The 5 Best Apps that are Quick Tile Compatible

Android is always evolving and with the latest Android Nougat 7.0 Google has introduced something called Quick Tiles in the notification menu. And in typical Android fashion, you have the luxury of modifying them anyway you want. This list will introduce you to 5 apps that are Quick Tile compatible and will integrate well in the notification menu.

As Android 7.0 was released fairly recently, there are not many apps that are quick tile compatible which is quite understandable. This is exactly why I wasn’t able to find fully fleshed out apps that not only form perfectly but also look great. These are the few apps available on the Google Store that meet the criteria of simply being compatible with the Quick Tile.

Note: The 5 apps that are quick tile compatible were tested on a Google Pixel smartphone, unfortunately I was not able to get the screenshots from that device. Then I ran them on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and they were somewhat OK on it. I recommend using these on stock Android 7.1 Nougat or face some little hitches.

1. Weather Quick Settings Tile

This is a tiny weather icon that lives in the notification menu of your Android device. The quick tile has some great looking icons that sit well with the overall design Google went with this time around.

Tap on the icon to get updated weather, it’s that simple and easy to use. Double tap on it to access the settings menu where you can toggle a lot of different things and change a few customization options.

You’ll also be able to select how the weather is displayed as well as choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius units. The files allow you to select the refresh timer that you can easily opt for as a reliable weather update.

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2. Caffeinate

This nifty little quick tile app will instantly be familiar for those who have used CyanogenMod over the last couple of years. It basically takes the same Caffeinate feature and implements it on Android 7.0.

When you toggle this option, the screen will stay awake for 5 minutes and after that continues sleeping normally. You have a lot of different uses for this feature, and use it to stay concentrated or some may even use it as a low-key flashlight.

The usage depends on you. Even though it is in beta and may have some bugs, it works really well and does what it is meant to do.

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3. QuickTile Quick Settings 7.+

QuickTile offers some good additions to the stock Android 7 tiles. Some simple add-on tiles make your life a lot easier. I like that there are over 900 icons you can choose from so you aren’t stuck with one style.

There are options for rooted devices too. It’s good to see they offer a little extra for the people who wanted more control over their phone and rooted it.

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4. Ringer Modes – Quick Tile

This app is so simple that even its app store description says, “Quickly switch the audio volume ringer mode between Normal/Vibrate/Silent”. This is exactly what it does. You can easily press the quick tile to change the ringer profile of your smartphone.

This can also be achieved by pressing the volume buttons anytime but this makes it easier to do it with one button press. At least on Samsung smartphones, you can’t make the smartphone silent by pressing the volume down button.

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5. Tiles

This one app is the best one in the whole apps that are quick tile compatible list. I really enjoyed seeing the sheer number of options available here. Basically, you can add any number of tiles on your notification panel with this app.

From adaptive brightness toggles to alarms and from ambient display to apps you can do anything you want. Do you need to access Facebook from the panel? You can do so easily.

The possibilities are endless here and I highly recommend that you try out this app as soon as you can. Rooted devices may have access to some advanced features on this quick tile compatible app, but they are not that big in number.

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I’m sure that we will see a lot more apps that are quick tile compatible in the near future. I’ll revisit this article in 6 months and update if there are more apps released. For now we will have to make do with the ones that are already available.

Do tell us how you feel about this new feature? Talk to us in the comments and share your experiences.

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