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Resetting Your Samsung Galaxy S5 [5 Methods]

Is your Samsung Galaxy S5 just not running as smooth as it was the day you got it?

Might be time for a reset!

Just like your old NES system, a reset can clear out the cobwebs and get your device running like a champ again.

We all wish our phones would run like new every day. Unfortunately, this is not reality. New apps, OS updates, and normal use can all contribute to slow and sluggish performance. However, sometimes all your phone needs is a quick reset to get everything running smoothly once again.

Today we will show you 5 different methods to reset your Samsung Galaxy S5 to optimize performance and increase speed.


Listen, you’re not going to wipe your entire phone with a soft reset. However, there is a good chance that you will drop your phone in the toilet today, or smash it on the concrete getting out of your car. While this may not be absolutely necessary for every method listed below, it is certainly necessary for life.

Back your phone up! Always, always, always have a backup plan. If the soft reset does not do what you wanted it to do, the next step is a factory reset. And for that, you are going to NEED to have everything backed up. So let’s just get this out of the way now.

Need help with backing up your Android phone? You know we’ve got you covered:

Back Up Photos and Videos

Back Up Texts/SMS

Back Up Contacts

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General Back Up Information

Method 1: Restart Your Phone with the Power Button

This method is insanely straightforward. You are literally going to restart your phone. Sometimes the simple act of power cycling your phone and clearing your RAM can be enough to get things running smoothly again. The easiest way to do this is to hold the Power button and press Restart.

Resetting S5 - restart

It really is that easy.

Method 2: Soft Reset

This is going to seem familiar because it is similar to Method 1. Start by hitting the Power button. Except this time, you’re going to select Power Off instead of Restart.

Resetting S5 - power off

Once your device shuts down, take the back of the phone off and remove the battery for about 30 seconds. Count in your head if you’d like.

This 30 seconds will give the Magical Android elves time to slide in and clear a few things up in your phone. Pop the battery back in, put the phone back together, and power it on.

Congratulations, you have just performed your first soft reset.

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition

Step 1:

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition

Step 2:

Hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons together. This will launch Android System Recovery. Don’t let the red letters and black screen scare you.

Resetting S5 - android system recovery screen

Step 3:

Press the Volume Down button until you get to Wipe Cache Partition.

Resetting S5 - wipe cache partition

Step 4:

Press the Power button to wipe the cache partition.

Step 5:

Once the process is complete, use the volume buttons to navigate to Reboot System Now.

Resetting S5 - reboot system now

Press the Power button to reboot the phone.

This is the most effective method short of a full factory reset. It clears the cache of your apps and your phone, which can help clear up many small issues. If this method did not help like you hoped, or you’re itching for a little more action, continue to Method 4.

Method 4: Factory Reset (Using the Settings Menu)

Only the sadistic enjoy factory resets. This process will wipe (almost) all the information of your phone; essentially returning it to the way it was the day you purchased it. All of your apps, contacts, pictures, messages, EVERYTHING will be deleted. This seems like the appropriate time to remind you to back up your phone. If you did not heed my warnings before, now is the time.

Life Pro Tip: If you are going to perform a factory reset but love the way you had your phone organized before, it is helpful to take screenshots of all of your homescreens and menu screens. Backup the screenshots to your Dropbox or Google Photos or chosen cloud-based picture backup account.

Once your phone is reset and you have downloaded all your old information again, you can simply refer back to the screenshots to get everything just how you had it before.


Simply put, if you don’t back it up before this process, it will be gone forever. You have been warned.

Step 1:

Back up all your information. Fine, I won’t mention this anymore.

Step 2:

Go Into Settings.

Resetting S5 - settings

Step 3:

Select General.

Resetting S5 - general

Step 4:

Select Backup and Reset.

Resetting S5 - backup and reset

Step 5:

Select Factory data reset.

Resetting S5 - factory data reset

Step 6:

Select RESET DEVICE (Obligatory “Point of No Return” Warning).

Resetting S5 - reset device

This process will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. Or you could do it the hardcore way, and use the hardware keys instead.

Method 5: Factory Reset (Using the Hardware Keys)

Method 5 will yield the same results as Method 4 did, just by a different process. Plus, Method 5 involves using the Android System Recovery menu, which always makes me feel like a hacker or developer for a few sweet seconds.

Step 1:

Back up all your information. Last time I say this, promise.

Step 2:

Power down the phone.

Step 3:

Hold the Volume Up, Menu, and Power buttons down simultaneously until the screen comes back to life. This will bring up the Android System Recovery screen, which looks a little something like this:

Resetting S5 - android system recovery screen

Step 4:

Press the Volume Down button until you get to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

Resetting S5 - wipe data factory reset

Step 5:

Press the Power button.

Step 6:

Press the Volume Down button until you get to Yes – delete all user data.

Resetting S5 - delete all user data

Once again, you have reached the point of no return. Press the Power button.

Once you have completed either Method 4 or Method 5, your phone is going to be essentially the same as when you first purchased the device (with the obvious exception of any physical wear-and-tear you have put on that Galaxy S5 of yours).

Since you listened to my advice and backed up all your information, it shouldn’t take you too long to get all your contacts, pictures, and apps back just as you had them before. However, this is always a good time to take stock of what you actually have stored on your phone and decide what really deserves a second chance on your like-new device.

Embrace the cloud people!


The Samsung Galaxy S5 might be a year removed from its premier flagship smartphone status, but it is still a phenomenal phone. It is the last in the Galaxy line to sport a removable back, a replaceable battery, and expandable storage. Word on the street has it that Android 6 (Marshmallow) will be making its way to the S5 in the coming months.

Many people are set on buying the latest and greatest devices soon as they are released; there is something to be said for a phone that just works. Plus, we’ve all developed an emotional attachment to our electronics at some point before. When upgrading to a new $600+ phone every couple of months just isn’t realistic, a reset might be just what you need to fall in love with your device all over again.

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If you’ve made it this far and you still aren’t getting the performance or experience you want out of your phone, it might be time for a root. Pop on over here and check out our guide to Root your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Look at you now! You’ve got a newly reset phone and a new lease on life. Now get out there and enjoy it!

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