Samsung Galaxy S3 problems and troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems And Troubleshooting

All Android smartphones come with certain issues and I’ve never used a phone that was flawless right out of the box. While most of these  software glitches usually go away after a couple of updates, some Android smartphones aren’t even fixed by these software updates.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been around for the past couple of years and while the phone has received several software updates from Samsung, there are still a lot of problems with the device. While these problems might not be a deal breaker for most users, fixing these issues will improve your overall experience.

If you’re tired of facing the same old problems with the Galaxy S3 and a simple reset won’t solve anything, continue reading to find out how you can fix some of the  most common issues on the Galaxy S3. After thorough research, I’ve come up with a list of the most common problems that Galaxy S3 users face. Use this Samsung Galaxy S3 problems and troubleshooting guide to make your experience better.

It’s helpful to download the S3 manual if you plan on troubleshooting your phone. The manual includes additional tips and images to guide you around the phone.

1. Long Charging Time

Some users can’t even wait an hour for their phones to charge completely and when your phone is taking a couple of hours, then I’m sure you’ll be really frustrated. A lot of Galaxy S3 users have been facing this problem, and if your phone is taking over two hours to charge, then there is probably something wrong.


While this problem is quite common amongst Galaxy S3 users, this is unlikely to be a software issue. In order  to fix this, make sure that you’re using an original Samsung charger and micro USB cable that came in the box. If this isn’t the case, then buy an original Samsung charger and micro USB cable. If you’re using a brand new original Samsung charger, then try charging your phone through your laptop. You might also improve charging by checking out battery saver apps.

2. Wi-Fi Connection

This is another common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even if your phone is connecting fine with your wireless internet, your phone might be dropping the connection every few minutes.

Solution 1

Switch your phone off and turn it back on. This might fix the problem if it’s a temporary glitch.

Solution 2

Go to Wi-Fi in the Settings app, tap on Advanced and select Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep. Make sure that this option is set to Always.

s3 wifi

Solution 3

If you’re still facing the problem, then there might be something wrong with your router. You’ll need to configure the settings of your specific router. Try a WiFi booster app as well.

3. Overheating

With the arrival of  the latest premium Android devices, overheating complaints have increased significantly. While the Galaxy S3 doesn’t even have a 1080p HD  display, it is one of the phones that can overheat quite easily after using too many S3 apps or while multitasking too much.

Solution 1

If you’re using the phone all the time without giving it any break, then this might be the sole reason for the overheating problem. In this case, take it easy and try to give your phone some rest after every few minutes.

Solution 2

If the phone is overheating even when you’re not using it, then chances are there might be apps running in the background. Make sure that you uninstall or disable apps that might be running in the background. Also, remove any third-party apps from the multitasking menu and force close apps by going to Applications manager in the Settings app.

Solution 3

If the problem remains, then there might be some hardware issues with your phone. In this case, you’ll either need to use your warranty or get it repaired from your local mobile repair store.

4. Battery Life

Since premium Android smartphones come with power-hungry hardware and software features, they kill battery life. However, the international variant of the Galaxy S3 doesn’t just drain battery when it’s being used, but it also drains a lot of battery while it’s on standby. Some battery apps help with this. If not, try the solutions below.

Solution 1

One of the sources of this problem is Chrome. Open the Chrome app, go to Settings, tap on Developer tools and uncheck the Enable Tilt Scrolling option.

chrome tilt scrolling

Solution 2

If Chrome doesn’t fix this problem, the next source is LTE. Go to More Settings in your Settings app, select Mobile networks, tap on Network mode and disable the LTE option.

Solution 3

If disabling LTE didn’t fix your problem, then Samsung’s bloatware might be draining your battery. Go to the Settings app, tap on Applications manager and disable some irrelevant Samsung apps, such as Samsung Backup and Samsung account.

applications manager

5. Screen Freezing

The Galaxy S3 isn’t a cheap knock-off smartphone, so screen freezing is not justified. However, this is another common issue that a lot of Galaxy S3 users have been facing over the last couple of years. If you find your phone freezing every once in a while, then this is not normal.

Solution 1

Switch your phone off by removing the battery and turn it back on. This solution will work if this problem is temporary.

Solution 2

If you’re still facing this problem, then the next common source is a hardware issue. In this case, you’ll need to use your warranty in order to replace or repair your phone. If your phone is out of warranty, then you’ll need to get it repaired from your local phone repair store.

6. Call And Microphone Issues

Many S3 users complain about call quality. For some users, an update from Samsung fixed the microphone issue, but if you’re still facing this problem, then you should be able to solve the problem manually through one of these solutions.

Solution 1

As this is a software glitch, a factory reset can eliminate this problem. In order to reset your phone, go to Backup and reset in the Settings app, select Factory data reset and tap on Reset device. Make sure that you create a full backup of your device either through your phone’s default backup feature or through a third party app from the Google Play Store before proceeding with the factory reset.

s3 reset

Solution 2

You might also be able to fix this issue by disabling noise reduction. Open the Phone app, press the Menu button, tap on Call settings and select Advanced settings. Disable the Noise reduction option.

7. Lag

People using the latest Android devices consider lag to be a problem of the past as the latest Android phones feature a buttery smooth interface. Premium hardware and software are the reasons why there is almost no lag on the latest Android smartphones. While the Galaxy S3 is relatively old, you shouldn’t face any lag since the device features premium hardware. If you’re facing a lag, then you might need to change your software settings.

Solution 1

If Power saving mode is enabled on your device, it might be the sole reason for the lag. While Power saving can help you save a lot of battery juice, it can affect the performance of your phone as well. Go to Power saving in the Settings app and disable it by turning the toggle from On to Off.

power saving

Solution 2

If you’re facing a lag only when browsing through your home screens, then the S-Voice home button shortcut might be the issue. Open the Settings menu in S-Voice and disable the Open via the home key option.

8. Vibration When Playing Music

While some users haven’t even noticed this problem, others are annoyed by it. If your Galaxy S3 vibrates every time you play music, then there’s a very simple solution.


Go to Sound in the Settings app and disable the Auto haptic option.

auto haptic

9. SMS Force Close

Some users have reported that the stock SMS app keeps forcing closed and crashing. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you type a long message or want to attach a screenshot to your message and the app crashes. There are two possible solutions to this problem.

Solution 1

Use another SMS app, such as Hangouts. Hangouts is an excellent app for text messaging and is the ideal replacement for the stock SMS app. You can download Hangouts through the Google Play Button below.

Download on Google Play

Solution 2

Go to Applications manager in the Settings app, tap on the Messaging app and press the Clear cache button. This might fix the force closing problem in your stock SMS app.

s3 sms

10. Browser Brightness

A lot of users have problems using the stock internet browser on the Galaxy S3. If your browser stays at a lower brightness and gets really dim, you can use either of these solutions.

Solution 1

Go to Settings in the Browser app by pressing the Menu button. You’ll see a brightness  controller. Use it to increase the brightness of the browser.

Solution 2

Use an alternative to the stock browser. Chrome is one of the best browsers currently available for Android and you should definitely consider using it as your default browser.


The Galaxy S3 still has some problems that a lot of users are complaining about. While almost all Android smartphones come with their own problems, the Galaxy S3 has quite a lot of problems that should have been fixed by Samsung through its software updates.

Whether you just bought a new Galaxy S3 or you’ve been using it for a long time, you can easily solve these problems using the solutions mentioned above. The problems above are the most common issues that Galaxy S3 users are currently facing and the solutions should work with most devices. If you feel I’ve left out a major problem with the S3 or if you have any questions about this Samsung Galaxy S3 problems and troubleshooting guide, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

What’s next? Learn how to truly customize your S3, and figure out which S3 accessories are best for you.

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  1. My samsung galaxy s3 doesnt have any memory left, i deleted everything in the galary, i dont have music nothing, its show the space thats left but according to the phone the memory is full. Please give me advice

  2. My phone won’t hold A charge Anymore I plug It In And The Icon Appears but The percentage Of my battery life keeps going down what do I do?

    1. Clara
      Maybe your cable is damaged or your power source is faulty. You can try with a new cable and can use your PC to check if power source is the issue. In the end, you might want to try a factory reset.

  3. The camera on my phone is not working at all it keeps telling me camera failed and also when I try to use my flashlight app it’s telling me that the LED is being used by another app and the LED is not lit up this phone has been nothing but a $300.00 PAIN IN THE ASS IT IS A PISS POOR EXCUSE OF A PHONE WITH SO MANY ISSUES I AM THINKING ABOUT ASKING SAMSUNG FOR A FULL MONETARY REIMBURSEMENT

    1. Dennis, Have you tried clearing cache in the camera app? You can also try a factory reset. If it doesn’t work, then you should send it to Samsung.

  4. I’ve had my Galaxy S3 for 21 months now on contract and the contract will NOT be renewed. I’ve found the phone to be glitchy – constantly freezing ( several times an hour) it has been repaired once but it is as bad as ever.
    I now need to choose a new phone and my question is about the newer Galaxy phones. Have they experienced the same freezing issue or has the problem been fixed? Also having Samsung bloatware on the phone is really annoying. Can it be got rid of safely?

    I hope you can help

    1. I believe the problem is not present in most phones. You can send it to Samsung under warranty. To remove bloatware, you’ll need to root your phone first.

  5. When I switched on the phone, it opens but after 2-3 seconds the screen turns off and pressing the power and home button doesn’t do anything. Then I have to hold the power button or remove the battery and insert it to switch on the phone but same thing happens. Please help me with this problem..

  6. My phone will be 100% changed then my phone start flicking freezes then has no signal then turns it self of then back on again then battery say 50% or less please help it getting worse

  7. I just bought my son another samsung galaxy s3. He broke his first one so I just transfered his number and account to the new one. He has had nothing but troubles with it. He can make calls and txt, this is it. He can’t even get on internet or playstore. We have cleared, wiped clean, restored… please help me. I’m a frustrated mom!

    1. Charlene
      What happens when you open up other apps? This is a strange issue. I think this happens to very few faulty devices.

  8. I can see old texts on messaging on my phone. But I am unable to see what I have texted today. I can’t tell if it was sent or not.

    1. Sabrina
      I can’t understand the question. When you send a message, you can’t see it? You can try resetting your phone. You can also try an app like handcent SMS from the play store.

  9. The view on my phone has suddenly this morning changed to look like a negative picture.
    I’ve restarted and removed the battery – the view was then as per normal for a few seconds when it switched to this “negative” view again.
    If I open anything it has this view.
    Hope you can assist.

  10. Hi, I found your tips rather helpful however I didn’t found a solution for my problem, I have the auto brightness off and also the saving battery is off too, however from time to time when I use the phone, as in unlock it and that the brightness has dimmed on its own, I have searched and have done almost everything that people advice having the battery saving off and so on but it keeps happening. I was hoping that you could help me.

    Thank you.

    1. Patricia,
      Sounds like auto brightness is on. But maybe it’s something with the wallpaper? Like maybe the wallpaper is less bright? Also, try resetting your phone. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi again, no the auto brightness is off, I ticked it off on the drop down menu, the wallpaper was mad by me and is bright and that’s how I always notice when the brightness dims on its own, it happened again today.

        Is reset everything the only solution?

        1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 I have no games. I turned off my phone to change at night I never move it or touch it. It said its 100 percent and I turn my phone on after school at its said its at 45 percent. I never used it at school. Can you help me.?

          1. Hi Zarra,
            Sound like battery issues and getting a new one might fix it. Let me know if that fixes it. =-)

      2. Auto brightness is off I checked on settings and on the drop down menu, the wallpaper is bright actually that’s how I notice when it dims on its own, I made it myself.

        So the only solution will be to reset the device completely?

        Thank you once again

  11. I purchased a Galaxy 3 in September 2014 and have had problems of it not keeping its charge. I put in a new battery which hasn’t helped the situation. Yesterday I made 3 telephone calls, no texting, no nothing, yet today the battery is critical low! I’ve tried ti disable programs as advised on the website, however the phone still gives me trouble.

  12. I have two Problem:
    1- I can’t hear the caller, although the caller hears ringing sound.
    2- I can’t receive sms.

  13. my samsung s3 mobile automatically shows dispaly as soon as i put battery in but reamin on dispalyin samsung but never power on plzz help me

  14. Hi Dani 🙂 My phone has a problem when i try to connect it to a multipurpose cable of another music device or to a music columns. It suddenly start restarting until i plug it out. It works properly only with its samsung handsets.

  15. Screen Mirror

    I have had a Samsung Galaxy SIII for almost 3 years. I bought a Samsung Smart TV this past January. One of the mian reasons for buyign this TV was for the Screen Mirroring feature. The feature worked for about a week but not as well as it should. I say this only because the screen mirroring was disabled after I hit the home button. I have tested the feature on other devices in some stores and the connection stayed strong even after I hit the home button.

    After the initial week, I can no longer get my phone to screen mirror to my TV. I took the phone to the Samsung people in Best Buy where they did a software reset after which I was able to screen mirror mt phone to their floor display TV. I went home and tried it on my TV and still didnt work. The TV recognizes the phone but the connection times out.

    I did a factory reset on the TV, problem still occurs. Got a new TV, still no luck. Changed the firewall settings on my router, no luck. Spoke to Samsung, they said I did everything that they would have told me to do.

    Am I the only person in the world with this problem??? I wish I had another device to try on the TV but I don’t. Live alone in a new city and everyone I know here have iPhones.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Daniel,
      Sorry to hear this. Unlucky!
      If Samsung can’t help you, then I think there’s no solution for this.

  16. A good page for s3 users. I haven’t had trouble til recently and it’s more of an annoyance. The text message app that came with my phone shows 1 message, I’ve turned phone off then back on and it still shows I have a text message but I don’t. Help if you can please.

    1. Lisa,
      Thanks. The best thing would be to use a third party messaging app instead of the stock app. You can also try resetting your phone.

  17. Hi. Please help. I turned my brand new phone on today and in the process all of the sudden the screen went green. At one point it went back to regular .. now its green again. Please help its my first nice phone and ive already broken it.

  18. Hi Dani !
    My problem is that when the heatness of my S3 reachs 35 c the screen starts to go up and down and the phone turns itself off and on then it gets stuck on the samsungs logo untill i plug it in in the charger. Please help
    Thanks in advance

  19. my phone barely makes it to the samsung galaxy s3 start up then 5 seconds after it cuts off.What could be the problem?

    1. Natalee
      Try a factory reset using the recovery menu. If your phone doesn’t boot into recovery, then it could be a hardware issue and you’ll need to get it repaired.

  20. Whenever I play Bagelcode’s Party Slots on my Tracfone model Samsung Galaxy S3, I have to turn the phone off and back on even though I manually close it and clear the RAM, otherwise I get a force close error about 20-30 minutes later saying “Sorry, Party Slots has closed” and when I have forgotten to do that, the force close error has cause other game or utility apps I was using, including Chrome, to freeze up, almost like a cascade failure.

    1. John,
      Sounds like there’s something wrong with the game. Try clearing cache of the app by going to app manager in settings.

  21. facebook app not working in my galaxy s3. i can open facebook via browser. i restored my phone reinstalled facebook but not working. give me error. plz help me

    1. Ahmad,
      What happens when you open it? Try clearing data and cache of the facebook app by going to app manager in settings.

  22. My phone got overheated (I was baking and the kitchen was REALLY hot that day). Something popped up and said your device is overheated and I kinda skimmed the sentence that said you can only use blank blank and blaNk. I sorta freaked out and turned my phone off and took the battery out and put it in the other room away from the heat. An hour or two lster, I put it back together and started charging it. Maybe an hour after that, I turned it on and it wouldn’t let me send or recieve texts or use the internet I would get the notification but I couldn’t read or respond to anything . I restarted it maybe twice. It’s still not letting me use the internet or text.
    Please helppp!

  23. My phone galaxy s3 displays no service selected network not available and it is emergency calls only but the button signal is full. I knew my battery in bad state but there was no connection problem. I put another used battery, no change. It was at 54% then the screen started freezing, the phone shut down. I recharged it when I restarted it there was no connection to network. When I call my number with another phone it seems to be on network (i hear the internal sound as if there was no problem ) but it my phone does not feel the call. Help please. Thank you

    1. Justine,
      Did you try using another sim card? If you’re facing the same problem, then you might noeed to perform a factory reset. If a reset doesn’t work as well, then you’ll probably need to get your phone repaired.

  24. I have a Samsung galaxy S3 it ask me to update adobe and when I pressed update it gave me a screen with message403 forbidden nginx/1.2.1 whats going on with the phone

  25. When I open hardwre seting the dimming light is turn of when I pree them bt when I press them again they cant bright wt can I do

  26. hey
    i Having a Problm In My S3…
    an Error while Downloading voice msg..
    its a notification cuming on screen again and again please tell me how to solve it

    1. The problem might be related to Viber. Go to Calls and messages in Viber’s settings and select Clear message history. You can also try uninstalling the app and then installing it back.

  27. Hey
    i having a Problm in My S3
    Same Message Cuming Again and Again on Screen…
    An Error Has Occured While Downloading the Voice Message Please try Again..
    please tell me How to solve it and frOm where its come

  28. on my Samsung galaxy s3 I cannot use the keyboard and it will not let me change from google voice typing. can u help me change that because nothing else on google and you tube can help me!!!

      1. On my samsung galaxy 3 tablet the keyboard won’t show up so I can’t connect to the Internet and I tried clearing the cache but it won’t? It keeps saying Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped. So now I can’t do anything on it. Please help. Thanks

  29. Hello,

    can you guys please help me?

    my s3 has a really soft sound when i use the microphone. When I listen after the recording. I almost can’t hear myself. please help me!!

  30. My phone does not turn on fully. It stays on Samsung !! I took my battery out and let it cool down, for a full day nothing happened. I have important calls to get to and I cannot because my phone acting up. ????

    1. Hi, try booting into recovery by holding the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons while booting up. Once in recovery, perform a factory reset by selecting the wipe data/factory reset option. If a reset doesn’t work, then you’ll probably need to get phone repaired.

  31. My husband has the s3 and for some reason it eats chargers. The power adapter always works but after using the cord that goes from phone into power adapter for a few charges then the cord no longer works. Why might this be happening?

    1. Hi
      Do you have any more information for us to work with?
      What had happened before it wouldn’t turn on?

  32. My camera on the S3 has some issues. Whenever it tries to improve the quality, it suddenly goes back to a low quality picture. I can only make it somewhat hd by shaking it as it is improving the quality. Ang the weird thing is, my selfie camera works just fine!

  33. Received a text message with photo attached. There was a dialog box, attached where the photo should be, and it said download. When I did this the download dialog continued to show “downloading” but never downloaded photo. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  34. Even after it’s been on charge for yonkies, my (previously ultra reliable loooong life battery) samsung GT19305T now does a bit of a wobbly flashy thing at exactly 73% battery and goes kaput …dead. At this point, I plug it back into laptop or mains to recharge, the battery picky immediately comes up on the screen, showing the battery as 3/4 green. Within a couple of minutes from plug in, I can turn the phone on, it boots no worries, it works no worries, it shows 80% battery on the top right hand corner icon. Sadly, I now have a dumb smart phone. It lasts all of aw, 20 mins off a charger : (

    Do I just need a new battery? I’ve had my phone for two years plus and never replaced the battery issued with the legitimately purchased from authorised seller, phone.

    Thanks for any help : )

    1. Hi Lee,
      Yes, It sounds like a battery issue. Get a new one and let me know if that fixed the issue. Thanks for commenting.

  35. My S3 has started to load random websites when I unlock the phone or open most of the apps. What could the cause be?

  36. Hello,

    I am having trouble screen mirroring my s3 to my Samsung Smart TV. I keep getting an error message saying failed to connect via screen mirroring. I have done it before with the same phone and TV and it worked. I have searched the internet and a lot of them keep saying you need to download a root explore app and or set to factory mode which I don’t want to have to do. I also noticed that its the s4 with the new update that are having this problem. I cant seem to find a solution for s3 with Android version 4.4.2. Please help me.

    1. Hi Stacee,
      Maybe a cable you were using was faulty. Sounds like a possibility since you said it worked once, but not the second. Maybe replacing them will fix the issue. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Hi Stacee, I am having the *exact* same problem. Screen mirroring used to work with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Smart TV, but now it doesn’t. Same error message too. I can’t find a solution either. Please let me know you find one.

          1. Yes, I followed the steps to connect wirelessly on my 2014 Samsung LED65 TV. It used to work, now it doesn’t.

          2. Hi Diana,
            If it worked before and all of a sudden it doesn´t, the first thing that came to my mind was the WiFi settings, Have they been changed? =-)

  37. I recently purchased a new radio for my Saturn Ion and a Samsung G4 and when I attach the two aux inputs together the music from the car stereo continues and I cant listen to the programs on my smartphone. I have tried various cables but no success. Any suggestions?

  38. Actually i ahve a Samsung Galaxcy S3 Mobile and last Tuesday it was working well until its started giving problem. There was only one issue and it was the battery charging as i kept it for charging for 8hr but it couldnt charge fully. Day time we took many photos and video by it evening when i was chating through whats app the screen started fleakering and after 10 min the display stuck and showing “SAMSUNG GT-9300” on its display . After this i kept it for charging for 24 Hr and then started it but found it showing the battery is full (Green Indicator of battrey) and then the screen was showing the same start up logo and not switching to the main screen. I removed the battery servel time and fixed it but the same problem was repeated every time. I did all type of work on it as per advised in the Android Forum but still its showing the same problem.

    What should i do? Is it Hardware problem or Software ? Beleive me i did every thing which is suggested to do after this type of problem happens? I dont want to loose this Galaxcy s3 phone and want to bring back in its normal position any how. please advise.

    1. Hi Vinod,
      A bad battery has been known to cause screen flickering. The battery not charging fully also sounds like a battery problem. It is possible that something else internally is wrong with the phone but trying a different battery is a good place to start. Hope this helps and please keep me updated on this.

  39. Please give me the Guide lines for to solve the screen stuck on Samsung LOGO problem. I have a Samsung Galaxcy S3 GI9300 Model Phone.

  40. I replaced the Battery with new one and charged it fully. As per advised on net for such type of problem needed flashing? I press the Volume down key+Home Key+Power Key for few second and then found a different display on the screen . Then i press Volume Up button and found the android symbol which is green showing on display. As per suggestion found on net for this i downloaded ODIN 3.07 on my PC. Again as per advised i tried to down load XXUGNA5 firmware on pc but i couldn’t found it on the net. Can u give me the link to download it. Also i want the complete procedure to flash Samsung S3 mobile through ODIN and XXUGNA5 firmware. Please guide me in details.

      1. Hi, thanks for replying. No, I didn’t drop it. I noticed it when I switched from Sprint service to Straight Talk.

  41. Hello,
    I’ve been having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 since the last update where I am unable to use my Settings. Every time I tried to access something in the Settings, it would display a message that reads ‘Unfortunately, Settings has stopped working.’ I’ve tried a factory reset and it still does not work. I’m now stuck at a Welcome screen and I can see that my data is working again. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. Hi Krissi,
      Let me do some research and see what I can find, but can you tell me what carrier you have and what variant of the S3 it is you have?

    2. Hi Krissi,
      First, determine if it was a third-party app that’s causing the problem. To do it, you need to boot your phone into Safe Mode so that third-party apps won’t intervene with the Android’s operations. Maybe an app was affected in the update.

      Now, try to open Settings and wait to see if it crashes again. If it won’t, then you already know that the problem is not with the stock apps. If you can recall the apps you recently installed before the problem occurred, try to uninstall them and then boot to Normal Mode. Launch Settings and wait to see if it crashes. Please let me know how this works out for you.

  42. I’ve been having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 since the last update how to fix unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped

  43. I have been having problem with my Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini. Since a month now. i have been getting several error on the screen expecially when i turn on the internet. like “unfortunately time service has stopped, Unfortunately security plugin has stopped,”. They just pops up., engriks and konga is currently installed on my phone . I have uninstall but everytime i put on the internet it install itself. These errors crashes my apps, freezes my phone. crashes my whatsapp, instagram, camera, ucweb infact all the app on the phone.
    I have boot the phone on safe mode but problem still continues. no changes. Please what do you think i can do?

    1. Hi Zykeem,
      Has your phone´s battery been giving you any other problems or is it just that it turns off by itself? =-)

    1. Hi Jenelle,
      Did this start happening after you downloaded an app? If so, try uninstalling it and see if everything goes back to normal. =-) Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi Jenelle,
      Not necessarily. Sometimes we just need to make a few adjustments to our phone settings to get the battery to cool down. I also have an S3 and I personally use Cool Master when I notice my phone overheating. Hope it helps you too.

      1.Use of data network for browsing for long period should not be there
      2.Turn off the wifi and Bluetooth options if not use
      3.Turn off the GPS if not using.
      4.Keep brightness as low as possible during night and if possible, during day to minimise battery drainage
      5.Avoid using app which keep Ram very busy.
      6.Avoid using download for a long time.
      If you follow these steps am sure you will find a difference.

      I hope this helps. =-)

  44. I bought my S3 from Tanga. It appears to be new, although FreedomPop says it has been refurbished. I’ve used it for several months now, but it has developed a problem. Any advice? The problem: When I first power up the phone, it recycles several times , before I get the Home screen to appear. I know that this is unusual, as a phone should only go from the FreedomPop ID screen to the Home screen once.

    1. Hi There,
      Thanks for the suggestion, but the person that created the guide says to do it at your own risk and that they don´t know a lot about circuitry. Have you tried the guide? =-)

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