Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

20 Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has come with guns blazing with their latest phablet smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The popular series has opted for some controversial changes especially for power users but it has retained many of the features we have all come to love. If you happen to own the device, there is a high chance that you may not know its full capabilities. This article will highlight some tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and aims to introduce you to features that you may have overlooked.


I will go ahead and assume that you are either using the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for a while now or are interesting in purchasing it. If you are here because you want to check out the features this smartphone has to offer, I highly recommend that you also see the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 article as well. Making a conscious and mature decision is very much necessary when it comes to purchasing a premium smartphone at a matching price. Without further talk, let’s start with the tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

1. One Handed Operation

galaxy-note5 selfie

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a large smartphone coming at 5.7 inches. While usual users may have grown accustomed to the large-screen, new users may have some problem with using the smartphone with one hand. Thankfully, Samsung knows this and has included a very robust one-handed operation mode.

This feature basically scales down the whole screen to a manageable size and allows you to use the phone with one hand only. In order to activate this mode, head over to Settings> Display> One-Handed Operation. From there you will be able to reduce the size of the screen to something you find comfortable using with one hand.

2. Fast Downloads

The Download Booster option in theSamsung Galaxy Note 5 allows you to download files at the expense of mobile data. For example, if you’re downloading something on a standard Wi-Fi connection and it’s taking way too long you can enable this option to boost the speed with mobile data.

If you already have an LTE or 3G connection, you’ll be easily able to activate this mode to enjoy faster download speeds. To utilize this functionality go to Settings> More Connection Settings> Download Booster, from there all you need to do is turn it on and you are set.

3. Google Now

Google Now is a handy tool that allows you to do certain tasks simply with a push of a button. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you’ll be able to access Google Now from almost anywhere simply by pressing and holding the Home Button.

You will also be able to tap the microphone if you want to do a quick search, check your calendar or even set a reminder. If you’re really interested in utilizing this functionality further, you will also be able to customize the Google now experience by opening up the Google now app.

4. Finger Print Sensor


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor that not only makes this device highly secure but also easily accessible. The fingerprint sensor is located on the Home Button of the smartphone and is a great way to ensure no one else can mess with your phone. In order to set up the fingerprint sensor, simply head to Settings> Lock Screen and Security> Fingerprints.

From there, a friendly tutorial will guide you in scanning your fingers and after that, you will be ready to use this feature. I highly recommend that you scan your thumb because it’s the only digit that will feel comfortable using the fingerprint scanner.

5. Auto Restart Scheduler

If you want to run your Android in top condition, you should really restart the device from time to time. Ideally, I recommend that you restart the smartphone at least once a week. Samsung certainly is on this as well because they have introduced a feature called auto restart.

Just as the name suggests, this feature allows you to restart your device in any given time even if you’re not actively using it. In order to utilize this scheduler, go to Settings> Backup and Reset> Auto Restart and  select a time and day each week for the restart to happen.

6. Fast Charging Indicator


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 supports fast charging but it simply doesn’t work with any charger or USB cable. In order to utilize this fast charging feature, you have to use the charger that shipped with the smartphone in the box. Use any other cable or charger and this feature will not work at all.

To know if the smartphone is fast charging, put the phone in and check the notification bar. If this fast charging mode is on, you will see an indication right there.

7. Better Keyboard Shortcuts

This android feature is kind of useful especially when you are texting a lot. This is available on the stock Samsung keyboard and can easily be accessed. Depending on the app you are using you will see additional buttons on the bottom line of the keyboard. Their number may vary from app to app but they are still there.

Tap and hold on any one of them to set up your custom shortcuts. While this may seem like a small feature, it will save you time in the long run especially if you’re rapidly transitioning between social media apps and texting. If you are seeking more keyboard centric shortcuts, I recommend that you check out the best keyboard apps for Android list as well.

8. Find the Galaxy

We have already written a list of antitheft apps for Android, but this feature comes built-in. When you get your Samsung device, you are prompted to make a Samsung account. While it may seem kind of tedious to do but in the long run, it will help you a lot. For example, if you have lost your smartphone, this account will help you locate it with ease.

To take advantage of this phone locating service, go to Settings> Lock Screen and Security> Find My Mobile. Once this setup is complete, you can easily go to the find my mobile website and locate the smartphone. You can even make the smartphone ring if you want.

9. Get Free Goodies


Now that you have already logged into your Samsung account, you should also avail the free goodies Samsung has bundled together with your smartphone. Depending on your region, the gifts may vary, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get free 100 GB worth of storage on OneDrive for two years. You may also get free books from Kindle as well.

10. Do Not Disturb Mode

If you are one of those people who can easily check their smartphone 18 times in an hour, you probably need this feature to get some work done. Personally, I use this feature a lot and really love it because it allows me to concentrate on work and not on my social media notifications.

If you want to use this mode to block out unnecessary communication, go to Settings> Sound and Notifications> Do Not Disturb. From there you will be able to configure what you want to get through and what to block. You will also be able to shortlist some apps like Gmail to alert you when an important mail arrives.

11. Air Command Menu

The S-Pen is one the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. This makes the phone stand out from the rest of the phablets on the market. To get the pen out of the housing, you need to lightly push it in and the magnetic lock will be released.

From there you will be able to use the air command menu to do certain tasks with ease. You will also be able to customize the air command menu by heading to SettingsS-Pen.

12. S-Pen Alert


The S-Pen alerts are turned by default. This alert will inform you if you move a certain distance away without holstering the pen. This feature will save you the hassle of purchasing a new S-Pen, which by the way is a little expensive for our tastes. The phone will buzz and will even display a message on the screen informing you that the S-Pen is not currently in the phone.

13. Taking Notes

note 5 - off screen ntoe

Another great trick is to take quick notes even if the screen is off. The Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Note 5 allows it to light only the pixels that are needed; thus giving off a “screen off” look. However, when you pull out the S-Pen the screen sensors become active and you can scribble down a note on the screen.

The screen doesn’t even wake up fully but you will be able to jot down anything in a hurry without the mess of opening up a dedicated note taking app. This is the feature that fully embraces the nature of the product’s name; Galaxy Note is finally able to take ultra-fast notes.

14. Power Saving Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a great power saving mode that will conserve battery when needed. The trick here is to activate this mode whenever you need to save battery. For example, when on a long trip don’t activate the mode when the battery hits below 10%, activate it right after you leave home.

This way the smartphone will start conserving energy from the get go. To activate the mode, head to Settings > Battery. From there you can even turn on the ultra-power saving mode as well.

15. S-Finder is Great

You may have overlooked a feature called S-Finder at the start because it seems like just another app by Samsung but in reality, it is a great feature. After using and filling up your smartphone, you will have a hard time finding that one picture from the wedding. With this feature, you will be able to easily locate the said file.

This feature basically searches the whole smartphone to find what you are looking for and arranges it in a digestible manner. It is usually located on the notification bar and can be accessed from there. If it is not there, you can include it by clicking on the edit button.

16. Customize Notification Tray

Speaking of the edit button, you can easily arrange the shortcuts and features displayed on the notification try. All you need to do is press the edit button and the phone will take you to the customization menu.

From there, all you need to do is select the shortcuts you need and that’s it. This also allows you to remove some useless feature shortcuts on the notification try. I hardly use Bluetooth, so it made sense to simply remove its shortcut from the notification tray.

17. Creating a Folder

If you are among those people who have an oddly cluttered home screen, you will really appreciate this feature. Creating folders on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is simple and easy. Simply drag an icon onto another and bam! You have created a folder.

This is how well Samsung has made the drag and drop method of making folders. Now add in more icons to the folder by simple drag and drop motion and you are good to go.

18. Smart Alert

Smart Alert is a great feature to use if you are groggy from morning sleep. This feature makes the smartphone vibrate when you pick it up if you have missed notifications. It is a great feature to check out if you have missed anything without even opening your eyes. Those lazy, late Sunday mornings have just gotten better.

19. Direct Call

This motion detection feature is straight out of the future. If you are reading a message or even on a contact, simply raise the smartphone to your ear and the Note 5 will dial that contact. That’s right; you don’t have to do anything except raising the phone to your ear. You can enable this feature by heading into Settings> Motions and gestures.

20. Palm Swipe

The Palm Swipe feature allows you to take screenshots with ease. If you want to capture a picture of whatever is on the screen, all you need to do is make a sweeping motion with your palm. Think of it as cleaning dirt from the phone and the Galaxy will take a screenshot. To enable this feature, go to Settings> Motions and gestures> Palm swipe to capture.


These were a few tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that will help you use the phone with a bit more efficiency. These slightly obscure features are a great way to enhance the interactivity between you and your device.

 Just like always, if you have any questions about these tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, be sure to ring the bell in the comments below.


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  1. Billa, I have a question regarding on the “smart alert”. I was wondering how I can activate the “smart alert”?

  2. I would just like to make a statement about the “Fast Charging Indicator” section. You don’t have to use the charger that comes in the box with your phone for a fast charging wireless station to work with your phone. When you buy the fast charging wireless station… another original Samsung charger comes with it. The cord is a bit thicker to support the phone station & the phone charging voltage. But i look at it like more of a pro than a con. Thus… you will actually have 2 Samsung phone chargers. Both, of which DO work with the phone & the wireless charging station. I support my statement with personal experience. Thank you!

    1. You are correct that the Note 5 comes with two chargers and both of those chargers do work wonderfully with the device. The con is that the device doesn’t support fast charging via other, third party chargers. I hope that explains why the chargers can be seen as an inconvenience.

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