Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Know the Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Ownership

Samsung recently released their flagship smartphones in the shape of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7. Around this time, a lot of people are looking for a new smartphone and this is the perfect time to select one as well. Now that other companies like LG and Sony have also released their flagships, it’s fairly easy to make a comparison between the top guns of all manufacturers and select the best smart phone for you. This article will be listing pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in an effort to detail the best and not so best things about the smartphone.

By laying your eyes on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can be sure that it’s a stunningly beautiful device. Perhaps, it is one of the best devices Samsung has ever designed. But surely beauty is highly subjective and one thing that looks amazing to me might not look so to you.

This article will aim to highlight the extraordinarily great aspects of the device so that you can differentiate it from other smartphones available in the market. We will also be listing some of the negatives of the device so you will be well aware of the shortcomings before you spend a small fortune on it. So without further ado, let’s start with the positives of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

There are a lot of things going on for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and you cannot possibly list them all in the positives. If you want more details about all the features present in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, check out the best features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge article. The let’s start with the things Samsung does better than the competition.

1. Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is without a doubt one of the most beautiful looking devices to be released in recent times. Samsung changed their whole design philosophy with the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 and they are continuing that forward with the S7 series. We were expecting to see a unibody design and Samsung delivered that this year as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is constructed with a combination of metal and glass and feels really premium to the touch. On the edges of the smartphone you’ll find a metallic frame and on the back, you’ll find a sturdy glass. Suffice to say the smartphone looks incredible in all three colors it is available in. The way the back shines in light is truly remarkable and will move some heads when you take it out of your pocket.The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is constructed with a combination of metal and glass and feels really premium to the touch. On the edges of the smartphone you’ll find a metallic frame and on the back, you’ll find a sturdy glass. Suffice to say the smartphone looks incredible in all three colors it is available in. The way the back shines in light is truly remarkable and will move some heads when you take it out of your pocket.

2. Screen


Samsung has always been on their incredible looking screens and this time, it’s no different. The 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks amazing. It is also a lot brighter than the models released last year and comes with a QHD resolution. This results in an astonishing 534 PPI pixel density.

In layman terms, the screen looks incredibly sharp and beautiful. The text is superb and the picture quality is very crisp. The viewing angles are some of the best ones I’ve ever witnessed on a smartphone. The 76.1% screen to body ratio makes the smartphone compact despite having a 5.5-inch large-screen. As a matter of fact, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks relatively smaller than the iPhone 6S Plus that features the exact same screen size.

3. The Battery


Here’s an interesting fact about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; it features a bigger battery than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note Series is renowned for including a large battery and Samsung did some serious wizardry when they crammed and even larger battery on a smaller Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The smartphone has a 20% bigger battery than the last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The 3600 mAh battery provides exceptional usage throughout the day. Even after considerable usage, you’re bound to have some 20% battery remaining at the end of the day. If this is what Samsung can pull off with a smartphone of this size and weight, I cannot wait to see what they do next.

4. The Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a 12-megapixel main camera. It may seem a little low on the megapixels but Samsung has improved a lot of things. We all know that a simple megapixel count is not a perfect representative of the picture quality a camera is able to capture. This is exactly the case with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The camera has a f/1.7 aperture and 26 MM focal length. It also features a larger 1/2.6’’ sensor size and a bigger 1.4 µm pixel size. What do these numbers all mean? Well, this means that the camera is able to capture more light and produce a sharper image. A large pixel size allows more light to shine through the camera and makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the undisputed King of lowlight photography.

Samsung has really made strides in making them the best Android smartphone producer in the world. Little things like this stunning camera allow the company to capture the attention of almost every tech lover.


The camera is also capable of capturing 4K video. The optical image stabilization allows you to move around while filming and the smartphone will reduce the movement shake from the footage. The OIS, unlike digital image stabilization, has mechanical roots so you won’t see any reduction of resolution here.

Another great thing about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is that it comes with true slow-motion shooting capabilities. The smartphone captures slow-motion video at the resolution of 720p at 240 frames per second. This slow-motion is on par with what the latest Apple iPhones have to offer.

5. Water Resistant

water resistant S7 edge

Last year when Samsung showed their unibody design a lot of people thought that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be a more resistant phone. However, that was not the case and it disappointed a lot of people. Not only we lost the ability to expand storage cheaply as well as swap out batteries at our will, the smartphone was not even water resistant.

Thankfully, Samsung heard our concerns and made the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge water and dust resistant. The smartphone is IP 68 certified, this means it can withstand a submersion of 1.5 m for 30 minutes. The best part? None of the ports are covered with those awful rubber flaps we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The phone is made water resistant from the inside so none of your ports have to be covered in any way. If your charging port is wet, the smartphone will pop up a warning when you insert a charger cord and won’t even charge the smartphone.

6. The microSD Card Slot

micro sd

While the flash storage used as the internal storage of smartphones is quite a bit faster, the microSD cards are still the cheaper option. A typical class 10 32 GB microSD card costs around 10 bucks and it makes sense to purchase that one instead of opting for a higher storage smartphone.

Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a microSD expansion slot despite being water resistant. Samsung has cleverly integrated the microSD card slot with the SIM card tray so you have to pull another tray to expand the storage space. It is also evident that Samsung listens to their friends and are not going the Apple or Google Nexus route.

The Cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

These “cons” are not really that big of a deal because they are so small. These trivial complaints are in no way huge negatives about the smartphone. However, these are the things that needs to be improved in order to make the next flagship smartphone that much more enticing. So without further ado let’s check out what is not so great about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

1. Fingerprint Magnet

back of S7 edge

Remember how I told you about the glass back featured on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Yeah, that one is a huge fingerprint magnet. Personally, I have tested the smartphone and the results were exactly the same. The fingerprint catching is so bad that my friend was carrying a microfiber cloth in his pocket to clean them.

Sure, he had the silver version that is a lot shinier than the black version of the phone but still the fingerprints were quite apparent. And please don’t go about smudging the fingerprints with your finger like I did, it will make the matters worse.

2. Plastic Selfies

selfie camera S7 edge

The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a five megapixel one. It is a good camera but in certain light conditions it can make you look like a mannequin. I’m not exaggerating this fact; the beautifying feature on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge front camera is a bit harsh. Sure it does what is intended to do but even at the lowest setting, my skin looked a little plasticky.

I asked around and found out that all of the pictures taken by that otherwise great camera make the skin look a little unrealistic. I highly recommend that you tone down the beautifying features available otherwise your friends won’t be able to recognize you at all.

3. The Edges

Edges of S7 edge

As the screen curves around the sides of the smartphone, it is fairly easy to touch it with your palm. I was navigating on the smartphone and suddenly it became unresponsive. I thought, “maybe it’s the TouchWiz freezing on me”. That was not the case; my Palm was quietly touching the edges of the smartphone.

So now I had to hold the phone with either two hands or very lightly with one hand. And to be honest it was really uncomfortable and somewhat scary to hold the phone so lightly. Not a big con if you have a case on the phone but still a concern. Especially when you’re typing, the keyboard curves all the way around the phone so hitting the letters is at the very least a nuance.

4. Fragile

Fragile S7 edge

The back of the smartphone and most of the front is made up of glass. Sure the sides are made with metal but what are the chances that if you drop the phone it will hit on the sides? Very slim. I’ve been told that the back of the smartphone is made from Gorilla Glass as well; still dropping the phone will result in very sad results.

I highly recommend that you either never drop your phone or invest in a good cover for it. My friend is no slouch and he has managed to crash the back in just 14 days. Well, Samsung had to pay the price for extreme beauty. It’s true what they say, the beautiful are usually crazy.

5. Non-removable Battery

This last con is not a big deal for most of the Android users. But some people like to have the option of swapping out batteries when they like. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a very beefy battery so it doesn’t make much sense to carry an additional one around. Sure, Android is all about freedom and it would have been lovely to have the option of a removable battery.

But given that Samsung has already waterproofed the phone, to ask this much of a company would be simply cruel. If you’re a power user, you are better off carrying a great capacity power bank than a simple battery anyways.


These were a few pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I really hope that these will help you decide if this smartphone is worth the hefty price. As for me, I’m already eyeing the smartphone with greedy eyes and will surely have it soon.

Samsung has really outdone themselves with this smartphone. From the build quality to the screen and from the camera to the battery everything has been exceptional.

 Do tell us your opinions about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the comments section below.

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  1. Great review.

    But, I am still confused .

    Which one i should buy !!??

    Galaxy S7 Edge or Xaiomi MI Note 2.

    Price no matter.

    Please help me

  2. Thanks for the review, my s5 is on its last legs and as much as i love it its time to move up the ladder. My thing is ive come so accustomed to removable batteries but on looking the choice is limited.
    Im looking for a good camera front and back, fast processor, good sound and basically fun to use, waterproof if possible.
    What do you suggest I go for?

    1. Hi! The S5 is a great phone, and I certainly understand why you love it so much! As for finding a worthy replacement, we have several guides that can help you narrow down the right phone for you:

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      How to Choose the Right Android Smartphone
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      If you’d like some more specific advice after giving the guides a look, please comment again and we can narrow down your options some more.

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