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Special Offers and Deals for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Everyone wants to save money, and if saving money means you get what could be the best Android phone to date, why wouldn’t you? Whether it’s a deal for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that bundles it with other other hardware, or an offer from a carrier to cut down the price, there’s more than one way to pay less for the Galaxy S8.

I’ve put together a few different offers that have the Galaxy S8 included, and while all of them aren’t outright cheaper for just the S8, each deal gets you more bang for your buck. If you haven’t bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 yet, or are looking to buy one for someone else, don’t forget about these deals before you go shopping.

1. A Free Samsung Galaxy S8 with AT&T

Let’s start with AT&T’s impressive offer first, which is a free Samsung Galaxy S8! Sadly, you have to do more than just give them an address to ship the phone to, but let me tell you what you need to do to get your hands on a free phone.

att s8 offers

So here’s the catch, you have to buy two Samsung Galaxy S8’s, and buy both of them on AT&T’s Next service, along with DirecTV service. That sounds like a pretty tall order, doesn’t it? You can read more about the offer here, and what to do if you already have one of, or both of these services but still want to take advantage of the deal.

Since you have to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 through AT&T to be eligible for the offer, this is really only worth if you were already signed up for AT&T, and planned on buying two new phones in the first place. Otherwise, this offer has too many strings to truly be worth it.

2. Discounted S8’s, Payment Plans, and Even Gift Cards from Best Buy

Before I start talking about this special offer, I need to mention that this is only applicable if you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8 on Best Buy’s website while it’s attached to an applicable carrier. This means your choices are between AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and the offer only applies to two year service plans.

best buy s8 offers

The good news here is you can either get up to $100 off of the retail price of the Galaxy S8, or a $100 Best Buy gift card after you’ve completed your purchase. Check out the full list of models and carries here.

The biggest string attached to this offer is the two year service plan you need to sign up for, so count this one out if you don’t want to shackle yourself to one carrier for two whole years. Thankfully, I’m not done talking about S8 deals just yet, so if this one doesn’t fit your needs, maybe another one will.

3. The “Microsoft Edition” Samsung Galaxy S8

While this deal isn’t active online, or at least not that I can find, Microsoft will have their own version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a few different internal features and apps built in. The phone will retail at the same price as it does at other retailers, but includes what Microsoft calls a tailored experience.

windows phone s8 offers

To get your hands on a Microsoft Edition Samsung Galaxy S8 you need to buy it through one of their brick and mortar stores, since they don’t have it as available in the Microsoft online store, at least not yet.

This is an interesting offer for anyone that prefers to deal with Windows phones, or Microsoft in general, but isn’t one that I’d go out of your way to investigate.

4. A $200 Gift Card with Your Samsung Galaxy S8 through Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club actually has a few different offers tied to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but the $200 Sam’s Club gift card is the most enticing one. Let’s go down the line and see what deals you can get when you buy a Galaxy S8 through Sam’s Club.

sams club s8 offers

The first offer is a free Samsung Entertainment Kit which is valued at around $170. In the kit you have:

  • A clear view standing cover
  • AKG earphones
  • A 64GB microSD card
  • Six free months of Netflix

All of this doesn’t sound bad if you planned on buying a Galaxy S8 anyway, so check out the offer details here on how to redeem it.

sams club2 s8 offers

Next up we have the $200 gift card, which sadly has more strings than just buying the phone through Sam’s Club. First off, the card is a Sam’s Club gift card, second, to get it you have to sign up for a two year agreement with US Cellular as your carrier of choice. This is going to be a dealbreaker for some, but if this sounds good to you, check it out.

5. A $100 Gift Card With Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Through Target

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 and then sign up through Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, you’re now eligible for a $100 Target gift card. For the standard Galaxy S8, you’re looking at paying $30/month for the phone, but service rates will vary depending on your plan.

target s8 offers

At the same time, if you’re a REDcard holder, Target’s card program, you get 10% off of your next phone case with this purchase. So if you haven’t picked out a case yet, you may as well get one through Target if you have a RED card.

6. Save $150 on a Samsung Galaxy S8 With an Installment Plan at Walmart

This offer is basically exactly what it says on the tin, if you complete your purchase through Walmart, and then sign up for an installment plan with either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, you get $150 off the retail price.

walmart s8 offers

This is an in-store only deal, so you can’t complete it online, even though they advertise it here. Paying for a phone in installments is the easiest and most cost effective way to get a new phone, so if $150 is being taken off of that plan from the start, that’s a great deal. If you have a Walmart nearby, I recommend you take advantage of this offer before it expires.

7. Earn a Free Samsung Galaxy S8 Through U.S. Cellular

Last but not least we have another carrier deal that sounds more than enticing with the offer of a “free” Samsung Galaxy S8. Just like with the AT&T offer, there’s a catch, but this time it isn’t buying another phone and signing up for two other services you might not want.

us cellular s8 offers

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 through U.S. Cellular, it’s free, but only after bill credits for 30 months, it’s $24 a month otherwise. At the same time, a prepaid Galaxy S8 is nearly $50 off when you sign up for the simple connect plan.

Either offer is a decent deal to latch onto, but only if you’re considering, and able to have U.S. Cellular as a mobile carrier. Otherwise this deal isn’t applicable, or even feasible.

Other Carrier Specific Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals and Offers

I decided to mostly focus on retailers for Galaxy S8 deals, but mentioned a few carrier specific ones that don’t have to do with retailers because I thought they were unique. Your favorite or preferred carrier may still have a special deal for the Galaxy S8 since it’s still a hot item right now, but you’d need to check to make sure.

other s8 offers

Instead of mentioning all the plan difference here, I encourage you to see if the carrier you’re already signed up with has an offer planned in the future, or has one going on now, that I haven’t mentioned up above.

They might not be deals that earn you a gift card between $100 to $200, but it could shave a few bucks off of your bill every month, and that’s always worth looking into.


Whether it’s with a bundle deal, or an extra gift card thrown into the mix, there are plenty of ways to get more value out of your Samsung Galaxy S8 purchase. Make sure to take advantage of these deals while they’re still around, because they won’t last forever. Now’s a great time to upgrade to the S8 when there are so many offers available.

If you know any other good Galaxy S8 deals, we’d like to hear about them, so please share them with us down below!

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