How to Root Samsung Galaxy A5

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A5 to Find Its True Power (3 Methods)

You’ve never felt the need to be like everyone else. You have no desire to have the latest iPhone or even the most popular Android. You are okay with being a rugged individualist and with having a phone that’s perhaps even a little obscure. As Mark Twain put it – “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”

One issue with phones that aren’t wildly popular, however, is that finding software to root can be a little tough. Rest assured, though, that we’ve got your back. JOA is interested in affording freedom through rooting to all phones; not just the most common. If you are new to rooting and want to learn more about it, we also have some general information within our site.

Before We Begin:

  • Verify your device model number.
  • Realize that rooting voids your warranty.
  • Perform a full backup.
  • Download and install USB drivers on your computer.
  • From Security in the Settings menu, enable Unknown Sources so you can download and install apps outside of those in the Google-Play store.
  • Charge your phone.
  • Enable USB debugging.

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Method 1: Root Using Odin and CF-Auto-Root

Time: 15 – 30 mins

Step 1: Download Root Package

  • Download the file specific to your model only! To do otherwise would be to risk bricking your phone!
  • Right-click on the zip folder and select Extract All. Or, left-click and press the Extract All button from Compressed Folder Tools.
    • You can also use Samsung’s website to download USB driver software onto your PC.
    • Ensure that you have extracted the root file with the .tar.md5 extension.

Step 2: Open Odin3

Step 3: Boot into Download Mode

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Simultaneously press the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.

Step 4: Connect to PC

  • Connect your Galaxy to your desktop using a USB cable.
  • The original USB cable that came with the Samsung is sure to work, provided it’s in good condition.
  • Odin should identify your device and you should see an Added message in the Odin window.

Step 5: Click AP

  • Click the AP (or PDA depending on the version of Odin) button and select the .tar.md5 file.
  • The box under ID:COM should be blue (or yellow, depending on the version of Odin). If that is not the case, or you don’t see the Added message, reconnect your Samsung and try again.
  • Ensure that Re-Partition is deselected.

Step 6: Select Start

  • Press the Start button to begin rooting.
  • You should soon see a green Pass massage.

Step 7: Reboot

  • Within a moment or two, your Galaxy A5 should reboot automatically.
  • At that point, you can remove the USB cable from your device.
  • If your phone does not reboot, do so manually.

Method 2: Root Samsung Galaxy Alpha Using Kingroot

Time: 10-15 Minutes

This method can be accomplished without a PC; but if you prefer to use one, that is an option as well. If you do decide to use a computer, make sure it is running Windows. You will need to maintain a stable Internet connection throughout the process.

KingRoot is Chinese, although a lot of English is used in the APK version. Unless you want the exclusively Chinese version, we recommend using the APK (Android) version that can be downloaded directly to your phone.

Step 1: Download Kingroot

  • Download and install the Kingroot APK on your A5 or the Windows version for your PC.
  • This app checks whether you already have root access.
  • If you download directly from the Google Play Store, use King Pro Root.

Download Kingroot

Step 2: Launch KingRoot

  • Open your new KingRoot app.
  • You can find it in your Galaxy’s app drawer once installation is complete.
  • Or open the file on your PC and connect to your phone via USB cable.

Step 3: Check for Button

  • Ensure that you can see the Start Root button at the bottom of the display.
  • This tells you that your device is supported.

Step 4: Start Rooting

  • Tap the Start button to begin rooting.
  • Rooting may take a few moments.
  • Once rooting is complete, you should see Success! on your screen and the KingRoot icon in the Launcher menu.

Step 5: Restart your Samsung.

  • If your device is not compatible with the rooting software, you will instead be prompted to try the desktop version of KingRoot, which might work better for you.
    • There is, however, no English user interface on the desktop version at this time.

Method 3: Root Samsung J3 Using Root Genius

Time: 7-10 Minutes

Root Genius claims to be able to root any Samsung phone very easily.

Step 1: Download Root Genius

  • Install on your desktop.
  • You will have to agree to the User Agreement.

Download Root Genius

Step 2: Launch Root Genius

  • Open the Root Genius software.
  • You should see the screen below.
  • Click on the Get Started button.

Step 3: Connect A5

  • Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Root Genius should automatically detect your J3.

Step 4: Root Now

  • Click the Root It button.
  • This begins the rooting process.
  • It may take several minutes.

Step 5: Wait for It

  • Root Genius should root your A5 and install the KingUser app.
  • Don’t unplug the phone from the PC just yet.

Step 6: Check for Success

  • Open your Apps menu and ensure KingUser is present.
  • You can also confirm by using an app like Root Checker available in the Google Play Store.


CF-Auto-Root with Odin is a tried and true method, and also the most common, but it certainly isn’t the only way. Kingroot is a viable option that doesn’t require the use of a computer. While Root Genius does utilize a PC, you might find it to be more user-friendly than Method 1. As is usually the case in life, there’s not only one right way to root, but there can be trade-offs.

Now that you are rooted, you can begin enjoying access to more apps, even those that might otherwise be restricted. With more power comes more responsibility, so be careful out there and only download from trusted sources. Some rooted apps allow you to improve battery life and performance. For some guidance on new apps to try out, take a look at this article on rooted apps.

Tell us how you like your new rooted A5 in the comments section below. If you are experiencing difficulties installing the root, tell us about your troubles.

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