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The 7 Best LG V20 Cases and Covers on Amazon

The 7 Best LG V20 Cases and Covers on Amazon | Joy of Android
The 7 Best LG V20 Cases and Covers on Amazon

As the successor of the LG V10, the V20 has already caught the public’s eye.

LG enthusiasts have quickly nabbed the V20 and are now curious about cases.

Perhaps you want to make sure that your new investment is as safe as possible. Maybe you just want to enhance the device’s aesthetic. Or you might want to add a convenient feature, like a wallet or kickstand to make your LG V20 even more functional.

No matter what your reason for getting a case for your new LG V20, you want to get the best case possible. Do just that with this list of the seven best phone cases and covers for the LG V20.

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1. Poetic Revolution Case

poetic revolution
This Poetic Revolution Case Has A Unique Grip Design and Excellent Shock Absorption Features.

If you are seeking for the ultimate protection for your brand new LG V20, this poetic revolution case is the best option.

It has a shock absorption quality that will help users who are always on-the-go, the outdoorsy types or simply those going places.

It also has a built-in screen protector, a feature that will help safeguard the LG V20 display. The case is also water-resistant.

This means that you don’t have to worry too much if you have sweaty hands or if it is the rainy season.

Meanwhile, its sides have a unique grip texture that will prevent it from slipping from your hands. Even if it has shock absorption, you would not want to drop it, though.

In case of accidental falls, its corners and back are well-protected and will not suffer scratches. It is also dust-free, so you are assured that your speakers, buttons, and ports are well-covered.

The case comes in several different colors, like black, green, red, blue, and white. Choose one that suits your preference.

For a more stylish LG V20, add accessories that speaks more of your individuality.

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2. Pleson Crystal Clear Phone Case

pleson crystal clear
Choose The Pleson Crystal Clear Case To Show Your True LG V20 Colors.

Some buyers want the design and façade of the mobile more than the LG V20 full specs. It is totally fine and understandable because the device is so easy on the eyes.

Now, if you want the overall look of your black LG V20 cell phone but still demand total protection, go for the Pleson crystal clear cover.

The casing will showcase the beauty of your gadget and further emphasize the specs and feautures of the LG V20.

Pelson and Ghostek both considered the features of the LG V20 while designing the case. Its cutouts are all fitted to precision to ensure a tight fit.

It also means that you can easily access all the ports and jacks of your phone. The cover’s sleek design means you won’t feel any bulkiness in the phone’s dimensions.

What’s more, it has an explosion-proof screen protector, clearly underlining the importance of the display screen. The Pleson cover also has an aluminium frame and TPU shell as well.

Other than this clear casing, you can also personalize your LG V20 cover through the Google Nexus. LG V20 case anime, anyone? You can definitely incorporate your own art with this.

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3. Sparin Armor Case

sparin armor case
The Armor Case That Can Also Serve As A Wallet.

There really is no limit when it comes to creativity. This LG V20 armor case has a mini compartment at the back where you can put some of your cards and money.

However, it is not well-hidden, and people can easily take a peek at your cards. The amount of money you put there is visible as well.

Perhaps this particular feature is not clearly established or well thought-out but it is still useful.

Despite this, the LG V20 wallet case can be considered a catch. Aside from carrying your cards and money, it also has both shock absorption and drop protection.

These two aspects are vital when it comes to securing your phone. It has round edges around the camera that protects it from hard surfaces.

One of the best LG ratings lie on its lenses functions, so you want to secure those at all costs.

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4. J&D Wallet Case

jd wallet stand
The J&D Functional Wallet Case Is Great For Streamlining Your Life.

Whether you agree with this LG V20 review or not, you will undoubtedly want to have this multifunctional wallet stand for your mobile.

Can you believe it is made from actual synthetic PU leather? That makes it 10,000 times cooler than the usual phone case, doesn’t it?

If you ever drop your gadget, it is protected with snap-on inside. You can also carry it comfortably, thanks to its built-in opening that can be used for lanyard or wrist strap.

The wallet case has three slots for your IDs or cards and a room for your cash as well. No need to worry about the ports and jacks because it also has a perfect cut outs precision.

This casing is ideal if you don’t want to carry around too many things. It screams minimalism and very functional. The J&D case comes in a variety of red, brown, aqua, and black hues.

For other multifunctional wallet cases, there are also covers available for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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5. Parallax Series by Caseology

parallax case
Minimalism Is The Name of The Game With The Parallax Case Series.

Minimalism has a certain charm into it, and Caseology’s Parallax Series can be considered the epitome of minimal. It is so simple yet very posh and gives the LG phone a professional finish.

Its materials are made of two sections, namely the flexible TPU and polycarbonate frame. The first section is durable while the outer part is made to protect and offers rigidity.

It also has enhanced grip that fits the lifestyle of professionals and business people who need their phones with them at work.

Also, it has a raised lip protection for a better function for calls. Its buttons are covered but are responsive thanks to the précised cutouts.

Even its colors give off a professional vibe as it comes in navy blue, black, coral pink, and burgundy. Each vibrant hue is not too feminine or masculine and will fit any gender preference.

If you want more options, you can check this list for more covers that offer both beauty and durability.

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6. Nillkin Flip Cover

nillkin flip cover
Grab One of These Classic and Vintage Looking Nillkin Flip Cases.

Another minimalist phone case for LG V20 is the Nillkin’s Flip Case. It looks posh and has an overall classicism with its white perfection. But the case also comes in gold, red, pink, and black.

Even if you don’t know how long the LG V20 battery life is, you can rest assured that this cover will add lifespan and value to your mobile.

The window to the display screen lets you look at your notifications without having to flip open the case all the time.

You can also answer calls or even open the camera without flipping the cover. This cover is convenient and ideal for protection, especially the device’s display screen.

Nillkin material is air permeable and has a soft fiber lining. It is also shockproof. This flip case is perfect for Nougat technology.

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7. Presidio Grip by Speck

presidio grip
No Other Phone Cover Can Survive The Presidio Grip 10-Foot Drop Test.

Probably one of the most shocking facts about this phone case is it was tested by dropping it from 10 feet in height.

The third-party laboratories wanted to ensure that Speck is offering the ultimate protection for your LG V20. It also has barrier protection with absolute shock absorption.

It offers a good grip, which is perfect for those with sweaty or clumsy hands. Despite its slimness, it does not fall short when it comes to protection.

Unfortunately, this cover is expensive compared to other LG V20 phone cases. But it is more worth the price. Cases aren’t something you want to cut corners on, anyway. You’d be paying for all the right things.

It comes in different neutral colors in dual tones. It’s offered in ash gray and white, marine and twilight blue, lilac and whisper purple.

If you don’t like those choices, you can go with the classic black.

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Time To Make A Decision

Your search for the best LG V20 cover probably started after reading feedback on the LG phones V20 and ended with this list.

Hopefully, you are now armed with enough information  to make a decision. These cases and covers will definitely make you buy LG V20 phone in no time.

Whether you are into LG V20 case waterproof or any other designs, you can have it reflect your personality. But don’t compromise comfort over beauty as you can have both.

And for better decision-making, make sure you do your research. You can also send us your questions or give us feedback about the latest LG model in the comments section below. 

You can also share this article with your friends and family and help them choose the best case or cover for the LG V20. 

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