8 Best Speech to Text Apps for Writers

Even if you are a visual person and actually like to write your thoughts down, you can’t deny the allure of the time savings speech dictation can bring. And after using these apps, you may never use pen and paper again. If you are the creative type who just hates to sit at your desk and write or type, your solution is in this article. Inspiration doesn’t always happen at your desk, either, and while your Android can help you capture these ideas on the go. Who enjoys typing on their phone, anyway?

Furthermore, if you are dyslexic, writing can seem a cumbersome chore, but it no longer has to. Even if you just have bad handwriting, and/or are slow at typing, speech to text apps make these problems a non-issue. Not all voice recognition apps are equal though—especially if you have a quiet voice or an accent. So which Android voice-to-text apps are the most accurate and have the best features?

Best Speech to Text Apps for Android

Note: Any prices mentioned before are as of 16th of August 2019 and might change in time.

1. Google Docs – Free

google docs
App Logo

Google Docs is an all-around fantastic app for writers, as you can access it from anywhere, collaboratively work with others, and format with ease. It is also more encompassing and accurate than say, Word, when it comes to the spell checking of online resources.


  • Speech to Text Features
  • Share and Collaborate in the same document
  • Add and Respond to Comments

The app also does well in terms of accurately deciphering spoken words, and offers the dictation feature in 43 different languages. In addition to the speech to text functionality all of these apps possess, Docs stands out by letting you add formatting, make selections, and navigate through the use of simple spoken phrases.

Google Play

2. Speechnotes – Speech to Text – Free with In-app Purchases

App Logo

Speechnotes prides itself in making voice typing efficient and easy—and rightfully so. The user interface is designed to reduce distractions (important, in the era of the Internet) and inspire creativity by mostly just focusing on the words you are speaking being transformed into text. Write as you are in the car (but don’t be a distracted driver) or walking around, via Bluetooth. The app also struck me as being pretty easy-going and non-invasive because no login or registration is required, and the app itself is free.


  • Google Drive Back-up
  • Quick Timestamps
  • Works offline

You can place the app/widget on your home screen and begin dictation with a simple tap. For the most immersive writing experience, you can dictate and type simultaneously. Apply punctuation by voice or keyboard. Speechnotes also offers emojis and custom key setup. It was a shoo-in as one of the best speech to text apps for writers.

Google Play

3. ListNote – Speech to Text Notes – Free

App Logo

ListNote is another app that’s one of the best for a writer to have around for a multitude of reasons. It was designed to help you keep track of your ideas securely, and one of the ways it does so is by offering a voice to text feature. When we can’t think of the way we want to word a phrase or title at work, honestly, the best thing for us to do sometimes is to take a break from the desk. We’re still thinking of what we want to say; it’s just that for some reason, the moment we stop trying so hard is when it comes to us.


  • Share your notes
  • Color coding and categories
  • SD back-up and restore

Notes are searchable and can be encrypted and/or password-protected. It also gives you several ways to organize your notes, such as starring, categorization, and color-coding. Additional features include a Continue button to add more text to a certain note after pausing, built-in text editors, and a setting to allow yourself some time to breathe before your next sentence.

Google Play

4. Google Assistant – Free

App logo

You’ve probably already heard, or have installed, the Google Assistant App. On the first glance, you might find it peculiar that it is on this list but, as you probably know, Google Assistant can do many things, and that includes converting speech to text. It can send messages, draft emails, organize your already written note or take new ones. If you want to know more about Google Assistant, we suggest you read our article “Every OK Google Command -160 Voice Commands for Google Assistant”.


  • Make phone calls/ send messages
  • Take notes
  • Preview upcoming events
  • Voice recognition

You can even use IFTTT(If This Than That) to put all of your notes into a spreadsheet. Or, if you find nothing convenient, you can also create your own applet to suit your needs, in order to use Google Assistant at its full potential! If you don’t have it already built-in, you can download Google Assistant Go by clicking on the button below.

Google Play

5. Braina PC Remote Voice Control – Free

App Logo

The Braina app basically converts your Android into a microphone, from which you can control your desktop. You might be thinking, “What does that have to do with dictation?” Braina has both text to speech and speech to text functionalities, and these can be used in conjunction with PC apps like Microsoft Word.


  • Speech to text dictation
  • Dictionary
  • Computer Control

Braina gives you the ability to remotely control your keyboard and mouse and comes equipped with a dictionary and thesaurus. You’ll be able to remotely open and close programs like Notepad, perform searches for folders and files or for information on the Internet and control a PowerPoint presentation. A Wi-Fi connection is required.

Google Play

6. iTranslate Translator & Dictionary – Free with In-app Purchases

App Logo

This app offers a 7-day trial before you have to buy a subscription. This app offers lots of features, like translating from any language by voice-to-voice translation. Therefore, even though you can’t take notes, this app will make communicating with anyone, anywhere, a breeze.


  • over 100 languages
  • listen to translations
  • dictionary & thesaurus
  • voice-to-voice conversations

iTranslate also has a comprehensive phrasebook with most used sentences to help you while you’re traveling. It also lets you modify or complete the suggested sentences so that they fit perfectly to the situation you’re trying to communicate. If you’d like to know more about speech-to-text translators, we suggest you read our article “Stranger in a Foreign Land? Use These Android Voice Translator Apps to Translate Speech-to-Text Easily”.

Google Play

7. Voice Writer – Free

App Logo

One of the coolest things about Voice Writer is not only its ability to transform your voice into text but that it can also convert one language into another. From within the Translate tab, you can press Input to specify the language you are going to speak and Output to select the language you want your words converted into.


  • Share your text
  • Translate
  • Speech to text dictation

This is one of the best apps to make your writing available to audiences all over the world. If you’ve no need for any language translation, just use the Home tab to see your speech automatically transformed into text. Voice Writer also makes it easy to email or send your writing to other apps.

Google Play

8. Dictadroid Voice Recorder – $3.27

App Logo

There is a free Lite version, but this is a case where you get what you pay for. With the paid version quality is noticeably better, and you can then share using FTP, email, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, or Google Drive.

Start playing/recording with a single tap, play/record when the screen if off to preserve battery, automatically compress audio files, and use Volume buttons to fast forward, rewind, pause, and play. Although we don’t expect you to have many problems, if you do, Dictadroid Support is eager to help.

Google Play

However, an app isn’t always enough. If you’re looking for something more professional, we recommend you check out this Voice Recorder on Amazon. It has 8GB of memory, noise reduction and it can transcribe the audio recordings directly, with the help of an app.

Voice Recorder
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Speech to Text Dictation – Improve  Productivity

We hope that this article has helped you find the best speech to text app to aid you in your writing. Whether you are freelancing, part-time, or full-time, it’s always hard to find enough time. Speech to text apps have gotten a lot better at recognition, and this can lead to greater time savings for you. But that’s only if they are some of the best.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know what worked or didn’t work for you in the comments.

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  1. What is this comment of yours ” although one person complained about Arabic”, why do you have to single out an Arab speaking person.

    1. Hi, Bob. We want our Arabic speaking readers to be aware that while this app does offer voice to text capabilities for Arabic, there are some questions about the quality of the output for Arabic. A voice to text app that doesn’t have questions about the quality may be a better choice for Arabic speakers. I have edited the post so that the wording is more clear.

    2. Touchy for no good reason, dude.
      Anyway, great and helpful article! It’s hard to find an actual good writer on the internet these days… And especially one with good grammer, and who actually edits their work! Proud of you. I’ve finally found someone to follow!

    3. Really, think about it like this. Yes not singling out anyone. But you seem to be. It was just an observation on Bob’s part. Since we have a lot of Arabic speaking people and myself being one of them. I was gratified that bob pointed that out to me. Now I won’t waste my time downloading that app. It seems you find it a thrill to instigate. When on reality bob did a great job putting this together.

  2. Interesting article, I was thinking that it would have been great for your comments here to have a “try leaving a voice to text comment” button.
    Off to YouTube for more research.

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for the interesting suggestion. Out of these apps, can we know which is your favourite one?

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