6 Best Smart Smoke Detectors To Ensure Early Fire Detection

Are you trying to find the best smart smoke detector for your home? We got you, so read on!

Sometimes you may find yourself doubting yourself if you did some things. Well, sometimes you can’t help but overthink things. When you go outside your home, you might have doubts if you locked the door, closed the stove, turned off the faucet, or pulled out all the plugs.

The Best Smart Smoke Detectors

Best OverallNest Protect 2nd Gen (Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm)
CheapestKidde Smoke Alarm
 SimpliSafe Smoke Detector New Version 2 Generation
Best ValueOnelink Safe & Sound by First Alert
Highly RecommendedAlert Pro (Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor)
Runner UpLeeo Smart Alert Smoke/CO

These and many more worries clouding your mind can make you anxious, and you might want to run back to your house to make sure everything is in order.

Well, the thing is:

You never know when tragedy might strike, so being prepared and checking everything is okay is all you can do to avoid unfortunate home accidents. Always keeping the house safe is one of the top priority homeowners like you.

So what can you do about it?

Getting the latest technology, and making your home updated is the best defense. Nowadays, keeping the house safe can be done at the tips of your fingertips. With just one tap, you can always check and make sure that your house is free from danger.

In this day and age, we can buy tons of smart devices that can help us in our daily lives. And even smoke detectors are smart now. So, to help you find the best smart smoke detector for your home, we curated a list containing 6 of the best smart smoke detectors out in the market.

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6 Best Smart Smoke Detectors

There’s nothing wrong with maximizing your means in order for your home to be safe. And it’s not a surprise that smart smoke detectors are becoming a must-have in houses. The thing is you might be having a hard time trying to look for the best smart smoke detector for your own, so we made this list.

Now, let’s get started and find the best one for you!

1. Nest Protect 2nd Gen (Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm)

When it comes to being the best among the rest, the Nest Protect is it. It is an ecosystem that will make your home a complete smart home.

Working together with other Nest devices, it can alert you on anything that is happening within your home. Nest Protect is not just a simple fire-detection unit, it is a system that works together with other devices to completely protect your home.

Nest Protect comes in a stylishly modern package made with a mesh plate, centralized button, and a LED ring. The ring will flash different colors to signal you for the levels of incidents. While the white light turns into a night guide that will light a path for you using its motion detect feature. The motion detect feature is also the one that notifies and alerts you of the status of your home whenever you’re away.

Another feature of the Nest Protect is the human voice that serves as the alarm or alert. It gives off a more homey vibe than just a simple ping or blaring sound. These human voices from the alarm will go off together to alert you of any major incident within your home. In the other hand, you can turn them off using the app on your phone in case of a false alarm or if the sound bothers you.

Nest Protect also checks itself or troubleshoot itself for any problem in its performance. For example, telling you that it has a low battery or that other alarm in its system is not working.


  • Works great with other smart devices and give you a complete report on the status of your home
  • Can detect even the slightest change in the temperature (Needs Nest Thermostat for that)
  • Has a human voice that will somehow make you calmer than jump into panic


  • It is quite expensive
  • It does not come with an AI

2. Kidde Smoke Alarm (Carbon Monoxide & Photoelectric Smoke Alarm)

Kidde Smoke Alarm is the best budget alarm yet gives you the interconnected smoke alarm system you deserve. Though it cannot detect carbon monoxide it still gives you a very effective alarm system without spending a fortune.

Each device works independently but they can work together to alert one another of a fire starting in one room. They are connected through radio waves and detects fire quickly alerting other alarms in the house.

Kidde Smoke Alarm is powered by an AA battery that makes it easier and faster to install. Though battery-powered, it is smart enough to notify you whenever it is running out of juice. It will beep repeatedly as a signal of its low battery.

It is designed in the round traditional smoke alarm style complete with holes that lets the smoke inside it – which it will then identify. There is also a button in the middle that serves as a manual snooze button if ever you need to shut it off in that way.


  • Cheap for a very effective alarm system
  • Quickly detects fire and alerts other devices too


  • No app to notify you of the happenings inside your house whenever you’re away
  • No AI to assist you

3. Alert Pro (Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor)


Alert Pro smoke detector is by far one of the cheapest smoke detecting device in our list. Like most, it also boasts a 10-year battery working functionality. Additionally, it features a photoelectric sensor that’s capable of detecting dangerous fast-burning fires.


  • Photoelectric Sensor
  • CR123A Lithium Battery
  • Powerful 85 dB Alarm Tone


  • No App Support
  • No AI Support
  • Not Alexa Compatible

4. Leeo Smart Alert Smoke/CO (Alert Smoke/CO Remote Alarm Monitor for iOS and Android)


Leeo Smart Smoke Detector is probably the most advanced smoke detector in our list. It is a smart detector that you can pair up with your iOS or Android smartphone. Furthermore, it doesn’t consume much space and can easily be plugged into any power outlet.

Although to pair this smoke detector, you must have an iPhone running iOS 8+ or up or Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 4.3 and up.

Other than the ability to detect smoke and alarm you via your phone or at home, it also acts as a nightlight. Other than with the app, you can also use IFTTT to change the nightlight color which is a pretty neat feature.


  • Can be paired with iOS or Android devices
  • Small and Space Saver
  • Smart with IFTTT support
  • Can function as a nightlight


  • Drastically expensive compared to others
  • Has no built-in battery

5. SimpliSafe Smoke Detector New Version 2 Generation


The SimpeSafe Smoke Detector is the brands second-generation in-line smoke detector. It has all the function of a smoke detector that anyone could expect and it’s actually not a smart smoke detector. However, despite the lack of smart functionality, this smoke detector is capable of alerting you via your phone if the alarm goes off.

For this to fully function, it does, however, require an internet connection. Otherwise, its ability to alert you on your phone will not be available.


  • Can Call You and Local FireFighter for Emergency Situation
  • Can Alert You on Your Phone
  • Very light and small, space saver


  • No Smart Functionality

6. Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert (Alexa Enabled Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with Premium Home Speaker)

A smoke alarm is also a talking music speaker. That is what First Alert OneLink Safe & Sound is, a smart smoke alarm that is an Alexa smart speaker.

It is recommended to only install it in the ceiling and set it up using its companion app but you have to hold it near the device to make it work. Given its size, you should make sure that it is securely attached to the ceiling.

First Alert OneLinkis a smoke alarm that detects both fire smoke and CO2, and thru the app you can check the health and battery life of the device. Also, with the app, you can adjust the volume of the alarm or turn it off.

Being Alexa powered, First Alert OneLink Safe&Sound can be your personal speaker AI. Whatever Alexa do, it does. Play music, read audiobooks and other skills that Alexa has.


  • Has the greatest AI assistant to help you
  • Very smart for a smoke alarm, it certainly distinguishes different types of smoke very well
  • Nightlight is the best when you need a guide


  • Big and bulky
  • Super expensive
  • Does not work well with the companion app, you have to use a HomeKit app for it to work properly


Smart Smoke Detectors, Yay or Nay?

Smoke detectors are designed and developed to prevent and stop events that could potentially burn down your house by alerting you ahead of time. With the current level of technology that we have right now, we should only expect to have more advanced features for this kind of detector.

Manufacturers have answered out expectations ba making Smart Smoke Detector available on the market. However, the demand for it is not there yet. Resulting in a very few limited models to choose from. Additionally, having the smart feature for a smoke detector seems to be outrageous for some given the drastic increase in price.

Regardless if you chose to have an ordinary smoke detector or a smart one, the most important value here is one’s life. As long as smoke detectors get the job done and work as intended, it is up to you, our readers, to decide if you will opt for a smart smoke detector or an ordinary one.

Have you already tried one? Share your experiences with us! Planning to grab yours? Which smart smoke detector do you want to try? Tell us in the comment section!

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