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Best 5 Portable Solar Panel -Save Your Energy Consumption 

Portable solar panels are really starting to take off, so we wanted to help you decide on the best one to buy. This portable power source is ideal for hiking, camping, and making life on the go. So, if you’re considering a purchase, we’ve collected the biggest portable solar panel brands, the benefits of having one, and the pros and cons of each solar panel.

But before diving deep into the article, let’s first understand what a portable solar panel is. 

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What is portable solar panel and their purpose?

Portable Solar Panel
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A solar panel is a device that collects sunlight and converts it into energy or electricity. It is also known as PV or module. Meanwhile, a portable solar panel is a small-sized panel that you can carry around.

The purpose of portable solar panels is to provide electricity at any time, so you don’t have to worry about your device going dead when you need it. Portable solar panels come in two varieties: hand-held panels and carport solar panels.

Carport panels are generally a bit more powerful than hand-held ones, at least originally. They’re a good choice if you’re going to be using your device a lot or you want to charge your device on a carport charging station.

The drawback is that you’re usually limited to a slower charge speed. If that’s a concern for you, maybe carport panels aren’t for you. Also, you have to unplug your phone before putting it in a carport at least basically. 

Conversely, hand-held panels are a bit more convenient, especially when you’re just making a quick jaunt to the grocery store, but they generally aren’t as quick to charge at the same rate. 

This article will discuss the best solar panels in no specific order.

List of Best 5 Portable Solar Panels:

The best portable solar panels are perfect for rugged outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and bicycle rides. When you forgo your standard electricity hook-up for a few hours, your solar panel will power your battery-powered devices and charge your cellphone via USB.

If you’re due for an outdoor adventure, let’s dive deep into the exhaustive list of portable solar panels!

1. BigBlue-28W SunPower Solar Panel with Digital Ammeter-for Adventures

 BigBlue - Portable Solar Panel
BigBlue – Portable Solar Panel

Utilizing the 28-watt and 132-cells in the BigBlue, SunPower has created a solar panel that does not require any extra power wire to work. Unlike traditional solar panels, BigBlue is capable of absorbing sunlight more efficiently and thus can be much smaller and lighter. 

This allows for longer –– up to 50-mile trips, where plugging in is difficult –– to be feasible. For adventure-seekers, and people who travel the world, this gives them a much greater sense of freedom without having to worry about carrying an excessive amount of solar panels. 

Main FeaturePortable Power Station
Special FeaturePortable and folding, SunPower solar panels, 2usb outputs, Waterproof solar panels
Solar Panel Watt-Hours296Wh
No. of USB Charging ports4 AC Outlet/4 DC Ports/4 USB Ports
Max Charging Speed100W Type-C, 4 DC Output (9V~12.6V/10A Max)
Folded Size8.46 * 5.9 * 8.07 inches

2. Jackery-SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel for Explorer-for Summer Camping Van RV

 Jackery-Portable Solar Panel
Jackery-Portable Solar Panel

You have the ideal purpose for a portable solar panel if you spend the winters in a warmer area and live in a warmer environment. As long as the sun is out, the Jackery SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel can concurrently charge two vehicles, such as a truck and a car. 

RV owners who often go camping and hiking on the weekends will find this to be excellent. It is ideal for people who camp and enjoy the outdoors because even their heavier gadgets, appliances, and trucks can be powered up by this beast.

Main FeatureSolar Panel for Explorer
Special FeatureDurable & Splashproof, Safe solar panel, 23% High-Efficiency
Solar Panel Watt-Hours60 Wh
No. of USB Charging ports1* USB-C and 1* USB-A
Max Charging SpeedUSB-A Outputs 5V 2.4A, USB-C Output 5V 3A
Folded Size425 * 535 * 35 mm

3. Rockpals-SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel for Solar Generator-for Outdoor Camping, Travel Trailer

 Rockpals-Portable Solar Panel
Rockpals-Portable Solar Panel

The Rockpals 100W solar panel is a wonderful choice if you want to camp off the grid. A 3-axis motor with a torque indicator, two remote built-in indicators, an inline fuel gauge, and a high-performance capability are all features of the panel. 

It is great for camping because it is lightweight and compact. When traveling, it may also be utilized as an additional power source to run a radio or light and even to charge a phone or laptop.

Main FeatureSolar Panel for Solar Generator 
Special FeatureIP65 Water-resistant and Durable, ‎Monocrystalline silicon cells, 23.5% high-efficiency, Built-in circuit protection, Durable PET lamination, and 100 watts 18V portable solar panel
Solar Panel Watt-Hours155Wh
No. of USB Charging ports1* USB-C, 1* USB-A, and 1* USB-B
Max Charging Speed18W USB QC 3.0 and 18W Type C output, provide 4 times the faster-charging speed
Folded Size17 * 14 * 2 inches

4. WingHome – Trail Camera Solar Panel – for Camera Accessory – for Waterproof Hunting Accessory 

WingHome-Portable Solar Panel
WingHome-Portable Solar Panel

For those who want to go off the grid while out on the hunt and still want to be able to take advantage of natural light to get some incredible views, this WingHome solar panel might be the right size and weight to add to your outfit. 

Using the solar panels that have mounts built into them, you can actually increase your visibility when you are getting into the blind or tree stand. This is a great accessory to add to your camera bag or backpack, as it is not only powerful but easy to use.

Main FeatureSolar Panel for Camera
Special FeatureAdvanced Waterproof IP66, Economics Sustainability, and IP66 Waterproof
Solar Panel Watt-HoursN/A
No. of USB Charging ports1* USB-C, 1* USB-A, and 1* USB-B
Max Charging Speed18W USB QC 3.0 and 18W Type C output, provide 4 times the faster-charging speed
Folded SizeN/A

5. FlexEnergy – 6W USB Mini Solar Panel – for Bicycles and Mobile Phones

FlexEnergy-Portable Solar Panel
FlexEnergy-Portable Solar Panel

Any owner of the bicycle is aware that connecting the vehicle to a public charging station is the ideal approach to recharge the battery. The ordinary automobile, however, does not allow you to do many activities, such as riding a bike or driving for little periods of time. 

But, what if you could simply charge your batteries briefly without using any additional equipment or appliances?

High-performance solar panels are produced by FlexEnergy with the portable battery industry in mind. This mini 6W solar panel, which weighs 2 lbs, can fully charge a tablet or smartphone in just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can charge your smartwatch in just 15 minutes. Traveling to work and then charging their phones, enables commuters to make the most of their time.

Main FeatureMini Solar Panel
Special FeatureLightweight Design, Waterproof
Solar Panel Watt-HoursN/A
No. of USB Charging ports1 micro USB
Max Charging SpeedN/A
Folded SizeNot Foldable 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of foldable solar panels?

The greatest time to use foldable solar panels is when there is no energy available. One can be kept packed and prepared for beach, hiking, or camping adventures. This way, you won’t have to be concerned about running out of electricity while spending the entire day outside!

How much power can a portable solar panel generate?

A typical rooftop solar panel produces 300 watts or more, whereas smaller, less-priced panels only produce 5 to 50 watts. While bigger panels may include two or three panels in a folding casing, smaller panels are frequently made of a single sheet of silicon solar cells.

Can a refrigerator be powered by a 100-watt solar panel?

Generally speaking, a 100-watt solar panel can only briefly power a refrigerator; a battery is also required. 400-watt-hours of electricity may typically be produced daily by 100-watt solar panels. A combined refrigerator and freezer uses 2000 watt-hours per day.

Solar Power to Save Energy

Leverage the power of the sun. You can also use the power of the sun to do something more practical for your electricity savings. Does your home still use a generator to power up appliances and gadgets? Well, you might want to switch.

Consider using solar power instead. These solar panels are designed for sun-powered charging. And when properly installed, they can produce about 5% of your home’s energy use.

The key is placing these solar panels in an area of the house where it gets more sunlight. For example, your roof or porch, where it gets hottest during the day

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