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Stupid Android Apps That We Can’t Believe Are Real

The universe and human stupidity are two things that are infinite. Naturally, there are some ridiculously stupid Android apps that we can’t believe are real. Sure, we all enjoy fun apps for Android and good lighthearted video games but these apps take stupidity to a whole another level. The worst part about these apps is that they take themselves quite serious. I was happy when I was assigned this article but at the end I was fuming with rage. These are truly some of the most stupid Android apps we have ever tested.

I usually remain semi-professional when writing about Android apps but this article will be an exception. Because these apps are so stupid that if you write about them in a very serious manner, not only will I go insane but you will also get confused. So for the sake of this list, I will be highly sarcastic and somewhat funny (mostly sarcastic). Take these apps lightly and do install them on your friend’s phone as a prank. While they are not the best prank apps for Android, they do have a high chance of annoying your buddies.

Note: The 10 stupid Android apps that we can’t believe were really tested on a Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during the testing. Due to the wildly varying nature of the apps, they are not arranged in any particular order. Rest assured they are all very stupid.

1. S.M.T.H.

As you may have figured it out, S.M.T.H. is an abbreviation for something. No, not “something”, but it stands for something else. Send me to heaven is the name of the app and it basically sends your smartphone to heaven. The aim of the game is to throw your smartphone as high as you can. If you really hate your smartphone and don’t want to keep it anymore, you still can’t justify playing this game.

This is stupidity at its finest. That’s not all though, if you believe the game is just plain stupid, you will still see that a ton of people are playing this game. Please, I beg you, do not to throw your smartphone; if you really want to get rid of it is donated to someone who needs it more than you.

If your daddy is rich and just would not purchase you the latest smartphone, even though you just got this one a month ago? Try banging your head on the wall, it will cost less.

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2. HowTask

I have used best scheduler apps for Android as well as the best to-do apps for Android, and I still don’t know what this app is. It aims to be a reminder app that can send you an email but, well it is stupidly designed. Even the icon of the app is in an extremely low resolution.

All I can say is that this was a school project and was accidentally published on the Google play store. Just by using this app I felt my brain cells commit suicide. Hey! if you want to get drunk on stupidity, this app will do the job just fine.

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3. Cat Licks Live Wallpaper

Just as the name suggests this app is a live wallpaper in which a cat licks your screen. It’s cute and it’s nice to look at for the first time. But it is amazingly stupid how low resolution the live wallpaper is. It’s like they took a cat video from YouTube being run at 360p and simply extracted the cat.

There is no resolution scaling and it looks horrendous on high-resolution displays. You can’t even change the cat to better suit your own preference. It even licks the same spot over and over and that’s about it. It is more annoying than stupid. If you’re really hungry for good wallpaper I suggest trying out the best live wallpaper apps for Android.

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4. Big Bang Whip

Want to be just like Indiana Jones and brandish a whip? This app allows you to do just that. There is a whip sound effect in this app and when you move your smartphone like an actual whip, it goes off. That is all the app does. Not to mention that you will eventually throw your smartphone away by using this app.

I recommend using a simple sound effect app to achieve a better result. This is one wonderful way to break your smartphone. However, this method comes in second to the throwing your phone in the air method we discussed above.

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I’m pretty sure as long as there are people in this world, we will see a lot more stupid Android apps that we just cannot believe are real. Even though they are completely useless, we still can have a lot of fun with them. I certainly tried to have fun but ended up getting angry at the developers. However, these are just harmless apps that try to be funny on some level. But ultimately there are better apps which provide the same functionality without making you look stupid.

So what do you think about these apps? Is there any other app which deserves to be on this list? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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