything like this since my first smartphone.

    1. Hi Andre,
      It’s never a good idea to let your phone drop down that much. Whenever my phone hits 40% I charge it.If your phone only gives you those problems when you get to 35%, do what I do and charge it at 40%. I recommend you replace your battery. Thanks for commenting and let me know how things work out for you. =-)

  22. My LG Optimus E460 has just stopped charging and has now completely run out of battery life.

    Not charger or lead problem as am able to charge my Mp3 player.

    I have done the following:

    * Removed the Battery then replaced it an hour later
    * Attempted to clean any gunk with tooth brush (didn’t see any gunk or lint but cleaned anyway) from usb port and ends of usb leads.
    * Have tried several different leads
    * Have done soft and hard factory reset

    The only thing different is that I was staying in a hotel last night (now back at home). I went to sleep and left phone charging plugged in to my wall plug charger plugged into a wall socket in my hotel room. When I awoke it had stopped charging at about 45%. I commonly charge my phone overnight and have never had this problem before. The phone is 4 years old.

    Charger works fines back home as charging my Mp3 player so no idea what has happened with my phone.

    Any suggestions? Please don’t advise anything that involves using phone apps as there is literally no battery power left.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Liz,
      Looks like it’s time for a new battery. That way you can rest easily knowing that you shouldn’t have problems for a really long time. Please let me know how it work out for you.

  23. Your tip for a soft start worked perfectly! I was so frustrated and had tried every charger in the house and couldn’t get a charge! You saved the day! Thanks so much!

  24. None of these really address my issue. I have several chargers and none of them will actually charge my phone. I plug it up but it does nothing. It’s clearly not the charger itself so what can I do aside from buying a new phone?

    1. If you’re sure that you can rule out the cable and adapter as the culprit, it’s time to move on to the more technical stuff. Sometimes it could be that the small metal connector in the USB port, which may be slightly bent in a way that means it doesn’t make proper contact with the charging cable.

      To fix this, turn your phone off, and remove the battery. Then take a pin or something similar in size and straighten the small tab inside the USB port on your phone. Make sure you’re not too rough with this process – you could end up doing more damage than good. Then, put your battery back in, power on your device, and try charging again. Please check the USB port for pocket lint. Getting a can of compressed air and blasting whatever is in the USB port out of there should fix the issue if that is indeed the issue. Hope this helps.

  25. Hi..my Asus Zenfone 6 is not functioning properly.
    I have tried all the tips u’ve given but it is still not working.
    At first i left my phone to charge and when i went to check it wont start up. I’ve tried several times to turn it on but it got stuck on loading. I’ve got no choice but to factory reset it and thank God its turning on.

    But now the problem is that it wont charged. I thought it was the cable problem so i changed the cable and it is still not charging. Since then I’ve changed several cable to charge it and also used the original Asus one but nope, not working. Ive also change the adapter.

    There is also a problem where i managed to turn it on and charged it but it kept at 0% and wont increase. When i disconnect from the charger it shut down. I repeated the process and its still the same. I left it for several hours and its still not increasing and kept at 0%.

    I’ve also tried to fix the metal connector in the usb port, not working.

    Do u have any suggestions? Is it the charger or the motherboard problem? And since my phone is a built-in battery, so buying a new battery or taking it out is not applicable.

    1. Hi Zack,
      That;s too bad about not being able to take out the battery. Sounds like a battery problem, but can you place your phone flat on a table and spin it. If it does spin that means the battery is bloated and you will need to take it in for repair since you can’t take it out. Trying another power source could also help. Please let me know how this works out for you.

  26. my phone is not charging by charger but when I connect with pc charging start then I plug it with charger the charging start…bt when I connect later with charger charging doesn’t start…so please give solution

    1. If it won’t power on and you are 100% sure it is charged, there may be an issue with the power button or the phone itself. I have seen several times where I thought a phone was charged and it wasn’t because there was something wrong with the cable or the charger. I would try a different charger and cable first, then attempt to troubleshoot the phone if that fails.

  27. My phone plugs in and looks like it is charging but when i look at the percentage it isn’t charging. I have an LG G Stylo and i’m using the cable and adapter that came with it the battery isn’t bloated what could be wrong

    1. have you tried any other cables/chargers or that cable/charger on a different phone? I have had chargers that would charge, but take 5x as long because they were not working correctly.

  28. Hi , Could you please tell me is there any apps you have developed for 4G sim work in 3G without buying in 4G handset.

    1. have you tried a different charger or cable to see if it’s slowly charging? sometimes the cables or chargers go bad and let in a very small amount of current but not enough to actually charge the phone.

      1. I need your help glad that I ran into your article. I have a ZTE ZMAX Metro PCS running on t-mobile network the original cable went bad wear and tear i guess. So I started using my moms cable she has a net10 phone the cable was working just slowly charges slower than the original cable. Been working until today phone won’t pass the 10% mark before that it didn’t even to charge at all keeps telling me to reconnect the charger i tried every outlet in the house. so far it seems like it’s charging with the phone off.

        1. did you use a different charging base too or just try a different cable?

          Usually when there is an issue where it doesn’t charge or charges really slowly and you have tried new cables and charging bases (maybe even a 12volt car charger if you have one) the culpret is usually the battery. If the phone doesn’t have a removable battery like your phone I believe, it might take some dismantling. If it is under warranty of any kind, they should be able to help.

          One last ditch effort could be putting your phone is safe mode to see of it cures the charging problem due to an apps acting up. or even resetting your phone.

  29. I was. watching a movie with V player then it just shut down when I check the battery after I turned it on (with out charging) it had 24% when I try to charge it later it looks like its charging but it won’t increase its percent.
    And I can’t find your tips and tricks do you mind writing them down as a reply?and if that doesn’t help what should I do?(my battery is not bloated )
    phone type is X-tigi Genius 1
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. it could be a bad cable, or charger, or even the charging port. its hard to say. try a different charger and cable combination to see if that helps. Also, make sure you aren’t using something that’s drawing more power than your charger is putting in. GPS, video, and other things like this can draw more power than you are sending to the battery.

  30. my phone is not charging when it is on but when i turn off my device and then connects my charger it charges please help me on this

  31. I am using Xperia E4 Dual. Recently, i am facing a lot of charging issues. First up, my phone won’t charge despite using the charger provided along with the device. Also, it won’t charge if i am using it . However, if i leave it idle for an hour or so it would charge until the moment i start using it. This becomes very problematic when i am doing some work on my phone and the battery is draining out. Also, the battery is not removable. Tried charging in safe mode but it didn’t help.
    Plz Help!!!!

    1. it sounds like an overactive app or OS. If safe mode didn’t help, it may not be the case though. Have you gone through the basics of adjusting your settings to consume less power like turning your Bluetooth and other wireless radios off that you aren’t using (NFC, Wi-Fi, GPS…)? Also brightness, sync frequencies for apps can cause massive drain.

      If safe mode doesn’t work, then you can look at things like freeing up space in your storage. This could mean deleting videos, photos, apps, and anything else you might have on there that you aren’t using regularly.

      When all else fails, a master reset could fix the issue. If it doesn’t you are going to have to take it in to get the battery swapped.

    1. if your phone has a removable battery, try a replacement. I have had good luck on ebay with Samsung batteries. If it isn’t removable, this is a more invasive process and might need to take it to a service center if you aren’t confident you can do the repair.

      One last ditch effort could be putting your phone is safe mode to see of it cures the charging problem due to an apps acting up. or even resetting your phone.

  32. I have some sort of crummy moto phoone. my phone refuses to charge, i have changed chargers,, but the battery drops drastically in short periods of time and wont charge at all. it seems like the charger drains the battery itself sometimes

    1. Sounds like a bad battery to me. I had a Samsung with a similar issue. I was able to replace the battery with an inexpensive one from eBay. Is yours a replaceable battery?

  33. My phone isn’t charging but when I used “Universal Charger” it works. I think the only problem is in my phone, the charging port. How can I fix this?? Please help me. Thank you.

    1. you should take it to a service center if you have a bad charging port on your phone. otherwise, I’ll need more information.

  34. my smartphone battery isnt charging more than 41%. while its new and thus its charger too. what should i do.

    1. what have you tried so far? What phone do you have?

      Try a different charger. Try your charger on a different phone. If it’s new it should have a warranty along with the charger. See if your carrier, amazon, manufacturer, or where ever you got it will swap the charger or phone or battery if it removable.

  35. Hi, i was using my phone normally last night but the battery wasnt going up when I put it on charge. It came up with the symbol to show it was charging but the percentage wasn’t going up, so before I went to bed I turned it off and the last thing I saw was that it said it was on 1%. But when I woke up this morning it will not show me if it’s charging or not so i’m assuming it’s not. Also I have tried charging it from a laptop and different charger plugs but it isnt turning on or charging? What should I do? Please help!

    1. since you didn’t mention which phone you have, I’ll be general. if you have a different charger altogether, you might want to try that. Also, sometimes it is the cable, not the charger, or the charger, not the cable so try different combinations. If the battery is removable, see if it is bloated. if it is, the battery was overcharged and needs to be replaced.

  36. I’ve changed chargers, outlets, and the long-press concepts to get it to turn on but it still hasn’t worked. What should I do??

    1. it could be a bad battery or the phone is dead. I would recommend sending it to the manufacturer or take it to a service center.

  37. Hi. Im using Huawei y5 II and I think my battery was drained for 4 days straight. I tried charging it and the screen would display the charging status but the battery percentage stays the same or even lowers. What should I do?

    1. have you tried a new charger? Have you removed the battery to see if it is bulging? If the battery is bad, it will not take a charge or hold a charge for very long.

  38. So I got a Motorola Android phone yesterday, and it refuses to charge. I got it first hand from Verizon, so I know it can’t have been an owner issue. It uses this C cord (why not micro like literally most other things, that’s over my head), but when I plug it in, it won’t charge. Should I go back to the Verizon store and ask for a replacement? I’m unable to test if it is the phone or the cord, as I have nothing that fits its extremely weird (to me at least) design. Maybe this is not the best place to ask, but I may as well try :-).

    1. yes. The phone and all of the accessories are under warranty. The thing is, you need to do it within the first 15 days with most carriers or there will be more hassle to get it swapped. they can return it as a DOA phone within the 15 days. After that, they need to do an advanced exchange and you might not get a new device.

  39. I have micromax canvas a315 I installed ROM after that I see a charging symbol, but the battery percentage is not increasing. Help me

    1. what troubleshooting have you done so far? Have you tried a different charger or cable? was the ROM the only change? If you have enough battery life, you can flash a stock ROM back on it.

  40. My 3 year old motor was nothe holding a charge so I took it to a battery store and they replaced the battery., that was two months ago, now it shows that it’s charging but stays at 0%. I can’t even start it in see mode.
    What to do?

    1. if it is an aftermarket battery, it might have a warranty through the place you got it. It may have gone bad, electronics can do that.

  41. My phone all of a sudden is not charging…its battery is new and charger too…
    I dont know what has hppnd.. Plz any
    one give me some suggestns…
    What to do..??

    1. it could be the charging port, maybe there is something in the charging port. did anything happen before it stopped charging? Did you root it or add any new apps or drop it? There isn’t a lot of detail in your comment. More of a description about the problem, circumstances, and phone model and make would help.

      1. Actually at night i had pluckd my chrger..when i got up early my phone’s batteri is just 84% and it was not completed.. Then i ignored nd went to skul…when i came back i start using my phn and when its bbttry was about to die…i connected it in my chargr…but i won’t show charging..

          1. I went to the service cntr…and the charging port has been changed… But still chrging is not showing and battry is draining too fast…nd now phone is geeting too hot….and brightness is fixd now…iys not working proprly

          2. sounds like you have an app or process draining your phone. What happens when you turn it off and charge it for an hour or two?

  42. pls help! I just buy lenovo A850 and is given headache of charging point, I must boost the battery with desktop charger before it will charge. Secondly, the battery is not last. pls help me out.

    1. sounds like a bad battery to me. Can you look on amazon or ebay for a replacement? I have had good luck on ebay buying replacements for my blackberry back in the day and a few Samsungs I’ve had.

  43. Hi,
    My phone is a Bmobile AX705 and I barely got it about 3 moths ago but just recently it doesn’t want to charge. It will display the charging symbol but it won’t pass 1% or 0% and if I’m lucky it’ll get up to 2%.
    I’ve checked the battery and it’s not bloated and also tried different cable and adapter combinations and it still doesn’t eant to charge.
    I have tried many of the suggestions above but nothing works. Could you please help?

    1. have you rooted or done any OS upgrades lately? Sometimes this can glitch the phone. Try to reset the phone cache to see if that helps. If that doesn’t help and you tried a few different charging cables and charging bases, you can try a different battery. If you got the phone new, there should be some sort of warranty. most warranties for new phones cover the battery. Otherwise the phone should be able to be serviced under the warranty.

      1. I’ve already tried different cable and adapter combinations and it doesn’t work. And I haven’t rooted it or modified in any way (including updates) the OS.

  44. I have a zte grand x 3 the phone was plugged in last night to charge aand i woke up this morning and it wasn’t charging but it was charging last night so I took the charger out turn the phone off plugged the phone in but it wouldn’t turn on to charge then I turned it off and use a different phone to turn on and charge as it has a different cable and I plugged it into the socket but it charged so so then I looked at the battery of the phone that wasn’t charging and it was not bloated or anything so then I plugged it back in and it still wouldn’t charge so I took the battery out of the dead phone and put it in the battery part in the phone that would charge and the charging icon popped up and it would charge the battery so I looked at the charger of the phone that wouldn’t work and it has no visible damage are any visible defects so I even tried plugging the charger into the phone and try bending a different directions to see if it’ll turn on but it hasn’t the phone that doesn’t work uses a c-type charger which is reversible so I tried plugging it in on different sides it still wouldn’t turn on what should I do I really need some help I can’t afford to buy a new battery or a new phone or even a new charger

    1. to me, it sounds like you found your problem. If you tried a new phone and the charger worked. Then you tried a new battery in the phone that wasn’t taking a charge, you have determined it’s a bad battery and it needs to be replaced.

      I would look on ebay for a new battery. I have had good luck buying batteries on there for my Samsung phones and blackberry back when I had one. they are only a few dollars.

  45. My phone is having a charging problem sometime it charges sometimes it doesn’t I also have to lift up the cable a bit just at the point it touches the phone to charge but the problem doesn’t end there i have changed my charger too
    My phone even if starts charging….it charges up at normal rate for a very short time after tht it charges very slow like 1% in 30-45 mins
    My phone is lava x11 and is hardly an year old
    I won’t lie I play games on it a lot my battery is currently 3% and phone is not charging
    Pls help me

    1. sounds like your phone may have overheated and the charging port needs to be replaced. I’d get the port fixed at a service center then get a different battery.

      1. Think u very much for reply sir but now…my phone is not even showing that it is charging ….fully blank…I tried different chargers but no use
        Is there any other additional thing I need to do?
        Also 1 more question…if I go to service center will they replace the port in front of me or I will have to hand over my phone to them for a couple of days?bcoz my internal storage has data like my account is signed in and I won’t like to see anyone messing with my progress in my favorite games
        Thnx in advance Sir 🙂

        1. it’s hard to say what the place will do. Sometimes the battery is very dead and could use a jump start if you have a something that is a fast charger that can put more current into the phone. I know my s7 wont work with my old car charger. It just says use the charger it came with and the phone wont charge.

          1. Thnx for all the help 🙂
            I’m taking my phone to service centre tomorrow I hope everything will b good

  46. my phone is not taking charge at all even with differnt cables.. i just bought it last october… i dont know if the battery itself need changing.

  47. Hi there,
    My phone worked properly for about a year. Last week it just stopped charging.
    It didnt shut off or something, just didnt charged. when battery went to 0 i’ve tried again to plug it to the charger, and it showed the battery charging sign for about 5 sec and then it disappears. ive tried other cabels or other ports, tried cleaning the charger and the phone usb port, tried soft boot by pressing and holding the Power button and Volume down button for at least 10 seconds. It didnt helped.
    I dont know how but when i left the phone, before went to 0, pluged with usb cable to computer for about 5 minutes, it started charging.
    when the battery drained again, it didnt worked again.
    Now with some luck, sometimes its charging and sometimes dont and only shows the battery sign for short time.
    Please, try figure out something.

    Appreaciating and Expecting to your answer.

    1. to me, it sounds like it could be one of two things… the battery is bad or more than likely, the charging port is messed up. The easiest things is to look in the port to see if there is something jammed in there. Pocket lint and other things can fall in there to block the connection. If you’ve already tried several different cables and charger bases, I’d say this might need to go to service and have them look at the port.

  48. I have a samsung j5 2016 phone… since last few days it charges upto 84% and I tried calibration ,tried charging in safe mode, tried with different adapter, cleaned the charging port and done factory but no luck…. but when I tried to charge with 8 inch Nokia USB (only with 8 inch nokia usb cable no other cable worked ) cable through laptop it charges upto 100% perfectly..
    My original charger is working fine as i am charging my other samsung mobiles with same charger and it works fine..My phone is only 6 months old, so please help me to find a solution…

    1. If your phone is that young and you bought it new, there is a warranty on everything including the charger. Get it warrantied. If this isn’t an option, then you’ll need to find a different charger that works. Electronics are fickle and sometimes you need to go with the flow.

  49. Droid Turbo 2…..phone does not turn at all unless I do a soft reset. Doesn’t full turn on as it goes into AP fast bootmode and only reboot reloader, turn off, and barcode work. The phone has a constant green light going off at the top left when the charger is plugged in…. and even blinks while the phone is off. The blinking green light also flashes when trying to reboot. Phone says charging low in fast reboot mode. Please help. Tried it all.

    1. to me, it sounds like the OS is corrupt or a bad battery. How long have you left it on the charger? sometimes when the battery is bad, you need to leave it on for a long time for it to take a charge. You may need to reload the OS or take it to a service center to have them do it.

  50. Hello! I Have a Blu R1 Hd , And Every night i have to charge it in a certain way and if you barely touch it the charge will go off. I’ve tried another charger but i have no clue what to do.

    1. that problem is usually a bad charging port in the phone. It is a hardware problem and needs service.

  51. My phone says it is charging but the percentage won’t change or worse, it gets lower. I already changed my battery thinking it is the problem, but my problem is still the same. Help 🙁

    1. Hi Chastity! Does the LED indicator light up when the phone is plugged in? Also, could you please provide a bit more info to help me troubleshoot your problem? Thanks!

  52. Thanks thanks thanks alot , I was likely to get a heart attack when it wasn’t charging , and i had just 6% left , I tried switchong it off first n tookbattery out and put it back in but it didnt work , i don’t know why it wasn’t charging but anyway after tht I blow dried as yu said and the issue was resolved and my phone began charging and I took breath of heaven

  53. My android is completely dead. Bought new battery and the problem still persists.
    I have never seen anything like it.
    I put in the charter and it says bad state, unable to verify phone status, phone reboot in 10s. The phone turns off, then back on to show the same message.
    What’s going on?
    I have a blackview a7 android phone.

  54. So Kyrocera did an update, my phone charged overnight before fully charging. WTH is THAT all about? Called Verizon, their solution? Do a factory reset. HELL NO! I just had the phone do a complete factory rest ON ITS OWN! Never did get everything back the way it was. Then they send a used phone to replace my new phone. Another update, and the phone charges normally again. So, back goes the replacement phone. Stupid.

    And then there’s change the battery. HEY GOOGLE/ANDROID (And Apple; well hell, everyone else too): This is why WE need to be able to change our own batteries).
    HEY AMERICA And the rest of the world: Let’s quit just accepting the nonsense companies give us. We pay more and more for stuff, and get less and less. WHY? Are we REALLY as dumb as they hope we are?

  55. My phone is a bit old and it does have some problems with charging. You have to place the phone a certain way or else the cord won’t stay in the charging port. I might just do what you mentioned here and check the inside of the port to see if there is stuff blocking it. If that is the case, it’ll be an easy fix. If not, then I’ll take it in to get it professionally repaired.

  56. My Android Phone stopped charging but after restart before entering the code I connect the cable and it starts charging I can power off for charging but doing it regularly can it cause any problem? AK

    1. Hi Ashok,
      Powering off your phone for charging won’t bring about any serious issues. It will actually boost your charging as opposed to when it’s turned on.

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