The Basics of Google Play Services

Android Google Play Services is a background service that’s in charge of your phone’s core functionality. It ensures that the apps that you downloaded from the Play Store run smoothly and get the necessary updates.

It channels Google’s advanced functionalities to your other applications. You might be noticing how you can quickly tap on sign-ins, switch effortlessly from different accounts, sync data and many more that improves the user experience.

Deactivating Google Play Services could cause some of your apps and games to be unable to be opened, experience lagging issues or even crash. It’s a vital component for the apps you’ve downloaded from Google Play, so you should be careful when tapping ‘Deactivate’.

Where Can I Find Google Play Services?

Although I’ve mentioned earlier that it can’t be found on your app drawers, it does exist. It’s integrated into Android OS since Kitkat 4.4. It is usually found on your phone’s Apps or in Apps Manager. Your Apps are in your Settings, so you should start there first.

Depending on how your apps are listed, you can easily find it named as it is: ‘Google Play Services’.

Google Play Services in your App Manager
Google Play Services in your App Manager

Is It Possible to Delete Google Play Services?

While Google discourages its users from removing it due to its core functionality, it is possible. Most Android users who decide to remove Google Play Services do so because of battery, but I have written about methods to fix this without deleting Play Services before.

Since it’s a background app, you can’t merely eradicate it from your device through your phone’s App manager. It could be done by rooting your device first before you can entirely remove it. If you’re going to go down this path, make sure all your data is backed up so you’re covered if things go awry.

What Happens if I Delete Google Play Services?

Into the trash it goes.

Deleting Google Play Services would cause a lot of problems on your phone. It is because many of the apps on Google Play depend on it. They will be barred from Google APIs that give them additional functionalities. The most affected ones would be Google apps like your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Music and the like since they won’t work at all.

Your phone won’t feel like an Android anymore due to the incoming troubles. Deactivating or disabling it is your best option, so you always have access to it.

What about Clearing Data?

It does come as an option when you access the app itself although I would not recommend tapping Clear All Data. But if you insist, especially since your phone has now eaten up half of your storage space, clearing it would remove the data the apps feed. However, the good news is, they can be automatically generated as you use your phone.

Sometimes, it’s not only storage issues that require you to choose this option but when one of your apps crashes as well. A message often pops up after opening an app informing you that, “Google Play has stopped working.” Clearing your cache and all your data usually does the trick in resolving this issue.

Here are steps on how you can clear the data.

Step 1: Go to your Settings and access your Apps or Apps Manager.

Step 2: Search for Google Play Services and give it a tap.

Step 3: Go to Storage

Step 4: Choose Manage Space

Step 5: Choose Clear All Data and tap OK on the popup


Android Google Play Services might have its flaws, but its functionalities outnumber them. An app that quietly oversees your apps’ updates, and with a tap of your finger, it’s already got the latest version. It’s a Google technology that without a doubt, enhanced its users’ experience with just one flick.

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