Thor: The Dark World for Android Coming Soon

On the eve of the week-end Gameloft released news on the next big hit gaming app. The announcement was made in collaboration with Marvel Comics at Comic-Con. Thor: The Dark World for Android is bound to launch on Android for gaming buffs and aficionados.

Thor android game

With this classic android game, you will be trying to attempt to save as many as nine distinct universes from extinction with over more than 9 dozen missions to choose from. If Gameloft is to be believed, the game is going to be an awesome experience for android users, plus an impressive gameplay.

Many superb fighting maneuvers by Thor, including God of Thunder, are all in the brief trailer provided, so users can have reason to believe that this is going to be pretty much interesting.

Well, the game is going to be available on play store soon enough, we’ll wait to take a comprehensive look at it then.

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