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8 Different Ways to Stop Drones From Flying Over Your House

Let’s be real. Most of us fancied owning a drone when we were younger. Wait, who am I kidding? Still do. Drones have always been a topic of fascination. While it’s undeniable that drones will change the world in remarkable ways, we must not lose sight of the fact that they pose a severe threat to privacy and security. Curious? Stick around to learn more about drones and how to stop drones from flying over your house.

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Let’s cover some basics here. Shall we?

What is a Drone?

A drone is basically a flying robot that can be accessed remotely or fly on its own using flight plans that are directed by software and onboard sensors and a global positioning system (GPS).

Some drones are intended for teenagers to use as entertainment, while others are employed for more serious purposes, including transporting nuclear bombs.

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What is The Purpose of a Drone?

Drones are so compact that they come in handy in a variety of scenarios. For example, they can oversee crops, trace water leaks, track endangered species, locate people in cases of emergency, assist in weather prediction, speed up electricity grid inspections and maintenance tasks, and a long list of other things.

stop drones from flying over your house
stop drones from flying over your house

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Drones and Your Rights

  • Personal Nuisance Cause of Action for Privacy

If your neighbor ignores your calls or emails and refuses to stop drones from flying over your house as requested, this law will apply. You might have a legal claim termed “personal annoyance.” You can do this to bring a lawsuit against the drone for disturbing your peace with its whirling blades or engine.

  • Private Cause of Action for Privacy Invasion

The drone’s camera and video recording capabilities are its most problematic features. These cameras may be powerful since they allow peeping into the neighbor’s home and observing the residents and their activities without even being there in person. It has been a major issue, and numerous nations have established drone legislation addressing it with new regulations regarding drone privacy. As a result, the neighbor or the drone is subject to a restraining order that the court may impose as an invasion of privacy.

  • Is it legal for a drone to fly over my house?

It depends on where you live. Usually, if they do so in accordance with FAA guidelines and don’t break any state privacy or trespass laws, then yes, someone is allowed to fly a drone over your residence.

stop drones from flying over your house
stop drones from flying over your house

How to Stop Drones from Flying Over Your House?

  1. Use signs to mark your property as a drone-free area

To stop drones from flying over your house, you can design or get your own signs to let others know. Hopefully, drone operators will pay attention to and follow your warnings.

  1.  File a complaint with the FAA if the drone pilot breaks the law

Get in touch with your nearby Flight Standards District Office and stop drones from flying over your house by reporting the drone that is violating FAA guidelines. To register a complaint, you must have reason to believe that the operator of the drone is breaking the law in some way, such as by hovering on your property or flying above 400 feet (120 m).

  1. Request the drone pilot to stop flying over your house

Many novice and hobbyist drone operators might not be aware that their use of drones is disturbing you. Drone operators must be visible to their drones therefore, you ought to be able to identify them in the vicinity. To stop drones from flying over your house, try asking them in a polite manner. However, a drone pilot is not required by law to abide by your request. But if you ask respectfully, you’ll have a better chance of convincing them to stay away from your property in the future.

  1. Drone detection system

The DroneShield works with the aid of a microphone; it picks up frequencies that aren’t even detectable to humans, allowing it to locate drones. It collects the frequencies and matches them to the common noises, and if a drone is detected, you will immediately receive a notification on your device. There are a number of commercial-grade drone-detecting devices for sale, but none are available for single-family houses.

stop drones from flying over your house

Illegal Ways To Stop Drones From Flying Over Your House

  • Signal jamming

The drone’s communications system is overridden using the signal jamming technique, which causes it to revert to the pilot. You need to have official authorization to have access to signal-jamming technologies. Criminal charges may be brought against unauthorized people who employ signal jamming to obstruct approved drone operations.

There are alternatives to jam a drone transmission if you require something even more covert than physical interception. One such approach is the Anti-UAV Defense System (AUDS). It examines the airspace for drones and jams their control signals with a powerful radio signal of its own.

Or, you may consider the DroneDefender if you require a more transportable alternative. This is a precise anti-drone gun that interferes with drone controllers by using targeted radio frequencies. It functions quite similarly to how the AUDS does. Although it presently has a range of more than 1,300 feet, it might one day be able to travel considerably further.

Radar jammers might be against the law where you live, which is one solid reason not to employ such kinds of gadgets. Make sure you are safe and abiding by the laws in your area before you even consider purchasing one of these.

  • Signal spoofing

Spoofing, a form of signal jamming, is a technique for taking control of a drone by intercepting its unencrypted GPS signals and forcing it to fly in a different direction. Although military intelligence employs technology to compromise unauthorized drones, private citizens are not permitted to use them.

  • Birds vs drones

Some nations have experimented with training eagles to catch unlicensed drones in the air. As professional hunters, birds of prey are skilled at catching small drones in midair, but the technique raises concerns about animal welfare. [I won’t recommend trying this at home]. 

Some of these birds have even been known to snag drones and return them to their trainers. And if you were concerned that the birds may suffer injury as a consequence of this operation, you can relax knowing that they are smart enough to pull it off without even clipping a talon. Only specialized, authorized sites have access to these birds, but it’s reasonable to anticipate that other nations will do the same in some capacity.

  • Laser

A powerful laser can be used to injure or destroy a drone. Federal law makes it against the law to direct a laser at an aircraft because it could cause the pilot to go blind, in addition to making it unlawful to interfere with legitimate drone operations. And let me warn you, this is a risky way to stop drones from flying over your house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can drones see through your house?

No, because the light from inside cannot pass through walls, drones are unable to penetrate them with regular cameras. However, the ones used in the military may vary.

2. What should I do if a drone flies over my house?

Ask the drone’s pilot to stop flying over or close to your property in a conversation. If they didn’t listen or you can’t seem to find who the operator is, instruct the operator that if they proceed to trespass, you will call the authorities.

Final Thoughts

Drones are the talk of the town right now. However, if you are someone bothered by an intrusive drone, instead of taking the law into your own hands, please consider contacting your local law enforcement to stop drones from flying over your house. That way, your actions do not result in destroying someone’s property and getting you into any legal trouble

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