Basic Bear

Techdy Launches Basic Bear, Android Based iPhone Lookalike

Chinese manufacturer Techdy has announced a less than $200 next-generation iPhone lookalike device that runs on android. Named the ‘Basic Bear’, the device reportedly matches the low cost iPhone that Apple plans to launch later this year.

Basic Bear

The little known Chinese company claims that it’s able to use accessories made for the unreleased Apple budget handset. Techdy exhibits confidence that the iPhone lookalike will give users a real feel of the rumored budget iPhone, claiming that it has had access to Apple’s prototype.

The smartphone, going for exactly 199$, features a 4-inch IPS display with 1136×640 pixel display. A powerful device by all means, the lookalike gadget has a Qualcomm Spandragon 600 1.7GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB worth of storage space. Running on the latest version of android (Android 4.2.1), the Basic Bear borders high end android handsets such as HTC One in terms of processing capabilities. Additionally, it features wireless charging. Apple’s budget iPhone is rumored to sell for over $300, off-contract.

The Techdy smartphone model however lacks LTE, unlike the iPhone. Here’s the introductory video of Basic Bear.

Seemingly setting a trend for producing lookalike devices to users who’d rather forego high alternatives, the company also has a HTC One lookalike device going by the name ‘Bear Pro’. According to source reports, the Bear Pro will be able to use accessories made for the HTC One. It comes with a 4.7” display, microSD card support and pretty much similar specs as the Bear Basic version. The model retails for $249, with the Techdy bear paw logo replacing the HTC logo below the display.

With 5000 units already reserved, the Basic Bear iPhone lookalike will ship on July 31.

The HTC One lookalike, Bear Pro, will also be shipping on the same date.

Via CNET ASIA (link broken)

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  1. This phone unfortunately does not exist. It’s a ploy to get people’s money. I’m guessing that a Chinese manufacturer made these with cases of iPhone 5c’s and photoshopped the screen in all images. There are no video reviews from consumers, only warnings on the YouTube ad to not buy due to it being a scam.

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