Samsung's Galaxy A50, a great phone at its price point

SOLVED: 10 Problems and Solutions for Samsung Galaxy A50

Isn’t it annoying seeing your Samsung Galaxy A50 having problems in its first year? Or even worse, maybe it’s brand new, and you already have complaints.

Well, don’t worry, here at Joy of Android, we’ll try to help you to the best of our capacities.

If you’re having problems with your brand new Samsung Galaxy A50 and it’s still within the warranty period;

Have it returned!

Otherwise, that would be a hassle and a waste of hard-earned money!

my brand new samsung galaxy a50 is broken
you must be making it rain


If your phone is about a year old and you’re observing problems that you shouldn’t really have, maybe it’s time to check if those problems are solvable.

You see, a lot of us buy phones willy-nilly without even looking at all of the specs.

Most of us only check on the strength of the processor included in the phone, the amount of RAM it has, and it’s GPU.

Aside from that, something we also take into account heavily is its front and back camera.

Other than that, when we see what we like, we get the phones that get our attention.

Some people may prefer Apple, and some may prefer Android.

Don’t worry; we don’t judge.

But, what’s different with Android is the fact that some brands such as Samsung can release phones that have high specs but cheap prices.

The answer to this is that Samsung allocates its resources to parts that are usually used by the people, such as the camera and the processor.

While this is not a bad thing and is an excellent thing for people to be able to afford bezel-less screens and octa-core processors, at price points that significantly differ from the flagship ones;

Most people don’t get to see the downgrades that are present in the next iteration of the phone.

The A50, for example, has excellent specs, but its fingerprint scanner is still 1st generation.

Again, while this isn’t a loss…

People may notice that the fingerprint scanner on the A50 is slower compared to the fingerprint scanner on the flagship ones.

And people may think of it as a problem that needs to be serviced, a hardware defect.

But it’s just a different allocation on resources. It’s one of the main reasons why this phone is cheaper.

To help you with these kinds of problems…

We’ve listed down the common problems encountered by a Samsung Galaxy A50 user and the solutions to your problems!

Check out our list down below!

Problems and Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is indeed a versatile phone, but there are also limits to what it can do and what it can achieve.

Check out our list below and see if we have solutions to any of the problems that you encounter on your Samsung Galaxy A50!

Maybe we can help!

1. Battery Drain

The Samsung Galaxy A50's Battery Life Problem
Battery problems due to the latest update

As with all phone owners, one of the biggest things to consider when getting a new phone is its battery life.

Because let’s face it, your phone may have great specs and it could play triple-A mobile games, but it can’t last without being plugged into its charger.

That is a terrible thing to experience, and it honestly makes the purpose of our cell phones, which is mobility, a bit under focused.

A big problem faced by a good number of Samsung Galaxy A50 owners is the fact that many units have battery drain problems.

This problem should definitely not be the case, especially with the A50’s 4000 mAh cell.

Apparently, with the recent updates with the A50’s firmware, the battery life suddenly had battery drainage.

With this, there isn’t anything we can do but wait for the patch from Samsung.


While waiting for the patch updates from Samsung, what you can do is adjust the settings on your phone to prefer battery conservation than performance, especially when you’re not playing games.

Check on the Settings and go to Battery. You can check what apps use the most battery. You can adjust as necessary.

These are only suggestions, and you may do as you like, but if you see apps that you don’t use running, it’s best to turn them off.

Another advice is to maintain the charge of the battery at 80-90 percent.

Doing this would prevent the battery from overloading and would be additional care for your battery.

2. Bluetooth Pairing Problem

Samsung Galaxy A50 Bluetooth Problems
Some A50’s may develop a Bluetooth Problem

A few users of the Samsung Galaxy A50 also reported that they get connectivity problems when they connect with another device.

User reports say that it may have something to do with the Bluetooth receiver.

I’ve observed this with a few other devices, namely my Huawei P9, my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), and my iPhone 6s.

At times, my Bluetooth wouldn’t connect with the speakers or pair with other phones, even at a short distance.

In my opinion…

It is this way in some cases because there is a defect in the Bluetooth receiver of the device.


If your phone still can’t connect even after restarting it and resetting the setting. Then it may be a hardware defect.

Again, if your phone is still within the warranty period, get it serviced or replaced.

But if it’s not, there are many tutorials on youtube showing how to replace the Bluetooth antennae.

I’d like to warn you otherwise because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up damaging other parts of your phone.

My advice is: Have it serviced by people who know what they’re doing, instead of damaging your phone and paying much more.

3. Netflix doesn’t play in HD

Samsung galaxy A50 can't play netflix on HD
Netflix doesn’t play in HD

This problem might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people, since watching Netflix on our phones seems like the norm today.

Apparently, Netflix doesn’t support streaming HD videos even if the phone has the specs to play HD videos. Even if you have the UHD subscription.

It’s pretty confusing to think about why this is the case, especially since other brands with similar specs can play HD videos on Netflix.

Nevertheless, there’s a solution to this problem.


Older versions of Netflix can play Videos in HD.

What you can do to bypass this problem is to download an older version of Netflix.

From there you can stream HD movies and series’ on Netflix

You can try finding a version online, or you could check out this version we found for you.

Download Netflix for Samsung Galaxy A50

4. Slow Fingerprint Scanner

Another big concern with the Samsung Galaxy A50 is its fingerprint scanner.

The smartphone has an in-display, optical fingerprint scanner. The only setback is that the scanner that Samsung used on the A50 is that of the first generation.

And as we know with first-generation technology, it’s not always the best, and there will always be drawbacks in the fact that it is mostly still in its “testing” phase.

Although it has been tested for mass use, it won’t be as fast and quick as that of the second or the third generation.

What happens with this is that people who buy the phone think that lightning-fast responses on their fingerprint scanner should be the norm, and this isn’t the case for all phones.

I do have to say that…

Even with this drawback, at its price point, this problem is a minor setback.


If the problem does indeed persist more than usual, it could mean that your hands are wet.

Another is that your screen might be dirty.

But if the problem is a few misses now and then with scanning your fingerprint. Then it might be the fact that the hardware isn’t up to par with what you want.

Do bear in mind and weigh out every pros and cons before buying this product. If this isn’t an issue for you, then this is undoubtedly worth the price.

5. WiFi Connectivity Problems

WiFi problems with the samsung galaxy A50?
Does you Samsung Galaxy A50 have WiFi problems?

Many users report that they also have problems connecting to the WiFi.

I could typically give you the generic solution of restarting your phone and resetting your settings.

But I figure you’ve already done that. So let’s try different solutions all right?


The first thing you could do is to reset your network settings in the settings. (Settings > Network Settings)

If that didn’t work, try connecting your device through safe mode.

To enter safe mode, press the power button and hold it until prompt “Power Off” appears.

Press the power button and hold it until the safe mode prompt appears.

After entering safe mode, try connecting to the WiFi.

If your device connects to the WiFi, then most probably the problem is caused by a faulty app that you have on your phone.

If the aforementioned solutions above still don’t work, you could try doing a factory reset on your phone.

You can do this through safe mode, in the main recovery screen.

6. There isn’t an LED notification light.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 does not have a notification light
No notification light for the Samsung Galaxy A50

As we’ve known with many Android devices, especially Samsung devices, there had always been an LED notification light.

But apparently, with recent developments, they found the LED notification light to be redundant.

This redundancy is because you can set-up the screen to light up when you get notifications.


There isn’t any real solution to this.

And if you didn’t know about this, then you must have missed reading about this information.

If you want a notification light, some apps let you have this on the front like traditional smartphones.

But if you don’t want to download the app, there are also other ways of doing this, such as “flash notifications.”

This setting flashes your camera light when you receive notifications.

To apply this to your phone, search “flash notifications” on the settings, and enable either “camera flash” or “screen flash” or both.

7. My A50 cannot make or receive calls

There are also some users that reported that their phone can’t make or receive calls sometimes.

And that some calls abruptly get canceled.


This may not be entirely caused by your phone or any application. Try changing SIM cards.

If changing SIM cards didn’t work, do a factory reset on your phone. (Through Safe Mode; Check WiFi Connectivity Problems)

If it doesn’t work, the problem may be in the SIM card reader.

8. Extremely bright screen

For some people, this is truly an issue.

Brightness has never really been an issue for me and I’ve always appreciated bright phones.

But, for some people, the brightness of their specific phones can be too high.

In this instance, it’s mainly due to Samsung’s AMOLED display.

AMOLED screens are definitely brighter than IPS screens.

If you came from IPS screens, the AMOLED screen of Samsung would definitely look a lot brighter.


If this is a problem for you, don’t worry! This dilemma has a very straightforward fix.

Just go to settings and search “screen mode.”

Press the first one to appear and change your screen setting to basic.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can always go ahead and decrease the brightness.

If it still doesn’t suit your desires, the only way to solve this problem would be getting used to it.

9. SIM card cannot be read

Samsung Galaxy A50's SIM card problem
Having SIM card problems?

Another common problem faced by smartphone users is the undetected sim card.

This problem could be due to a faulty SIM card reader, but it may also be due to dust.


I imagine you’ve already tried restarting your phone and cycling the airplane mode on and off.

So I’m going to suggest that the problem lies with your SIM card or your card reader.

Clean your SIM card or get your SIM card reader fixed!

If you can clean the inside by yourself, then there’s no need for you to get your phone serviced.

10. Unable to install apps

Samsung Galaxy A50 cannot install apps
Can’t install apps?

Are you unable to install apps on your phone?

Maybe you’ve changed some settings unintentionally, or maybe some bug occurred thus you’re unable to install apps.

Either way, there’s a quick fix to this


If the app you’re trying to download has already been downloaded before, try emptying its app cache and download it again.

If it still doesn’t work, delete the entry on your play store apps and restart your phone.

If the problem still persists, do a factory reset on your phone (Check WiFI Connectivity Problems)

Need a new phone?

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50
Samsung Galaxy A50 Bezel-less Screen

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is not without its limits, but besides all those, I think for its price point that it is worth every cent.

These common drawbacks found with the A50 is observable with many mid-tier smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Back of the phone
The Back of the Smartphone

But, given the brand, the specs, the camera, and the bezel-less screen, the drawbacks are worth it.

Check out their promos on this beautifully cheap smartphone on Amazon!


Is the Samsung Galaxy A50 worth it at its price point?

Yes, for its price point it is. It has camera specs on par with that of the OPPO Find X2 Pro, which is almost 4 times its price. Its processor is decent for its level and can perform well for its 250$ (price varies) price point.

Does the Samsung Galaxy A50 have wireless charging?

No, it doesn’t. It only has fast-charging capabilities. But, at its price point, it’s very acceptable for a phone of this caliber not to have wireless charging.

What is the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A50?

With its 4000mAh battery, using the device heavily with max brightness would give you about 4 to 5 hours of battery life, on stand-by it lasts almost up to two days.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A50 worth it given these problems?

In my opinion, it is worth it. With the specs given and the price at which it’s sold. The Samsung Galaxy A50 is definitely a bang for the buck.

It is especially true if you don’t mind the drawback of having a slower fingerprint scanner than that of the flagship phones.

As with the Netflix problem…

You can always download an apk for it. Although it is rather annoying to have a phone with specs that can handle the HD videos but Netflix doesn’t allow it.

With all that said, it will always be up to you. Preference will always be key in finding the best smartphone for you.

Do you have any concerns or comments about our article? Let us know in the comments section below!

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