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5 Must-Buy Portable Car Battery Chargers in 2023

Nothing can be more frustrating than a dead battery in your car, especially when you’re on a busy schedule when there’s no one around. Portable car battery chargers are exactly what you need to resolve this issue in a hurry.

A portable car battery charger can:

  • Be used to charge a dead battery from zero.
  • Charge the battery whenever and wherever required.

In this article, let’s briefly look at the top products available on the market.  

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List of Portable Car Battery Chargers:

  1. NOCO Genius1
  2. Ably
  3. Schumacher SC1280
  4. Towertop
  5. Motopower MP00205

1. NOCO Genius1:

The NOCO Genius1 is designed for automobiles that contain 6 and 12 Volt batteries. There’s no need to worry about overcharging or undercharging your vehicle in case of a change in weather temperature. 

Dead batteries with as low as a 1-volt charge can be charged using the NOCO charger. The Genius1 portable charger is equipped with force mode technology and reconditioner technology to control dead battery charging and is also useful in detecting battery sulfation.

The NOCO portable charger is compatible with gas and diesel vehicles, from scooters to high-end cars. Apart from charging, the product is a fully-automatic, smart charger that maintains a battery with zero overcharges.

portable car battery charger- NOCO Genius
NOCO Genius1

Image Credits © Amazon

Product Specifications:

Weight0.77 Pounds
Input Voltage120 Volts
Battery Capacity30 Ah
Output Power15 Watts
Special featuresAuto sulfation detection, Auto repair, Precise charging in hot and cold conditions, Advanced charging modes, Maintainer
Specifications of NOCO Genius 1 portable car battery charger

2. Ably:

The Ably portable battery charger is compatible with 12V and 24V battery vehicles. The product has an LCD digital display showing charging, battery, and temperature modes. The product is equipped with Pulse Repair technology that helps restore slightly damaged batteries, remove water leaks and improve battery life. 

The intelligent system detects the current temperature and adapts according to the varying conditions to safely charge the battery. The product is loaded with protection features such as built-in circuit protection, reverse pole protection, overcharging, undercharging, and temperature protection. 

This product is an all-in-one battery charger, a maintainer, and a trickle charger. The Ably charger is made up of fireproof material. It has an intelligent charging system installed; however, this product cannot serve the purpose of a jump starter.

portable car battery charger- Ably

Image Credits © Amazon

Product Specifications:

Weight1.23 Pounds
Input Voltage12V
Battery Capacity10 A
Output Current12V/8A and 24V/4A
Special featuresIntelligent charging, Digital display, Pulse repair, Maintainer, Multiple protection
Specifications of Ably portable car battery charger

3. Schumacher SC1280:

The SC1280 automatically detects the 6V and 12V batteries and adapts accordingly. The built-in microprocessor gathers necessary information and adjusts voltage and current to charge the battery plugged in. The SC1280 is fully automatic; it switches to maintain mode once the connected battery is fully charged. 

The design of the SC1280 includes a digital display, a modern handle, LED indicators, and button controls. The reverse hook-up protection protects the battery when the clamps are not connected properly. 

The portable car battery charger also maintains the battery in top condition. The current is processed separately for 15A rapid charge mode and 3A maintenance mode.

portable car battery charger- Schumacher SC1280
Schumacher SC1280

Image Credits © Amazon

Product Specifications:

Weight3.01 Pounds
Input Voltage120 V
Battery Capacity15 Amps
Output Power6V/12V
Special featuresReverse hook-up protection, Smart charging, Battery health boost, Maintainer 
Specifications of Schumacher SC1280 portable car battery charger

4. Towertop:

The Towertop portable car battery charger is compatible with 12V lead-acid batteries for a wide range of automobiles. The charger is equipped with a 7-stage charging system that protects the battery from sulphation and over-charge and can perform a battery test. The charger ensures that the battery power is optimized for the best performance.

Towertop has a unique and hard design, an LCD display, and simple icons denoting various modes. The charger comes with a Start Aid feature that can help start the car battery in 2 minutes.

It has multiple safety protection features like overheating, overcharging, reverse pole protection, short circuits, and automatic maintenance.

portable car battery charger- Towertop

Image Credits © Amazon

Product Specifications:

Weight5.26 Pounds
Input Voltage120V
Battery Capacity12V
Output Power12V
Special featuresSmart cooling fan, Fully automatic system, 7-stage charging, Maintenance modes
Specifications of Towertop portable car battery charger

5. Motopower MP00205:

The Motopower portable charger works as a maintainer, desulfator, and trickle charger under all weather conditions. The MP00205 portable charger automatically detects the sulfation problem, resolves it, and optimizes battery performance.

The product is equipped with an Energy saving feature that produces zero output in standby mode and has spark-proof protection during connection. It also has multi-level safety protection against short-circuiting, reverse polarity, overcharging, and undercharging. 

The MP00205 portable charger has a timer option to manage the charging time of your battery and maintain the charge when it reaches 14V. The optimum charge suggested by the brand is charging the battery up to 14V and maintaining it at 13.6V to prevent gassing and extend battery life.

portable car battery charger- Motopower MP00205
Motopower MP00205

Image Credits © Amazon

Product Specifications:

Weight0.73 Pounds
Input Voltage12V
Battery Capacity12V Lead-Acid batteries
Output Power12V, 800 mA ~ 9.6 Watts
Special featuresSmart charging, Pulse technology, Desulfation, Maintainer, Trickle charger, Set Timer
Specifications of Motopower MP00205 portable car battery charger

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do portable battery chargers last?

It takes 12 hours to charge a battery using a 12V charger fully. In the case of electric vehicles, it will take about half an hour to reach 80% charge.

How to connect a portable battery charger to my car?

Attach the positive (red) clamp to the red terminal of the battery and the negative (black) clamp to the negative terminal of the battery. Refer to the user manual provided with the product, as each smart charger has its own set of precautionary steps to follow.

Are portable battery chargers any good?

The answer is yes.
Portable car battery chargers have intelligent systems that provide multi-level protection, extend battery life, and are extremely useful in times of emergency.

Can I use a portable battery charger to kick-start my vehicle?

In conventional terms, NO. You can’t use a battery charger to kick-start your vehicle. 

Can a portable battery charger be used to power a dead battery?

Yes, portable battery chargers can be used to charge a dead battery from zero volts.

In Closing

The portable car battery chargers mentioned in this article serve best under all weather conditions. They will definitely exceed your expectations as they are sorted and reviewed by verified customer ratings.

I had a great time sorting out this list of products for you. Make sure to check out these products and write back to us about how you found them useful.

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