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Samsung Keyboard Stopped Working: How to Fix It? [SOLVED]

Imagine if you’re in the middle of sending a message to your friend, but unfortunately, your Samsung keyboard keeps stopping. And as you try and try to type again, your default keyboard won’t even work.

That can be annoying, right?

If you keep on encountering this problem and your Samsung keyboard keeps stopping, don’t panic. It is a pretty common problem for built-in keyboards in Samsung devices, even in Galaxy phones.

Here’s the thing:

In general, users experience this issue when typing a message, setting a reminder, and the likes. Although it is a minor issue, it can be frustrating if it happens frequently.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, if your Samsung keyboard keeps stopping, you might have some software problems. If that is the case, it won’t take much time to tinker your settings or change your keyboard to solve this problem.

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Since different factors can cause this minor issue, it isn’t surprising to see multiple solutions. So to help you, we have here a few tips you can do to fix your problem.

That’s right!

Each of it won’t take long to do, so you can test each method and see what works for you. Hopefully, these tips can solve your problem, and you won’t need to send your phone to the store for repairs.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

How To Fix Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping

If your Samsung keyboard keeps stopping, try these quick methods to fix it.

  1. Reset keyboard settings
  2. Clear keyboard cache and data
  3. Force Restart Your Keyboard
  4. Restart Your Device
  5. Boot into safe mode
  6. Use Third-party Keyboard Apps

Reset Keyboard Settings

If your keyboard runs well on landscape mode, but not on portrait, you can try resetting its settings.

Step 1: Use Keyboard in Landscape mode.

Step 2: Tap Settings. If you don’t have the wheel icon in your toolbar, check these pictures below.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Open Keyboard Settings
Tap the Wheel Icon

Step 3: Under Settings, go to “Reset to default settings.”

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Go to Reset Default Settings
Tap Reset to default settings

Step 4: Reset your keyboard.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Select Reset Keyboard Settings
Reset keyboard settings

Take note that this option also resets all your keyboard language settings, so you have to configure them again.

Clear Keyboard Cache and Data

Even though your keyboard is a built-in app, it isn’t immune from problems and data it doesn’t need. So, from time to time, you need to clear the cache and data to make sure it runs fast and smooth.

Here’s how to clear keyboard cache on your phone:

Step 1: Open your Settings.

Step 2: Go to Apps.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Apps
Navigate to Apps

Step 3: Show system apps and tap your built-in keyboard app.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Choose the Keyboard
Select the App

Step 4: Select Memory, and Clear Cache and Data.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Clear Cache and Data
Tap Clear Data and Cache

After that, try using your keyboard again and see if the problem persists. If you’re still getting the issue, try the other methods below.

Force Restart Your Keyboard

If clearing the cache and data isn’t enough, you can try to restart the keyboard itself. Using the “Force stop” button to reset the app solves most keyboard problems that users encounter.

Step 1: Go to Settings.
Step 2: Open Apps.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Open Apps
Select Apps

Step 3: ap your keyboard app.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Choose the Keyboard
Open your default keyboard app

Step 4: Tap “Force Stop.”

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Force Stop
Select the “FORCE STOP” button

After that, try typing a message and see if your Samsung keyboard keeps on stopping.

Restart Your Device

Although it may sound ridiculous for some people, restarting your device can solve common problems on different phones. It resolves app crashes, and other minor issues to keep your Android running smoothly.

To restart your device, hold the Power button for a couple seconds and tapping on the Restart button.

You can also hold it for at least 20 seconds to automatically restart your phone.

Boot Your Phone into Safe Mode

If you’re suspecting that another app is the problem, you can boot into Safe Mode and see if you’re still having problems. This diagnostic mode disables all third-party apps so you can troubleshoot issues.

Step 1: Press and Hold The Power Button.

Step 2: Tap and Hold the “Power off” button.

Step 3: Select “OK” to confirm.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Reboot to Safe Mode
Reboot to Safe Mode

You can also turn on safe mode by powering your device off, holding the power button until the logo appears, and pressing the Volume Down button for a couple seconds until your phone boots into safe mode.

If your keyboard works well on safe mode, it means that another app causes your keyboard to crash. If that is the case, you can now troubleshoot and uninstall apps that you suspect to cause this problem.

After clearing the cache and data or uninstalling the app that causes the issue, you can now restart your phone to turn off safe mode.

Use Third-party Keyboard Apps

If your Samsung keyboard has stopped every time you try to use it, you can try to change your keyboard and use third-party apps to replace it. There are a lot of keyboard apps for Android out there, and it wouldn’t take long to find the suitable one for you.

Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping - Gboard Logo

If you ask us, we recommend using the Gboard app from Google. With its excellent features and customization options, you wouldn’t go back to your default keyboard once you try using it.


How can I fix my Samsung keyboard if it is not working?

If you’re having problems with the built-in keyboard on your device, you can try clearing the cache and data of the app, reset its settings to default, or restarting your device.
You can also try using third-party apps as a replacement for your default keyboard. Although it may take some time to get used to it, keyboard apps also have additional functions that make it better than the default one you use.

What is the best third-party keyboard app?

It all depends on what features you’re looking for in a keyboard app. We recommend using Gboard from Google because it is highly customizable and includes a lot of different features.

Can I change the color of my Samsung Keyboard?

Unfortunately, the stock keyboard of Samsung phones doesn’t have a feature where you can change its color. If you’re keen on changing the theme or color of your keyboard, you can install and use third-party apps such as Gboard and SwiftKey.

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To Sum It All Up

Samsung Keyboard problems can be a pain, especially if you’re in the middle of typing a message. Although clearing the app cache and data, or restarting the app works for most situations, there are other different cases.

We hope that these tips resolved your minor keyboard issue, and you’re back to using your keyboard without any problems. For more Android tips, tricks, and news, subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter!

Did we miss anything? Did these methods for Samsung keyboard keeps stopping error work for your Samsung phone?

If you wish to share your thoughts, please leave a message in the comments section below!

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  1. None of these fixed my problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy Sol II. most of the instructions did not match, and I am an old guy so not cell phone literate, but I did manage to find a path to accomplish all of the instructions but maybe one. I did not download a separate keyboard app, and I really don’t want to. Appreciate the effort to help though. I was surprised when restoring factory settings did not fix it. It won’t even work in safe mode.

    1. Hi Michael! That’s quite unfortunate. Since the factory reset didn’t fix your problem, your phone’s screen might be damaged. Check for any weird movements on your screen. If it’s damaged, you need to get it serviced.

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