Poetic GraphGrip case review

Poetic GraphGrip Case Review (Nexus 7): Designed for the Norm

Solid protection, incredible design and it feels great in the hands

A while back, I wrote a post on the 8 best cases for the Google Nexus 7 (2013 version). The post gives some great insights on some of the most popular cases available for the Nexus 7, but I wanted to dig deeper and review one of my favorite Nexus 7 cases. This particular case is definitely worth the money as it not only protects your phone, but also looks quite attractive.

I’ve used many cases on various Android smartphones and I’ve often felt that the cases always offer the extremes and nothing in the middle, meaning that either a case will provide solid protection or it will make your phone attractive, but not both. However, as soon as you get the Poetic GraphGrip case, you’ll realize that this case offers the best of both worlds.

poetic case

There is not doubt that the GraphGrip design looks really attractive and there are different colors available that look decent, without adding any shininess to the device. Aside from the looks, you’ll also be satisfied in the grip and durability areas. Continue reading this Poetic GraphGrip case review to find out why the Poetic GraphGrip case is the ideal option for the Nexus 7.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Amazon Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars


The Good

The Poetic GraphGrip case is one of the most unusual cases I’ve come across as it features a beautiful graph grip design that not only looks elegant, but also improves grip in the hands, meaning that the device will be less likely to fall from your hands. Available in six different colors, the case offers the perfect mix of design, durability, style and grip. Unlike other solid cases, this particular case is made from silicone, but you’ll be surprised at how well this premium silicone can protect your device even from the worst of drops.

The Bad

One of the most common complaints about the case is that it smells bad and while a lot of users haven’t noticed any such smell, others have found it to be disturbing. Some users have claimed that it has a strong smell of rubber and gasoline. However, the smell is likely to go away on its own and it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. I feel that the case is heavy and while it isn’t heavy enough to affect the usage, it is definitely noticeable.

The Bottom Line

The Poetic GraphGrip case is a stylish and durable case for the Nexus 7 that doesn’t just look good, but also provides a good grip and a solid protection. You won’t feel that the case is catered towards a particular area, such as its looks or its protection, but you’ll feel that it is designed to keep all of the things in mind.

Great Fitting, Proper Cut-outs And Easy Pressing Of Buttons – 4.5 out of 5

The case is well designed, keeping in mind the shape of the Nexus 7. Most of the silicone cases that I’ve come across are either too loose or too tight, but this particular case is just perfect. Getting the fitting right is ideal, specially for a large device, such as the Nexus 7.

poetic case cutouts


There are cut-outs for all the relevant ports, such as the headphone jack, speakers and camera so the case won’t affect usability at all. Aside from that, the raised positions for the Power and Volume buttons are perfect and it’s really comfortable to press those buttons.

Beautiful Design And Attractive Colors – 5 out of 5

This feature alone might have attracted most users as this case looks extremely stylish due to its graph design. You won’t find many cases with a similar design and while this design will definitely make your Nexus 7 stand out from the crowd, it will still look elegant and classy.

poetic case design


The different colors are another strong point in this area. The colors are not too bright and give out a cool breezy look, so you don’t have to worry about your device feeling tacky. I personally love the case in black because black is my favorite color, but I’ll recommend Purple and Green after Black since both these colors look brilliant on the case.

Great Grip And Cushion Like Feeling – 5 out of 5

When you hold any Android smartphone, even the one with a plastic back, you will probably never get a sturdy grip. The same goes for the Nexus 7, and since it is big, it is even easier to drop it. This case’s graph design with the lifted squares on the cover provide a really sturdy grip.

poetic case grip


On top of that, the hard rubber-like silicone also contributes to a great grip so there is a lesser chance that you’ll drop your Nexus 7 accidentally. Aside from the strong grip, it feels really great in the hands due to the cushion-like texture.

Protection That You Won’t Find On Other Silicone/Rubber Cases – 4.7 out of 5

When I first came across this case, I really liked it but never thought it could provide solid protection compared to some of the other hard cases available. You might think the same after looking at the case, but you’ll be surprised at how something that looks so attractive and feels so comfortable can protect the device from almost all sorts of damages.

poetic case edges


The edges of the cover are lifted over the screen so that the screen doesn’t come into contact when the device falls. At the same time, the edges are not lifted really high and don’t feel annoying, unlike most other rubber cases. Also, since the case is thick, it offers better protection than some other rubber and silicone cases.

Price, Warranty And Brand

When everything about a product is brilliant, we all turn our attention towards the price, warranty and brand name. The case excels in this area as well. Poetic is a really popular brand that is known for its durable phone cases. Therefore, I’m sure we can rely on the quality and you won’t need to replace it for a long time.

In terms of price, I feel that this is an absolute bargain at $12.95 as you’re getting a mix of protection, style and grip in one package. Lastly, there is a three year manufacturer warranty as well. I don’t think we can ask anything more from Poetic. They offer support through email and FAQs on their website.


I’m not a big fan of cases and I have mostly used my tablets and phones without cases. The reason I do this is because whenever I’ve looked for a protective case, I’ve felt that it will remove the attractiveness of my phone. However, the Poetic GraphGrip case has completely changed my perception. If you have been looking for a case to protect your phone, but you’ve never come across an option that can protect your phone and make it look attractive at the same time, then I’m sure you’ll love this case.

If you want to share your own opinion on the case or if you have any questions about this Poetic GraphGrip case review, please mention them in the comments section below.

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