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Samsung Good Lock – Must Read this Useful Guide If You Are a Samsung User (2023)

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about the Samsung Good Lock, or you may not have heard about it if you are a new Samsung user. If you are enthusiastic about customizing and redesigning the interface of your Samsung device, you should definitely know about the Samsung Good Lock app. 

This article can take you through a thorough and detailed explanation of Samsung Good Lock and all the fun things you can do with Good Lock modules that you will definitely be happy not to miss out on. 

Even if you are already a user of Samsung of Good Luck user, it will be really useful for you if you read till the end to see if you have a blindside to any of the features mentioned here and all the updates you have missed till now. 

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In this article, we are going to see,

  1. What is Samsung Good Lock?
  2. What can you do with Samsung Good Lock?
  3. Where can you download Samsung Good Lock?
  4. 5 Best Samsung Good Lock Modules:

What Is Samsung Good Lock?

Samsung Good Lock
Image Source: Galaxy Store

Samsung Good Lock has been released as a customization app for your Galaxy devices, be it your Home screen, Lock screen, recent app layout, widgets, etc. It is like other customizing apps but officially developed by Samsung exclusively for Galaxy devices, with more options that work well with each other than any other outsider apps.

You can alter and customize your Samsung interface with the Samsung Good Lock tool. You can give your smartphone an eye-catching makeover by using the multiple features built-in to your device. 

What Can You Do with Samsung Good Lock? 

Samsung Good Lock

Image Source: Galaxy Store

There are several options for customization you can choose from Good Lock, like your lock screen. You can change the clock in the center area of your display, modify the design and style of notifications you receive, and coordinate everything according to your style.

There is another advantage called “Task Changer” in Samsung Good Lock, which is another aspect you should take into account. You can modify the style of the recently used apps and game displays for your liking to get easy and simple access to these elements. You can personally design and create your own wallpaper to give your interface a more personal feel, or the wallpapers you are already using can be modified, too. 

Samsung Good Lock is designed with several features for you to utilize the most out of the Samsung device you own. Every app on your Samsung device can easily be customized if you wish to change them.

Where Can You Download the Samsung Good Lock App?

If you are a Samsung user, you can download the Samsung Good Lock app from the Galaxy Store, a built-in Samsung app. It is not available on any other platforms, like Google Play Store

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5 Best Samsung Good Lock Modules

There are many modules available in Samsung Good Lock. Here, we’ve listed a few of the top modules that can be immensely useful for you. 

1. Home Up

Samsung Good Lock
Image Source: Galaxy Store

There is no limitation on how much you can visually modify your One UI interface, like home screen layouts, level of background blurring, recently used app screen layout, and types of folders. 

For minimalistic and simple visuals, you can open the app folder on your home screen in a small window like a pop-up rather than a full-screen display. You can also modify the blur effects of the background when you open the folders in full screen. The recently used app screen layout can be changed according to the four other design options offered by Home Up.

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2. Lock Star

Samsung Good Lock
Image Source: Galaxy Store

If you think the recent update of Samsung firmware customization options for the lock screen is not very satisfying, or if you could not access the One UI 5.0, you can give Lock Star a try, as it is a specified module for lock screen alteration.

Through the editor ‘WYSIWYG,’ the lock screen elements can be moved around as needed. You can leisurely edit and reform the lock screen and home screen in both portrait and landscape modes for your comfort. You can add shortcuts for the apps, move around the elements already existing, modify the clock, and change wallpapers. 

You can also use the auto-layout feature to let Samsung decide where the stuff should be and move it around automatically. Overall, this module is easy and simple to use and has no complicated process for first-time users. 

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3. Wonderland

Samsung Good Lock
Image Source: Galaxy Store

If you are a person who is fond of live wallpapers, you should definitely give Wonderland a try. You can create live wallpapers totally based on your imagination. You shouldn’t get too confused as there are some presets available, so you can quickly get the hang of how everything works. 

To create your own wallpaper:

  1. You should first select a base image.
  2. Select another image to lay on top of the base image.
  3. You can change the effects and filters.
  4. Add some text if you want. 
  5. Finish it off, and save the image from the setting as wallpaper.
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4. Theme Park

Samsung Good Lock
Image Source: Galaxy Store

As the name suggests, with Theme Park, you can custom-create your own theme based on your imagination. You can choose an image from the gallery or select an album. You can pick the main color, and other colors from the image can be used as accent colors.

It also features a dark mode version that is totally not dependent on light mode. You can choose to make any of the themes you created in Theme Park dark by enabling the dark mode option in the settings. 

The theme is totally created and customized based on the colors and images for the wallpapers you selected. You will automatically be diverted to the theme store for you to enable the theme. The app has been developed significantly since last year and offers even more variety of customizations. You should also remember that there’s a curve of steep learning you should be ready for in this module when compared to others. 

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5. One-Hand Operation Plus

Samsung Good Lock
Image Source: Galaxy Store

One-hand operation plus was created as an experimental customizable gesture control system. There are six actions in total, and you can have three on either side. One of the cool things about this module is that you can just use this to control various other things while keeping the feature of soft key enabled. 

You are given three types of configurable shortcut gestures, like three swipes on each side, that is, swipe out and down, swipe out and up, and swipe out like you regularly do. You can set them to usual panels like home, recent apps, and back. 

You can also additionally use One-Hand operation plus for these options, like turning off the screen, opening or closing an app, hiding or making the navigation bar visible, taking screenshots, opening menus and notifications, scrolling in the browser, and tuning off and on the flashlight. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Samsung Good Lock do?

Samsung Good Lock is made to customize and redesign your Galaxy devices, like the home screen, lock screen, layout, widgets, clock, recent apps panel, and quick settings panels. 

What devices support Samsung Good Lock?

The Galaxy S22 series and other smart Samsung devices that have the OS of OneUI 5 can all support Samsung Good Lock. Currently, the Good Lock module RegiStar is in a beta state for now.

Is Good Lock by Samsung?

Yes. One of the best things about Samsung is that you can use the Good Lock app, which is even better with the newest modules added since the One UI 5 was released recently.

Where is Samsung Good Lock available?

You can download Samsung Good Lock from Galaxy Store. If you are using One UI 5, you can also check out the RegiStar, the most recently released and has even more newest additions of modules to the existing list.

On a Final Note

As you already know Samsung Good Lock module has been significantly improvised since its very first release, and there are several more options and features for you to enjoy using. There is no other happiness like decorating and customizing your phone’s layout and interface according to your taste so it feels like it is yours and to make it more comfortable to use. 

You can also easily access everything if everything is arranged and ordered, saving you a lot of time. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Samsung Good Lock app and start using it now for your Samsung or non-Samsung device. 

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