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6 Best Places to Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Surely, you have heard of refurbished Android watches. You might have a friend who has actually purchased a refurb and you, too, are tempted to do the same. Well, look no further as this article will guide you with looking for the best places to buy refurbished Android watches.

Buying refurbished (or refurbs, as some people call it) can be a great alternative if you still want to own the latest gadgets without breaking the bank. Buying wisely is really the key. You don’t always have to spend unreasonable amounts when you can get your hands on cheaper items.

But before taking the plunge on the refurbished market, be sure to:

  1. Read and understand the item’s fine print.
  2. Buy only refurbished items that have a warranty. Most refurbs come with a 90-day warranty but there are some that could go for a year. Purchase the item with the longest warranty period.
  3. Consider the age of the Android smartwatch. There are many Android smartwatches that are still awesome even if they are manufactured 3 years back. On the other hand, older models have lesser monetary value.

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A simple search on the internet can yield to an enormous selection of online markets that sells refurbished gadgets. It is then important to buy only from reliable sources.

1. Brand Manufacturer or a Reputable Physical Store

samsung store refurbished android smartwatch
It’s best to examine a refurbished Android watch in person-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

There is no better place to buy a refurbished smartwatch than through its manufacturer or a reputable store. Are you thinking to buy a refurbished Samsung Gear S3 Frontier? Go to the nearest Samsung store and ask the salesman for the item.

They would be very happy to assist you with your purchase. You can be sure that their refurbs are repaired and tested. Plus, they also have the longest warranty period which can extend up to a year. You can also check their mall outlets.

You can also buy at reputable stores, those who are guaranteed not to sell hand-me-downs or uncertified pre-owned.

2. Amazon

LG android refurbished smartwatch amazon
Amazon has a wide selection of refurbished Android smartwatches-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Amazon is one of the most reputable online shops on the internet that ships to almost anywhere in the world (depending on your item).

They have a lot of Android refurbished watches to choose from and a lot of reputable sellers. They take plenty of efforts in providing a safe and fast transaction and delivery to their customers.

Amazon offers a 90-day warranty to their certified refurbished Android watches.

3. eBay

refurbished android watch on ebay
You can get a Samsung Gear Frontier 3 in eBay for less than $200-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Based in San Jose, California and founded in 1995, eBay has served millions of consumers from about 30 countries worldwide as of 2011.

Although it sometimes receives negative feedbacks from customers, eBay still remains as one of the most reputable online markets on the web. It has plenty of legitimate sellers that offer reasonable discounts and has a wide range of products to choose from.

eBay has more than a hundred refurbished Android watches from different sellers to date. Customers can choose from a variety of smartwatches like Samsung, Asus, Sony, Motorola etc.

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4. Groupon

groupon refurbished android watch
Groupon’s refurbished Android smartwatches have a 90-day warranty-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Groupon is another American e-commerce business that serves in 500 markets from different countries around the world. Comparing some of its refurb items in Amazon, Groupon smartwatches are slightly higher in value. Nevertheless, they have many legitimate sellers.

Groupon also offers free returns and has a 90-day warranty, like Amazon.

5. Best Buy

best buy refurbished android smartwatch
You can buy a refurbished Android smartwatch either on Best Buys online store or physical store-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Awarded as “Company of the Year” by Forbes magazine, Best Buy is one of the largest electronic retail industry in the United States and best place to buy refurbished android watches. Its headquarters is in Minnesota and can ship to almost all states in the US, to Guam, and US Virgin Islands. You can also pick up your items from their store.

Their refurb prices are lower compared to Amazon and eBay, but they could only ship to limited areas.

6. Watch Station

diesel android refurbished watch watch station
Watch Station carries designer brands for refurbished Android smartwatches-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Watch Station offers high-end, branded smartwatches that are compatible with your Android phone and they are best place to buy refurbished android watches. Certified refurbished smartwatches such as Fossil, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani, are all available at this online shop.

Just like Best Buy, Watch Station currently ships only within the US with standard shipping of about 3-6 working days.

Watch Station is an authorized dealer that guarantees that all iconic watches are genuine. It has around a hundred stores around the world, you can easily find a store near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon sell refurbished items as new?

Yes, Products sold as Amazon Refurbished have undergone testing, repair, and refurbishment to look and function like new.

What are refurbished watches?

From a technical perspective, online refurbished watches are previously owned goods that may have been used for a while before being returned to the seller or traded in for another item.

Is refurbished better than new?

A device that has been reconditioned was either previously owned or used for display. However, as refurbished products go through the same testing as new products, any flaws are discovered and fixed, and any problematic parts are changed. Despite functioning just as well as brand-new devices, they are cheaper because to their refurb status.

Over to You-Buy Refurbished Android Watches

Buying refurbished Android smartwatches online is tricky. You will rely on other customer’s experiences and put your full trust to the sellers.

There is little you can do to avoid the risk, that is why we recommend that you go to the manufacturer or certified/authorized retail stores. If you still want to buy online, take your time to browse through the seller’s reviews and ratings.

Have you tried buying refurbished Android smartwatches or gadgets? Which other online market do you recommend? Share it us on the comments section below.

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