Best Tech Corporate Gifts

3 Best Tech Corporate Gifts – Putting a Smile to Your Clients

We always feel the joy and excitement preparing for gifts. Corporate gifts may be different from deciding what the best tech gift for moms is, but it needs the same preparation. Thinking of tech corporate gifts can be a little tricky with the number of innovations we have in the market. It may be for a trusted employee or a loyal client, nonetheless, corporate gifts convey appreciation.

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Amidst the budget considerations and list of possible corporate gifts to give, you can rely on us. We are here to help on how you will show your appreciation to your clients and employees!

The Best Tech Corporate Gifts

Best OverallSamsung SmartThings WiFi Mesh
Best Value UO Smart Beam Laser 

3 Best Tech Corporate Gifts

1. Samsung SmartThings WiFi Mesh

Tech Corporate Gifts - Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router Range
Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router-Tech Corporate Gifts

Is your colleague complaining about their Wi-Fi coverage at home? Samsung SmartThings WiFi Mesh can be the solution to their problem. It is a smart gift to give who has WiFi dead areas at home.

Just like Plume’s technology, the Samsung router can determine the need for the device; it then allocates and delivers the needed bandwidth and frequency to provide the best connection speed. Each Mesh covers 1,500 sq. ft. It offers 866 Mbps to 400 Mbps on 5GHz band and 2.4GHz band, respectively.

Moreover, this is not just a WiFi mesh. You can remotely control all the smart home devices you have through just a single app. You only have to download the SmartThings app. The Mesh will be an excellent gift for techies like your friend, no more interference, buffers, and congestion!

Features of Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh:

  • Setup with Ease
  • Adaptive Home WiFi
  • All-in-One Solution
  • High Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft.

It may be a pricey corporate gift, but why not? You can give it as a reward to the employee of the year! Wouldn’t it be great to help them add connectivity and smartness in their home hub?

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Tech Corporate Gifts - WITTI NOTTI
WITTI NOTTI Lamp-Tech Corporate Gifts

Do you think your client is a busy person? Well, a notification lamp would be best to give. The Witti Notti notification lamp gives them the chance to rest without missing an important event.

You would not worry whether your client uses an iOS or Android smartphone; it is compatible with both operating system. Aside from the customizable color lights that sync to every notification, the lamp also serves as a light lamp to set your mood or wake up alarm.

Features of WITTI NOTTI:

  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Customizable colors
  • Night light and Wake up light

Help your client be productive in their day-to-day activities. They will surely appreciate your concern through your corporate gift.

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3. UO Smart Beam Laser 

Tech Corporate Gifts - UO Smart Beam Laser
Smart Beam Laser-Tech Corporate Gifts

We know projectors are essential at work. However, they are bulky to carry around. But, there are compact projectors like UO Smart Beam Laser that will change your game. It projects movies, photos, and presentations into the nearby walls of the office. Thus, this is quite a help for employees and clients during their meetings.

Android users have to set the device to screen mirroring mode by clicking the power button twice. You can either connect the device with Miracast or MHL cable. They will surely love how convenient and useful the device is. It covers up to 150 inches and has a built-in speaker. Presenting data and information will be strongly commendable.

Features of UO Smart Beam Laser:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Has a built-in speaker
  • Class 1 Laser
  • Auto-focus
  • WiFi-mirroring
  • Micro HDMI Port

The UO Smart Beam Laser is undoubtedly one of the best tech corporate gifts a colleague will receive.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why are corporate gifts important?

Corporate gifts are essential as it conveys a message of appreciation to clients or employee loyalty. Giving corporate tech gifts to your employees and clients may be a hint of company tradition. With this company tradition, some employees feel the joy and excitement of having office exchange gifts.

Are our corporate gifts tax-deductible?

Yes, corporate gifts are tax-deductible. It is your jurisdiction on how much you will spend on the gifts. However, you can only claim $25 per person per year on the taxes. You might be confused about how your expenses and taxes are calculated, and it would be best to have an accountant by your side or a tax app to help you monitor taxes.

How much should I spend on tech corporate gifts?

To make your client happy, you can spend approximately $75-$100 per tech corporate gift.

Surprise Your Clients With These Tech Corporate Gifts

There is nothing better in this world by showing encouragement to our dedicated employees and giving appreciation to our loyal clients. May it be a fancy gift or the most useful one, they will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Do you find this article helpful? Share these to your colleagues and friends to give them an idea of what are the best tech corporate gifts to give. Moreover, if you have suggestions, you can tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear from our readers!

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