Problems with the PS4? We have the solutions for you.

10 Problems and Solutions for the PS4

Imagine just wanting to chill after a stressful day at work? But then you encounter problems with the PS4 that you’ve never experienced before.

Well, you know what. We have experience with that, and I’m confident we can help you with your problems.

The PS4 is a versatile device, and it’s durable enough to withstand years of continued use.

Sony has made numerous changes and releases of the PS4, with each iteration made to resolve the problems of its previous versions.


It’s not perfect, and it can’t continue to do it’s purpose forever.

If you use it repeatedly for an extended amount of time, it will encounter problems.

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Do you have problems with the PS4?

The PS4 has been known to encounter a few common problems. And some of them may be unavoidable if you continue to overuse the console without remorse.

An example of this would be the Blue Light of Death, which isn’t necessarily a user induced problem, but rather it’s the fault of a faulty and damaged console.

Another would be the PS4 automatically ejecting the game disc while you’re playing.

Problems like these aren’t uncommon, and most of us console owners are likely to experience at least one of these problems.

Getting your PS4 serviced isn’t cheap, and some problems that you may encounter may not be fixable my troubleshooting alone.

But don’t worry.

We’ve been here before. We’ve had faulty machines, and sometimes we’ve even dug our graves with our own problems.

But we pull through every time!

As long as the problem you’re having isn’t hardware related, then we can try getting your PS4 up and running.

We’ve listed down all the problems with the PS4 that you encounter, and compiled them into this list.

Feel free to check our list for the PS4 down below!

Problems and Solutions for the PS4

The PS4 isn’t a perfect device!

It encounters problems now and then, especially if we over abuse the way we use it.

But, for as long as it isn’t a hardware problem, then we might just be able to fix it.

With that said, check out our list below of Problems and Solutions for the PS4!

1. My PS4 won’t turn on!

problems with the PS4 and how to avoid them!
Check out our link!

Yes! We’ve encountered this before!

And we’ve listed down all the reasons why your PS4 might not be turning on!

If your PS4 doesn’t work whenever you try turning it on, or if it just blinks and then turns itself off.

Try looking at this link and try out the solutions that would work for you!

But if this isn’t the problem that you’re having, then proceed on to our list below!

2. Blue Light of Death

Blue Light of Death Problems With The PS4
Beware the BLoD!

Ah yes, the steadily infamous BLoD. Since time immemorial, us console games have always known about the Blue Light of Death.

Ever since the terms’ incarnation during the PS3 and XBOX360 era, it has been known to break consoles for good. (As well as our hearts.)

If you encounter this on your PS4, don’t worry just yet.


Try the steps found here; if none of those methods worked for you, then you might just have a BLoD or Blue Light of Death.

If you encounter this on your PS4, then I’m afraid that you need to have your PS4 serviced, as it won’t work by just troubleshooting it alone at home…

Unless you know what you’re doing, of course.

3. PS4 Freezes/Crashes

Problems with the PS4? PS4 Crashing?
PS4 Crashing and Freezing?

If this happens to you, don’ freak out. The cause might just be something minor.

Factors for a slow and buggy PS4, are overheating, network issues, or a faulty un-updated firmware.


First off, check to see if your PS4 has overheating problems as heat is a significant factor why some PS4’s slow down.

Second, try updating your firmware to its latest versions.

Third, reset your modem and your PS4 network.

Remember to avoid doing a hard reset if this is the case, as it might just crash in the middle of the hard reset and brick your console.

If the problem persists, you can try rebuilding the system through Safe Mode. (Check Solution on entry #7).

If this still doesn’t solve your problem, go back to safe mode and choose “Reinstall System Software.”

After following all of the steps to no avail, consider getting your PS4 serviced.

4. PS4 Auto Ejects Game Discs/Doesn’t Eject Game Discs

Problems with the PS4? Does the game eject? or get stuck?
The game ejects/gets stuck

If your PS4 automatically ejects the game disc, it is most likely due to hardware problems.

The leading cause for this is the fact that you may have a faulty optical drive, and whenever you enter the game disc, it malfunctions.


Try standing the console vertically, insert a disc, and observe if the problem persists.

Standing these consoles vertically has been known to fix these types of problems accurately, and has been known to work since the era of the PS3.

If it still doesn’t work for you, the optical drive might be broken, and in need of service.

5. Failure to Connect/Maintain Connection to Network

Problems with the PS4? Can't connect to PSN?
Can’t connect to the PSN network?

This is one of the most consistent problems encountered with the PS4; a lot of users have reported that their PS4 couldn’t connect to the PSN network.

But, many times, it’s also due to the PSN network running maintenance, which you could check here.


These problems are common and thus have received a lot of support from the PlayStation network.

Check out the Error Codes and find out how you can troubleshoot these problems through the PlayStation support website.

6. Continuous Blinking Red Light

Problems with the PS4? Red Light on startup?
Do you observe a red light on your PS4?

The problem is similar to that of the Blue Light of Death in that it may prevent your PS4 from opening.

Most of the time, the red light manifests in the power button.

If you do observe this happening to you, most likely it is caused by an overheating PS4.


Clean your PS4. Clean the vents. Place your PS4 somewhere with good airflow.

Update your software and delete unnecessary files.

If it is still observable after following these, try booting your console through safe mode.

If it doesn’t work, you might have to take your PS4 to a service center for a diagnostic check.

7. PS4 Has No Audio/Video

Sound and video problems with the PS4
Check your HDMI cable and ports

Some users have also experienced sound loss and video loss.

Users have reported sudden static sounds,

In the majority of cases, the cause is mostly found to be broken HDMI cords or a broken HDMI port.

If this is the case, servicing may be easy enough for you to do at home.


Check your ports for any damage, check the HDMI cable for misaligned pins.

Check the HDMI port on your tv or transfer it to another port.

If possible, try using another HDMI cable on your PS4.

If the problem persists, consider having the ports on your PS4 serviced.

8. Damaged Dual-Shock Analog

Damaged Dual Shock problems with the PS4
Get it serviced!

This happens a lot. Two of my controllers have had Analog issues.

If this happens to you, then I’m afraid that having it serviced would be the only option for this.

Although, It’s an easy thing to be serviced without spending too much on repairs.

The only solution to this would be to go to your local technician for a quick fix.

9. Application Errors

Application errors and problems with the PS4
Follow our steps!

Application errors or “Error: CE-34878-0” is a common PS4 application error encountered by many users.

If this happens to you, follow these steps!


Power Cycling: Turn off your PS4 and remove all cords. Press on the power button for 30 seconds and then release it.

Wait for a few minutes before turning it on again.

Reinstall the application: The file may have been corrupted, try redownloading the file and observe it the game still crashes.

Update Firmware: Your firmware might not be updated, and this may be causing some issues with the game.
Reinstall System Software: Go to Safe Mode and choose “Reinstall System Software.”

If the problem still persists, try doing a hard reset on your PS4 through the Safe Mode.

10. A Game Bricked my System

"Brick" Problems With The PS4
A bricked PS4

There had been a few cases of a PS4 getting bricked by a game. Users have reported that Apex Legends, a famous 3rd-person shooting game, had bricked their PS4’s.

Another was that of the infamous game Anthem, in which many users reported that after starting the game, their PS4’s suddenly crashed and that the game had bricked their PS4.

This problem isn’t truly the case. And for many, there is an easy solution to this problem.


Run the PlayStation 4 through Safe Mode. Doing this would bypass the bugs that affected your system.

To do this, ensure that the PS4 is turned off. Press on the power button until you hear the second beep.

Connect your Dualshock4 to the PS4 and press the power button.

From the options, select Rebuild Database.

If the problem persists, repeat the process.

Get a PS4!

PlayStation 4 – 1TB

If all of the solutions above failed, and you’ve deduced your problem to be much more than you can handle, then maybe it’s high time to get a new console.

Your console must have been through a lot, and it must have stressed you thinking about what you could have done to save it.

But, as they say, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk!

Problems with the PS4? Buy a new one!
Play all your favorite games again!

Check out the PlayStation 4 – 1TB on Amazon and continue playing the games you love playing.


How do I know if my PS4 has a malfunctioning hard drive?

Check if your PS4 has excessive or unusual heat retention and if it has continuous disk errors surfacing. If you also have corrupted folders and missing data files, then it’s time to get your PS4 serviced.

What causes the Blue Light of Death on the PS4?

The Blue Light of Death is observable on all models of the PS4. This is usually caused by faulty hardware, particularly the PS4’s solder joints on its motherboard. If this happens to you, get your PS4 serviced.

Why is my PS4 lagging?

This could be due to a low storage space on your PS4’s hard drive. Free up some space on the System Storage Management section of your settings and see if the lag is still observable.

Take care of your devices!

If you want to be able to use your device for a longer time, then learn to take care of it and use it properly.

Your PS4 won’t last if you keep on using it 24/7 without even giving it time to rest.

Sure, these machines are made for human use, but that doesn’t entail abuse.

These devices are sure to falter if we don’t take care of it.


Your PS4 may encounter problems, even if you don’t abuse it.

And that’s normal.

And that’s just how life goes, so don’t stress yourself out!

The next time you encounter problems with your PS4, don’t fuss and don’t bring yourself down!

Check out our list and try what works for you!

I hope we helped you with this article! If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below!

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