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How to Reset Google Nest Mini (1st Gen and 2nd Gen)

Are you looking for the right method to reset Google Nest Mini(1st Gen and 2nd Gen)?

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To track and assist you with daily tasks, Google Nest Mini combines the practicality of a Wi-Fi speaker with a personal assistant. However, several circumstances, such as a passing storm or your Wi-Fi becoming unplugged, could prohibit you from using your device for a while. You might want to reset your Google Nest Mini in these situations to make it more functional.

Resetting your Google Nest Mini can fix various issues, including a non-responsive device, skipping audio, static, and LED lights that won’t turn off. Find out what problems your device can resolve by resetting in the following paragraphs. So, without any ado, let’s get into the process of resetting your Google Nest Mini.

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How to Know Your Home Mini is the 1st Gen or the 2nd Gen?

The 1st Gen Google Home Mini and the 2nd Gen Google Nest Mini have the same appearance. Additionally, the measurements match. Some owners may occasionally be unsure of which device they own.

Any of the following 4 techniques will reveal whether your Home Mini is the 1st Gen or the 2nd Gen (Nest Mini):

  • Your gadget is a second-generation Google Home Mini if it has a hole for wall mounting on the bottom (Google Nest Mini).
  • Your device is a first-generation Google Home Mini if a USB cord powers it. The Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) uses a special power supply.
  • Your device is a Google Home Mini from the first generation if it has a reset button on the bottom, close to the USB port. There is no reset button on the second generation.
  • Your device is the 2nd Gen Google Home Mini if the model number is H2C. (Google Nest Mini). The first generation should use the model number H0A. On the bottom, the model number and FCC ID are printed.

You can reset the gadget in accordance with the model of the Home Mini once you know it.

Is it Necessary to Reset Google Nest Mini?

Since factory reset removes all of the system’s memory, you should consider if you actually need to perform a hard reset rather than simply shutting down and restarting the device.

If the device routinely doesn’t answer when you say your wake phrase (“Hey Google” or “OK Google”), you’ll need to do a factory reset. A few times, try shouting your wake word louder and closer to the device. When using a wall mount, your device may occasionally have trouble hearing you clearly if something is in the way. 

Reset Google Nest Mini
Reset Google Nest Mini

How to Reset Google Nest Mini(1st Gen)?

Your device should operate admirably since it was made to last. The following reset procedure applies to the Google Nest Mini of the first generation, also known as the Google Home Mini. Be warned that a factory reset will erase all of your device’s settings, forcing you to redo any customizations. Follow these steps mentioned below to reset Google Nest Mini (1st generation):

Method 1- Reset Google Nest Mini (Gen 1)

Step 1: To start the reset procedure, press and hold the Google Nest Mini’s bottom button for five seconds. It is a tiny, inscribed circle.

Step 2: Once you hear a sound that indicates your device is resetting, keep holding the button down for at least 10 more seconds.

Reset Google Nest Mini
Reset Google Nest Mini – Method 1

If you don’t hear the sound, try it again to ensure the reset has begun. You’ll need to try a different reset procedure if you’re having trouble with your Google Nest Mini.

Note: You must manually reset your device; you cannot do so using your voice or the Google Home app.

Method 2- Reset Google Nest Mini (Gen 1)

There is a potential that the regular resetting procedure won’t work for you if your gadget isn’t functioning properly. There is an alternate approach, but it may require some patience and time. When all other attempts at a regular reset are unsuccessful, the procedures below might be helpful:

Step 1:Unplug your Google Nest Mini and wait ten seconds. Then, plug it back in.

Step 2:Wait until all four of the LED lights on the device’s top start illuminating.

Reset Google Nest Mini
Reset Google Nest Mini – Method 2

Step 3: Repeat the process ten more times in exactly the same manner. This should be done quickly, right after the four lights appear after plugging it back in. 

Step 4: Your device will take a bit longer to complete the process after the eleventh. Your device should be factory reset and ready to use once it has finished and turned on.

How to Reset Google Nest Mini(2nd Gen)?

Step 1: Turn off the microphone. A microphone switch is located next to the power port on the Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen.

Step 2: For 5-7 seconds, hold the touch panel’s top. You must now maintain pressure on the top touch panel (near the 4 dots) for 5 to 7 seconds. If you want to reset the Nest Mini, keep your finger pressed against the touch panel.

Reset Google Nest Mini
Reset Google Nest Mini – Gen 2

Step 3: When you are going to wipe the device, you ought to hear a warning. To advance the factory reset, keep keeping your finger pressed firmly against the speaker’s top.

Step 4: You can stop pushing the top of your Google Nest Mini once 10 additional seconds have passed and you hear a confirmation beep that it has reset.

What if My Google Nest Mini Won’t Reset?

Reset Google Nest Mini

Your device could occasionally refuse to reset even after you have followed all the reset instructions, which could brick the device. This indicates that your device won’t be fixed. Fortunately, Google stands behind its goods, and you can frequently return the item for a replacement. To locate a replacement device, take the following actions:

  • Record the device’s serial number on paper. You can zoom in to see the serial number more clearly and save a copy for your records by taking a picture of it.
  • Take a picture of your device’s four white lights.
  • Take a picture of the green light that appears when the gadget is being reset while pushing the reset button on the base of the device. Additionally helpful is having the receipt.
  • To start the process of returning your Google Nest Mini, go to Google support.

While not all devices are eligible for a replacement, if you are, you will get a functional gadget after submitting the necessary paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions – Reset Google Nest Mini

1. Can I Use Voice Commands to Reset Google Nest Mini (Google Home Mini 2nd Gen)?

Nope. You cannot use voice commands to reset Google Nest Mini (Google Home Mini 2nd Gen). Actually, none of the Google Home devices (Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Home Hub, Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Hub Max, and Google Nest Mini) supports factory data reset through voice commands. This is probably a safety feature.

2. Can I reset my Google Nest Mini (Google Home Mini 2nd Gen) using the Google Home app?

No. In the Google Home app, there is no option to reset the factory data. The factory data reset is typically referred to as the “firmware” reset. Because the program may not respond to any inputs, it is typically implemented by a reset button (as in the Google Home Mini) or a reset hole (as in most WiFi routers). Of course, the Google Nest Mini lacks a reset hole or button. To reset the device, you must press and hold the touch panel.

3. What are the functions of Google Nest Mini?

Play your favorite podcasts, music, and more. Use the upgraded speaker to stream your preferred audio material, and combine it with other Nest speakers to build a home audio system. free assistance from Google. Ask Google to do a variety of things with your voice, such as switch on lights, obtain news, and more.

Wrapping Up

When you follow the reset instructions, problems with your Google Nest Mini are frequently quickly resolved. In no time, your gadget will be functional again. Even if it isn’t, Google has excellent customer care that will let you exchange it for a new one.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries about how to factory data reset the Google Nest Mini (1st Gen and 2nd Gen) or if you run into any difficulties while doing so.

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