remotely install Google Play and third party apps on Android

How to remotely install Google Play and Third-party apps

Installing third-party apps is one of the things that makes Android really awesome and with millions of apps currently available on the Google Play Store, you can instantly download them on your Android phone through the Google Play app. While installing apps takes just a couple of minutes, you might be looking for a different way to install your apps. How cool would it be to remotely install Google Play and third party apps on Android? The great news is that the Google Play website allows you to install apps on your phone without actually touching it.

While there are lots of apps available on the Google Play Store, you’ll also find several apps on other third-party websites. There are Android Application Packages or APK files available that you can download and install on your phone. Even though the process takes only a couple of seconds, there is a way that you can install these APK files wirelessly on your phone. You can also read about the various methods currently available for downloading apps on Android.

Method 1: How To Remotely Install Google Play Apps

This method focuses on installing apps remotely on your Android phone through the Google Play website. You can use the website on your PC or any other device, such as another Android phone. The great thing about this way of installing apps is that you don’t even need to touch your phone and Google Play will automatically install apps.

This might be useful if you want to install something while your phone is charging or is with someone else. In order to use this, your phone must be logged into your Google account and you’ll need to use the same account for the Google Play website.

Step 1

Launch the Google Play Website on your PC or any other device that you’re using. Sign in with your Google account from the menu in the top right. Make sure that you sign in with the same ID that you use on your Android phone.

Step 2

Browse through the Google Play store in order to find the app that you’re looking for. You can view the apps in categories and can also search for the app through the search text box. Once you find the app that you’re looking for, click on it. You’ll be taken to the app’s download page.

google play

Step 3

Tap on the Install button below the app name. You’ll now see an app installation popup with details, such as the app’s permissions.

google play install

Step 4

Click on the dropdown menu below Choose a device and select your Android phone. Click on the INSTALL button.

google play device

Step 5

You’ll now get a Congratulations popup message. Click on the OK button. That’s it! The app will now be installed on your phone if your device is connected to the internet. If the device is not connected to the internet, then the app will be installed as soon as there is an internet connection.

google play successful

Method 2: How To Remotely Install APK Files

While there are loads of apps available on the Google Play Store, you’ll find APK files available on various third-party websites. These apps are available on websites other than the Google Play Store mostly because of Google’s terms and policies. Some apps are removed from the Play Store if they violate the terms and other apps are not allowed to be uploaded. Fortunately, there are loads of websites that you can use to download APK files.

While remotely installing Google Play Store apps is extremely easy, this isn’t the same with installing APK files. Fortunately, there is a third-party cloud based mobile management tool that lets you install APK files on your Android phone wirelessly. SureMDM is a mobile device management tool that not only lets you install APK files, but also lets you track, locate and monitor your Android device. Aside from that, it also lets you lock your device and send messages from it.

Step 1

In order to start installing APK files on your Android device, you’ll need to set it up with SureMDM first. Download the SureMDM agent APK file on your Android device. The file is available from SureMDM’s official website.

Step 2

Go to Security in your Settings app and make sure that the Unknown sources option is enabled.

unknown sources

Step 3

Open the APK file through any file manager and install the SureMDM agent on your phone.

Step 4

Launch the app and create an account by tapping on Sign-up now. Follow other on-screen instructions in order to login with your new SureMDM account.

suremdm account

Step 5

Set up your device’s name and tap on Set Device Name.

suremdm name

Step 6

Tap on Activate in the Activate device administrator message. You have successfully configured your device with SureMDM.

suremdm activate

Step 7

Open the SureMDM web page on your PC and login with your account. Click on Unapproved in the left column, select your Android device from the list of devices and click on Approve Device in order to start managing your phone.

suremdm approve

Step 8

Click on the Jobs button in the left column.

suremdm jobs

Step 9

Click on the New button in the top row.

suremdm new

Step 10

Select Android in the Choose the Platform popup and click on the Ok button.

suremdm android

Step 11

Select Install program from the Create Job popup and click on Ok.

suremdm install

Step 12

Enter any name in the Job Name text box and click on the Add button.

suremdm job

Step 13

Select the directory where the APK file is saved on your PC and set the Device Path. Make sure that the Install After Copy option is checked or else the APK file will only be copied on your phone and not installed. Click on the Ok button.

suremdm path

Step 14

Select your Android device from the left column and click on the Apply button. That’s it! The APK file will now be copied and installed on your device.

suremdm apply


Installing apps is a great way to make the most out of your Android device and from HD games to learning languages, there are apps for almost everything on the Google Play store. While installing apps directly on your Android device is an extremely easy process, you might find it useful to remotely install Google Play and third party apps on Android. If you don’t want to use your Android phone every time you want to install an app from the Google Play Store, then Method 1 is the best option to install apps remotely through the Google Play Store website.

If you have a lot of APK files on your PC and want to install these apps remotely, then Method 2 is probably the ideal option. If you’re tired of connecting your phone to your computer for installing APK files, then you should definitely consider using SureMDM. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and feel free to shoot any questions below.

What’s next? Learn how to uninstall apps in case you install something that you don’t like.

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  2. Do you happen to know if their is any cellphone spy applications that I can download from the Google play store website to my phone and not have to go grab my phone to make a account for the application? ( I hope I made sense and phrased my question correctly)

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