Send Money with Samsung Pay: How to Send Through Other Apps

Samsung Pay is more than just a wallet. You can send money with Samsung Pay through other apps, and you pay wherever you want. With this feature, it makes Samsung Pay the most accepted mobile payment. You can quickly transfer money without a hassle. You would appreciate this feature if you already know how to use Samsung Pay

Download the Samsung Pay first if it is not a default app on your Galaxy phone. By then, you can read our tutorial on how to send money with Samsung Pay through other apps. Send money easily!

How to Send Money with Samsung Pay through other Apps

Samsung Pay has an SDK that enables its API library to have a quick method to provide secure payments. Apps even offer one-touch payments. When you have integrated an SDK in the process flow of the app, you will enjoy an easy, rapid, and consistent checkout process with Samsung Pay.  We have a short guide below on how to add and send money through another app with Samsung Pay.

Step 1: Launch Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay App
Samsung Pay App

Open the application to find the options on how you can add an app to Samsung Pay. If you do not have the app yet and your phone is compatible with it, you can download it on Google Play.

Google Play

Step 2: Go to Wallet

Samsung Pay - Wallet
Wallet on Samsung Pay

After Samsung Pay has launched, go to the Wallet tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Add Paypal Account

Samsung Pay - Add Paypal
Add Paypal

You will see Add Paypal under the payment cards.

Step 4: Confirm Verification

Samsung Pay - Paypal Authorization
Paypal Authorization

After which, it will redirect you to an authorization page. You need to verify and accept the authorization to allow Samsung Pay to have access to your Paypal account.

Step 5: Paypal Account Added

Samsung Pay - Paypal Confirmation

By then, a notification appears to confirm your Paypal account is added. Paypal will ask you to set a PIN or security code.

Step 6: Samsung Pay connected Paypal

Paypal App Logo
Paypal App Logo

You can only use Paypal for online purchase. Thus, it makes everything easier if your Samsung Pay is connected with Paypal. You can use your Paypal in stores that enable NFC readers and point-of-sale system.

If you do not have the Paypal app, you can have it on the Google Play Store.

Google Play

Step 7: Pay with Paypal connected to Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay - Verification
Paypal Verification

You can pay from your lock screen by swiping up the Samsung Pay tab. When the app launches, swipe the Paypal card. A security method will appear, select the unlock method you desire. After which, you can place the back of your phone on the NFC reader or POS system.

If you wish to pay from Samsung Pay app, you may do so. You only need to select the Paypal account and then input the information required for security and to verify the user. Some prefer to use a PIN, Iris, and others are comfortable with the fingerprint scanner. After which, place the phone on the card or NFC reader.


We may sometimes be cautious about how secure Samsung Pay is. Thus, here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about Samsung Pay.

Where can I use Samsung Pay?

Since Samsung Pay works with virtually any magnetic stripe payment terminal, you can use it on any stores, terminals, or any transactions that can be done via magnetic stripe payment or a Near Field Communication (NFC) terminal that also works with Samsung Pay.

Which phone do I need for Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is exclusive with Samsung smartphone models starting with Galaxy S6+, Note 5, and A5. Refer to our complete list of supported devices. Additionally, it is also compatible with certain Samsung Galaxy Watch models such as Galaxy S3.

What is the difference between Samsung Pay and Google Pay?

The main difference between Google Pay and Samsung Pay is the number of devices that supports the system and the method of transaction. Samsung Pay supports magnetic stripe payment terminal and NFC transaction while Google Pay only accept contactless payments over NFC.

Samsung Pay: Future Implication & Exclusivity

Mobile payment is now the latest trend, and it gives us the convenient we need more than ever. More and more solutions have arisen to provide the best service to their users. We highly recommend Samsung Pay as it gives you the ability to use third-party apps securely to let you pay your bills. However, it is your preference to choose what is a secure payment app.

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