Solving LG G6 Bluetooth Problems

The LG G6 is one of the best smartphones of 2017 and has been gathering a lot of praise from both tech reviewers and customers alike. Just like every other hardware, there are bound to be some minor issues with each smartphone and LG G6 Bluetooth problems have been affecting a lot of customers. Whether the device doesn’t even turn on Bluetooth or doesn’t really connect with any other device, there are multiple Bluetooth related problems with the newest flagship from LG.

Thankfully, there are many solutions to the LG G6 Bluetooth problems and they are fairly easy to execute. In most cases, you’ll be able to solve the LG G6 Bluetooth problems yourself without any further assistance. But in rare cases, you may have to send your device back to LG for proper evaluation. Nonetheless, if you are here, you want to solve the Bluetooth problems of LG G6 yourself first and we’ll help you do just that.


Some people are reporting that Bluetooth on LG G6 is turning on but not connecting to any device. Some are reporting that they are unable to pair their wireless headphones with LG G6. Same goes with pairing watches as well as Bluetooth speakers. Overall, the problem seems not that widespread so if you own a LG G6, chances are you’ll have no such problems. But those who do have Bluetooth connectivity issues as well as no Bluetooth discovery, there are certain steps you can take. I’ll be listing different solutions to this problem and try to eradicate the connectivity issues. However, if all of these methods fail to deliver a smooth Bluetooth experience, it’s time to send the LG G6 back to LG and ask them to repair it.

Solution I: Restart Bluetooth

This may seem like an overly simple solution to the problem but if it works, it’s not stupid. So, simply turn off the Bluetooth and wait a little while, around 3 to 4 seconds will be enough and then turn it back on. I understand that this may be a very simple solution but just like every other technology, there can be some errors in turning on Bluetooth. The same can be done with unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity if you face issues connecting to it.

Solution II: Restart the Device

This is IT 101, if something is not working you have to restart it at least once to see if the issue persists or not. Long press the power button until the power menu pops up, tap on the restart button to restart your smartphone. It will take a little while to boot back up but if your Bluetooth works after this, it will all be worth it.

Solution III: Restart the Other Device

If you are having issues connecting to the other device, maybe your LG G6 is working perfectly but the other device is not. In order to check that, disconnect your device or abort the pairing process and use another smartphone to connect to whatever piece of Bluetooth technology you want to connect to. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to use a Bluetooth speaker as an example. Simply restart the speaker, bring out another smartphone and try to connect with it. If that works, it means that your LG G6 is the problem. But don’t give up just yet, after successful connection to the other smartphone, restart the speaker again and try to connect to your LG G6. Hopefully, if there were any pairing issues from the other device, they will be resolved after doing these simple steps.

Solution IV: Restart in Safe Mode

Now that you are restarting things left and right, might as well restart your LG G6 in the safe mode. The safe mode puts your smartphone in a diagnostic state and helps you nail down the issues you’re facing. All you need to do is press and hold the power button until the power off options are on screen. Now press and hold the power off option until you see Reboot to Safe Mode option. Tap on it to reboot the smartphone in safe mode. Now, check if the Bluetooth is working fine or not, if the problem still persists, try the next solutions in normal mode.

Solution V: Clear Cache and Data

Clearing the Bluetooth cache is one way to ensure it starts working again. Basically, you’re deleting any kind of residual data left behind from other pairings or connections. This means that your Bluetooth will essentially go back to the way it shipped. In order to achieve this, simply head over to the Settings > Application Manager > Bluetooth > now press the force close button > than tap on the clear cache button.

Clearing the data is a little bit different, go to Settings > Storage Device > Internal Storage > Cache Data. Tap on clear to confirm and restart your device.

Solution VII: Update Software

LG periodically updates their devices with newer software, this also includes patches that improve stability and reliability. While LG has yet to release a proper Bluetooth patch for devices that are effected by the problem, it is always good to stay up-to-date. So head over to Settings > System > Update Center > System Updates > Check for Update. If there is an update, the phone will automatically start downloading it and you’ll have to install it manually. After your phone has been updated, simply restart your device and check to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Solution VIII: Factory Reset

If nothing has worked so far, factory reset might be able to help but I personally don’t think that it will have a huge impact. This is for your peace of mind, do a factory reset and see if the LG G6 Bluetooth problem is solved or not. To factory reset your LG G6 press and hold The Volume down and Power Keys. And LG logo will come on the screen, let go of the power key and quickly press it again, all the while holding the volume down key. Now you’ll see a pop-up that says factory data reset, tap the volume down button to highlight it and press the power key to select it. The device will display “erase all user data and restore default settings, use the volume down key to highlight Yes”. Pressing the power button will perform a factory reset on the LG G6. This procedure will remove everything on your smartphone; so make sure you back it up with some of the best backup apps for Android beforehand.

Solution IX: Send It Back

If nothing has worked so far, the problem might be in the hardware itself. As this is a relatively new smartphone, you are surely covered by LG warranty. Sending it back depends on the carrier and the market, usually you have to take it back to the carrier for repairs and if you have bought it unlocked, you’ll have to ship it to LG. On the average the procedure of sending your smartphone to the company and getting it back last around 15 days so make sure you have an alternate device. Carriers usually hand a backup smartphone in the time it takes for your smartphone to be repaired, feel free to ask them for a temporary replacement.


These were a few methods of solving LG G6 Bluetooth problems and I hope that they helped you in getting the Bluetooth working flawlessly. Just like always if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to talk to us in the comments.

Also give us your thoughts about the latest LG flagship smartphone, we love to hear from people who have used a new smartphone for at least one or 2 weeks. Until next time, keep on connecting.

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  1. I have had an LG G6 for about 5 months. I absolutely love it compared to my last Galaxy, but a few weeks ago the screen started to lag and shake then it developed lines. I sent it back to LG to fix under warranty. Now my bluetooth isn’t recognizing any nearby devices. I’m hoping a restart will fix the problem.

    1. Hi, Tracey. Did a restart help? If not, try booting the device in safe mode to see if a third party app may be causing issues. You may also want to try emptying the device cache and running a device scan to check for viruses and malware. Errors installing system updates can also cause odd problems.

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