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8 Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is one of the most rugged and sturdy smartphones to be released in recent times. It’s a shame the Samsung is not continuing that trend with their latest flagships, and so if you need a purposefully strong device, you’ll have to do outdated specs. This article will be listing some of the most common Samsung Galaxy S5 Active problems and troubleshooting so that you will be easily able to identify and solve them.

The 5.1-inch smartphone was released back in 2014 and still is one of the best outdoor smartphones ever made. The rugged body and IP 67 certified rating meant that the smartphone became quite popular with those who worked outdoors. The full HD Super AMOLED screen is bright enough to be easily visible in direct sunlight, something a lot of outdoor workmen appreciated. This article is all about Samsung Galaxy S5 Active problems and troubleshooting so without further talk, let’s start with the problems and their solutions.

Problem 1 – Galaxy S5 Active Not Turning On

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is not turning on their might be several reasons of that to be happening. Let’s start with a few common ones and their solutions.

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  1. If your smartphone is not turning on, it can be a result of a battery not being inserted with the right way. Have the back panel opened and check to see if the battery connectors are correctly placed or not. I recommend simply taking the battery out and firmly putting it back in the place.
  2. Another reason might be your battery is completely dead. Even if you are not using your smartphone actively, the battery would have drained to a complete zero. Plug in the charger cable and wait for a little while. After the phone has sufficient charge, the display will turn on, and you can use the phone.
  3. Even after trying all those steps, the smartphone is not turning on then this means your phone is physically damaged. It’s quite obvious that you have to take it to a certified technician to take a look at the internal hardware of the device.

Problem 2 – Speaker Not Working

A lot of Samsung Galaxy S5 Active users have reported that the smartphone is giving muddled sound from the speaker. Some users have reported that the speaker is not working out right. There can be several reasons for this, let’s try to find a solution for this predicament.

Speaker - s5 active
  1. One of the most common reasons for not hearing anything is as you have accidentally set the volume to zero. All you need to do is push the volume up button and you’ll start hearing sound from the speaker. I know, this is a very simple error a person can make but it is worth a try.
  2. Another reason might be that your headphones are plugged in. The smartphone automatically cuts of the sound emitting from the speaker of the device when headphones are plugged in the port. Over time, dust and grime in the headphone jack can emulate the insertion of headphones. Make sure that the board is clear of all debris. The usual culprit is a tissue paper that is washed in your jeans and get stuck into the port.
  3. I’ve seen a lot of people use phone charms with their smartphones. Some of the charms use the headphone jack as well. Make sure that you don’t have any charm installed on your smartphone.
  4. The last reason might be that the speaker is broken. You can try to reboot the smartphone by turning it off and removing the battery. Then inserting it back in and turning the phone on but if the speaker is still not working, you’ll need to take it to a hardware technician.

Problem 3 – Cannot Make Phone Calls

Some users have reported that the phone is working normally but it cannot make any calls. There can be several reasons for this problem to occur.

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  1. One of the most basic reasons is that your phone is in airplane mode. Disable the airplane mode and you’ll start receiving and making phone calls.
  2. You might be an area where cell phone coverage is not that great. If you have no service signal, it means that you won’t be able to make any phone calls.
  3. Turn off the smartphone and take out the SIM card from the tray. See if it is in bad shape or has carbon on it, you can know that by its slight discoloration towards black. If the SIM card is in perfect condition, insert it back in firmly and securely. See if that helps.
  4. The last reason might be that the cellular antenna has gone bad. You’ll have to see it technician for that.

Problem 4 – Home Button Not Working Properly

Some people have reported that their smartphone’s home button is not working properly. It either doesn’t even work or opens “Ok Google”.

home button - S5 active
  1. This can happen if your smart phone has been wet for a long period of time. I recommend that you let it dry out, turn off the phone and use a hairdryer to evaporate the moisture.
  2. This can also happen if the bottom has been damaged in some way and is being pressed twice when pressed. It can only be solved by hardware technician.

Problem 5 – Touchscreen Is Not Working

There have been reports of the touchscreen not working on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. There can be several reasons for this behavior, let’s see if we find a solution for your problem.

touch screen - s5 active
  1. The screen can be immensely dirty with water or grease. A thin lane of Greece can wreak havoc on your touchscreen. I recommend using a microfiber cloth and rigorously wiping the screen.
  2. If your hands are wet, the smartphone may face trouble in recognizing your touch. Make sure you have dry hands before operation.
  3. Some people wear gloves in the winter and when the try using the smartphone, we found out that it cannot be used. Either use specialized gloves that allow you to use your smartphone or use the cheaper route, and remove the gloves.
  4. This problem can also arise when screen is broken, you won’t see any visible cracks but the digitizer beneath the glass can be damaged. Unfortunately, you’ll have to replace the screen completely in this scenario.

Problem 6 – MicroSD Card Not Working

You have inserted the microSD card in the proper slot but it is not being detected by the phone. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Make sure that you’ve inserted the card directly into the port. In order to do that, take it back out and see if the orientation matches the little icon just next to the card slot.
  2. It can also happen when the card is not properly formatted. Format the card by using a card reader with your PC. Then try again.
  3. MicroSD cards are fragile and can easily be broken. Check your card with another device to ensure that it is not out of commission.

Problem 7 – The Smartphone Is Not Charging

You’ve attached your smartphone to a charger but it is not charging. A lot of users have complained about extremely slow charging as well.

charging - S5 active
  1. Slow charging may happen when you have connected your smartphone to a PCs USB 2.0 port. You need to connect the smartphone to a USB 3.0 charging port on a PC to ensure that it is getting charged at full speed. A lot of PCs these days feature a USB 3.0 port but if yours doesn’t come with it, it would be better to similar charge it with a dedicated charger.
  2. A damaged charger can result in the smartphone not getting charged at all. It is also highly dangerous to use a damaged charger. Use a new charger to see if there is any difference.
  3. If the charging cable is itself damaged, it may lead to no charging or slow charging. If you have a cat or a dog that likes to nibble around, they may have damaged your charging cable. Try charging with a new cable.
  4. Sometimes people use third-party chargers that are not capable of delivering proper voltages. You need to purchase a quality made Samsung first party charger. There are a lot of counterfeit Chinese chargers available in the market; you need to be conscious of them.
  5. If you charging port is damaged, the phone may face no or slow charging. There is nothing we can do except taking it to the hardware technician.
  6. If there is no battery in your smart phone or it is completely dead, the smartphone may not get charged. You’ll need to buy a replacement battery.

Problem 8 – The Camera Is Unresponsive

Some people have reported that the camera application shutdowns immediately or doesn’t properly operate the camera.

camera - s5 active
  1. This is a known issue where a pop up appears saying “Warning: Camera Failed”. There is no available solution for this yet but Samsung knew about the issue and promised to replace any smartphone that had this problem. If your smartphone is still in warranty, there is a very slim chance of it though; you can get a replacement smartphone.
  2. If you dropped your smartphone from a considerable height, there was a chance that the camera is now broken and needs to be replaced.
  3. If the camera app is crashing randomly or especially when you start making a video, you can do a simple reboot of the smartphone to avoid this problem.
  4. If the camera app is unresponsive, try using one of the best camera apps for Android and see if the problem persists.


These were a few major Samsung Galaxy S5 Active problems and troubleshooting. I hope that this article may have helped you in solving one of these problems. The smartphone is an aging one, and I recommend that you upgrade as soon as you can.

If you have any different problem than the ones I’ve listed, feel free to talk to me in the comments, I’ll be sure to reply back.

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    1. Hi Rhonda,
      Thank you and I am glad that you like our information. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon. =-)

  1. I did a factory reset on mine i forgot the password to my Samsung account, and they locked my phone. i have no clue to get it fix it, i been to 2 different Sprints and it seems they have no clue,either did Sansung when i called. Anyone have any information on how to fix this?

    1. Hi Shaggy,
      You can go to the Samsung site of the country you are and right below the box where you would enter your password, you should see the words, ¨Forgot your password?¨ Click on that and it will ask you for your Email address and then they will send you a code you will need to introduce. After that, they should either send you a temporary password or let you set up a new one. This is the site if you are in the US. Hope this helps, let me know how it works out for you. =-)


    2. My Galaxy S5 Active still often goes off even after I bought a new battery for it.
      The battery percentage reduces a a very fast rate when I’m using apps that require data, like… in 10 minutes, it loses about 80%.

      What could be the possible cause?

  2. My s5 recent apps key seems to go on its own when I am making calls or receive a message. I cannot use the phone. Could it be the digitizer many thanks for help as it’s driving me crazy.

    1. are you using a screen protector of any kind or a case? If so, try and remove them to see if that helps.

  3. I have a galaxy s5 active. I’ve used it for almost a year. I picked it up the other day to use it and it wouldn’t send msg or call oyt. I realized it read NO SIM CARD.
    U checked n the sim card was there and was properly placed.
    I took it out reinsert ed it powered phone back on and still the phone was the same
    I contacted provider n they sent me a new sim card and I put it in the phone and it says the same thing. NO SIM CARD.
    WHAT DO I DO??

    1. Try blowing some air in there to clear out anything that might be there and try wedging some paper in there. You can also try putting a piece of tape on the back of the sim card, about 3 – 5 layers will do. It thickens it up and wedges it in place. If the problem persists just remove it and take the handset back to your provider.

  4. My phone just started randomly turning off and then not turning back on or sometimes when it does turn back on it gets stuck alternating between black screen and the Samsung Galaxy 5 logo screen and vibrates as it switches from one to the other. If I take out the battery for a little while and then put it back in that sometimes works to get it to start back up properly. I also noticed that the on/off button sometimes can trigger the phone to shut down when pressed and not in the way to actually turn the phone on/off. The battery isn’t bulging at all and the phone still takes a charge. Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Thanks.

    1. The first place to look is the case or cover if you have one on it. Next would be if you rooted it. Another possibility is the phone was dropped or has moisture damage. I know the phone is supposed to be resistant to both, but it can happen.

      Another possibility is something going on with an app. Try boot into safe mode to eliminate these as a possibility.

  5. My Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is temporarily freezing up and unfreezing. When texting it will freeze while I’m typing 3 or 4 letters and will resume with all the letters I just typed while it was frozen. When listening to a song on bluetooth devices, it will pause for a few seconds, as if I muted it, and then resume while the song continued playing. Also, after swiping to call or to text there is a delay. Do you know what has plagued my phone?!!!!

    1. Check your phone’s RAM and storage. These are the two primary causes for device lag like what you’re describing. It may just be that you need a general clean up, but you also may have a few apps that are really hogging your phone’s infrastructure. You will also want to check for apps running in the background.

  6. I have a S5 active. The phone provider is AT&T. It was an unlocked phone to use on other carriers. A screen pop’s up saying “Process System not responding”. I’m having problems clearing it. What might be the problem. Not sure if maybe the AT&T system in the phone and the Metro PCS carrier I’m using. If they are not compatible causing the phone to show that error message.

    1. Hi, Randy. This error is usually the result of low RAM causing a crash. Regain some of your used RAM by emptying caches and shutting down apps running in the background.

  7. Phone screen flashing when charging and when not in use. Flickering might be a better word for it . galaxy s 5 active.

    1. Hi, Rita! First wipe your phone’s cache to eliminate any corrupt data. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you should then boot your phone in safe mode to see if it’s caused by an app. If the flickering stops, delete any app installed around the time the flickering started and reinstall them one by one to see which causes the flickering. If the flickering continues, backup any data on your phone and attempt a factory reset. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, it’s a hardware issue and you will need to have your phone serviced. Good luck!

  8. s5 active. does not turn on. just goes from black screen tos5 logo. I saw the 3 recommendations above but still does the same thing. The phone was reset to factory settings and since then, does not work

    1. Hi, Junior. If your phone stopped working immediately after the reset, an additional reset should be able to fix it. Most likely the boot software did not reinstall properly after the reset.

    1. Hi, Edith. Does your screen only ever display gray or does this only occur sometimes? If the latter, how often and are you able to notice any sort of pattern in when the screen turns gray? Answering these questions will allow me to be more efficient and effective in troubleshooting your issue. Thanks!

  9. Friend has a S5active. It shows multimedia messages but there isn’t any. What does she need to do to fix this. It shows 3 messages this morning but there are no messages. She even ask the people the messages came from and they said they never sent a messsge.

    1. Hi Sandra. Do you mean that it’s showing notifications for mms messages, but when she goes into her inbox there aren’t any? Is she receiving group messages? These are typically configured the same way as multimedia messages. If not, it would be wise for her to run a virus scan.

  10. I bought an S5 active from Amazon. I use gmail and last week the phone is not letting me use the reply to message. It just says loading messages. If I hit back arrow then the loading messages goes away but you cannot send or cancel or save. All those icons say loading messages. I can however save as a draft but it still will not send.

  11. my phone overheated today while traveling and using google maps, now it won’t reboot or turn off. I had to remove the battery so it would quit trying to reboot.


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