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How To Take Screenshots On Samsung S4: Four Dead Easy Ways

Taking screenshots on Samsung devices is one of the many great things about the Android OS. Whether you are a developer and need to capture screenshots to show off your developments or you just like to capture your app screens, the ability to take screenshots is useful to a lot of Android users.

Why would you want to take a screenshot if you have your device with you? Well, there are numerous reasons such as capturing high scores in games and sharing in-app pictures with friends. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the hottest smartphones of the year and with its gorgeous display, a lot of users might want to take screenshots of their display.

The good news is that taking screenshots has never been easier and here are the 5 easiest methods to capture screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Method 1: Home + Power Button

This is probably the easiest and quickest method to capture and save a screen on your device.

Step 1

Make sure that you are on the right screen that you want to capture. If its an app, you can launch the app and go to the screen that you want to capture.

Step 2

Hold down the Power button and the Home button simultaneously (at the same time). That’s it! You will now hear a camera shutter sound and you should get a message “Screenshot Captured.” holding power and home button

Step 3

You can now view the screenshot from the notification bar or from the Gallery app in your device. The screenshot will be saved in the /Pictures/Screenshot folder.

Method 2: Palm Gesture

The other method is also available within the Samsung S4 and is a relatively fun way to capture screenshots on your device. The new palm gestures have become quite popular on the Galaxy S4 and even though there still isn’t much need for the feature, it does look quite fancy.

This method lets you take screenshots on Samsung by using palm gestures on your device

Step 1

Go to the app drawer and launch settings on your device

Step 2

Click on the “My Device” tab under the settings menu.

Step 3

While in the “My Device” tab, you need to go to the “Motion and Gestures” tab.

motions and gestures

Step 4

Now, click on the “Palm Motion” tab and make sure that it is enabled.

palm motion

Step 5

Enable the “Capture Screen” option now.

capture screen

Step 6

Now, you can take screenshots by swiping your hand from left to right over the screen or vice versa. You will get a “Screenshot Captured” notification and the image will be available in the Gallery.


Method 3: Screenshot Now

Screenshot Now is another fantastic app to take screenshots on Samsung S4. It boasts a lot of features for capturing screenshots. While this app does have several functions, it doesn’t require root access; however, this is a paid app due to the numerous functions available.

There are over 10 different methods to take screenshots on Samsung including a button in all applications to take the screenshot, charger connection, blowing the microphone, shaking the device, the hardware camera button and custom shortcuts. The app also lets users email multiple screenshots or compress them in a zip file.

Besides that, Screenshot now also has a built in photo editor to edit your screenshots, with options like rotate, color picker, adding text and cropping. This is a great tool, specifically for developers who can edit their screenshots within their devices.

Step 1

Download and install the Screenshot app using the Google Play Store.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

Now, you need to select the trigger that you want to use from the app. You can select multiple triggers to capture screenshots if you want.

screenshot now triggers

Step 3

Make sure that you configure additional settings like what to do after capturing the screenshots on Samsung, what sort of notification should be made after capturing, the timeout period and the countdown period.

screenshot now settings

Step 4

Go to the screen that you want to capture and use your selected trigger to capture the screenshot.

Method 4: Easy Screenshot by Lovekara

Easy Screenshot by lovekara is another easy to use screenshot app for various Android smartphones, including the Galaxy S4. The app is free and doesn’t require root access.

The app basically has 3 simple triggers to take screenshots including tapping on the screen, holding the power and volume down buttons simultaneously and pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously.

You can also specify where you want the screenshot to be saved. The app also gives you the option to preview the screenshots on Samsung and decide whether you want to keep it or discard it.

Step 1

Download the app through the Google Play Store.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

Launch the app and configure the directory where you want the screenshots too be saved.

saving directory

Step 3

Go to the screen that you want to capture. A camera icon should appear on the screen similar to the one below. Tap on this icon to capture the screenshot. You can also hold the power button and the volume down button or  the power button and the home button simultaneously to capture the screenshot.

capturing screenshots

How To Take Screenshots On Samsung Galaxy S4: Four Dead Easy Ways- Conclusion

While the first 2 methods are the easiest to capture screenshots on the Galaxy S4, since you don’t need to install any additional screenshot apps for android, the other methods provide some great unique features while taking screenshots. You can shoot any questions below and we would be happy to help you further!


How do I screenshots my screen?

To screenshot your screen, you need to press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time. If you think it doesn’t work, don’t worry! You can try pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds and then tap the screenshot option.

What is the easiest way to take a screenshot?

The easiest way you can follow to take a screenshot is by swiping your screen from left to right. But this feature does not apply to all smartphones.

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