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18 Samsung Gear S3 Watch Faces for Every Occasion

The best thing about the Samsung Gear S3, be it Frontier or Classic, is the almost unlimited supply of watch faces to choose from.

If you’re going to a formal event, you can load up your classic style watch faces. For working out, you can load sporty watch faces that shows your heart rate, calories burnt, and the number of steps. Or maybe you just want to relax and play some games? Yep, there are watch faces for that, too.

However, with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

Well, we made that simple for you. To narrow down your list, we compiled the best Samsung Gear S3 watch faces that you can get for every single event or occasion\

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The Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Faces for Every Occasion

We divided the best watch faces that into three categories: Classic, Sporty, and Fun. Each category will have three paid-for and free watch faces. All of the prices that will be mentioned are as of 07/03/2019 and may vary over time.

Classic Watch Faces

First, and our personal favorite, the Classic-themed watch faces.

These skins are, as you already know, best for formal gatherings like weddings, office events, corporate meetings, and a whole lot more.

1. The Gentleman – $0.99

a blue watch face with a classic design
Classic Blue Gentleman Watch Face

This classic style watch face is created by BERGEN, one of the top sellers of watch face themes for Samsung smartwatches.

The Gentleman also works for the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic. Its functions include the 12-hour Mode, day-date-and-month, step percentage, and battery level.

You can get The Gentleman from the Galaxy Store.

2. Dijon Gold – Free

a black and bronze watch face with a classic design
Black and Bronze Classic Watch Face

This classy and modern design is created by Peter Krisán. The image above shows a different smartwatch, however, it is very much compatible with the Gear S3 and other Samsung smartwatches.

The Dijon Gold features an analog-style watch, and it shows the date and the current battery life of your smartwatch.

You can get the Dijon Gold watch face from

3. WWC Schaffhausen Portofino – $1.99

a white and gold watch face with a classic design
Classic White and Gold Watch Face

For a sleek and elegant style, the WWC Schaffhausen Portofino is perfect for any black and white suit that you can find.

This watch face features an analog display, with a white backdrop and gold accents. If you’re worried about your battery life because of the light theme, the WWC Schaffhausen Portofino changes the background to black in AOD mode to save battery life.

The WWC Schaffhausen Portofino is available at the Samsung Gear app.

4. Millenium Black – Free

a black and white watch face with a classic style
Classic Black Watch Face

The Millenium Black is designed by GAUSS, one of the best watchmakers in Germany that also creates smartwatch faces.

This watch face features a 12/24-hour format, analog clock, digital clock, today’s date, battery life, weather, and the number of steps. GAUSS himself recommends looking at the dim-mode for a unique experience.

Get the Millenium Black for free on today.

5. Classic G – $0.99

four watch faces with different colors
Classic Style Double-tap Color Change Watch Face

The Classic G is one of the newest creations of SamWatch, another one of the top creators of watch faces for Samsung smartwatches.

What’s great about the Classic G is its color change option. By double tapping the screen of your Gear S3, you can choose from seven different colors, including black, maroon, dark green, navy blue, cream, rose gold, and white.

You can purchase the Classic G at the Galaxy Store.

6. White Purity – Free

a white watch face with a classic style
White and Silver Classic Watch Face

If there’s any color that screams elegance, that’s white. So, what better way to get that classic and elegant style than with White Purity?

This watch face is created by GRR, one of the premium creators of smartwatch faces on The White Purity features an analog design with the date, battery life, and your number of steps in the home screen.

Check out the White Purity on and get it for free!

Sporty Watch Faces

It’s important to have the basic features of a typical sports watch incorporated into your watch face. Often, the screen should show at least your current number of steps, the time, and current weather conditions – which was how these watch faces were chosen

1. Nike+ Round – Free

a black and white digital watch face
Black and White Nike Sports Watch Face

Nothing says sporty like a good Nike watch, right?

However, the Nike+ Round isn’t an official watch face created by Nike. If it were, we highly doubt that it would be free. Don’t worry, though! The Nike+ Round has all the features that you need for a good run.

It has a digital display with a 12/24 hour format options, and it shows the date, battery life, weather, and the number of steps.

You can get the Nike+ Round on for free today!

2. Health Monitor Azure [Animated] – $2.03

a blue watch face for sports
Fully Animated Sports Watch Face

As expected, sports-themed watch faces are a tad more pricey compared to other designs, and for good reason.

The Health Monitor Azure is created by FRISS, a top seller of health and fitness watch faces. It features the heart rate monitor, steps count, your steps goal, burned calories, water intake, battery life, and more — all on the home screen.

So, if you’re looking for a watch face to put on when you’re going for a full body workout, get the Health Monitor Azure at the Galaxy Store now!

3. HT-01 Sport – Free

a black and red analog watch face
Analog Black and Red Sports Watch Face

This sporty watch face is created by DT Watch Faces, another premium creator on

The HT-01 Sport provides an option for an analog or digital display. Meanwhile, the home screen shows your watch and phone battery levels, the current temperature and weather conditions, humidity percentage, steps count, heart rate, and more.

All of its features are great for working out outdoors, especially when you want to be updated with both the weather conditions and your current performance.

Check out the HT-01 Sport on and download it for free!

4. DIVE GT-X30 – $2.03

a black and green watch face
Army Style Sports Watch Face

The Dive GT-X30 is created by one of the top aviation-themed watch face creators, MIMIX. The Dive GT-X30 is the military edition of MIMIX, but its features can make it a great performing sports watch face.

Featured on the watch face are the step percent information, moon phase information, battery percent, burned calories, heart rate, and a whole lot more. This watch face also boasts five index color changes.

If you want to get this cool Dive GT-X30, just visit the Galaxy Store and get it for $2.03.

5. DT-03 Sport – Free

a digital sports watch face
DT Digital Sports Style Watch Face

We have another one from DT Watch Faces here!

The DT-03 Sport is specifically designed for sports use, featuring a heart rate monitor, steps count, steps goal, distance traveled, and more.

The awesome thing about this watch face is that when you reach your steps goal, the status bar will turn green to notify you that you’ve reached your target step count. Not to mention, it also shows both miles and kilometers of the distance that you have traveled.

Don’t miss the DT-03 Sport! It’s free anyways, so don’t hesitate to catch it on

6. Digital Sport Full Graphic – $1.68

a digital sporty watch face showing current stats
Digital Current-stats Sporty Watch Face

Last, but most definitely not the least, we give you the Digital Sport Full Graphic by SDesign.

This Gear S3 watch face is designed to have all of the features that you will need for your sporting activities. It includes a step counter, 12/24-hour display, speed, caffeine intake, water intake, steps goal, battery status, heart rate, calories burnt, and more!

The Digital Sport Full Graphic is currently on a discount (as of 19/02/2019) for $1.34. You don’t want to miss it, so visit the Galaxy Store right now!

Fun Watch Faces

Initially, we considered changing this category to “casual” instead, but you most likely already have those.

Before anything else, everything on this category is only available at We tried to look for “fun” watch faces on the Galaxy App, but we couldn’t find anything that was actually fun.

So, if you want to get the premium watch faces in, you will have to sign up for Facer Premium for $4.99 a month ($49.99 per year). From there, you will have unlimited access to all of their premium watch faces.

Now that that’s settled let’s get on to the fun part!

1. LightBox – Free

retro style face watch with time date and weather
Retro Cinema Style Watch Face

First on the fun list is the LightBox by Veertualia.

This watch face boasts a retro cinema design, perfect for a casual movie night out. It features the date, time, and weather; and it also has a 12/24-hour display option.

You can get the LightBox on for free.

2. The Final Frontier – Premium

a watch with a star trek design
Star Trek-themed Watch Face

Yep, you saw that image right. It’s a Star Trek-themed watch face! But not only that, this one is officially made and branded by Star Trek.

This design is excellent for a casual day, but it’s best for a Star Trek movie night or marathon. It has a simple analog clock display, with a neon blue minute and second hand.

As expected, you can only get this with a premium subscription with So, if you want to get your hand — or wrist — on The Final Frontier, grab their premium subscription today.

3. Mickey Premium – Free

a watch with mickey mouse in the middle
Mickey Mouse Watch Face

You can never go wrong with a Mickey-themed watch, right?

This watch face is made explicitly for the Gear S3, and it displays the hands of Mickey as the hour and minute hand, and his tail as the second hand. The Mickey Premium features a classic analog display with a date box near the number three.

Get the Mickey Premium for free on now!

4. Tetris™ Handheld – Premium

a watch with a playable tetris game
Playable Tetris Game in a Watch Face

Yes, you can actually play with this watch face. With that, this is the best one we’ve ever seen.

The Tetris™ Handheld is officially made by Tetris for all the easily-bored people out there. This is perfect when you have to wait for a long time, or when you’re in a meeting (just kidding, don’t do that).

Just don’t forget to look at the time, though, which is still displayed on the screen, together with the watch battery life and date.

Want the Tetris™ Handheld? Get it on today!

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5. Rugged Black & Red Right Tilt –Free

a black and red watch face
Deadpool Vibe Watch Face

Okay, the Tetris one is going to be difficult to follow, so don’t judge us on this one.

We added this on the list because red and black are some of the best colors that you can play with if you want to have fun outside casually. Plus, it matches Deadpool’s colors, so you also have that going for you.

The Rugged Black & Red Right Tilt shows the time, date, battery life, and your number of steps. It also features a 12/24-hour format, and an analog and digital display.

Download the Rugged Black & Red Right Tilt for free on

6. Last Laugh Tattoo – Premium

a watch face with a mexican style art
Artistic Tattoo Style Watch Face

The Last Laugh Tattoo is the very last one on this list, and it’s also one of the best ones in terms of art. It’s designed by Mr Jones Watches, which is a popular brand in the UK for unusual watch designs.

You can see the time on the teeth of the image. The two front teeth show the hours, while the lower ones have the minutes. You’ll notice that the eyes are moving in a hypnotic pace, and there’s also a surprise waiting for you every time you look at the time.

Get the Last Laugh Tattoo on your Samsung Gear S3 with Facer Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the watch faces on Samsung Gear S3?

You download the watch faces from the Samsung Galaxy Apps, Samsung Gear, or from a third-party application that creates watch faces.
With the Samsung Apps, you should easily have them directly to your Gear S3, since it’s synced to your Samsung Account. For third-party apps like Facer, you will need to have the app downloaded to your Gear S3.

How to buy watch faces for Samsung Gear S3?

You should have a credit or debit card on hand to process the purchase. Otherwise, you should also have the option to opt for electronic money, like PayPal for some third-party subscriptions or purchases.
Once you have the source of funds, just tap or click on the “buy” or “purchase” button, and the application will walk you through everything.

How to restore watch faces on Samsung Gear S3?

Good question. Note that this will only happen if you reset your Samsung Gear S3. Now, to restore your watch faces, you just have to download them again, and you’ll have them all set. This is applicable even for paid watch faces since everything is synced into your Samsung Account.
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Watch Faces: A Different Look Every Day

Now that you have all of the best watch faces that you can get, you’re ready to go out to any event or date with your stylish watch. You never have to worry about what watch to wear anymore!

Did you find the perfect watch face on this list? We want to know, so don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments below!

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