Tips and Tricks for LG G Flex

The Top 15 Tips and Tricks for LG G Flex You Must Know

The LG G Flex is a unique smartphone and comes with a ton of features that can help you in day-to-day life. While LG tries its best to explain some of the major features of the LG G Flex, there are some others that remain hidden for some reason. This article is about the tips and tricks for LG G Flex that will make your life a lot easier and comfortable. This list will help you in knowing your device better and getting good at using it for various tasks.

The 6-inch smartphone has a unique curve to its body and looks really beautiful. LG G Flex is also made with a self-healing back that can automatically heal scratches and scrapes. With so many unique features, there are bound to be some awesome tips and tricks for LG G Flex. So let’s start with some of the best tips and tricks for LG G Flex and see if you knew all of them or not.

Tips and Tricks for LG G Flex

1. Improve the Display

wifi - lg g flex

A lot of latest smartphones, especially the flagships from companies are already at quad HD resolution. The LG G Flex phone was released a few years back, it featured a very midrange 720 P display. Even at that time, a lot of flagship smartphones were already using full HD displays. So a 6-inch display with only 720 P resolution will look a tad bit pixilated to a person who is used to full HD resolution.

You can counter that by bumping up the brightness upwards of 80%. This will not only improve the viewing angles but also the sharpness of the screen. You can do it easily by heading into Menu > System Settings > Display > Brightness. Even though this will negatively impact the battery life of the smartphone, the trade-offs are definitely worth it.

2. Use the Knock On Feature

knock on - lg g flex

LG smartphones come with a built-in feature called Knock On. It basically allows you to unlock the screen simply by double tapping it. It’s just like tapping on someone’s door and is surprisingly very convenient.

I highly recommend that you use this feature on your LG G Flex because not only does it look cool but you also won’t have to fiddle around to find the power button. To turn on the Knock On, Go to Menu > System Settings > General > Gestures and turn on the feature.

3. Hide the Keyboard

While LG keyboard is not as refined as some of the best keyboard apps for Android, it does come with a lot of cool features. For example, if the keyboard pops up for some reason and you don’t want it on the screen, you can simply swipe it away. That’s right; swipe your finger down on it and the keyboard will disappear from the screen and you can continue doing whatever you were doing. I have certainly experienced this in my day-to-day usage and had to press the back button to make the keyboard disappear.

4. Split the Keyboard

Now that we’re on the topic of the keyboard did you know you can split the keyboard in landscape mode? That’s not all; the way you can do it is also ingenious. When in landscape mode on the LG G Flex, drag your thumbs right from the middle towards the sides of the phone. This will split the keyboard for easy typing experience. It is a very intuitive gesture that makes you feel like you have physically split the keyboard into parts.

5. Change the Quick Settings

When you drop down the notification panel, you will see there are some quick settings icons on the top. You can easily scroll through them by swiping left or right but if you want to add or remove the icons there is an option. Swipe to the end and you’ll see the option to reorder the icons or add more functions. It’s a great way to make sure you always have access to some of your favorite functions available on the LG G Flex.

6. The Healing Factor

curved - LG G Flex

The LG G Flex comes with an awesome healing back that can automatically heal minor scratches and scrapes. The hotter the temperature, the faster it will heal. So any kind of scuff marks your keys leave on the back of the phone, it will be able to heal itself easily. A word of warning though, don’t go cutting the back of the phone with a knife, it won’t be able to heal if it is stripped to the code.

7. The Bending Game

bendable - Lg G flex

You know why the LG G Flex is called the Flex? That’s because it can actually flex a bit. Want to make the cover of your smartphone go away? You can do that with little to no effort.

This is a great thing to show off to your friends as no other smartphone in the world is going to do this. However, make sure you don’t try to fold the phone or twist it at an odd angle. It’s a LG G Flex smartphone, not The Wolverine.

8. Quick Switching Between Apps

interface - lg g flex

The LG G Flex allows you to switch quickly between different apps. You will be able to actually freeze an app by swiping left across the screen with three fingers. You can actually save three apps using this gesture. In order to check out the apps you have frozen, simply swipe three fingers towards the right side of the screen and you will be easily able to access them.

9. Lockscreen Shortcuts

The LG G Flex allows you to set up custom shortcuts on the lock screen of the phone. To set the shortcuts go to Settings > Display > Lock Screen > Shortcuts. One for the menu will be able to add apps to the shortcut bar that will be displayed on only lock screen. It’s a fairly easy thing to do that will make your day-to-day usage quite pleasant.

10. Lockscreen Quick Launch

QuickTheater - lg g flex

If you have set your security to swipe unlock, you will be able to use this feature. Hold your smartphone in landscape mode and swipe the fingers apart from the center of the screen. This will launch different apps that you can specify. You can launch the camera, photo, video, or YouTube apps using this method.

11. Dual Window Mode

multitasking - lg g flex

There is a lot of real estate on the 6 inch 6-inch smartphone screen. And it will be a shame not to use that screen for multitasking. This is exactly why dual windows are an important feature on LG G Flex. As the name implies, it allows you to display two apps on the screen at the same time.

In order to turn this feature on head over to System> Settings> General> Multitasking. In the menu you will find the Dual Window checkbox, simply check it and you can use the feature. In order to display two apps on the screen, press and hold the back button and move the app icon to the part where you want to display it.

12. Make it a Remote

The LG G Flex comes with an IR blaster that can potentially make it a remote control for your electronic devices. You can either use the LG made a remote app called Quick Remote or you can install any of the best remote apps for Android on your phone. The first party app is easy to set up and use and I highly recommend that you try it first.

You can also launch the app from the lock screen by loading the app and backing out from it using the home button. This will allow the app to remain in your notification panel. This app will allow you to control not only your TV but also any entertainment box you have. You will also be able to control your air-conditioning with it.

13. Voice Activated Camera

camera - Lg G Flex

The default camera app in the LG G Flex can use audio cues to snap pictures. It is a great way to take blur-free selfies as the 6-inch phablet makes it a bit harder to reach the shutter button with one hand. To take a voice-activated photo, simply say cheese, smile or a set of different words to take a photo. It’s a great feature that allows you to take good pictures without shaking the camera while you’re attempting to hit the shutter button.

14. Use QSlide

multiwindow - lg g flex

The QSlide mode can be activated by clicking on the dedicated button on the left side of the address bar on the default browser. It makes the browser into smaller and you can keep it open at all times.

You can even launch another app and do things on it while the browser is running. There is even a slider to change the transparency of the window as well. This feature can also be used with different apps as well however; all of them are first party LG apps.

15. Plug & Pop Makes Life Easy

speaker - lg g flex

Want to launch the music player as you insert the earphones into the port? You can do that with the Plug & Pop feature. As the name implies, whenever you put something into your smartphone, this feature will pop up a pre-defined app.

For example if you insert a headphone in your phone, the app will open the video player for you. In order to define this, head over to Menu > System Settings > General >Accessory USB storage or earphone. You can select what happens when you insert particular device on the panel that appears.


These were a few great tips and tricks for LG G Flex that will not only make your smartphone easier to use but also fun. I really hope that these tips and tricks will help you in making the most out of your beautiful looking smartphone.

If you have any more tricks and tips for the LG G Flex, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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