Tips and Tricks for Huawei Honor 5X

Tips and Tricks for Honor 5X Mastery

Tips and Tricks for Huawei Honor 5X

Huawei has been putting all the right notes with their smartphone releases this season. And the Huawei Honor 5X is a prime example of a mid-range powerhouse. This article will illustrate some great tips and tricks for Honor 5X so that you will be able to use it more efficiently and have a lot of fun.

Even though this is marketed as a mid-range smartphone, there are some amazing features available on this large device. I was pleasantly surprised that while we managed to pack in so much in this extremely affordable and well-priced smartphone.

The Honor 5X to the 5.5-inch screen with full HD resolution. It also has a great 72.2% screen to body ratio. The smartphone also has a 13 MP camera on the back is capable of delivering great photos. That’s not all, though, is among the few midrange devices that come with a fingerprint scanner.

The fingerprint scanner is almost the same as the one featured on the Huawei Mate 8 and Nexus 6P flagship smartphones. It also works really fast and is placed at a comfortable and accessible place. So without further ado, let’s start with the trips and tricks for Honor 5X list.

1. Remove the Screen Protector

Honor X screen

The first tip about the Honor 5X is that you remove the completely useless screen protector Huawei has put on the smartphone. The screen protector is of extremely low quality and to be honest a little disappointing. This is in no way a usable protector and will become greasy after a very short time.

You will be better off using a tempered glass protector for your smartphone made by a third-party company. A point to be noted here is that the smartphone doesn’t come with any kind of Gorilla Glass so it is mandatory that you have a screen protector always on.

2. Use 2 SIMs On the Phone

Dual Sim Slots on Honor X

The Honor 5X is one of the few films that allow you to use two SIM cards simultaneously all the while using a microSD card as well. It is a dual Sim device that practically combines two phones into one package. While it is not very popular in the United States, frequent travelers will have a lot of convenience when using this phone. To manage or take some settings, head over to Settings > Wireless Networks > More > Mobile Network.

3. Use To MicroSD Card Slot

MicroSD card slot on Honor X

These days microSD cards are extremely cheap, you can get a 32 GB one for less than 15 bucks. Thankfully Honor 5X is a phone that allows you to use dual Sim capabilities with a microSD card, a feature that is missing from even the latest dual Sim flagships. With the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update he will also be able to convert this ST card into internal storage and store every app, game and media on your microSD card.

4. Display Temperature

Settings in Honor X

Some people really like colors that are on the colder sides. Other people prefer the warm hues a lot. So a lot of people are left out using a color temperature there are not comfortable using on many smartphones. Sure, Samsung allows users to change some of the colors is display on the screen with their dynamic and movie screen modes but is still far from full temperature control. Thankfully, Huawei Honor 5X comes with a dedicated temperature slider. The excess that simply head over to Settings > Display > Color Temperature and adjust the slider to the position you are happy with.

5. Personalize the Notifications Center

Notification Panel

This is one of the features that is directly inspired by iPhones and Huawei has managed to implemented really well. Sure, when it also has this option but it is not as quite prominent as Hawaii has made it in their own customs skin. If you are being bothered by random Candy Crush requests, you can simply turn them off. Now you won’t get any kind of notifications from that particular application. In order to achieve this only to do is go to Settings > Notification center. In that menu will find three different types of notifications, the banners, the lock screen notifications, and the status bar notifications. You can manage all of them with this neat little feature or turn off notifications for the full app. Everything is up to you here.

6. Use Power Saving Modes

Power Saving Modes

The Honor 5X comes with a 3000 mAh battery and will easily be able to tide you through the whole day. So even if you find yourself at less than 20% battery while riding home, you can easily turn on one of the power modes available on the device. By default, the Honor 5X has a smart mode turned on. It is a balance setting that allows you to conserve power when needed and boost the overall timing of the phone.

However, if you really need to save battery, I recommend using the ultra-power saving mode for better longevity. There is also an optimized button in the power saving mode window, it basically turns off every kind of connection on your device in order to get a few minutes of more battery timing. But I don’t recommend that you use it, simply because you’ll have to turn on the connections again.

7. Use the Protected Apps Feature

Recent Apps on Honor X

When the Honor 5X is logged and it goes to sleep, the custom operating system closes off almost every app running in the background. Huawei thinks that we need every app to be closed down when we lock the screen. While it may save battery, in the long run, it can also be very troublesome if you were anticipating an important email. In order to receive those important messages and notifications, I highly recommend that you add apps in the protected apps feature. All you need to do is go into Settings > Protected Apps and toggle the app you want to run in the background while the screen is turned off. This will save you a lot of headache.

8. Stop Apps from Using Mobile Data

Some of the apps are notorious for using your mobile data even while running in the background. One recent example is Snapchat, that used your mobile data to download pictures that you really don’t want to see. Thankfully, that app has been updated with a bit of common sense.

However, if you still want to restrict certain apps from using your mobile data and consuming the data, you can do so with this nifty feature. In order to access the feature, go to Settings > Network Apps > Installed Apps or System Apps and simply toggle the ones that you don’t want using data. Thanks to limited to the argument conquer.

9. Shake to Restore Order

Icon Folders on Honor X

If you are one of those people who have a very messy home screen, Honor 5X has an ingenious way to make everything organized. All you need to do is simply shake your smartphone. That’s right, pick it up and give it a shake. Everything will be organized now.

10. The Navigation Buttons

If you’re coming from a Samsung smartphone to a Huawei one, you might find it hard to use the on screen buttons. That is because android uses the back button on the left side of the screen while the Samsung smartphones use a capacitive button on the right side of the home button. Thankfully, however, it was thoughtful enough to include a great navigation button layout system.

Using this you can easily modify the way buttons are arranged and can even add additional ones. This is a great feature that I personally think, every android smartphone should come with. To access this go to Settings > Navigation Bar and select the layout you like.

11. One Hand Operation

One Handed Mode

As the Honor 5X features a very large 5.5 inch screen, it makes sense to include a one-handed usage mode with. While the smartphone is not as huge as some other smartphones in the market, it can still be a little bit harder to reach the far corners of the smartphone using only one hand. Thankfully you can enable the one hand UI on the Honor 5X easily. Go to Settings > One-hand UI > Enable One-hand layout. After that all you need to do is swipe on the navigation bar to align the small screen to either side of the smartphone.

12 Enable Glove Mode

If you live in a cold region, you may need to use your smartphone while wearing warm gloves. The Honor 5X comes with a glove mode, and as the name suggests it does exactly what it says. You will be able to use the smartphone while wearing gloves if this mode is turned on. You can easily turn this on by heading to Settings > Smart assistance: More > Gloves Mode.

13. Turn off Carrier Name

A lot of people know what carrier they are using and there is no need a constant reminder of that. You can easily remove the carrier name from the UI of the phone. Simply go to the Settings > Display. From there you can easily turn off the display carrier name option. You can even turn on display network speed option that will surly come in handy.

14. Lock Screen Signature

You can add a lock screen signature to your smartphone that displays when the screen is locked. It basically allows you to send a message to the person who finds your lost smartphone. Or you can display a stylish message if you want on the screen. It’s a great way to personalize the smartphone or use it as a utility.

In order to activate the option and edit the message, go to Settings > Screen lock & passwords > Lock screen signature. You can easily edit the message you want to display tapping on the text box.

15. Lock Screen Shortcuts

If you are not keen on using the finger print sensor of the smartphone, you can use the orthodox methods of entering the pin number or using a lock screen pattern. If you decide to do so, you can also use lock screen shortcuts on the Honor 5X. All you need to do is swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen and you will be able to see different shortcuts. One of my favorite ones is the flashlight shortcut.

Why can’t you use these shortcuts with the finger print sensor? Well if you use the finger print security, the lock screen will be bypassed completely and you will be taken directly to the home screen.

16. Finger Print Gestures

Finger print gestures on Honor X

The Honor 5X comes with something that almost no other smartphone does, finger print sensor gestures. That’s right, you can use the finger print scanner when the phone is unlocked to perform certain actions. Here are a few of them:

  • Back – Click the fingerprint back to the previous view
  • Back to home – Touch and hold the fingerprint back to home
  • Take photo/video – From the viewfinder screen, touch and hold the fingerprint sensor to take a photo or video
  • Stop alarm – When alarm goes off, touch and hold the fingerprint sensor to stop the alarm
  • Answer call – Touch and hold the fingerprint sensor to answer a call
  • Recent app – Slide up on the fingerprint sensor to show recent apps
  • Show notification panel – Slide down on the fingerprint sensor to display the notification panel, double-touch to clear the panel, and slide up to close the panel


These were a few of the most awesome tips and tricks for Honor 5X. It’s a $200 phone that comes with surprisingly great features, especially the finger print scanner is a pleasant surprise. If you are looking for an affordable mid-range smartphone, this one is a serious contender. What are your thoughts about the smartphone? Have you checked it out yet in the local tech store? Do tell me your thoughts about the Huawei line up of this year in the comments.

Credits: Thanks to AndroidAuthority for these awesome pictures.

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