Recently Updated Apps You Should Check Out Again

5 Recently Updated Apps You Should Check Out Again

The Google Play Store gets updated with a ton of apps daily and it is really hard to keep track of new apps these days. Here are 5 recently updated apps you should check out a game because for some reason they slipped your app drawer. Apps have a very small window to make a good first impression and if they don’t achieve that, users usually move on to the next best thing to be fairly honest, there is always a next best thing on Android.

These 5 recently updated apps you should check out again are not necessarily updated yesterday, but they are ones that provided the most substantial updates and made them more useful. I will be addressing mainstream apps that turn the tide around and one or hearts with their updates on this article.

Tracking updates is kind of hard when it comes to apps because they don’t keep an extensive change log so I may miss some other substantial updates that deserve to be on the list. These are the apps that I first used when they launched and they didn’t really clicked with me but after checking them out with a few updates installed, I was pleasantly surprised to see the changes.

Note: the 5 recently updated apps you should check out again were tested on a couple of devices over the years but recently on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Apps performed really well and are used regularly by me.

1. WhatApp

Back when this messaging app was launched, it featured a very blocky interface and very little customization options. But over time it was refined with updates and improved immensely in terms of not only the interface but utility.

This is truly one of the best messaging apps for Android and used it extensively over the past couple of years. This is not why I’m including it on the list here, it’s because of the voice chat update the developer did a little while back.

WhatsApp messenger already used very little data when sending text messages as well as pictures to other people and now it was capable of delivering the same data saving capabilities on voice calls. While the quality is not as amazing as dedicated voice calling apps for Android, namely Skype, it is still serviceable and you won’t face any disconnections.

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2. SHAREit

shareit icon

When it comes to sharing large files to other people it is kind of a pickle, especially if you’re using smartphones made by different manufacturers. Thankfully, there are third-party apps that can facilitate in that and make sure large files a breeze.

SHAREit when you first used it featured a good interface but it lacked polish and the data transfer rate was not that amazing. It was quickly eclipsed by the other data sharing giant that goes by the name of Zapya.

However, after a few updates this is my main data sharing app and I’ve been regularly using it to transfer large files to other people. I’m also quite pleased with the almost leveled 15 MBs per second speed the app provides. All in all, it’s a very smooth experience with fast data transfers now.

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3. Facebook Messenger

Back when the Facebook Messenger was launched it was met with a lot of backlash from social media users. One of the biggest reason was that and offered no additional functionality to what the users were already accustomed to.

Even I was really disappointed with the initial gutting of the app into 2 different parts which is, according to many, unnecessary. Fast forward a couple of years and Facebook Messenger is in much better shape now. The update that added voice calling as well as video calling to the app made it really worth it.

Add customization and privacy options and you have a great app that not only provides additional functionality but also access to all your Facebook friends for video calling as well as chatting.

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4. VLC for Android

VLC media player has been my personal favorite for almost a decade now. It is my main video player on Windows platforms and truly enjoyed using it. So when VLC for Android was announced I was pretty stoked about it, however, it was kept in the Beta for an extremely long time.

After being in the development oven for what seemed like eternity, VLC player for Android is finally available for public consumption. While it may not stack up to the likes of MX Player Pro, it does come really close, and that’s quite an achievement for a completely free app.

From playing almost any video format on your Android device to running any quality audio, this player is truly one of the best video players for Android. I recently discovered that I was able to download subtitles directly from the app, it even makes it easier to locate the proper subtitles for the movie you are playing.

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5. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of those apps that you either use a lot or don’t even boot. I’m one of those guys who love the idea of Snapchat but don’t know when to use it. Regardless of my personal usage, this is one of the most innovative chatting apps there is. While the basic app offered a simple functionality, the constant stream of updates had made it into something entirely else.

From using fun and entertaining filters on your own face to uploading a time sensitive picture story, a lot has changed in recent times for Snapchat. So if you were initially turn off by the premise of this app, it might be a good time to take it for another spin. The filters alone might be enough reason for you to keep the app on your smartphone.

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These were a few recently updated apps you should look at again because of their substantial and meaty offerings. Tracking recent updates is kind of hard so if you have any other app that changed drastically or provided additional functionality with updates, feel free to suggest in the comments below. I would love to take a look at some of the apps that are rapidly striving to be better.

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