How to Set Up Peel Smart Remote (With and Without IR Blaster)

While it sounds like the Peel Smart Remote is something you’d have to buy and setup, all you really need is an app to start using the universal remote service.

So What is Peel Smart Remote? It’s an application that can be used as universal TV Remote by using IR (Infra Red) technology. So unless your phone has an IR blaster of its own, or you buy a secondary accessory called Pronto, your setup will be slightly different.

Pronto IR blaster
Buy Pronto IR blaster

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Setting up Peel Smart Remote thankfully only takes a few minutes of your time, but maybe a little more if you want to hook up every controllable device in your house to the system. After the initial setup tying new devices to the Peel Smart system only takes a few seconds, so let’s go over the initial setup for the service, and Pronto.

You can use this remote to any smart TVs in Samsung, LG etc.

How to Set Up Peel Smart Remote Without Pronto

Since you don’t need Pronto to use Peel Smart Remote effectively, let’s look at how to use it without an extra device. Instead of using IR, we’ll use wi-fi to connect your Android and your different devices using the Peel Smart Remote TV Guide version of the app.

1. Download the Right App

There are a few different apps that work with the Peel Smart Remote system, but if you’re not using Pronto, or any other Peel accessories then there’s just one version of the app that you need. Download the APk here.

Peel Smart Remote Apk Download

Google Play download button

2. Open the App

When you first open up the Peel Smart Remote app you need to chose a TV service provider. To do that, choose your region, and then any other qualifiers before you get a list of TV providers to choose from.


Once you choose a provider, you’re already in the app and ready to start linking to devices.

3. Enable Wi-fi

Since this version of Peel Smart Remote works over wi-fi, it needs to be turned on for anything to work, or else you’ll end up with a screen like this:


Devices that you want to sync up to Peel need to be enabled at the same time, or else it’s impossible to sync up with them:


Once you’ve enabled wi-fi on all the devices you want to sync to your network, the Peel Smart system, and your phone, you’re ready to start setting up.

4. Connecting Devices to Peel Smart Remote

Now that all of your compatible devices are on the same network, it’s time to start hooking them up to Peel Smart Remote.


Just tap the remote icon in the lower right corner to start controlling, or looking, for devices. If you don’t have any devices to control on the network, or the room you’re in, Peel Smart lets you tap any options you have to sync them together.

When you’re done syncing, you can control anything in the current room setup you have that’s connected to the same wi-fi network that your Android is on.


5. Setting up a Room

Devices are organized into rooms in the Peel Smart system, which you can freely edit in your options by clicking the settings wheel in the upper right corner at any time.


From there go to Settings, and then Room & Remotes. Once in the Room menu scroll all the way down to add new rooms with a few taps. Name the room anything you want, or edit existing room names, and now you can see information about specific devices when you’re in that set room.


Change rooms at any time by click the current room name at the top of the screen. When you’re setting up a new room, it’s a good idea to be in the room you’re setting up so you’re in range of other controllable devices on the network.

Now that your rooms are set up, just click the remote icon in the bottom right corner at any time to get a list of controls for compatible devices in the room you’re in.

How to Set Up Peel Smart Remote with Pronto (IR Blaster)

To connect to different devices that don’t communicate with wi-fi, or if you just want to do it over a connection that doesn’t tax your in home wi-fi, Pronto is a great addon for phones that don’t have IR support.


To use Pronto you need a different version of the Peel Smart app which I’ll provide below.

1. Download the Right App

While the app I mentioned above still has Peel Smart functions, it isn’t the app built to work with Pronto, so you won’t get anything extra out of it. Instead, download this one off of the Google Play Store:

Peel Smart Remote for Pronto Apk Download

Google Play download button

The app is mostly the same, but with a few extra tricks to make Pronto setup a breeze.

2. Initial Setup

The first few steps of setting up Peel Smart with Pronto are the exact same as setting up the service without it. Go through the first few steps of entering in your tv service provider and other qualifying information.


After that, instead of wi-fi this time, make sure that your bluetooth is enabled. Your phone connects to Pronto over bluetooth, and then transmits to other devices over IR if your phone can’t on its own.

3. Configuring Pronto

To start setting up Pronto with Peel Smart, just tap the IR remote icon on the Peel Smart main screen. It’s the circular icon near one of the four corners.


After that, tap Set up Pronto to get started. You’ll see your Pronto device as long as it’s turned on, and connected to your phone via bluetooth, so just give its name a tap and then Peel Smart does the rest.

Once connected, use this same menu to start connecting devices to Pronto in just seconds.

4. Setting up Rooms

Designating and setting up rooms in this version of Peel Smart is just as easy as other versions of the app. If you follow Step 5 of the previous instructions, you’ll be able to set rooms quickly, and learn how to swap through them effectively.


What Does Peel Smart do Besides Acting as a Remote?

The Peel Smart Remote app doubles as not just a remote, but a TV guide that helps you bookmark and schedule all of your favourite shows with your set TV provider. This way you’ll never miss anything you want to watch that you can’t see later, and can help keep a show you like on your radar.
Aside from that perk, and being a remote you’ll have a harder time losing (and there are ways to find it even if you do), it’s just a solid system that helps control most, if not all of your compatible smart devices from room to room.

How to Uninstall Peel Smart Remote?

Go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Peel Smart Remote -> Disable
You can also try other methods highlighted in here “How to Uninstall App (6 Methods)”

Where Can I get Peel Smart Remote TV Guide?

You can download the TV guide from here https://amzn.to/2PWMZKA

Can I get Peel Smart Remote in the Lock Screen?

Yes. You can. Open Smart remote app, and go to settings (press three dots at the top right corner) -> check  the Auto Display Remote Control on Lock Screen option. To remove the Peel Smart Remote in the Lock Screen, just uncheck this option.


Peel Smart’s setup is thankfully handled pretty well from the app itself, and only needs small touches of user input to get going. In just a few minutes your phone turns into a remote control for your entire house, and a handy tv guide for all of your favorite shows.

If you need any help with your Peel Smart setup that wasn’t covered above, please ask us anything down below!

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  1. I have been using peel but recently there is a 5 line information screen on the pull down that I cannot sweep off

  2. Hello,
    My tv does not support wifi. I do not have Pronto. I was using it without any problems on my previuos mobile device. And on my new one when I install the app I only got the ” We could not find any supported devices on the wifi network” screen. What should I do to start using the app?
    Best regards,
    Pavlina Kraevska

    1. Hi, Pavlina! If your phone is infrared compatible, you can simply set up Peel Smart Remote to use infrared rather than a wifi connection. However, the reason you’re having trouble with this mobile device and not your previous one is that your new device doesn’t support infrared. Another option would be to just use Peel on your old device.

      If you want to use Peel on your current, noninfrared device then your best bet is to use Pronto. You can purchase one Pronto on Amazon for less than $15 and two for less than $30.

  3. I have complained to Peel folks on two occasions and still the peel smart remote with pronto will not work on any samsung phone i have tried it on.

    When I first got the phone i ordered he pronto and set it up…worked fine. then I got a message that it needed to be updated (mandatory upgrade)…hasn’t worked since. Gets as far as select your provider. then says it is unable to get lineup then hangs.

    This has been going on for over five months with no resolution Two different phones in two different locations.

    I can’t believe I am the only one having this problems.

  4. I get an error when clicking on the no ads button (I want to may to get rid of ads). I’ve tried uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling the app, tried off WiFo on 4G, same issue.

  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet and a Galaxy S5 both with infrared blasters. my phone works but my tablet just asks me to choose the country and then says try again later. it’s done it a hundred times, can you help me with this? the app is a default app on my tablet but it just won’t let me use it. thanks.

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