12 Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

What do you do if you have issues with your new phone? Come to us of course! Here’s a list that will discuss 12 common problems and issues, with tip and information for each one.

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Make sure to check below if you aren’t sure how to reset your Galaxy J3.

Let’s get started;

1. How to Soft Reset & Factory Reset

1. Soft Reset

A number of issues can be resolved with a soft reset. To save time, we’ll discuss how to reset your J3 below.

  1. Turn your device off and remove the cover.
  1. Remove the battery, and wait for 10 seconds before reinserting the battery.
  2. Turn your J3 back on, and see if the problem has been solved.

2. Factory Reset

A factory reset is a drastic method, and it will erase all of the information stored on the device. This includes passwords, images, texts and apps. There are a number of things you can do to back up your data beforehand. It’s strongly advised to make a backup, because it’s easier than starting over from scratch.

  1. Tap Apps from your Home screen.
  2. Tap the Settings option in this menu.
  3. Find and tap Backup and reset, and tap Factory Data Reset.
  4. Tap Reset Device, and tap Delete All to confirm your selection.
  5. Your device will now reset, and it’ll restart once it’s completed.

Of course, this should be seen as a last-ditch effort, so don’t go for it unless you’re sure there’s nothing else you can do.

2. Battery Saving


The J3 has a decent battery, but it’s only human nature to want more. The easiest way to conserve battery life is to adjust your display settings. A dimmer background will keep your phone on for longer, as the screen tends to drain a large part of the battery.

The J3 also has a battery saver option, which can be activated in a few taps. Here’s how to get it working;

  1. From the Settings menu, tap Battery.
  2. Tap Power saving mode.
  3. Toggle the switch to ON, and you’ll be good to go.

The battery saving menu should be enough to keep you going, but you can do even more to prolong the charge. You can turn off vibrations, while closing background apps can sometimes be helpful if they’re using a lot of power. Mess around to see if you can isolate the source of the drain if you’re having trouble with apps.

If you’re going to be gaming or watching videos for a while, make sure to remember some of the steps above if you want your device to last.

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3. Turning Off or Freezing

If your J3 isn’t working properly, a soft reset could be the answer. Closing background applications can also be helpful if you continue to face issues.

You could also clear the application cache. We’ll show you how below;

  1. Tap My Account from the home screen. Swipe left to open up the Device Diagnostics.
  2. Tap Power Usage, and tap Battery Usage.
  3. Tap on an individual application.
  4. Tap App Info, and tap Clear Cache.

If you’re still having problems, make sure that your device has been updated. If they continue, it may be worth factory resetting the device. You can find out how above.

4. Lack of Memory


The device doesn’t come with much memory since it can house an external SD card. If you start getting error messages, there’s lots you can do to free up some extra space.

You can delete unused applications, (although some pre-installed apps can’t be removed) as well as images and files.

  1. Open the Play Store from the home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner.PS_Menu
  3. Tap My apps & games.
  4. Find and tap the app that you would like to uninstall.
  5. Tap Uninstall, and tap Okay.

Clearing the application cache can also be useful, but using a memory card is the easiest way to bypass any issues. It also means you won’t have to delete anything from your device to free up space.

5. Mobile Hotspot Issues


If you get the dreaded Error 67 on your device, make sure that mobile data has been enabled on your device.

  1. Tap Apps from the home screen.
  2. Tap Settings, and tap Data Usage.
  3. Ensure that the Mobile data switch is on.

If you’re still having issues, it’s advised to soft reset your device, as it should help you to get reconnected with your network.

6. App Issues


Apps are often the cause of a number of problems, and it’s not a good idea to leave them running endlessly in the background. If an app isn’t working correctly, try closing the app and opening it again.

To close apps;

  1. Tap the Recent Apps
  2. Either choose an app and swipe it to the side to close it, or tap CLOSE ALL to start afresh.

Once you’re finished, you can also check the Play Store to see if it needs an update. A soft reset can also be helpful. Another option would be to clear the application cache. You can find steps to do this in the third method.

7. Charging


It’s always scary if your phone won’t charge, so we’ll go through some of the common causes here. If your device is extremely hot to the touch, make sure to remove the charger as soon as possible.

Since it could just be the wire, try a replacement first if you can.

If your device is still under warranty, it could be worth getting a replacement.

8. Call Volume Problems

If you’re having trouble being heard, check the call volume settings first before you panic. Once you’ve verified that you’ve got the volume turned up correctly, get ready to soft reset.

A soft reset could be the key to solving your issues, but if you continue to face problems there could be an issue with your hardware. Warranty or a repair service could be an option, but download and try a different phone call app to make sure first.

9. SIM Card Issues


If your SIM card can’t be detected, you’re going to have major trouble with the J3.

Firstly, it’s best to remove the battery and perform a soft reset. If you’re still having issues, remove the battery and SIM and give the slot a clean. Turn the phone back on afterwards and give it a try.

Try an alternative SIM card to be sure of the source of the problem.

10. If the Device Won’t Turn On


If your J3 stays switched off when you try to turn it on, connect it to the charger and try again. If it still refuses to power on, there could potentially be a problem with your charger, or it could be a hardware fault.

To be sure, it’s always worth trying a replacement wire before you blame the phone itself. It may need to be taken in for repair if it won’t switch on after being charged for an hour.

11. General Lag

When you consider that the J3 is an entry level device, it’s understandable that it can sometimes suffer from lag. If you’re pushing the device with a game or lots of different apps, the device could start to slow down. Once you’ve stopped, closing the apps open in the background could be enough.

A few users have reported general lag, but it doesn’t seem to affect most devices. Hopefully, these issues will be ironed out with future updates.

12. Water Damage

Water damage is always troublesome, but you can still save your device if you move quickly. Here’s a guide to take you through what you should do if your Galaxy J3

suffers water damage.


The new Galaxy J3 has a lot to offer, and most of the issues on this list will never be seen by the majority of users. If you’re one of the few to be affected, we’re glad to be of service.

If your problem isn’t covered on the list, let us know and we’ll get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

If we’ve missed an issue with the Galaxy J3, or you have questions about the new device, let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I have a Galaxy J3, and I really like it. However, I recieve multimedia messages 2-3 days after they’ve been sent. And I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions, its really driving me nuts. Since I’m receiving them a day or so later, my plan must cover this type of messages. Please help.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Have you checked with your carrier to see why you are getting multimedia messages so late? =-)

      1. In my email, the auto-capitalization has suddenly disabled even though the Auto-Capitalization is turned on under the Samsung Keyboard. Any clues?

        1. Have you tried a different keyboard or powering the phone off and back on? These will eliminate the basic problems.

          Also, was there an update to the keyboard then the problem occurred?

        2. Every time a call is placed or received, after I end the call and go back to what I was doing before the call, the screen that shows during the call reappears, sliding left from right. I have to clear it off before I can resume my previous activity. This would be much easier to demonstrate than explain.
          It is very annoying, I’ve never had a phone do this, and I hope there’s a way to make it stop.

      2. I can’t comment normaly, but mobile data is not working when turned on. I soft reset my device and it has not worked

        1. I got my phone,today used. When I turn it on to put my info in it. It goes to…..
          What language I’m going to use
          Then it goes to my Wi-Fi settings and I can put my Wi-Fi it then..
          Checking connection checking and so
          Then it says verify account
          So I enter my Password so I do
          It says wrong password
          It says my password has been reset I have to wait 24 hours. So I did wait. It well not let me go pass that point. And I never reset my pass word. It repeats everything it says. I did do that reset thing still not a thing. I dont get the page with appt or anythng

        1. Try resetting your Access Point Names (APNs). Go to Settings -> Mobile Data/Wireless Controls/Wireless & Networks, then Mobile Networks -> Access point names. From there, tap the menu icon in the top right and select Reset to Default. Let me know if that solves your problem.

    2. Hi I have a j3 I do not get any notifications that I have revived text msg visual or Audible i do for phone calls and what’s app msg . Everything except text msg .Can you help please thank you

  2. Hi my phone keeps having a exlamtion mark beside my LTE sigh and when it does that i have no internet connection it happens everytime even when im not using the Internet and not to long ago i bought this phone

    1. Does the J3 have a blinking indicator light, top R/H corner, when incoming text or missed call.
      If so, how do I activate this funtion

    2. I have the same problem inside my house, bought the phone and brought it home. Either has the exclamation mark or just an R and says roaming.

      1. Some phones can jump to a different tower. You may have a Verizon phone and it could be seeing a Sprint tower and think it is roaming. This can be caused by a weak signal from your carrier’s tower or it could be something like the case you bought for your phone is partially blocking the signal. You can try to remove the case from your phone and see if it improves. Also, try to see if it is better in certain parts of your house.

  3. i am having j3 . my phones display has been turned automatically to violet colour and i am unable to see anything. phone didnt even fell anywhere and it was kept next to my pc for 5 minutes whats the issue please guide me through this problem

    1. @pravin are there any other symptoms or any other events you can think of to tell us? Any updates to the system or app updates or root attempts or anything?

      1. I am having a problem with my J3 When someone calls the ring out only rings out twice and then stops, What could the problem be,?

    2. My J36 screen won’t show…I can hear incoming calls and notifications but can’t answer them because the screen won’t light up…I haven’t dropped it and I just got the phone in July…What could possibly be the problem.

        1. Hi. Have just bought a J3 (2016). I keep getting a “unable to receive email” message for mail.internet.com. but it is ok some time later. I do not have the same problem with my gmail address. This happens when at home on my router as well as when roaming. Is this normal ?.

          1. Sounds like you haven’t completely set up the default email app, so it’s having connectivity issues at certain access points. You can fix this in your wireless settings.

        2. Looked at my j3 luno pro screen it said update complete. The wallpaper dissapeared to black. My status bar and notifications dissapeared and the recent button won’t work. Tried changing background (says it changed) but didn’t. The setting says status bar is showing but is not. Did a factory reset. And it didn’t help. Not sure what’s going on. Any suggestions?

      1. Hi mine as done the same i have not dropped it got incoming rings but no screen took it to various phone shops plus the one my wife bought from they said i have cracked the screen inside no idea how i have done this only had the phone 48 hours got it end of august

        1. Hi Steve,
          Does your phone´s display light up at all or does it just stay black when you get calls and put the phone on your face? If you´re positive that you have caused your phone any hardware damage by dropping it or putting anything heavy on it, the store should give you another one since you´ve only had for so little time. It should be under warranty, if they get difficult, always ask to talk to a manager.

        2. Hi my wife’s phone is less than a week old and the same has happened to hers. She used it at breakfast went to work and heard her phone ping as a message had come through. The screen was black and you can see what looks like a hairline crack on the inside of the screen. She hadn’t dropped it, it’s in a protective case inside her handbag. When she contacted TALK TALK to request a replacement as it’s obviously still under warranty they refused to accept responsibility. It seems to be a common fault. Furious! Help???

          1. A crack doesn’t always occur from a drop. There can be a twist or other impact like her banging her purse on something or even tossing keys or anything else in the purse. Whi;e it’s unfortunate, no manufacturer or carrier will replace a cracked screen under warranty. If you have insurance on it, they will replace it for the deductible. Otherwise, it will mean a trip to the repair center.

          2. Thanx Barrie, Im relieved other people have experienced “cracked screen” issues with the J3. The same happened to my wifes phone word for word within an hour of us visiting the doctor. In her handbag & treated with kid gloves. 2 weeks old. Screen protector & shock resistant cover in her handbag & in no way subjected to suggested trauma! Im also angry & especially when we’re told she must have knocked it or applied undue pressure through various means. Thanx mate but hell will freeze over before Samsung take any sort of responsibility..

          3. I have a similar issue except there are no cracks in the screen. The phone hasn’t been dropped or near liquid. The phone simply turned itself off and won’t power on. I went back to O2 with the item and all the original packaging, receipt etc but all they want to do is send it away. I’ve explained to them that as the phone is less than 6 months old, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 I am entitled to repair, replacement or to reject the item & be given a refund. Be clear, I am talking about law here, not O2 company policy. Anyway, they’re refusing to help so I will use Section 75 with my credit card company to arrempt a refund as the goods are not of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. I will never buy from O2 again.

      2. My son’s phone j3 became extremely hot and then the screen went blank. Notifications still came in, but unable to use it. Took to store , said battery showed signs of over heating and damage to inside of phone. Repair company says it’s screen damage!!

        1. Hi Sharon. If someone calls you are you able to hear them? To fix your problem, we first need to determine if it’s a problem your connection, software, or your speaker.

  4. i am having j3 and my phone display has been suddenly turned to violet colour and nothing is visible . i had kept my phone next to my pc for 5 minutes. please help me solve this issue

  5. I have my j3 less than a week and I’m already having problems with the camera, it freezes and i get an error telling me the camera needs to be restarted, i did that and it still wouldn’t work.
    a soft reboot worked to fix it

  6. I find contacts duplication in contact list and wen I delete the duplicated contact after some time it’s again there

    1. Hi Amjad,

      If you go to the accounts folder inside your app drawer, check to see if Gmail is set to sync with the phone. That won’t keep them from reappearing in Gmail, but should keep them from bloating your contact list on the phone. Hope this helps. =-)

    2. Hello Amjad, Check whether your contacts are not synced from multiple sources for example your phones contacts might be synced with your Gmail,your SD card (Memory Card), etc. so you might have a tons of duplicate contacts! on your phone. Follow the steps to change your contacts source, From your home screen-> tap Apps-> People/Contacts-> while looking at your contact list tap the Menu key -> select Contacts to display-> Under Contacts to display-> select the account which contain the contacts you wish to display or deselect the account(s) that you do not want contacts displayed. Let me know if that solves your problem!

  7. Hi. The contacts in my Samsung J3 keep disappearing. If I put them all back (manually), they stay for about 1 day and then disappear again.

    1. Some phones have the option to show contacts from certain apps only. For example, if you don’t want to see your Facebook contacts, you can hide them. It sounds to me like your contacts are syncing with an app and you have that app set so the contacts do not show.

      Go to your contacts app and look through the settings. You will likely see a setting for Contacts to display. Check here to see if you have anything enabled.

      You could also have them disabled from showing what’s saved on the SIM.

      You’ll want to look for
      – Display options
      – Scroll down and you will see Phone and SIM
      – If you have your contacts saved in your SIM card press SIM and select All contacts.

    2. Hi. I have a similar problem in that when I create a group from my main contact list the members of the group will disappear after a period of time. Each time this happens I have to reinstate them manually. I’ve trawled through the settings and can’t seem to identify anything which may be causing this.

  8. Hello ,im here because something happened to my J3 ,its was brilliant,and 2 days ago ( i own him about 1 month) when i turn on the camera,with the movement of the phone it lags,i cannot shoot videos beacuse of the lags.What should i do? Pls Help.

    1. Hi Bruno,
      Have you tried using your camera in safe mode? See if it still does it in that mode. Hope this helps and thanks for reading. =-)

  9. My j3 keeps reminding me that the dock is connected when its not. It wont stop at all i dont know what to do

    1. Hi Jesse,
      You can try booting into recovery and wipe the cache partition of that doesn´t work the port could be faulty. =-)

        1. with the phone off, press the down volume button and the power button at the same time. some phones like Samsungs press and hold the Power button, Volume up button, and the Home button together. Release when you see the Samsung logo.

  10. HI,

    How can I stop my phone from automatically downloading photos from whatsapp and viber?

    I have already configured my whatsapp not to automatically download photos but my j3 does anyway.


    1. Hello Nana, Follow the steps to disable auto downloading of photos and videos etc, from your WhatsApp to your phone. Open WhatsApp-> Click on the Settings->tap Data usage-> under the Media auto-download menu-> you can set up your download options based on Mobile Data, WIFI and Roaming, you can choose the one that is convenient for you-> click OK. By doing this, the auto downloading of images and videos will be disabled.Let me know if that solves your problem!

  11. Hi jut got a J3 for my son, he wants to download some games, but it keeps asking to sign into my google account, which we already have done. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Have you tried clearing cache or force stopping Google Play? Whenever the app gives me problems I clear data, this does erase my account and I do have to sign in all over again, but it fixes the issues I have 99.9% of the time. I hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Karan,
      The J series are great phones. I currently have a J5 and love it. What is it about the phone that you like the most? =-)

  12. Someone sat on my Galaxy J36, and now I can only see the top fourth of my screen. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Susie,
      Have you considered taking it for service, just to see if there is any hardware damage? =-)

  13. I have Samsung j3
    My phone showing “The dock is connected”
    And giving sounds,
    West is this how it is stop,
    I done the backup&reset also but this is connotations stopping,
    Please tell me the answer.

    1. Hi Ganesh,
      Try cleaning our the USB port. You could have dirt in there that is giving you that problem. Hope this helps. =-)

  14. when somebody sends me a photo with text messaging it doesn’t download it keeps telling me to try again

    1. Hi Bill,
      When this happens are you using Wifi or mobile data? If you are on WiFi, try downloading on mobile data. Hope that helps. =-)

        1. Hi Anna,
          To change to mobile data, swipe down from the top of your screen and tap on the wheel icon on the top right-hand corner. In settings go to Mobile data and toggle it on and you’re done. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. =-)

    1. Hi Kari,
      You can try tapping top left hand corner then tap top right hand corner, then tap bottom right hand corner (above grey banner and then tap bottom left hand corner (above grey banner)

      Following these simple steps will allow you to skip the activation, and jump right back into using your device. The only downside to this is that usually upon rebooting the phone, you will have to do the same pattern, but that’s only a small price to pay in comparison to the option of actually activating the device. =-)

  15. I have a j3 three days now. Once I uploaded photos to my Facebook in wasn’t able to upload these photos to any other apps, and some I can’t even view in the phones gallery. Anyone have any similar experiences? Thanks

    1. Hi Andrew,
      This could be because when you have a file in the folder with the images not visible called “. nomedia”, or “black looking folder”, . If the pictures stored in this folder, Android system will automatically avoid to display or generate the thumbnails of that saved in .nomedia in your Gallery. You can fix this by installing a file manager (if you don´t have on already) and know what folder the image is in; you can navigate to the folder and remove or rename the “.nomedia” file. After that, restart your device. You should then be able to see the pictures as usual. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. so every time I turn on my phone and swipe to insert my password the key board won’t appear and I’m basically locked out of my phone and I can’t seem to find anything that has worked

        1. Hi, Abram. Boot the device in safe mode to see if a particular app is causing the problem. If you don’t have the issue in safe mode, simply remove apps you recently added. Did you install a new keyboard or a software update recently?

  16. Every time I power down my J3 the wallpaper resets to factory standard. It only happens when I turn it off with “power off,” not just the tap to put it to sleep. I have to go into settings, wallpaper to get it back on and then “select” and “set as wallpaper.” And the next time I turn it off it’ll be back to the original. Very annoying.

  17. I have a Samsung j3 and I must say I’m really unhappy with it I changed from an iPhone 6 and it just hasn’t lived up to even basic phone standards. Storage is crap I can’t update my apps because there isn’t enough storage even though I bought a 32gb SD card I seem to be able to move virtually nothing onto it which totally defeats the purpose.
    Also major problems getting emails I’m not sure if this is a storage issue but when I get error messages I can’t receive or send emails very frustrating as it can’t sync.

    1. Hi Angie,
      How unfortunate to hear about that. Have you tried a factor reset? Recently, my tablet was giving me all sorts of problems, and after a reset, like new! If you do try a reset, remember to backup all your information. You can reset your device by going to Settings>Backup and Reset>Factory reset. Hope this helps. =-)

    2. I have J3 and have to ask if you have made sure that your wifi is on when updating apps. When mine is only in mobile data form it states I have insufficient memory. Perhaps this is what is causing yours.

  18. Hi. I’ve had the J3 less than a week and am pretty unhappy, having had only LG phones in the past. I can not send or receive pictures through text. It just keeps saying sent message/download failed. I’ve tried on mobile data and wifi. Called my carrier and they don’t have an explanation. I’ve seen talk of an APN (?) setting, and also that the phone has no option for this setting. Help?

        1. Hi Trish,
          I would recommend talking to your carrier. Maybe the plan you have doesn´t support multi-media or if it does maybe something has been misconfigured. It Wouldn´t be the first time a carrier didn´t have something set up correctly when you have specifically asked for it. =-) Hope this helps.

    1. I had the same problem…. my carrier told me to go under mobile networks and switch the phone from “automatic” to just cdma when sending or receiving pictures. Incredibly annoying but it worked. I was on vacation and cudnt fet or receive pictures. He also said that even tho cdma is best for pics, for optimal service your phone should be set to lte/cdma… but if you have problems getting pictures, go in and switch it back to just cdma

  19. My Samsung J3 won’t recognise my password for Facebook or Gmail even though I can log in to other devices with the same password and it works, so the password is correct.

    1. Hi Edel,
      Have you tried clearing the cache for each app or maybe even setting up the account again. It’ s worth a shot. Hope this helps. =-)

  20. Our company has purchased several of these phones Samsung Galaxy J3’s and we have just started to notice issues with messing also. I had one of my users send the phone back because he could not receive text or picture messages but he can send. I have also checked and I can’t send either. I have checked all the settings and checked with the carrier and everything looks fine. From what I can tell above is this something you really need to look into?? I am totally at a loss here what to do.

  21. While i am charging it,suddenly the screen turns on and it stops charging.. I bought it 1 month ago.. Happened 4 times.. Pls help!

    1. Hello Markos, Your battery is not providing sufficient power to your phone and when u plug in charger, your phone stays on because then battery is getting a boost from charger. Replace your current battery with a new one and your problem will be solved.As your phone is 1 month old hope you can claim for warranty.Let me know if that solves your problem!.

  22. Im not sure if this is where I’m supposed to post my question but this j3 phone is beyond annoying. Facebook works differently than on my last phone…when I try to use Messenger to download a message somebody sent me from their Facebook Instant Messenger I get an instant messenger app that I have to log into (which I never did before) and what comes up is not messages sent to me from Facebook but all my text messages which are already on my phone on another place.. couldn’t find the instant message that my friend sent to me ..totally don’t understand. additionally when trying to post pictures on Facebook I can now only post 3 at a time not the unlimited amount I used to be able to do.. and the unlimited amount my friend sitting next to me with her Apple iPhone can do. Why all.these differences and limitations? Why on Earth would Facebook be different just because I have a different phone now?

    1. Hi Scott,
      Have you tried updating the app, clearing the cache for app and phone or even re-installing the app? Please let me know how this works out for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  23. I have a j3 and have problems on g4 with ee when some one call it sound like being in water but when ring them back it’s ok

  24. My daughter has had her for 5 days now, when on the home screen the top where it shows battery % and signal strength shows up like a double image where it shows the % and stuff twice but 2 different numbers. One is always 50 if you go to any app then it will show you the actual battery %.

    1. Hi There,
      If you boot your phone in safe mode, does it still do that? Sometimes a bad app or an updated app can cause our phones to act strangely. You can also try the basics such as rebooting your phone, since sometimes that’ s all it takes. Please let me know how that works out for you. Thanks for commenting.=-)

  25. Hi, I have a J3 and I have added my Outlook email account but I can not see previous emails from over about a month, then I receive an email and it will disappear! I have also downloaded the Outlook app and this does not show all my emails either.


  26. I I have a J3 and every couple of days, my lock screen wont work, I have to pull the battery and then it works. Dont know if this is a common issue or not? when I hit the home button, the lock shows in a bubble then disappears, its like the touch screen isnt working? any solutions??

    1. Hi There,
      Have you tried using your phone in safe mode to see if the behavior continues? Sometimes a recently installed can cause your phone to act strangely. It could also be a recent app that was updated. Please use your phone in safe mode and let me know if the strange behavior continues. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  27. i have Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)..which is made by India..i am disturbed …by this handset..its sound quality is ruff and not clear…now what can i do….? it is warrant set…

  28. I hard reset my j3 and i cant use it because it keep telling me that “this device was reset. To continue, sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device” but i did put it a couple time but it still not working , please help

    1. Hi Earl,
      Please boot your phone into system recovery and using the volume keys drop down to wipe data and select that. After that, it is only going to ask you to confirm. The it will do its job and everything should be Ok. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Teri,
      To turn photo syncing off:
      From your Android:
      Open the Facebook app and tap
      Scroll down and select Account > App Settings > Sync Photos
      Choose Don’t sync my photos
      From your iPhone:
      Open the Facebook app and go to your profile
      Tap Photos > Synced
      Tap the gear icon in the top right
      Tap to turn Photo Syncing off

      Hope this helps. =-)

  29. Hi. I just bought my J3 recently and i luv it so much. I would like to know, i recently just found out that my phone will drains out battery low while im charging my phone when i was playing my games at the same time. Is there a problem with it? As far as i know, it shouldn;t drains out the battery while charging it.
    Secondly, i notice my phone is charging quite slow. Even i leave it for a night to charge, the next morning it still not charge FULL yet..How come? Is dat normal?

    Pls help/advice

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Playing games while charging your phone will prevent your phone from charging and will make the charging process even longer. I recommend leaving your phone alone while charging and once it’s fully charged, you can enjoy your games again without the hassle of the cable. For your second question, please take a look at the information in the link below. Thanks for commenting and please let me know if you have any questions. =-)


  30. I am having samsung galaxy j3 qhich i purchased on a week ago.
    And today it started creating some problems all of a sudden my phone vibrated and a message popped up in notification bar that THE DOCK IS CONNECTED again n again. And few minutes later i was on a call and my call was automatically putted on loid speaker mode again and again .
    Dont know what the hell was happening can any one please suggest me something

    1. Hi Paras,
      You can try booting into Recovery and wipe the cache partition. If that doesn’t help, then I would guess that the USB port is faulty. You may need to bring it into a repair shop, or contact Samsung if still under warranty. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  31. In my Samsung j3 new edition…when I am downloading anything it is not showing in the top of home screen.. means it is now showing downloading.. plzzzzzz help me

    1. Hi Yasraj,
      Is it that you can’t download anything or that it does download but you just don’t see the downloading symbol while it’s downloading? =-)

  32. Hi, I’m just wondering if the J3 is known for having a lame screen, as in it breaks/goes blank pretty easily. I got my phone a few weeks ago, and loved using it. Very nice phone, with great display – that is until it went blank.
    I don’t remember it falling or anything, but on closer inspection there seems to be a kind of ‘hairline’ crack across the screen.
    Going by a few online searches it seems to be a common problem, which is a shame, because everything else about it is good.

    1. Hi John,
      I haven’t heard of that being a common or inherited problem. Could you tell me what “online searches” you did that gave you these results? Thanks for commenting. =-)

  33. Hi. So the problem I have with my Samsung Galaxy j3 2016 is that it overheated. I don’t think it’s the battery because I touched it and it didn’t feel hot. I couldn’t open any apps due to this and double checked to see if there is any damage to my phone but there is none.

    Any advice on how to solve this problem?

  34. hi Judy. i just got a j3 yesterday and i want to like it. however, there’s a major issue here. some apps (Twitter,whatsapp) dont work unless there’s wifi. they work perfectly Ok with Wi-Fi but once i disconnect and turn on mobile data, nothing. cant even update a status on whatsapp or search on twitter. but i can stream videos from YouTube or go on google with mobile data. instagram works fine with mobile data but i don’t get notifications on the notification bar unless im connected to Wi-Fi.
    this is very frustrating because i live in Nigeria where Wi-Fi isnt everywhere. is there a solution or should i just return the phone ASAP? thanks!

    1. Hi Logan,
      In case, you can try going to mobile network >> access point names >> check GPRS button and try to change the access point names from the drop down list. Switch off your data and then on. You can reboot your phone if there is still any issue. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

      1. uh hey my Galaxy J36 just turned off and will not turn back on i have only had it for 4 months and have not dropped plz/help/advice

        1. something had to have happened… a software update, battery going dead, drop, moisture…

          If it’s something like the battery going dead, put it on the charger for a long time. the newer batteries seem like they take forever to charge when the phones turn off from lack of power.

          You can try to boot it into a recovery mode. Hold the power button, home button, and the down button until the Samsung logo appears, then let go of the power button. If this works, just press and hold the power button until the phone reboots.

  35. Is there any way to unlock or any app app to help add more than 2 finger gesture. The only game I play and absolutely love is my magic piano game and I can’t play it on my Galaxy sol. Please tell me there’s a way to unlock or an app to add more gestures

  36. My phone rings and I press the answer key. Either they can’t hear me, or I can’t hear them. If my blutooth is connected, I press the disconnect key to use the phone. Still doesn’t work. I use the blutooth–still can’t hear them. Then one of us will call back & it works ok. Also, calls just drop. I’ve NEVER had that issue with my carrier.

    1. Hi Holly,
      I have seen this problem before about the other caller not being able to hear you and it usually turns out to be dust bunnies in the mic hole at the bottom of the phone. Let´s start with the simple fixes and work our way up from there(if necessary). About the dropped calls, you should complain to your carrier, just because you haven´t had issues until now, doesn´t mean they won´t come in the future. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  37. just got a samsung J3, all fine except when I try to use the camera get a message saying camera failed. Have cleared space on sim card, have charged battery, have switched phone off and on again, still same error message. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Sammy,
      Please go to the application manager and then locate camera on the application manager. Tap on Clear data and force stop. Connect your device to WiFi and then go to application>settings>about device>software update. Hope this helps and let me know how this works out for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  38. Whenever I play games on my j3 2016 it goes overheated? I want to know that why it is happening? Help me???

    1. Hi Manjeet,
      Does this only happen while you are playing games? If so, you could be playing games that require too many resources from your phone and also playing them for long periods at a time can also contribute to overheating. Enjoy your games! Thanks for commenting. =-)

  39. hi i pressed for mock location and for a laugh put buckingham palace. I can not change this location and it will not recognise my location for pokemon go. can you pls tell me how to take the mock location away/ fix this. phone is j3 6

    1. Hi Morgan,
      Since it’s a setting in Developer Options, have you checked to see if it´s unchecked? Maybe by unchecking it Pokemon Go can get your real location. Hope this helps. =-)

        1. Hi Morgan,
          If you´ve done the steps already it should be in your settings, towards the bottom. Did you ever go to Settings > About phone and tap on the build number 7 times?

    1. Hi Morgan,
      Go to Settins>About Phone or Device>Tap on the build number 7 times>go back one and it should be there. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  40. When I compose a message and put in a recipient a name and a few numbers come up over the person I want to send a message. How do I fix this i.e. get rid of this irritation.

  41. My daughter has a Samsung Galaxy j3. Just got it last week for her birthday. It’s a Verizon prepaid phone with only 8g of internal memory. So, we bought her a 32g sd card. However, I have searched high and low to change the default storage to said sd card with no luck. I’m out of options. This is my last resort. She does not want to factory reset, and I’ve been trying for 30 minutes for the Verizon cloud to back up her phone and it shut down. Help

  42. I just got the J3 and when I try to add an alarm to the clock app that comes with it the screen flashes the alarm info for a split second, then goes blank. If I then press the home button and press on the clock app again, the info for the alarm shows. It does this every time. Any advice?

    1. Hi Jim,
      Have you tried using this in safe mode? It could be a new app or one that got updated that is causing this issue. Let me know what happens. =-)

  43. My Samsung J3 is less than 2 months old and while traveling in Europe (I’m still here) my screen is dark but my phone is on and charged and alive. I just cannot see anything?????

    I’m not going to be back in The States for a while and I need mt phone.

    What to do?

    1. Hi Sidney,
      You can try pulling out the battery for few minutes and then reboot or, you can try
      1. Take out the battery for a few minutes.
      2. Hold the HOME and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
      3. Then Hold down the POWER button till it turns on.
      4. There will be lots of options on the screen that you navigate with the volume keys and select with the OPTIONS button. Reset the phone (without the factory wipe). Hope this helps. Did you happen to drop your phone or get water on it? Thanks for commenting. =-)

  44. Hi there! My daughter has the Galaxy J3 and the power button is jammed into the phone. We can not turn it off or on via the power button. Any advice for this? It is now “off,” as the battery drained overnight. Any way to get it powered on so we can back up the files before sending it off? Thanks!

    1. Hi Arlene,
      With the power button jammed, I´m afraid nothing can be done since the phone needs to be on to get data off it. Sorry. =-(

  45. Does the Samsung Galaxy J3 have the ability to send and receive data on the network while on a phone call? There is an alert that pops up while I am on the phone that my phone can not receive data (maps, etc.) while I am on a call. The map will not adjust on routes when I am on a call. I have also noticed where text or picture messages may not be received timely while I am on a call, too.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Have you checked with your carrier? Maybe it´s something you have to activate with them. Let me know what they say. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  46. my samsung j3 wont start completely. it just hangs in the middle of start up process. i think the problem is caused by a tutorial shared by kingoroot involving lucky patch and fake gps location spoofer. now i cant use my phone it just keeps rebooting again and again. please if you know how to fix it please tell me

    1. I had this problem as well (people couldn’t hear my outgoing calls) and found that if I hit the speaker icon on and off again, people could then hear me, which led me to believe it is a software issue. I found that the J3 has a feature called EASY MUTE which you can turn on that allows you to simply place your phone face down to mute or refuse a call.

      Once I turned EASY MUTE off, the problem with people not being able to hear my outgoing calls disappeared. So far so good.

  47. Sometimes when I place a call with my J3 the person I’ve called cannot hear me. I can hear them, however. Usually I have to try 2 or 3 times before the connection works properly. This is my second J3 from AT&T that has developed this problem. The first was a new phone; this one is a “Certified New” phone.

    Some time ago, I had a similar problem with a LG phone from Sprint. Eventually, I learned that LG had made a batch of lemon phones with the same issue. However, neither LG nor Sprint did a product recall. Rather, they kept their customers in the dark hoping that people would just give up on getting a new phone. It wasn’t until I threatened a class action lawsuit seeking damages for all the time I wasted trying to fix the problem, going to the store, talking on the phone with customer service and setting up replacement phones that they finally relented and gave me a Samsung Galaxy. Have you heard is the J3 is perhaps experiencing something similar?

    1. Hi Bill,
      I have a Galaxy J5 and a J7 and so far I have not had that problem or have I heard of the J series having that issue. Have you called AT&T to see what they have to say? Could it be that maybe on all the phone you have had, you have download and app that could also be responsible? Have you tried using your phone in safe mode to see if this continues? Let me know what happens. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    2. They are DEFINITELY doing that! I wont leave sprint b/c they are the cheapest but they make up for it by trying to stick u with busted phones figuring you will give up. I am calling the BBB in the next few days when I get my strength back from arguing with them.

  48. Hi Judy
    I purchased a new samsung J3 seven days ago, Today screen went black with only a little strip across top of screen still visible which has now also gone black.
    Handset has not been dropped or abused , Bought protective case with phone when purchased.
    on close inspection there appears to be a hair line crack on top right hand corner of screen.
    The only explanation i can make is that the fault was there when i purchased phone

    1. Hi John,
      I think so too since you just got the phone seven days ago and you have been careful not to do anything that could cause something like this. Getting a replacement is the best option. Thanks for commenting.

  49. I have the J3 Samsung. Switched from a Moto G phone. On the Moto G, if the phone was locked and was sitting on my desk, I would get a text or email and my screen would light up showing the notification however the Samsung J3 does not do that. Any suggestions on how without using an app to do it?

    I get the notification sound, but I would like to glance at the screen to preview who the text was from etc.

    Also on the moto G I was able to select to receive emergency alerts aka Amber alerts, but the J3 does not have that.

    1. Hi Sean,
      You can do that by going to Settings>Lock Screen and Security>Notifications on lock screen. Once you are there select to show content and you can see who the messages are from. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. Hi Kimberly,
      Were you using a widget or do you mean the time on the upper right-hand corner?Try booting your phone into safe mode and see if the problem still happens. Just to rule out that a third-party app is not responsible.Thanks for commenting.

  50. Hi I just bought te samsung Galaxy J3 and the back camera doesn’t work! The screen is black. Do you have any idea how to fix this?
    The front camera is ok, it works.

    1. Hi There,
      Has it been black since you got it or was it working fine for a while? In the meantime, please try going to settings -> apps -> camera -> clear data and reboot. If it doesn’t, try settings -> apps -> camera -> uninstall update and reboot. Hope this helps.

  51. Hi judy,
    I have a j3(6) a week or two now mostly good besides the memory problems but whilst trying to configure my google settings it opens up trough my browser and when i try to click any links for settings it tells me max tabs 16 open close tabs using toolbar at the bottom of the screen however the only buttons or tools i have available to me are back,forward(only ever two pages forward or back?)home and bookmarks none of which allow me to view or close tabs. Thank you in advance for any help

  52. So I got my j3 there three days ago and it won’t play music through my aux port/cord. The cord works for my xm unit. Suggestions would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Marci,
      Please see if there might be any debris in there that might be causing the issue, maybe try blowing some air in there to see if that helps. I know this might sound obvious but it tends to happen, if you have a case on your phone, make sure that it is not preventing it from going al the way in. Please let me know how this works out for you.

  53. Hi, I have had my j3 a month now and have put in a Samsung 64gb memory card. All was fine till I took pictures couple weeks ago and some saved as an error file and wouldn’t show up but showed up grey with an error message but no picture. Now it keeps resetting itself all the time, flashing up memory card message saying inserted, not inserted, so card blank. Then resetting. And none of my files or pictures are on there. It was put in properly. And has been formatted before anything was transferred. Just worried thT it is messing my phone up or I have a virus

    1. Try booting your phone into safe mode, if you downloaded an app with malware it is going to neutralised in safe mode. If your phone does work fine in safe mode, you can try uninstalling the apps your downloaded right before you noticed this behavior.

  54. I just bought a J3. When I push the camera icon the camera comes on. When I tap the video button, the video starts recording instantly. Is there a way to turn the video camera on without actually starting to record until I’m ready?

    1. When you are in the camera app you will see the icon to either record or take a picture. When you are ready to record all you need to do is press the red circle for recording and it will start recording.

  55. I just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy J3. All works well except when I Send an email message. The message goes through, but when I tap Sent, the message isn’t there. I checked Trash, Clutter and everything else, but it’s not there. In other words, I can’t go back and track a message that I sent. I tested it by sending a message to my desktop computer. It received the message, but again, the message doesn’t appear in the Sent file, on either the phone or the computer, both of which use the same email address.

    1. Go to your Gmail account on your phone, click menu/more/settings/labels/sent and then select “sync all”. Are you using a third-party Email app?

    1. Do other devices connect successfully to the hotspot? Are you certain that your mobile plan comes with hotspot usage? Not all of them do–or they require a fee to activate it.

    1. I would take it back to the store since it failed on the very first boot. It´s impossible that you could have done something wrong. It´s faulty, not your fault.

  56. Hey, when i unlock my j3 screen it takes it about 3 seconds to show the screen, i found it weird having so much delay, is there anyway i can solve that ?

    1. Hi Diogo,
      This could be because the Developer Options “Window animation scale” could be set to ease transitions and will add a few seconds “transitioning” into to the unlocked screen. Turn animation scale back to 0.5x, off, or something low. Hope this helps.

  57. I have problem with my connection problem for any online app game, pokemon go for example, the game took – longer time to load and connection error always pop out. This really anoying andi make me wanna rage to quit. Does this phone didnt have the capability to suppory any online app game? Or there something wrong with my phone?

  58. Hi , i have a j36 and i am getting pop ups saying unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped and everytime i press the ok button to clear the message it keeps popping up again , is there anything you can advise me to do to cure this problem ?

      1. Tried powering off and back on again , taken battery out and back in again , even kept it switched off over night , powered back on in morning and the same thing keeps happening …

  59. Happens everytime i log on , tried switching off and on , taken battery out , powered off over night , still the same message as above or it says one drive has stopped working , i press okay but they popping back up …

    1. Please clear the cache for Google Plat Store, Play Services, and Google services framework. You can also try deleting all your Google accounts and then set them up again. Resetting app preferences might also help.

  60. Okay so I am using the Samsung galaxy j3 6 and I have a 32gb so card, however I am having internal storage issues even though I have moved all that I can to the same card and disabled and cleared all that I can but it still says I have no storage space. Is there anything else I can do ??

    1. Please check your phone’s settings and then storage. You want to look for how much space is available on the internal storage (internal not external). The internal storage is how much space is on the phone its self, the external is often a memory card in the phone. If the Internal storage is showing a Number and then MB (megabyte), for example, 15MB then your phone still doesn’t have enough space and you need to do some more cleaning on the phone.

    1. Try using your phone in safe mode to see if this problem continues. It’s just to rule out that no third party apps are causing this problem. If the problem goes away, then try uninstalling the app you installed right before the app started to open on its own.

  61. My Samsung J3 has a failed download message that will not clear. It is really annoying bc it is in the way of my dial pad and hang up button. Any ideas? I do not have a data plan.

  62. I am lossing my bluetooth connection everytime. In the car for handsfree calling aswel play in Music on my Harmon Music centre.
    What can I do?

    1. Try clearing the cache partition, pulling the battery for about a minute or two and then rebooting or you can try restarting your phone.If you’re on Lollipop, then you are not alone with this problem since many other are also having this issue, seems like a bug. Hope this helps.

  63. Hi, I have an issue with music playback. I uploaded a large number of music files in the .wma format. Quite a few of them play with lots of chirps and crap. Only a few play correctly. I have installed a large cap sd chip (>120 gig), so memory issues are no problem. Loaded a # of apps and the issue is the same with all. Any suggestions how to get my music files working?. They were loaded from a Windows 7 based PC. THX Jim

    1. Hi James,
      I would say that there is some type of compatibility issues and the best thing you could do is change the format to one that is compatible with Android or one that your music player plays without issues.

      1. Judy, Do you have a suggestion for a program for switching a large # of music files from .wma to maybe .mp3? The files play correctly on my PC so I do not think it is a license issue. It seems the files that will not play right were ripped to my HD maybe a year or two ago. The ones that do play were ripped in the last 9 months. THX Jim

  64. Audio pop out headphone jack connected to anything. Headphone say connected but it disconnects (static) until audio player activates. If paused disconnects. Happen frequently if players are off and just browsing the internet. A repeated pop out 200w speakers is horrible.

    1. Hi Kim,
      You can try a simulated battery pull by making sure that the power is completely off. Make sure that the phone is not plugged into a charger either. Hold the Volume Down button and then the power button and continue to hold these 2 keys for 20 secs (count out loud it could take 15-30 sec).The phone should power cycle, powering back on to full.

      Make sure that the time and date are set up correctly and check the power saving features on your phone. Sometimes you may forget that you enabled power saving features on your device. You need to make sure that you haven’t set Wi-Fi restrictions on your phone via the power saving mode in Settings > Power saving mode. Check to make sure that you disable any restrictive setting on your connectivity setting.

      If you did find restrictions and removed them, recheck the connection between your phone and your wireless internet.

  65. I put my ultra power save on through smart manager on my J 3 and now it won’t let me turn it off and it has removed most of my settings.Any ideas how I can fix this ?

  66. Hello, I have my J3 (2016) for over a month now and I really dislike two facts so far:

    – calendar notifications: I was using a really old Blackberry before and calendar notification was a long sound that would not stop alerting until I turned it off. J3 has different notification sounds but all are short and I often do not hear it until it is too late.
    ALSO: I tried to put calendar widget on my lock screen and it seems that J3 does not have the option of lock screen widgets (except the weather, clock and camera).

    – notification sound: when trying to resolve the calendar problem I connected my J3 to computer and tried to upload mp3 file to Notification folder, but windows explorer shows error message that the folder is write protected and I cannot copy anything into that folder.

    Can you please help me?

      1. OK, thank you, I will try it. BUT: how will I be able to put that new ringtone file into notification folder, while it is write protected? I am able I already have downloaded ringtones (for phone call alerts) but couldn’t do that for notification sounds.

        1. Hi Neza,
          Did you put them in the Ringtone folder on the SD card & that’s not protected? What folder are you trying to put them in?

  67. Hi, I just bought a Galaxy J3 and am pretty disappointed so far. I cannot connect to the internet using the Mobile Network and I cannot import any of the photos to my laptops.

    Using WiFi to connect to the internet is no problem but switching to the Mobile Network does not work. I’ve tried Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Verizon Internet (under this menu I cannot access any of the other settings). I’m at a total loss as far as figuring out how to connect to the Mobile Network.

    I also can’t upload my photos to either my Mac or PC. I have Android File Transfer installed on my Mac and have successfully used it several times in the past to transfer video/pictures to my Mac from a different Android device. However, every time I try to transfer pictures with the Galaxy J3 the program tells me that it either the phone screen is locked (when it isn’t) or that it needs to be reconnected (why I’ve tried, but that also does nothing).

    When I connect the Galaxy J3 to my PC which runs on Windows 10, it recognizes it but either says that there are no files to transfer ( I do have photos on the phone) or that the screen is locked (when it isn’t)

    Additionally, I cannot even transfer files over Bluetooth. I’ve paired (or tried to) the Galaxy J3 with my Mac and it says that it is Paired but only for a brief moment, and then when I go to actually transfer files it says that it is Not-Connect.

    This has been an utterly frustrating situation and any troubleshooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Is Your Phone Connected As Storage? If your Android device isn’t appearing in File Explorer as it should, it could be because of how your phone is connected to your computer. Your phone may only connect in charging mode by default when you want it to be connected as a storage device.

      Plug the device into your computer, pull down the notification shade, and select the “USB” option. You could see something like “USB charging this device” or “USB for file transfer.” The verbiage may vary slightly depending on your device’s Android build and manufacturer, but regardless it will have something about USB.

  68. Hello,
    I would like to report, that Ringtone Maker works, I can edit mp3 files and save them as notification sounds! Thank you very very much!

    How about lock screen widgets – there is no way to put calendar on lock screen of J3?

    1. Hi Neza,
      That’s good to hear about Ringtone Makers and I’m glad you liked it. You can add a calendar widget to your lock screen with the Neat Calendar App. It’s free On Google Play. After installing Neat Calendar on your Android 4.2+ device, go to your lock screen and add it from the list of available lock screen widgets. The config screen will appear first, from there you can choose which calendars you want to display and how you want the widget to look. Once you’ve finished configuring the widget, you’ll see your upcoming events and the number of days or minutes till the event. Selecting an event will launch your default calendar app. You can also tap between the clock and the date to launch the monthly view. Hope you like it.


  69. Hi Judy, I just bought a Galaxy j3 6v phone five days ago. I really like Android phones although I know very little about what all you can do with them. I’m 50 yrs old and not very tech savvy! Anyway, I wanted to thank you and your team for all the help you graciously give. You are definitely a comfort to people like myself! My question is, when i place a call, after talking to the person for a short while, the sound of their voice drops low, & also kinda sounds like they are in a tunnel or something. The change is not really an echo sound per say, just different, and the volumn is definitely lower. They hear me fine, with no changes. If i then pull the phone a little bit away from my ear, the volumn and normal sound return and i can then bring the phone back to my ear and hear fine for several minutes. But then the process repeats. Should i take the phone back for replacement do you think? Have you heard of this issue before? Thanks a lot for your help!

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the wonderful world of Android, I´m am here to help you in any way I can and please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like. You´re most welcome for everything and in regards to your problem, it sounds like an issue with the proximity sensor that is in charge of detecting when a user is holding the phone near their face during a call and turns off the display to prevent keypad presses and battery consumption from the display.

      If you are using a case or cover, please remove them since they are known to cause these kinds of problems. Improperly installed screen protectors have also been known to interfere with the proximity sensor. Let´s see how things work out with this. Hopefully, we´re not facing a faulty proximity sensor.

  70. hi, i own j3 about a month ago, last 4 days it drop in a water. i’ve dried it and it seem well(the sound okay, the screen light up, the display seem perfect, all the button functioning,battery life is normal). but it touch sensor are not responding no matter how much pressure i put. how can solve this problem?

    1. Since you dropped it in water, I would say that the touch sensor didn’t make it. Taking it for service is the best thing you can do.

  71. Hi, just got my j3 and my problem is, when I make or receive calls, they cannot hear me unless I push the “extra volume ” button.. it’s annoying and I’ve tried everything.. please help!!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Heather,
      Not too long ago there was a reader with a very similar problem, and it turned out that without him noticing, he would twist the phone, so it was not right up against his mouth. He wouldn´t notice this and the persons on the other side of the call would say the same thing.

  72. Morning Heather, We just went back to sprint service and picked two j3 and a number of people keep telling me that they call me my phone rings (for them not me) and voice mail does not pick up for them( sometimes it gives a sound like a busy signal ) and then hangs up, when this happens it does not ring for me and I’m it is sitting right beside me fully charged, it has been reported to me by 3 different people and when this happens to then they will try to call 4 or 5 times sometimes the last try will connect for them sometimes it wont, I have been back to the sprint store 2 times and am going back again today (tried tech support yesterday and wife could not get me when she left work) nothing helping yet, my question is have you heard of this, do you think it is device or service related? thank you for any help you can provide Greg

    1. Hi Greg,
      This sounds like a service problem. When you go back to the Sprint store, ask to speak to a manager if they aren´t giving you the solutions you need. I would go with someone and have them call you to test out what´s going on in front of them.

  73. Got my J3 a week ago. I can not delete photos. 2nd thing I have 4gb available on my sd card but when I want to move files it says storage full

    1. You don´t get a delete option when you long-press of the pictures? In regards to your SD card, try getting rid of files yo don´t need anymore. It´s always a good idea to do some ¨Spring Cleaning¨ and get rid of unwanted files.

  74. Hello! I was testing out a couple of location spoofed, and turned on mock locations. I deleted it, and now I turned it off. Developer setting will not activate. I tapped model number 7 times because there is no build number, and nothing happened. My phone is Samsung J36. Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      Have you looked under Settings/Application for the option Development? If not, do that first. That option should be enabled.

      Look under Development for USB Debugging. It may not be enabled. Go to Settings/Wireless and Network/USB Settings and choose Ask on connection.

      Go back to Settings/Application/Development. The USB Debugging option should now be enabled.

    2. Hi, I have a j3 6 since Sept 2016 and over the last month it keeps stopping from receiving emails on my yahoo account. I have removed the account and added it again, solving the problem but, this time is says that the server is not responding. Emails are coming through fine on my laptop.

      1. you didn’t say which app you are using. Try the official yahoo mail app. I’ve never had good luck with other apps reading Yahoo mail.

  75. Morning – I see that a couple of people are experiencing the same issue that my wife is with her ATT J3 and that is when she calls someone they sometimes cannot hear her. She took the phone to ATT and they said they could not find anything wrong with it. Yesterday she was in a minor car accident and called 911 and they could not hear her. She called them back and they could not hear her. They called her back and thought she was pranking them. This seems to only occur with out going calls and it does not happen all the time. Any suggestions as to what the issue may be?

    1. In some cases it can be a software glitch and reloading the software can help. One way to test it to try and use some sort of external mic. You can use the Samsung headphones that came with it, there should be a mic on them. You can also try a Bluetooth headset or in a vehicle. This will help eliminate the actual mic in the phone being bad or intermittent. If the external mic isn’t working either, there is something more seriously wrong with the phone.

  76. I am having problems with my J3 specifically the screen turned black(no display) but it can still be turned on. I know it is being turned on due to the usual vibration it does when turned on minus the display.

    1. Something that may work is to (with the phone powered on) hold the power button and the up volume button for 20 seconds. If this doesn’t work, you can try the down and power button. You can try it with the phone powered off, but the volume down and the power button will take you to a menu you don’t need for this fix.

  77. Can you connect a J3 to the Internet WITHOUT having a wifi connection? And, if so, how do you do that? Thank you!

  78. we bought three new samsung j3 (2016) on of them is not registering the contacts when we input them. it does have a notice that says contacts in his google account showing.

    1. where are they not registering? Are they not syncing to Google so you can see them in Gmail or are they not saving in the phone.

      Explain what you are doing and what isn’t working properly.

  79. I have purchased J3 today and attempted to connect it to my WiFi. I am receiving “authentication error”. WiFi works perfectly well for all other devices. I have reset phone and router. Phone still refusing to connect. Please advise.

    1. Typically that means the log in information is not correct. Aside from that being a potential problem, I would suggest looking at a Wi-Fi app to see if they might be able to help you connect.

  80. I have a Galaxy J3 and im having connection issues when adding a Gmail acct. The port being listed is 443 and the and security type is SSL/TLS. The error message I get is “couldn’t open connection to server.”

    1. are you using the gmail app or the generic email app? You will still need to log into the gmail app if you want to download apps if you aren’t planning to use other app stores exclusively.

  81. Bought this phone for my son. Put his old SIM card in and turned it on, when it is going through the set up process, it keeps saying “Please sign in using one of the owner’s accounts for this device” He is the only owner and he uset up he gmail account for his last phone, never had one before.

    I tried this too “Account access enabled

    Please try signing in to your Google account again from your new device or application.”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This is a safety feature so someone can’t steal a phone and use it. If it is your son, you could ask him to sign in with his account. Then you can wipe the phone or remove any security features that he had enabled. You could also try to just wipe the phone and start from there to see if it will allow you a fresh start.

      1. It won’t allow him to sign it, when he does, it keeps going back to that message. We can’t access the menu to do a reset.

  82. No matter what my j3 will not allow me to mirror to my tv ive tried everything. No wifi at home so i tried the wires no go

    1. If there is no Wi-Fi, there is not a lot you can do. Like you tried to do with the cables, most phones need mating software on the tv to read the information the phone is sending.

  83. Hi All. I’m on my 2nd J3 as i took the 1st one back the problem is that its very slow to open when I press the side button to get to the lock screen. I then switch it off and back on and its ok then after a few days it goes back to being slow again, any ideas.

    1. Typically when a phone does this, it means there are a lot of processes running. My suggestion would be to power off and power on your phone. This should shut everything off. Then, in the Settings menu, look for the Memory tab. You can keep an eye on what’s using the phone’s memory. You can decide if you need the apps hogging the resources or not.

  84. I have not activated my phone yet because I can’t get pass the message “screen has expired”. I have tried everything including taking the battery out and exchanging the phone from Walmart. What should I do?

    1. What are you trying to register it to… your carrier, an account for an app, a Samsung account?

      Please give more detail about what you are trying to do and we can try to help.

  85. Hello

    I purchased a J3 in September. When it was first charged up and used at home it carried out all the updates, but didn’t connect to the home wifi and used up my allowance in one go! Since then I have had problems on and off with it connecting to our home router. All other mobile devices and laptops connect properly.

    I now have the problem again in that when I go into settings/wi-fi the screen just continually jumps and says there is an authentication error. My husband has also put in our password so we know it is the correct one. As soon as I leave the house I can connect to other networks without problem. It is just this one.

    Since I have had the phone the screen has also blanked and it had to be wiped last week in store and reset.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

    1. In some cases, there are limitations to how many devices your router can service at one time. If this is an occasional problem, you can try to reset the router or turn off a few devices you aren’t using. Take a look through this article about fixing Wi-Fi connections

      Another possibility is the app you are using to connect is struggling. Many times apps like Wi-Fi Now are not that reliable. If you aren’t using an app to connect to the Wi-Fi at home, there are some apps in the Google Play Store you can try to see if there is a difference.

  86. My new J3 Galaxy Sky does not have an option for the default Samsung keyboard to vibrate while typing. It’s the craziest thing. I’ve been through all setting. I even downloaded the google keyboard, and it doesn’t either. Something must be wrong. I’ve done all software updates.

    1. You have looked in the settings like this?

      Tap Settings.
      Tap Sounds and Vibrations.
      Under ‘Key-tap feedback’, move the slider on Keyboard sounds to the ON or OFF position.

      it the haptic feedback turned on for the phone itself? Maybe try that to see if it is working or not an option at all.

  87. i am getting unwanted texts from someone. how do i block that person from sending me any more texts? i have the samsung galaxy J36V by the way.

  88. Hello,

    I have problems with Contact saving on my J3. I have saved several contacts many times but they always delete themselves somehow after a short time. What should/can I do about it? Any help would be highly appreciated

    1. many phones and email apps have the option to show groups of people in the contact list. If you do not have a group set to display, they will seem like they have disappeared. I would look in the settings for your contact or email app and see if there are groups unchecked and not being displayed.

  89. My Samsung Galaxy j3 worked fine in my 2013 ford escape, I know have 2017 escape. I can hear fine on my end but the person on the other end hears like every other word.

    1. It could be a difference in the Sync system requirements. Check to see what the recommended Bluetooth version is for the Ford. If your phone is a lower level, there can be limited features. Sometimes the carrier makes a difference too.

  90. I upgraded my old phone to a Samsung J3 (2016) about 5-6 months ago, and I love the phone. However recently, when I record videos the sound is not in sync with the video. It seems like the sound is actually ahead of the video by a couple of seconds. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s a little annoying since the videos I record are of my kids. I have tried to clear any unwanted cache from all apps and even tried downloading another camera app but found it has the same problem no matter what app I use. What advice can you give me to help fix this?

    1. It might be a problem with the processor on the phone not being able to keep up. Have you tried to reduce the quality of the video to see if that helps? Also, if you are recording a lot of video, where are you storing it? If it is all on your phone, you might be low on storage space. This can also cause the lag. Try moving some of the videos off the phone to some other storage like an external hard drive or the cloud.

      Once the videos are moved, try to play them back on your computer. See if the lag is present when watching the video on another device. This will also tell you if it’s recording poorly or just not playing back correctly on your phone.

  91. Had to set up new Facebook page and two days accepting friends and resetting friends list on Facebook no friends display only the ones when I turn chat on that are active at the time

  92. i have samsung j3
    i have problem that i bought it from Malaysia and can not use phone in uae
    ( network locked sim card) ( not registered on network )
    any solution to solve my problem

    thank you

  93. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3. The problem I have is when I get a text the notification sound only sounds for the first text of the conversation. Why not for all texts?

    1. are you using the stock messaging app or another one you downloaded? Some apps will not notify you of an incoming text if the app is open. is this that case with you?

  94. I have a problem with my Samsung J3 when recording video, at the first 3 seconds of the video, there’s no sound and the sound’s start playing after 5 seconds and it disturb me a lot when i record a video in snapchat. any solutions?

    1. you mentioned snapchat, but does it happen all of the time no matter the app? This could be a low memory thing. Make sure there are no apps hogging the resources. You can find this in the settings under Memory in the settings.

  95. So this from my second j3 model and on both models i have had issues with my audio jack i plug my aux input cord for my headphones into my phone but i only get audio out of the left speaker i have checked the headphones on another device and they work just fine

    1. There are differences in the headphones. Some headphones are made for audio output and there are 3 sections to the 3.5mm male end (center 3.5mm jack in the image. Others are made for audio input (your microphone) and audio output. You will see 4 sections on the 3.5mm jack (left 3.5mm jack in the image. If you only have 2 sections on the 3.5mm jack, it is a mono output and you will only get the left side playing sound.

      Which are you using?

      Sometimes they need to be seated in all the way or else you will get a similar problem.

  96. how do you know if you have actually sent or received a text message there doesn’t appear to be any sound involved

    1. are you using the stock Samsung message app or something else?

      more than likely you will need to go into the app’s settings and see what’s turned off in the notifications. if all is good there, then you might just need to turn up the volume or change tone so it’s more audible to you.

  97. Hello,

    I did something I have never done, I let my J3 get into the washing machine. It was only in for a couple of minutes but that was enough. Between rice and time, it I back up and running. The only issue I am having appears to be something that, from research, may be a setting issue. When I go into Text, Messenger or WhatsApp and tap on the text box, the keyboard will not open. Also, when trying to change my wallpaper, it will not acknowledge when I tap the “set as wallpaper” button. I have tried dong other things which require me to touch that same bottom part of the screen and they work fine. I also have found other ways to get the keyboard to open in these apps and the keyboard works fine, it is just extra steps. Any idea why these certain fields are not responding when touched?


    1. I know you can get some dead spots when there is water damage, but if it’s not consistent, it’s hard to say. My phones have done odd things when they have water in them. One of them added a character to the password making it impossible to unlock until it dried out more. You can try to put it in sealed bag with rice for a day and see if that helps. Otherwise you might see changes for the better or worse over time.

    1. Hello Kearns, Sometimes it might happen because of the newly installed application, the following steps will help you to fix this issue. You have to reboot your phone in Safe Mode in-order to uninstall any newly installed applications. Follow the steps to reboot your device in safe mode, Power off the device -> Hold Power ON button + Volume Down button together till the Samsung logo appears on the screen -> now release the power button but keep holding the Volume down button for few more seconds -> now your phone will boot in safe mode where you can uninstall any newly installed application. If you still face the issue it is recommended to call Samsung support. Let me know Let me know if that solves your problem!

  98. Good Day.
    I recently bought a Samsung J3 (2016). When I switch it on, it doesnt automatically pick up mobile network signal. When I try manual searching it indicates that it cannot connect. However, if i go to “Network Mode” and change say from 3G/2G (auto connect) to LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) it then registers on network and will operate normally. However whenever I switch it off and on, it indicates “emeregency calls only” and fails to register automatically on the mobile network.
    Kindly assist how I can rectify this problem

    1. did it ever connect? If so, what changed?

      It could be a sim card issue. Have you tried to master reset the phone or put it in safe mode to see if it fixes the problem?

  99. Is there a hack to get my J3 to be on a call and be online simultaneously?This is a work requirement for me. Thanks

    1. not really. It can be a phone or carrier limitation. you can try Wi-Fi and a call, but a lot of time cellular data shuts off when on a call.

  100. J3, At&t, Samsung, & Samsung rep at best buy have tried to fix this problem. After bluetooth connection with car, car off, away from car, out going call, no mike, other end can’t hear. They call back, works ok, now out calls work just fine. Operation system was reloaded. Sometimes it works sometimes not. I’ve had two other phones paired to this car, all worked ok.

    1. what happens if you shut the Bluetooth off on the phone after you exit the car? What happens if you disconnect the Bluetooth before you turn the car off? Does the problem occur if you plug in earphones with a mic to the headphone jack…can they hear you then?

      To me, it sounds like the phone is taking a long time to disconnect from the car and needs to be told to stop looking for the car as the mic and speaker. If it works by disconnecting the phone from the car, you can get an app like Tasker or IFTTT to shut the Bluetooth off automatically based on certain criteria.

  101. my galaxy j3 dialed the emergency number repeatedly while in my pocket at work. the sheriff called my work and they had to look up the number to find it was me. then notified me as i was leaving work. i had called it 17 times. very frustrating as i don’t know how this happened. How can i fix this?

    1. there is a setting to make the screen more sensitive to touch. you can turn this off. Try this. Otherwise, get a case with a cover like a wallet case or something that blocks the screen.

  102. Hi! Thanks for a good guide! My alarms on my J3 didn’t go off this morning. I’ve had the phone for just a month and the alarm has worked fine before. Do you know what could be the issue here? (and yes, I am 100% sure they did not go off – there was no human error here…)

    1. when is it turning off? What are you doing…. charging it, watching video, text chatting…? Are you low on storage (look at the available storage space in the storage tab of the phone settings.

  103. I am seemingly unable to format my SD card as my memory is totally full on the device. How do I make it so that all downloads/apps/multimedia etc save automatically to the SD CARD?

    1. could you offload some if the images or video to Dropbox or Google Photos then delete them from the phone to free up space? Once you have room to maneuver, you can set the default storage for the apps to your micro-SD card. It varies per phone, but usually there is something in the storage tab in your phone settings. Here is a Samsung how to for moving the apps to the sd card. You can use a file manager to move other things.

        1. what app? Most of the non-stock apps have it. try go sms pro, or one of the many others in the Google Play Store. If you love the app you use, do it the long way and copy and paste it to a new message. If there is an image, download it and add it to a new message.

  104. Hi,
    This is a new issue for me. When my wifi is connected my phone now says searching for service. Also, I can’t send text messages (SMS or MMS) if I have the wifi on. I have to turn off the wifi, wait for my 4g to turn back on, then the message sends. Also, my battery which was only going down by about 5 percent over night is now dropping 30 percent in the same amount of time. I’ve turned on battery saver, I make sure I have no apps running, shut down anything in the back ground. Frustrating since I just got this phone a month ago.


    1. was there any system updates recently? This can cause these issues. Also, look to see what apps are using the most battery, there could have been an update or a new app is using a lot of resources. Take a look at your data usage. Sometimes apps enable features like video auto play and people don’t realize its eating up all their data. You could try to put the phone in safe mode to see if the problem persists. If not, you know it’s an app or setting. Another option is to clear the system cache. if all else fails, a factory reset.

    1. Update your OS? Is there a new version available? What do you have now and what do you want to be? Where are you getting stuck?

  105. My new Galaxy J3 shows all pictures and videos in every program with an “effect” rather than the true picture. When I go to the camera, it says “No effect” but I have to click on “Negative” to get a true picture. Please help me get the default to be “No effect” with the pictures and videos looking as they should.

    1. is the effect part of the image or the app you are using to view the image? Is it the accessibility options are turned on? Which version of the Android OS are you using 5 or 6?

  106. I purchased the J3 from US Cellular 2 weeks ago. It pairs easily with bluetooth devices but when making a call I can hear the caller perfectly, but the caller can not hear me. I sound “under water” to them. The store and I tried noise cancelation, updating the phone etc. We have tried 7 different bluetooth devices, 5 new and 2 older ones and the same result. I have been told that the J3 has this issue with it’s bluetooth software but there is a bluetooth out there that will work properly. Anyone know what one it is. I miss my bluetooth but love the phone otherwise.

    1. Did they swap the phone? if it was within the first 15 days of your new phone purchase, they could have swapped it for a different one.

      There are things you can try…
      – try safe mode. 3rd party apps (the ones you download that have permissions to your mic) can cause issues. Alternatively, if it has a version of Android that you can revoke permissions, you can go into each app, look to see if it has permissions to use the mic or Bluetooth and revoke the permission.
      – You could try a factory reset. this sucks, but it can help.
      – do you know of a vehicle you could pair the phone with and try a call? It may not like the earpieces for some reason. I don’t know, it could happen.

  107. I recently got this for my birthday, well It had this glitch were when I was in Netflix or YouTube, it would have half of the screen glitch blue occasionally and when “I play Pokémon Go” and pull down the notifications, the entire screen glitches blue and shifts the images. I got a replacement and the same thing keeps happening.

    1. is the phone getting hot? This device doesn’t have the most powerful processor or a lot of RAM. it could just be having a hard time processing everything.

  108. Hi, I have just got a J3 but am having problems with syncing my Gympal with it. It will sync the date, time and Steps but for some reason will not sync the sleep. The gympal is for Android 4.3 and up and Bluetooth 4.0. My phone is Android 5.1.1 and Bluetooth is 4.1 so in my mind meets the requirements. I have spoken to Samsung and they say its not a problem with the phone and the company that make the gympal are saying it is a problem with the phone. I suggested it was a problem with Android 5.1.1. Our previous phones were S3 mini and it ran the app and synced no problem once I had upgraded the firmware to Andoid 4.4.4. Can you suggest what may be wrong as I am getting a little tired over 25 emails back and forth to Nuband who make the Gympal. Thanks.

    1. is there a permission you have turned off or a setting that’s different than the S3? In my experience, the developers make sure the Samsung phones are compatible with their apps because the phones are so popular. It can vary for different models, though. The J3 is a lot like the S3, just updated, so you would think it would work. are you sure the Gympal is registering you’re sleeping?

  109. I have a Samsung J 320a 2016, the phone will sync with my car(SYNC3) but not the contact list. my husband has an old Samsung rugby and his phone and address book sync just fine. what am I doing wrong with my phone or is it faulty. att service

  110. Hi i just got the j3 and im having problems with my sd card it is just a 4 gig and it will not even detect it so i cant get any of my music off of it or anything it works just fine in three other phones ive tried it in but the j3 just wont recognize it even exists can someone please help

    1. is it something that works in a computer with an adaptor where you can get your music off the card and reformat the card to see if that works?

  111. I have a J3 galaxy. When I put it up to my ear and talk the person I am talking with can’t hear me and they think I am not there. There is a HOLD icon on the upper right.
    The screen also goes Black and and the same thing…no one can hear me.
    I eventually have to put them on speaker to have an uninterrupted conversation.
    How can Eliminate this from happening or move the hold button

    1. Honestly, it seems to be a glitch with the phone. There doesn’t seem to be a clear fix. The problem isn’t consistent across the board. From what I can see, it seems like it has something to do with the proximity sensor (the thing that shuts the screen off when you put it to your face. You can try to turn off the feature “keep screen off” in your display and wallpaper settings in your phone settings menu. that might cure it.

      You can try a Bluetooth earpiece of the headphones and microphone that came with the phone to see if that cures it too. Until there is a true fix, you might have to work around the problem.

  112. Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 and when I put my phone into sleep mode the entire screen flashes. It also does this when I turn it on. This also occurs when i putnthe screen brightness down all the way. It is very annoying. Can you help me fix it? Thanks for responding!!

    1. it’s a known problem. I think it happens more with the newest version of the Android OS. I haven’t come across a great fix for the problem. Other than keep your screen brightness up a little so the flickering isn’t noticeable.

  113. A recent message to update my Samsung Galaxy J3 6 I did this update and let it run overnight but when I looked at phone I found that WhatsApp was gone and also Google play services has stopped and Google app has stopped, I don’t want to lose all my photos and contacts please help

    1. depending on what you updated to, you might need to update your google services app and the google app to work with the new version OS. try reinstalling whatsapp again an log in. where are your images stored? did you have the backup feature turned on in whatsapp?

  114. I have a J3 sky Samsung it drops calls no matter where I’m at, this is the first straight talk phone that doesn’t have good signal and drops calls is there something I can do about this

    1. it could be something is blocking the signal, like a case. otherwise, it could be a bad phone (the antenna in it) or the network in your area.

  115. Just got a Galaxy J3 Emerge and I am beginning to hate it. When in data mode nothing downloads, just keeps saying “something went wrong”. MMS not working. Cant change APN because it is grayed out. Followed all the troubleshooting steps and nothing has worked.

  116. I just got a samsung j3 Saturday and the notification bar constantly keeps coming down while I’m texting or doing anything on my phone. There’s no notifications its just as if it thinks I’m checking it. Getting very annoyed

    1. You may want to take the phone back to the retailer as it sounds like you may have an issue that’s causing it to read touch inputs incorrectly.

  117. i dont know what happened suddenly my phone starts to show a notification “the dock is connected” and the phone is not functioning properly plz help

  118. I just got my j3 I bought a 16 memory card and moved everything it would let me and still get no memory messages

  119. A close relative has a J3, and the clock lags behind, and stays that way even if you try to set the time.
    It was fixed after we visited a phone shop, and they set the time, but now it started again, to lag behind.
    If the clock is 15 00, it can show 13 30, even if you try to set the time correct, in the settings.
    Sometimes it says : ” Can`t find the camera ” , “and the camera has stopped responding, exit, or continue.
    We think about replacing it, since it clearly faulty.

  120. My phone had a weird morning. It shut off on me 3 times. Everything was working fine except after the last time it restarted the touch screen stopped working. Everything works ive tried restarting it multiple times, even left the battery out of it for 45 minutes and it still isn’t working. got the touch screen to work for two seconds and when I went to put the sim card back , by the time I had it flipped back over it was restarting and the touch screen stopped working again. Never have had this issue, theres no water damage, the led screen has been replaced a few times but it has been working fine with no problems. Any clue what the issue is and how to fix it before I tear it apart?

  121. My J3 won’t recognize SD cards. I tried the card in an S3 and it definitely works. I also tried putting the SD card (full of music) from my S3 into my J3 and it didn’t see that either. Please help.

    1. If other devices aren’t recognizing the SD card either, the problem is with the card itself, not the devices. Confirm this by trying a different SD card with your J3. If this card is recognized, then it’s definitely an issue with the SD card. Try using an electronic cleaner on the card.

  122. My phone calculator is messing up. Every time I try to divide the multiplication symbol come up when I start typing the next number.
    Looks like this
    2,000÷×100 = 2,000
    And if I go back and delete the “×” and then hit equal, it comes up invalid.
    I’ve closed all the applications. Restarted the phone. What am I doing wrong??

  123. Please my J3 Network is really bad. Any time I receive call ,the person who call me complain of breakage in my voice

    1. Hi, Appiah. We have a number of solutions for bad call quality here. If those don’t help let me know and we can do some more troubleshooting.

  124. Greetings: I am “blessed” with a Galaxy J3 (2016) ..SM-320P , Android 5.1.1 Software version J320PVPS1AQD2…… Intermittently on calls I’m told that my voice fades out or drops out quickly and is out for about 5-10 seconds then returns to normal. Signal strength appears fine. This is a replacement phone from Virgin Mobile replacing one that had exactly the same problem. Also, there seems to be a known problem where disconnecting Wi-Fi is required to allow downloading of large text messages or images. Thanks

    1. Hi, Bernie. Try disabling Advanced Calling or HD Voice, and make sure that VoLTE is your preferred data setting.

  125. My phone (until recently) would let me be on a call with someone and use my mobile data at the same time to send pictures or to browse the internet while we spoke even though
    I was not connected to wi-fi. I have unlimited data and it just recently started happening that I get this alert saying mobile data is unavailable while on the call. I don’t know if this has already been addressed in this thread but I don’t have time to go through the entire thing! Did I accidentally change a setting or something??

    1. It could be a settings issue. Make sure you have advanced calling or VoLTE enabled and that your mobile data settings are set to LTE. Hope that solves your problem!

  126. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (6)
    Every now and then my phone will ring, but will not light up or anything. Even when I press the power button or the center button at the bottom, nothing works, I can not see who’s calling and I can’t mute the ring tone. It continuously rings until I take the back cover off and remove the battery. Once I get the battery back in and phone turned back on, there is no “missed call” or anything. It’s starting to do it quite often and I bought the phone in late December so it’s not that old, but still shouldn’t have this defect. It’s very frustrating. Any tips on what could be the issue??

    1. This is a known issue across a number of smartphones. Your best bet is to contact Samsung directly for help.

  127. I reset my phone to factory settings and now it wont sync to my google account or proceed with set up with out doing so. what can i do?

    1. Hi Rich. I need some more information to help. Are you having problems logging into your Google account?

    2. Hello Rich,To verify if your account is synced with your device, please go to Google Dashboard (google.com/dashboard), and sign in with your Google account.Then verify if your phone is listed and it is currently locked out. If it is, then unlock the device with your Google account.If not, then you need to use another Google account to sync with your device.Let me know if that solves your problem!

  128. I bought a Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky as part of a Black Friday special. 🙂 I’ve had it over 6 months. In the last 2 months, however, I have had constant problems with the headphone jack. Often when I connect ear buds or headphones to it (please bear with me here, I’m not good at explaining) the volume can still be heard on the external speakers. If I play a video or music file, regardless of the app, it does this. I have to contsantly jiggle the jack itself until the sound can be heard thru the headphones. I’ve replaced the headphones, the problem persists. Did a factory reset, it still persists. It seems to be sensitive (?) to touch and is really annoying since I listen radio apps a lot. What can/should I do?

    1. Hi, Lynda. This is a hardware problem. Your jack isn’t always detecting that speakers are plugged in. You’ll just need to have your phone serviced.

  129. my screen on my j3just started cracking while I was taking pic then phone went black is there any recall on this phone for this prolem the warty will not cover with out a fee

  130. HI; The wifi in our house is always strong but my Galaxy J3 is giving me problems with several apps; Banking, What’s app, messages etc etc. The only way I am able to access these is to switch off the phone’s wifi and switch it on again.

  131. Hi,There is a Problem in my sensor, the voice of my whats app audios are too low.. my sensor is not working perfectly what should i do

    1. Try recording yourself in your phone’s audio recorder to determine whether it’s a problem with WhatsApp or with your device. This is a known issue for several devices, but unfortunately WhatsApp hasn’t said when they’re fixing it. For some people clearing the app’s cache has helped. Otherwise, you may have luck using an amplifier app like Power Amp to help boost volume.

  132. My galaxy j3 prime said today samsung keyboard stopped working now i have no access to the phone how can i remedy this problem i ntried soft reset removing battery turning it off and on several times and waiting still keyboard will not turn on so i cannot input passwrd so completely cut off from phone.

    1. Hey, Robert! Try clearing the cache of your keyboard app, and if that doesn’t work then clear the app’s data.

  133. i have a galaxy j3…problem is that they will not connect with the hands free in my works van..bluetooth is on…wi-fi is on…was working perfectly,but now keeps coming up with unable to pair…the said vehicle has the bluetooth turned on as it picks up other phones who use said vehicle when i am off…..really infuriating me now….PLEASE HELP……

  134. hi sir i just bought my samsung galaxy j3 1 week ago.i had a problem of shutting down of mobile at the battery % 60. Moreover, app back come to the home screen while i am working on it & my process also gets lost, give me the solutions for overcoming this problem

    1. Hi, Nandhu. Let me make sure I understand your problems. Are you saying that your Samsung is shutting down with 60% battery, randomly going back to the home screen, and not saving your data? Is there anything that could have caused hardware damage to the device, like a drop or contact with liquid?

  135. Recently purchased a Samsung J3 phone. I have used it all over the world, Ex: Thailand/US, China, India, but it will not work in Singapore. The only way I can make calls is using Wi-Fi phone. The signal shows full bars. I had someone else on the AT&T network, different phone, stand beside me and theirs works fine. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi, Christy! Not all phones work in all countries because different countries use different frequencies for their cell and date networks. You can use this guide to compare Singapore’s frequencies to those used in other countries where you’ve been able to use your phone to see if this is the cause of the problem. It’s also possible that your device is in some way location locked, in which case you’ll need to talk to AT&T customer service (Here’s how you can contact them.) to get the lock taken care of. Good luck, and let me know if you need any further help!

  136. A few weeks ago I received a message that my battery could not charge because it was too hot. I turned it off for a while after that it seemed to charge okay. The next week a few weeks ago or receive the message that my battery could not charge because it was too hot. I turned out for a while after that it seem to charge okay. Then next week my phone simply stopped charging. It would only hold at the current percent. If I use the phone it would go down in the next charge rolling hold it at that limit I’m now down to 1%. I even put a new battery in it and it’s drained all the way down now. No Hardware problems were detected. Is this an issue with Samsung or the j3?

    1. Hi, Michael. Overheating can cause damage to all kinds of hardware in your phone. This appears to be the case here. Unfortunately you’ll need to have your phone professionally serviced to have it repaired. Be sure to go through your warranty or insurance before taking your device to alternative repair shop.

    2. Hi, Michael. Overheating can cause damage to all kinds of hardware in your phone. This appears to be the case here. Unfortunately you’ll need to have your phone professionally serviced to have it repaired. Be sure to go through your warranty or insurance before taking your device to an alternative repair shop.

  137. I need to make space on my phone but when i try to delete or move pics it just says failed delete/move. I have a j3 6 and i cant find any information anywhere. Its strange because just afew months I could move and delete for some reason now I can’t. Any tips?

    1. Hi, Dani! Go to Settings -> Apps -> Gallery and clear the cache. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to turn off any sync settings for your photos, then try again. Please let me know if the problem persists.

  138. My Galaxy sky keeps restarting. And it’s not throughout the day. It’s every 2 min or so. And when the lock screen comes up, it tells me my password pattern is wrong even though I know it’s right. It won’t even let me do a hard reset. I tried it and it said “data wipe failed”. I’ve already tried to contact Samsung and they were no help.

  139. I have j3 emerge, my daughter keeps taking MY phone and sneaks out of the house, and she is good about wiping her traces mostly. I caught her in act before I noticed. Can I put a 2nd SIM card in as well to monitor my device?

    1. You cannot put a second SIM card in the J3. The simplest advice I can offer is to simply keep your device on hand or locked up when at home. However, if you want to find out where she’s going, then depending on her tech savviness, a family tracking or parental control app may be the solution.

    2. You cannot put a second SIM card in the J3. The simplest advice I can offer is to simply keep your device on hand or locked up when at home. However, if you want to find out where she’s going, then, depending on her tech savviness, a family tracking or parental control app may be the solution.

  140. Recently started having a problem with some — but not all — incoming calls going to voicemail. At the same time, texts don’t always send immediately and sometimes not at all. These are new issues. Boost CSR did a hard reset, I removed multiple apps and also installed a 16GB SD card (and moved all pics/videos/some apps over to it.)

    Still having problems. Thoughts?

    1. Hi, Grace. This appears to be a signal issue. Are you noticing any issues with data connections or other indicators of unusually low signal?

  141. I’m having issues watching YouTube videos when my phone is playing in full screen. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled and updated the app but the problem is still there. Any ideas?

    1. Hi, Paul! What kind of issues are you having? Lots of things could be the cause, so I’ll need a bit more detail to help you out.

  142. I just purchased a Galaxy J3 I am having a problem with the Mobil data turning on by itself automatically when I shut it off. How can I get it to stay off until I put it on myself?

    1. Hi, Judy. There are a couple common causes for this problem. First, battery saving apps often turn on mobile data because it requires less power than wifi. Second, if auto network switching is enabled in your advanced wifi settings, it can allow data to be turned on to find a stronger internet connection.

  143. I love my Samsung J3. The display shows that I am connected to my wireless router, the first display item is blue. Then I tried to configure wi-fi calling using the display item on the end of that first row. I get this message: – “Enablement Error— We are unable to process your request at this time, please contact your service provided for assistance.” I did call my service provider. They believe that it is my internet service provider’s. Well, everything else connected to my wireless router works just fine. This is important to me since I get very poor reception where I live. Thanks

    1. Hi, Rick. You can try contacting your internet service provider, but your mobile provider should be able to resolve this issue for you. Error messages like this one generally require a change in your account settings by your provider. As an alternative, you could try a VOIP service like Google Hangouts.

  144. Hey
    I have the samsung j3 emerge and my screen keeps going to sleep every 5 seconds if I’m not actively moving. I went into display and put the screen timeout for 30 minutes but it still goes to sleep every 5 seconds
    Is there anything else I can do?

    1. Hi, Erin! Check any battery saver apps you have installed to see if they’re overriding your phone’s settings.

  145. My j3 says no mobile network. I did all those resets…hard or soft. Took the SIM out then put the SIM back in….I’ve done everything necessary to get the signal back still no joy. Please help. Thanks.

  146. it’s google lock phone on a samsung j3. will not let me get into the phone due to
    surcurity issues

  147. Hi I got the model, Samsung Galaxy J3 6. I have had the phone for a year but just started using it, I activated it a month ago. But for two weeks now the phone has barely been usable. There is no water damage, screen damage, battery damage as far as I know, I haven’t dropped it and it doesn’t seem to be overheating either.
    So the phone will have black and white lines appear which freeze the phone, randomly turn black and shut down, the time and date sets to January 1, 2016 7:00 AM when I turn it back on sometimes, static noises coming from the phone when it freezes up even though my phone is on mute, take multiple times to start the phone back up again, when starting it up colors appear on the screen and the words flicker and freeze the phone.
    I have tried clearing cache partition, factory resetting, and booting the phone in safe mode. None have worked so far, since I don’t have the warranty anymore. Is there anyway I can fix it on my own? Or at least figure out what is wrong with it.

  148. So, I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy J3 for almost a year now and after the first 2 weeks after I got it, the home button has been acting up. It will go to the home screen while I’m on any of my apps and even does it when I’m on the another screen page or even in my settings app but I don’t even press the home button. Also, other times it will pull up the google thing that usually pops up when you hold the home button but I never even touch it when it does that. It’s as if something keeps touching that control key except no one presses it. Also, when I even set my phone down and I don’t even touch the phone at all, it will happen then too. Another thing is that it happens at random times each day and not all the time. It happens at least 4 to 20 times everyday. I’ve tried shutting it down for 2 to 3 hours to let it cool down since I thought it might be it heating up but it never works. There is no water damages, the screen is still like new with zero cracks, I haven’t dropped at all, and the battery is perfectly ok as far as I know. I just don’t know how to fix it and I don’t want to get a new phone when money is tight right now and it works great except with it going to the home screen over and over. It gets annoying especially, when I’m watching something or trying to record something or reading something or when you are texting someone. If you know how to fix it, please tell me.

  149. My Samsung j3 won’t pair with anything on Bluetooth. I have devices that any other phone I’ve had has connected with but not this phone

  150. My j3 has started going back on its own until its at the home screen. I tried a factory reset and now cant set my phone back up because of it. It’s like its pressing the back button on its own.

  151. First let say this i ain’t a veteran in the game, but some would say i were a cyber noob. Others like myself would consider the facts analyze that bit of “data” an decide to call me a young adult, aspiring jedi. and i apreciate the knowledge ya’ll came kicking through the posts of this website,however none of the sccenarios pertain to my situation directly. On the i’ve already tried several of these solutions to fix my samsung j3. it powers on , upon booting up but stays stuck on the screen where it moreless promotes the service provider. making my j3 look as it where a miniature bill board. i wouldn’t be tripping if i T-mobile were paying me to advertise that bull shit ass logo. So anyone has any advice on fixing trials of such error or diagnosis on j3 holla back….
    my diagnosis is that it’s an issue due to matter of needing to re-install righteous software cause i do recall installing kali linux ubuntu lollipop OS at an earlier time before then uninstalled it. Needless to say pimps go through this shit from time to time so don’t let that bother you

  152. Hi, I have also Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. My phones display somtime works but sometime it isnt work. I had changed another display but it was same like first one. Can i get some solutions please.

  153. J3 here. Screen is showing a split upside down image that is blurry. I’ve done safe mode, no difference, did a factory reset, no difference.

    I’m clueless

  154. re incoming calls.

    when screen off, incoming calls show on screen

    when screen is on, incoming calls only show in pulldown bar

  155. How do i enable geolocation on a j3? Also, ive read on posts that 1 way to make more rooon your phone, is to uninstall an app & re-install it. I did that & it didnt do anything. When i re-installed, the data & everything went right back to the way it was

  156. When I take a photo with my Samsung A20e, it shows a screen countdown from 10secs to 1sec. Never seen this before. How to get rid of it?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll try to help you as best as I can. But since the article is about Samsung Galaxy J3, and not A20e, do you happen to have any other question about Galaxy J3? I’d be happy to help.

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