Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android – Why you should not miss it?

Most of us have been too used to, and are tired of, the stock android virtual keyboard. Before the touchscreen technology swept in, you probably used to type wavy-fast, perhaps without even looking at the physical keyboard on your simple Nokia phone. And to make things more nostalgic, you knew that you just had to press the key labeled ‘2’ three times to type in the character ‘c’. So it was pretty straight forward typing text messages, Facebook status updates and emails replies. With the touchscreen android devices, you just have to keep your eyes fixated on the keyboard, and be extra careful with the ‘automatic prediction’ feature – which isn’t so predictive after all! At least once, you’ve probably hit the ‘Send’ button only to realize that the text you just sent has got a lot of crap in it.


Swiftkey Keyboard for android is a revolutionary new virtual keyboard that makes typing on your android device not only fun but also fast and more fascinating. Engineered by Productivity (a London based company) the SwiftkeyKeyboard  for android moves closer to the ideal typing experience. Although Google can be applauded for continuously making enhancements to its stock android keyboard, here is why SwiftkeyKeyboard the best out of the language and typing capabilities provided by your android smartphone or tablet.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android – Its more than just a keyboard


Why Swiftkey is the Best Keyboard on Android

1. Artificial Intelligence

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android - Artificial Intelligence

Swiftkey Keyboard predicts your next word even before you get stated typing it. Often referred to as the ‘mind-reading’ keyboard, this android app will learn from your texts, email and other content stored on your android phone, and intelligently try to map out the relationships between the words you use. This way Swiftkey not only predicts your popular vocabulary words, but also suggests your next word even before you touch the keyboard. So, does this affect my device storage? No. Swiftkey for android is the world’s most intelligent keyboard app, uses a form of ‘heatmapping’ technology to record those keys that your fingers hit the most, and establish your unique typing style from this data. This means that all the funny, unique or quirky words you use for your Facebook and twitter updates will be well covered. In a nutshell, the more you use the keyboard, the more it understands you – and the easier typing becomes.

2. User Interface

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android - User interface

Swiftkey Keyboard for android replaces your stock old android keyboard interface with a classic looking, compact virtual keyboard that makes typing more enticing. You may add arrows to make textual editing easier on your android phone or tablet. If you prefer bigger characters or buttons, you may adjust the keyboard sizes for easier typing.

3. Theming Options

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android - Theming Options

Most likely than not, you’ve never even thought of changing the theme when it comes to the android keyboard. Well, the stock android virtual keyboard doesn’t even make that possible. However, with the Swiftkey keyboard for android, you can choose from 12 different color themes (Cobalt, Pitch, Dusk, Regal, Berry, Sky, Fuchsia, Holo, Dark, Light, Neon and Pumpkin) and use the one that pleases you the most.

Depending on how fast or carefully you type, you have to specify your typing style:

Precise – if you are a careful typist who often relies on predictions

Rapid – if you are a fast typist who counts on auto-correction to keep the words flowing.

With the theme options, and typing style option, you get some flexibility when specifying your typing habits.

4. Talk to the Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android - Talk to the Keyboard

Although the stock old android keyboard will still allow voice input, Swiftkey Keyboard has its own way with words. You can use a variety of voice commands found in the ‘Quick Settings’ option, allowing you to promptly edit and/or insert text. The app’s voice recognition capability is nothing short of phenomenal.

5. Swiftkey Cloud

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android - Swiftkey Cloud

Included in the version of Swiftkey Keyboard currently available in the Google Play Store, Swiftkey cloud is an awesome feature that allows syncing of your data between all your android devices. Basically, Swiftkey learns and understands your typing persona from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and/or any other account that you provide. With earlier versions, you had to manually add these accounts to every device you owned. With Swiftkey Cloud though, your typing is made easier and more convenient with the following rich features:

  • Increased Personalization – currently, Swiftkey Keyboard is using your conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and (lately) Yahoo! Mail to predict your conversation and typing habits. This allows for better predictions and more ‘auto correction’ capabilities. And just in case you are also a member on some other social network, the Swiftkey team keeps adding sources, so you’ll probably also be covered very soon.
  • Backup and Sync – the words that make the most meaning to you are synced and made available across all your devices. This means that if you happen to lose your android device, you won’t have to get started from scratch teaching Swiftkey how you enter your textual data.
  • Trending Phrases– the advanced technology used in this app will analyze data sources such as Twitter and Facebook, isolate the most popular aspects in the conversations, and consequently update its predictions with this data daily. This means that whenever you need to post your social media profile, Swiftkey Keyboard for android will have the words everyone in your area is talking about ready for you!

6. Swiftkey Flow

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android - Swiftkey Flow

Allows you to type without lifting a single finger! Swiftkey flow is an advanced way of typing on your android device keyboard by swiping or ‘flowing’ a word on the keys. Combined with the expressive prediction power that this keyboard app for android comes with, the Swiftkey flow feature is just amazing.

Swiftkey Keyboard on Google Play Store

i) Swiftkey Tablet Keyboard [Paid – $3.99]

This app brings the power of Swiftkey keyboard for android right to your tablet device, complete with artificial intelligence, Swiftkey flow and Swiftkey cloud. If you’ve already decided that you want Swiftkey to be the keyboard running on your device, get this paid version. Swiftkey tablet keyboard (paid version) is rated a whopping 4.4 by over 11k users at the time of writing this post.

Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000

Android Version: Varies with device

Size: Varies with device

Download on Google Play

ii) Swiftkey Tablet [Free] Update: App Removed.

The 15 minute refund window offered at the android marketplace is simply just not enough for you to decide whether you want to keep a particular app or not. If you want to work your way and test various features before you can actually pay for Swiftkey Keyboard, this free version will do it for you. Currently rated an average 4.2 by over 5k tablet users, the free version offers the Swiftkey experience for a trial period of 1 month.

Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Android Version: Varies with device

Size: Varies with device

iii) Swiftkey Keyboard for Android Phone [Paid – 3.99$] Update: Now Free.

This is the Swiftkey keyboard app for your android phone. Rated a staggering 4.7 by over 235k users, you’ll most probably have an easy time deciding that you want to pay for this unlimited version.

Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Android Version: Varies with device

Size: Varies with device

Download on Google Play

iv) Swiftkey Keyboard Free for Android Phone [Free] Update: App Removed.

The Swiftkey keyboard for android phones (free version) provides the Swiftkey experience but only for a limited period of 1 month. If you just want to try out Swiftkey on your smartphone before you can decide whether or not you want to buy, go right ahead and download this version.

Downloads: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Android Version: Varies with device

Size: Varies with device

How to Install Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

Download the suitable Swiftkey version (Free or Paid version) from the Play store

How to Install Swiftkey for Android

  • Step 1: The first time you open the app after installation, you’ll be prompted to choose and download your primary language.
  • Step 2: Tap the ‘Enable Swiftkey’ to allow this keyboard to run on your android device
  • Step 3: Tap to set Swiftkey as your default keyboard tool
  • Step 4: ‘Swiftkey Cloud’ – allows you to enable and set up the Swiftkey cloud feature for data backup, personalization and syncing across all your devices.
  • Step 5: Swiftkey Flow – this final option allows you to enable typing by sliding your finger.

Click Finish and you can now get started using this classic keyboard app to enter textual input into your social media updating, SMS and email fields.

Using Swiftkey

Input Method

Swiftkey Keyboard allows you to specify an input method between various options (voice, traditional keyboard and Swiftkey flow). You may choose more than one input method at once by ticking all the relevant check boxes.

Usage Reporting

Swiftkey checks your typing habits and will tell you how efficiently or accurately you type. Additionally, you can also use the typing heatmap provision to find out what characters you used the most.

Other than setting input methods and checking your usage reports, Swiftkey Keyboard for android provides a large number of other settings and options that you should try out by launching the app using the Swiftkey icon.


You can watch the Swiftkey Keyboard for android video below:


You might have got used to the plain-old stock android keyboard to realize that things have changed. Now no longer you have to waste your precious seconds (which eventually accumulate to minutes and then hours) trying to keenly type in your text messages. Swiftkey’s intuitive user interface and highly efficient prediction engine will make typing one of the easiest things you do on your android device. Moreover, the Swiftkey keyboard for android also allows up to 3 languages at any time so you can send your emails in any language. You need not go back to the inconvenience stock android keyboard each and every time. All in all, Swiftkey Keyboard is the best keyboard for android devices, smart enough to greatly improve your typing with adaptive learning.

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